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Skip navigation! Story from 13 Reasons Why. Warning: Mentions of sexual violence and heavy drug use are ahead. After two seasons of 13 Reasons Why , it's clear the students at Liberty High School have very complicated relationships, whether they be friendships, romances, or everything in-between. Season 1 of the series revolved around Clay Dylan Minnette and Hannah Katherine Langford and while season 2 certainly kept that storyline at the forefront, we switched our focus to what happened in Justin and Jessica's relationship Brandon Flynn and Alisha Boe. Knowing everything that these two have been through, there honestly might not be a way for them to make it work in the end. Eventually, Jessica and Alex start dating, which leads them to drift apart from Hannah.

Dylan Minnette and Kerris Dorsey

I apologise in advance for the most likely slow ates!!! It is not easy to move on when your heart can't handle the pain, it's not easy to live when all you see is how broken you truly are.

And then after that, Jessica and Alex break up, which leads her to meet and start dating Justin after the spend time together in summer school. Why Jessica & . Justin smiles, that perfectly careless Justin Foley smile, and it's been a while since Alex was on the receiving end of that. The younger boy brandishes a Monets' cup at him. "I brought you a . Apr 12,   Fans of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why lost their minds last week when rumors started to fly that Miles Heizer (Alex Standall) and Brandon Flynn (Justin Foley) might be dating .

It's not easy to tell your heart to forget when all you want to do is cry and never remember. It is never easy to let yourself be happy even when your heart yearns for its heart's desire but sometimes it's easy when your mate is there to help you find your way back home.

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This is the story and life of Omega Prime Clay Jensen and Alpha Prime Tony Padilla as they deal with the aftermath of Hannah Baker and finding their way towards each other and finally letting go of the ghost of the past.

On the house. Things were supposed to be good. Justin and Alex were together and celebrating Christmas with all their friends in a beautiful cabin in the Rocky Mountains.

Everything was good, it was fucking magical. Until it wasn't. Bryce wants something special for his birthday and Justin feels compelled to comply.

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Then, Jessica throws a party at her house. This is where things start to fall apart. Jessica has a little too much to drink and passes out.

Justin is well aware of this and leaves her in her bed, untouched. However, as he's leaving the room he runs into Bryce Justin Prentice who knows Jessica is unconscious on the bed. He pushes by Justin and into her bedroom, where he then rapes her while Hannah is hiding in the closet. Jessica can only vaguely remember parts of this reinforced by what she hears on Hannah's tapesand later asks Justin about it.

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Trying to cover up what happened, Justin tells her that the two of them had sex and that she enjoyed herself. She learns the truth later, and Bryce actually has the gall to text her to ask if she's okay, signifying that he doesn't believe what he did was rape.

Jessica later tells her father what happened.

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Following this, as you can probably guess, Jessica and Justin break up though he begs and pleads for her to give him a second chance. However, Jessica wants nothing to do with Justin after what he did and didn't do.

Are justin and alex from 13 reasons why still dating

You can still find photos of the cute couple on his Instagram feed. Recently, he hasn't posted any photos but, to be fair, Justin's not that active on Insta.

Almost time to get back to it from our relaxing Christmas in Tennessee. There's been no word of a break up and since pics are still up on both of their pages, we'll assume that this relationship is still going strong. InJustin announced that Annika and him would be producing a movie together with the working title, Odiumso hopefully that's still in the works, too.

Alex Standall

It looks like Ross Butler, who plays Zach Dempsey, is also single. I mean, we don't blame him.

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He's been pretty busy with his roles 13 Reasons WhyShazam! He has commented on what he looks for in a partner, though.

Jun 10,   Brandon plays the role of Justin Foley on 13 Reasons Why and is also dating superstar singer Sam Smith. The pair were first spotted together in October - they were spotted sharing a sweet Author: Alex Riccardi. Aug 28,   Here's how season 3 ended for all of the major characters in 13 Reasons Why season 3. like Alex who possibly murdered someone. we still see Justin having trouble with staying clean. He's. Feb 18,   Dying to know who Katherine Langford and Dylan Minette are dating in real life? Here are all the current relationship statuses of the 13 Reasons Why cast. still .

Ross told Galore Mag that he wants someone who's creative. On a deeper level, she has to be able to curious," Ross said. Devin Druid is taken and he actually just celebrated his one year anniversary with model Annie Marie.

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A post shared by devindruid- devindruid on Jul 17, at pm PDT. Devin, who plays Tyler Down, posts lots of pictures of his dates with Annie onto his IG feed and they're honestly really adorable.

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She actually dates a model, actor and musician named Taylor Beau. The two seem to have been dating for a while, since Taylor has photos with Anne on his Instagram that date back over a year. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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