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Before we get to the big boss fight against Grandpappy Palps at the end of the movie, we see quite a few scenes of Rey and Kylo either taunting each other via Force Skype, or fighting with lightsabers and such IRL. After spending most of the film trying to convert Rey to Sitholicism, he ends up switching sides himself after Leia Organa spends her last bits of energy reaching him via the force. He has a beautiful-if unnecessary and confusing-scene with his father Han Solo, where they exchange the classic Solo love declaration. And from there, Kylo Ren is saved and is Ben Solo once more. With his goodness once again restored, Ben travels to Exogol to help Rey in her fight against Palpatine. It doesn't go great.

It seems that with his last ounce of strength, Ben gave what was remaining of his life energy to save Rey. This was his last sacrifice, effectively acting as redemption to return him to the light side of the Force. It's a tragic and poignant conclusion to the Skywalker line-with each member of the family dying in sacrifice for the greater good. Leia, Luke, and now Ben have all vanished to become one with the Force at the time of their death.

Is Ben Solo gone for good? This is a massive franchise we're talking about, so anything could happen. If there's money in it, maybe there is a way for Ben to appear once more as a Force Ghost. Certainly we already saw Luke and Leia return once more as Force Ghosts, so maybe someday our dude will make another appearance. United States.

As they prepared to depart from the shuttle, Ren was about to bring his helmet when Snoke ordered him to leave it behind. Ren tried to tell Snoke that he wanted to bring it, but the incensed Supreme Leader slapped him in the face, drawing blood, and once again ordered Ren to leave it, telling him that he couldn't pretend to be Vader where they were going.

Following the incident on board their shuttle, Snoke and Ren proceeded towards the Cave of Evil on Dagobah. Ren commented that he could still sense his uncle from his time on Dagobah training with Yoda. Snoke nodded and told Ren that one of the most formidable Jedi began his training here.

Ren then asked Snoke why he spoke of Skywalker with respect. Snoke said that Skywalker had earned his respect and fear. Ren told Snoke that Skywalker was weak.

Snoke replied that Skywalker was not weak, merely misguided. If Snoke had had Skywalker by his side, the galaxy would have belonged to him a lot earlier. They then went to the cave, from which Ren could sense a coldness radiating, along with death and other things.

Snoke explained that was where all the fears Ren had been too weak to bury resided. He could go in or run away.

Are rey and kylo ren dating

But Ren's mind was already made up. He ventured in. Once inside, Ren had a vision of his uncle Luke, saying that he didn't want to fight Ren.

Ren told him that he did not care and activated his lightsaber. Snoke sensed the decision Ren had made and told him that it was good and that Skywalker would have murdered him in his sleep because he feared Ren and how formidable he'd become.

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As the two dueled, Snoke advised Ren to use his hatred, rise above what was holding him back, and strike against the light within him. Ren did so and impaled the vision of Luke. Thinking he was finished, Ren told Snoke that he was done.

But Snoke told him that the vision had just started. Despite his anger and rage, Ben Solo could not bring himself to strike down the apparitions of his parents, Han Solo and Leia Organa. Ren then caught sight of his parents, begging him to quit his actions. He tried to kill the light within him by saying that Ben wasn't his name, but Leia insisted it was and that he was loved.

Outside the cave, Snoke could sense the conflict within Ren, but then he sensed Ren ignite his lightsaber. He told Ren to kill the connection and snuff it out. But, in the cave, Ren hadn't killed his parents; instead, he used his lightsaber to slice a tree.

This action proved that though he hated his uncle, he loved his mother and father, and it foreshadowed what he would do to Snoke, who couldn't sense that he had not killed the vision of his parents. Ren then destroyed the Cave of Evil, surprising Snoke, who told Ren that the cave had stood for thousands of years and that he had planned to bring other apprentices there.

Ren answered by telling Snoke that the past was the past and that Snoke would no longer need any more apprentices.

Ren became known for his aggressive tactics, including the massacre of civilians. As one of the commanders of the First Order's military, Ren was heavily involved in its campaign to colonize the Unknown Regions, where the former Imperials had been rebuilding their strength since the Battle of Jakku. On Supreme Leader Snoke's instruction, the new military undertook a major offensive against several of these kingdoms to seize their worlds and resources to fuel their rise.

In 34 ABY [40] Ren led an army to the world of Teharwhere they subjugated the local population by massacring a village.

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However, the siblings Kel and Eila survived the destruction of their village and fled Tehar after stowing away on a cargo ship. Since the children bore the knowledge of its aggressive actions against the people on Tehar, the First Order placed a large bounty of twenty thousand credits on their heads, telling informants that Kel and Eila were members of a high-ranking First Order family from outside its military hierarchy. Kel and Eila eventually made their way to Castilon and sought refuge on a supertanker fuel depot known as the Colossus.

After meeting the Resistance spy Kazuda XionoEila told him about Ren's involvement in the raid on her village. Though she knew little about the warrior dressed in black, apart from his name and affiliation with the army that invaded Tehar, Ren's lightsaber reminded Eila of the legends about the Jedi who carried the same weapons.

Kylo Ren/Relationships

Xiono, who was also unaware of Ren's identity, passed this information to the Resistance while reporting to Ello Asty. Both Ren and the Supreme Leader understood that if Skywalker and the Jedi were to ever return, they would be a grave threat to the future of the First Order. The people who were closest to Skywalker believed he had gone in search of the first Jedi temple, the location of which had been lost.

A partial map was recovered from the archives of the Galactic Empire, but it was missing a key piece of the puzzle. The First Order soon discovered that the missing map fragment was in the possession of Lor San Tekka, [8] a member of the Church of the Force.

Ren personally oversaw the First Order's efforts to locate and destroy the last Jedi, his uncle and former Master Luke Skywalker.

The hunt for Skywalker caused Ren to undertake a journey the planet Pillio. Upon his arrival, the dark warrior was greeted by Protectorate Gleb of Jinata Security. Dismissive of the formalities, he instructed the Aqualish officer to lead him to Meeko. He found the former soldier wounded and alone on the bridge of the Raider II -class corvette Corvus.

Ignoring the prisoner's sarcasm, Ren used the Force to probe through Meeko's min determined to learn where San Tekka took the map. For all of Meeko's efforts to resist the probe, invading his mind was a relatively simple task for Ren, who saw memories ranging across the former commando 's life-from his service on Scarif as a coastal defender stormtrooper to his participation in the Battle of Endor and the skirmish on Vardos.

He also learned that Meeko encountered Skywalker on Pillio and subsequently discovered his faith in the Force. Ultimately, Meeko was unable to resist Ren's powers and revealed that San Tekka took the map with him to Bayora. Having gained the information he sought, Ren turned the prisoner over to First Order officer Gideon Haskone of Meeko's former teammates in the Inferno Squad prior the Empire's fall, who executed Meeko shortly thereafter.

Despite their rivalry, Ren and Hux worked together during the hunt for Skywalker. They were discussing travel to a planet in the Western Reaches. While in the conference, the creature that the stormtrooper, FNwas chasing turned off the lights, interrupting the conference.

Ren, his temper under control, felt something nearby: something from the planet that should not be on board. He activated his lightsaber to illuminate the room and looked around, but whatever it was had now gone. After the conference, Ren transmitted orders to Phasma via private frequency. But he had to make sure she got them, so he walked over to the captain's quarters and called her from outside. Only Phasma's helmet appeared through the opened doors. Pleased by her punctuality, Ren relayed what he sensed to Phasma, for he planned to have a discreet search throughout the Finalizer.

He ordered her to take a squad of trainees to investigate the planet for any Resistance activity. Anything Phasma may find, she must deliver to Ren. Then the dark warrior left.

The relationships of Kylo Ren. Kylo apparently had a poor relationship with his father, calling him a disappointment. He rejected Han and brutally murdered him, though he deeply regretted this almost immediately after it occurred, showing the first signs of how much he cared about him and how that would affect his state of mind afterwards. Later, it's shown that Han's death actually has. Mar 03,   And then there was the controversially tender moment between Rey (Daisy Ridley) and her former foe Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). After Kylo used . Some time after the events of the Last Jedi, Kylo Ren and Rey abandon the conflict to make a life for themselves. However, when the war concludes, the couple are found and tried for their crimes-Kylo as a war criminal, and Rey as an accomplice.

At one point before the attack on Tuanulan Xi -class light shuttle carrying Kylo Ren and General Hux crash-landed on a distant world. Their shuttle was consequently destroyed and the pilot died in the crash, although Ren survived the incident by protecting himself with the Force. By saving himself, however, he inadvertently saved Hux's life as well. The destruction of their vessel along with its communications system left them marooned and unable to contact the First Order.

Realizing that a saboteur was responsible for their predicament, the two rivals began bickering over which of them was at fault.

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Ren chided Hux as he believed the general was targeted by a conspirator in his own army, to which Hux responded by mocking Ren for his temper and efforts emulate Darth Vader. Ren drew his lightsaber at the mention of his parents and contemplated ridding himself of Hux once and for all, aware that it would be some time before the First Order located their position.

However, Hux reminded him of the one person who would learn the truth: Ren's master, Supreme Leader Snoke. Although he did not understand why Hux was important to Snoke's plans, Ren conceded the point that there would be a penalty for killing the Supreme Leader's favored general, and therefore deactivated his lightsaber, sparing Hux.

Following their argument, Ren and Hux were attacked by a norwoo a large creature native to the planet that they were stranded on. Drawing his lightsaber once more, Ren took a defensive stance and told Hux to stay behind him, only to see that the general had already fled in the opposite direction of the beast.

Though abandoned by Hux, Ren stood his ground and managed to incapacitate the norwood by using the Force to smack its head against a tree. Believing himself victorious, Ren called Hux a coward and told him to come out from wherever he was hiding, but a second norwood ambushed him and ultimately rendered the dark warrior unconscious, at which point the Alderaanian exile Bylsma emerged and prevented the norwoods from killing Ren.

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Ren used his powers to survive the crash, inadvertently saving Hux in the process. Hux, who had been hiding in the trees and watching as the event occurred, cautiously approached Bylsma from his hiding place.

Recognizing the old man's uniform, Hux came to the conclusion that Bylsma was an Alderaanian palace guard. Bylsma confirmed as much and revealed that he had fled into exile after the destruction of Alderaan.

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He stranded himself on a distant planet and severed his connections to the larger galaxy, fearing that his new home would suffer Alderaan's fate if he attempted to use his ship's communications, but as a result, Bylsma had no knowledge of the events that unfolded after the disaster. Hux used Bylsma's ignorance of recent galactic history in order to gain his trust. In addition, he used Ren's heritage to his advantage, informing Bylsma that the man whom the norwoods attacked was, in fact, a fellow son of Alderaan.

More to the point, he was the son of Leia Organa, the princess of Alderaan. Bylsma, who had known both the princess and her adoptive father, saw the physical resemblance between Ren and his mother and wondered if Ren was anything like the princess he once served. Hux assured him that Ren was indeed like his mother, even if he would have denied it. Bylsma built a stretcher and carried Ren to his home, where Hux convinced the retired soldier to give him access to the ship's communications so that they could be rescued.

After regaining consciousness, Ren played along with Hux's deception until a shuttle arrived to retrieve them. The shuttle ramp lowered revealing Captain Phasma and a squad of stormtroopers, leading to the norwoods' immediate death by blaster fire. Ren boarded the shuttle in silence alongside Hux, who told the captain to spare the old man's life but to disable his communications array, leaving Bylsma truly stranded and alone. They reported directly to Snoke via hologram after their return to Starkiller Base; although Ren offered to punish the culprit responsible for sabotaging the shuttle, Hux insisted on handling the matter personally, given that the conspiracy was directed at him.

Snoke approved the general's request, causing Ren to question the Supreme Leader's faith in Hux. Ren, who could sense Hux's ambition to kill and replace Snoke, and therefore, deemed him untrustworthy, was certain that his master knew it as well. Snoke dismissed Ren's concerns, however, and explained why Hux-a vicious and unforgiving man, consumed by ambition and driven by spite, molded as such through years of abuse-was ultimately a useful asset. The First Order deployed an army, under the command of Kylo Ren, to the Benathy homeworld in Wild Spaceintending to put an end to their expansionist campaign.

Ren, who was aware that his grandfather once fought against the Benathy decades earlier during the reign of the Galactic Empire, saw his mission as an opportunity to succeed where Darth Vader failed-by forcing the Benathy to submit to the First Order.

Captain Ruthfor a veteran Imperial stormtrooper who joined the First Order, accompanied Ren as his military advisor. Having served with Ren's grandfather against the Benathy, Ruthford opined that Vader managed to subdue the aliens but at the cost of thousands on both sides, resulting in a pyrrhic victory. But where Ruthford was disillusioned by his past experience with the Benathy, believing their conflict with the Empire was pointless and a waste of lives, Ren saw only glory as he walked across the field of battle where Vader once stood, the shadow of his grandfather's legacy looming over the young dark-side warrior.

Despite the army behind him, the First Order's troops were ordered to stand by while Ren conducted negotiations with the Benathy's ruler, King Kristoffattempting to secure their capitulation without bloodshed.

Desiring to expand the Benathy's domain, Kristoff not only conquered four nearby planets but also had them purged of all life, leading Ren to demand that the Benathy cease their expansion immediately. Compared to Ren, the late Vader commanded the king's respect, but only to a degree because while Vader killed Kristoff's predecessor he failed to defeat their Zillo Beastwhich the Benathy worshiped as a god.

Nevertheless, Ren continued his efforts to resolve their situation through diplomacy and even attempted to dominate the king's will by way of the Force. The mind trick failed, however. Kristoff openly mocked Ren's negotiating skills, causing Ruthford to caution him against provoking the dark warrior. At that point, Ren stabbed the king through the head with his lightsaber, concluding negotiations in favor of open battle.

Leading by example like his grandfather before him, Ren fought alongside his stormtroopers as they engaged the Benathy and personally killed numerous enemy combatants until their deity arrived. Despite Ruthford's skepticism, Ren was undaunted and ordered his men to keep fighting. After their initial efforts to kill the beast failed, he improvised a plan to kill the creature to the dismay of Ruthford, who could no longer restrain himself from expressing his disapproval of Ren's desire to match Vader's achievements.

In his view, there was no competition between Ren and Vader because the latter was long since dead.

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Despite the captain's lack of faith in him, Ren commanded a shuttle to bring him to the jaws of the Zillo Beast, diving head-first into its mouth.

Convinced that Ren was dead, Ruthford was in the middle of recommending the option of retreat to a nearby admiral when the Zillo Beast suddenly collapsed and died. Ren had killed the creature from within, where it was vulnerable, and managed to cut his way out, emerging from its corpse covered in the blood of the Benathy's deity.

Declaring that their god was now dead, the dark warrior commanded the Benathy to submit to the First Order, and they did by kneeling in submission to him. In the end, he not only gained the allegiance of the Benathy, but also Captain Ruthford's respect. Ren demanded that Lor San Tekka give him the map to Skywalker, but the old explorer refused-and paid for it with his life.

Ren, who knew San Tekka from childhood as the explorer was once an old ally of Organa and Skywalker, brought the Resurgent -class Star Destroyer Finalizer in his search for the map.

Once the First Order stormtroopersunder the command of Phasma, rounded up the denizens of the village, Ren arrived on the battlefield and confronted San Tekka, lamenting how old the former explorer had become, to which San Tekka replied that Ren's fall to the dark side was far worse.

Ren demanded that San Tekka give the map to the First Order, but San Tekka refused to submit to the will of the dark side and reminded the one-time Jedi that Ren could not deny the truth of his heritage, at which point Ren struck him down with his lightsaber while sarcastically agreeing with him. Moments later, he was shot at from afar by Commander Poe Damerona starfighter pilot in the Resistance who was sent to Jakku by General Organa to find the map before the First Order.

Ren used the Force to freeze the blaster bolt midair, and Dameron was soon brought before him. The dark warrior realized that Tekka gave the map to Dameron and ordered that the troopers bring the pilot onto Ren's command shuttlebefore giving the order to kill the rest of the villagers. One stormtrooper, FN, hesitated and ultimately chose not to fire on the civilians, an act that Ren noticed as he could sense his fear before boarding his shuttle. Dameron was brought aboard the Finalizer for interrogation, where he was placed into an interrogation chair.

Though the dark knight was impressed that Dameron had not yet been broken, Ren began to use the Force to mentally extract the information from Dameron's mind. The pilot, who resisted the Force attack, finally was forced to reveal that he had hidden the map inside his BB unitBB-8who was likely still on Jakku. Ren informed General Hux of the new development and left the recovery of the droid in the hands of the military.

Shortly after leaving Dameron under the guard of several stormtroopers, Ren arrived on the Finalizer ' s bridge upon hearing that the Resistance pilot escaped aboard a TIE fighter. Hux confirmed this with the additional information of Dameron having had help from someone within the First Order's ranks. Ren realized that it could only have been FN, after remembering how the conflicted soldier had hesitated in Tuanul, and he said as much to Hux.

The TIE fighter was eventually shot down after a brief skirmish, and it crash-landed on Jakku. The First Order recognized that Dameron and the deserter designated FN were looking for the droid, so Hux ordered a squadron to be sent to Jakku to recover it first.

Hux soon spoke to the Supreme Leader, who ordered them to capture the droid if they could, but destroy it if they must. Ren questioned the capability of Hux's soldiers and training methods, wondering aloud whether the Supreme Leader would be better off using an army of clones [8] as the Galactic Republic [46] and the early Empire had once done.

Later that day, [8] a nervous Lieutenant Dopheld Mitaka [30] informed Ren that the astromech droid escaped aboard a YT light freighter. At first, Ren found it unlikely for a single droid to be capable of stealing a ship but allowed Mitaka to continue. Further intelligence suggested the probability of FN, who had now branded himself with the name Finn, abetting the droid's evacuation from Jakku. Enraged that the traitor had robbed him of the means to find Skywalker, Ren ignited his lightsaber and destroyed the computer terminal in front of him.

The dark warrior calmed down, asking if there was "anything else. Ren used the Force to drag Mitaka towards him, grabbed him by the neck, and demanded to know who the girl was.

With the droid gone, the Finalizer made its way to Starkiller Base.

But the new Star Wars trilogy introduced one of the most compelling romantic relationships in movie history with Kylo Ren/Ben Solo and Rey - and then ruined it in The Rise of Skywalker for Author: Eric Francisco. Dec 21,   Did Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo really die in 'The Rise of Skywalker'? Here's what his ending means for his Star Wars future (and the meaning behind that kiss with Rey).Author: Brady Langmann. Oct 31,   Star Wars: Are Kylo Ren and Rey dating? Will they get together? SHOCK fan theory KYLO REN is one of the main antagonists in the new Star Wars trilogy - but his Author: Jenny Desborough.

Once there, Ren and Hux spoke to Supreme Leader Snoke, who communicated to his subordinates via an enlarged hologram. Snoke remained concerned that Skywalker's return would be a threat to the First Order, so Hux proposed that they finally use the weapon as intended and destroy the New Republic one and for all.

Without the Republic, Hux knew that the Resistance would be vulnerable and could be stopped before they found Skywalker. The Supreme Leader gave the general his permission and Hux left to oversee preparations, while Ren remained behind.

Both Snoke and Ren could sense that the Force was awakening [8] from dormancy once again, [30] and the Supreme Leader told his apprentice that the droid was in the hands of Han Solo; the old smuggler had the astromech aboard his ship, the Millennium Falcon.

Ren claimed Solo meant nothing to him and that he would not be "seduced" by the light [8] as his grandfather once was, [35] not while he had Snoke's training. Even so, the Supreme Leader warned that this would be Ren's greatest test.

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Though Ren believed he would not be seduced, he nonetheless felt the pull of the light side. He swore that if Vader could somehow show him that dark power, then Ren would finish what the Sith started and destroy the last of the Jedi. Ren witnessed the power that Starkiller Base unleashed upon the Hosnian system, destroying the New Republic and sending billions to their deaths. The First Order soon learned that Solo, the girl, the defector, and the droid had landed on Takodana and were in the castle of the ancient pirate Maz Kanatawho Solo hoped would help deliver the droid to the Resistance.

After giving a speech to his forces about the end of a regime that he believed could not contain galactic chaos, Hux ordered that the weapon be fired. Ren watched from the bridge of the Finalizer [8] as the weapon's phantom energy [35] left the surface of Starkiller Base and made their way [8] to the Republic's capital of Hosnian Prime[30] where they destroyed the entire Hosnian system.

Ren discovered Rey on Takodana and took her prisoner once he realized she had seen the map to Skywalker. With the Republic severely damaged, Ren led his forces to Takodana, where the stormtroopers attacked Kanata's castle. Solo, Finn, and the droid were briefly captured by the First Order before Dameron and the Resistance Starfighter Corps arrived to recover the droid, while the girl and the astromech tried to escape through the forest.

The two split up, as the girl led stormtroopers away from the droid. Ren soon arrived on the battlefield and found the girl in the woods. She fired at him with her blasterbut he followed her and deflected the shots with his lightsaber. Finally, Ren froze her in place with a telekinetic attack.

He peered into the girl's mind, learning of her life as a scavenger in the junkyards of Jakku. Going further, he saw that Rey had seen the map. The First Order would not need the droid, he believed, and so he placed the girl in an unconscious state with the Force and carried her to his command shuttle. He ordered the First Order to retreat, as they had what they came for, and their forces left Takodana. The droid ultimately made it out of the forests and into the hands of the Resistance.

Ren probed Rey's mind for the map to Skywalker and sensed her loneliness in the process. Ren brought the girl to Starkiller Base, restraining her in an interrogation chair.

When she awoke, she asked where her friends were, and Ren told her he had no idea. He sensed she still wanted to kill him, and she said it was because she was being hunted by a creature in a mask.

The dark warrior removed his mask to show his young face and asked about the droid, but the girl only gave him BB-8's technical specifications.

Ren told her that he knew about the map and that the First Order had recovered the rest of it from the archives of the Empire. Knowing the girl was resilient, Ren warned her that he could take whatever he wanted from her mind. He touched her face and began probing her mind with the Force. Then he sensed Han Solo. Ren could tell that Rey looked at the smuggler as a father figure, but he said that Solo would have only disappointed her.

Finally, Rey began to be more strongly resistant to his mental attacks. She soon turned the mental probing around on him, using the Force within herself to see that Ren himself was afraid-afraid that he would never be as strong as Darth Vader was.

Stunned by the reversal, Ren left Rey behind in the interrogation chamber and spoke to the Supreme Leader, who reacted with incredulity that a mere scavenger resisted him. Ren told Snoke that Rey was strong with the Force, stronger than she even knew. The Supreme Leader asked what happened to the droid, and General Hux, who had just entered the chamber, told Snoke that Ren believed he only needed Rey and allowed the droid to escape.

Concerned that the Resistance might have the full map to Skywalker, Snoke ordered Hux to unleash the Starkiller weapon against the Resistance base on the planet D'Qar. Ren swore that he could still find the map in Rey's mind as long as he had his master's guidance, so the Supreme Leader ordered Rey to be brought to him. On his way to Rey's holding cell, Ren learned that the girl had somehow broken out. The guard who had been ordered to watch her could not fathom how he ended up in his quarters.

When asked by a First Order officer if "stronger methods" were needed, Ren declined; any further simple questioning might enable the guard to remember something important. In the meantime, Rey must be found. When Ren returned to the cell, [8] he needed to see if Rey had truly used her emerging Force abilities to escape. Inspection revealed the interrogation bench was deserted, every one of its restraints left open as if to mock Ren.

Despite Ren's actions, his parents missed him and longed for the return of the boy they named Ben Solo. Ren commanded the First Order troops to be on alert for Rey as she began making her way through the base, as he knew that the longer she was able to tap into her powers while escaping, the more dangerous she would become. A trooper reported sensor readings in Hangarwhich meant Rey could be there.

But investigations turned up nothing. Nonetheless, Ren wanted every hangar on lockdown to prevent Rey from commandeering a ship. Right in the middle of that order, he was interrupted by a familiar presence: Han Solo.

His father was on Starkiller Base. Ren ordered for a search of the Millennium Falconfor the ship had shortly been sighted at the edge of a cliff. By the time he arrived on the scene, everything checked clear and not a single hidden trap could be found.

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He boarded the Falcon and sat on the pilot's seat, looking for anything that may lead him to Solo's whereabouts. Just then, he spotted Resistance X-wings flying past and assaulting the thermal oscillator[35] hoping to destroy it and set off a chain reaction that would cause the planet to implode before the weapon could destroy D'Qar. Ren rushed to the oscillator, commanding his troops to find the intruders. As Ren advanced on the walkway, he stopped upon hearing the voice of his father, calling out to him from behind, using his birth name.

He turned about face and said he had been waiting for this eventuality. Solo told him to remove the mask so he could see the face of his son once more. Ren removed the mask but told Solo that he had destroyed Ben, who Ren thought was weak and foolish, much like his father before him. Solo refused to acknowledge Ren's pessimistic stance on the matter, retorting that his son was very much alive and Snoke was simply using Ren for his power, and that once Snoke had exhausted Ren's usefulness, he would be disposed of.

Ren, while neither denying nor confirming what Solo said about Snoke to be true, stated that it was too late for him. Solo pleaded with Ren to come home to his true family, claiming that he and Organa desperately missed the presence of their son. Ren, conflicted by the pull towards the light, broke down in tears and told his father that he was being torn apart by the constant struggle between the dark and the light inside him and wanted to be free of the pain that he was feeling.

He knew what he had to do to put a permanent end to his inner turmoil, although Ren was uncertain whether or not he could perform the necessary act to do so. Asking for his father's assistance in ceasing the struggle, Solo agreed, not knowing that it was the light that Ren felt conflicted by. Ren committed patricide, believing it would end the war within, but his father's death left him more conflicted than ever.

Ren, who was being watched from afar by Chewbacca, Rey, and Finn, took out his lightsaber and Solo grabbed hold of it. As the Starkiller finished draining the star it orbited to power the weapon, and the light on the planet died out, Ren ignited his lightsaber and impaled his father through the torso.

A mortally wounded Han Solo touched his son's face one last time before falling to his death in the bowels of the oscillator. The act of killing his father had an unsettling effect on Ren. Rather than make him stronger in the dark side, as he had thought, it had weakened his spirit. Enraged by the loss of his best friend, Chewbacca fired a powerful shot from his Wookiee bowcaster and hit Ren in the left side, seriously injuring the dark knight.

The Wookiee then ignited charges that he and Solo set throughout the oscillator, causing a massive explosion that breached the oscillator and gave Dameron and the remaining Resistance pilots an opportunity to destroy it.

As Ren composed himself from his injury, he made eye contact with Finn and Rey. Anger swelling within him, he was resolved to find them before they could escape. Ren followed Rey and Finn into the forests outside of the oscillator, as they made their way back to the nearby Millennium Falcon. He confronted them, lightsaber drawn, and said that they still had unfinished business from which Han Solo could not save them. Outraged by Ren's patricidal actions, Rey denounced the dark warrior as a monster and tried to attack him with her blaster, but he used the Force to throw her into a tree and knock her unconscious.

Now it was just Ren and the traitor who had earned his ire. Finn ignited the Skywalker lightsaber that had been given to him for safekeeping by Maz Kanata-a lightsaber that once belonged to Luke Skywalker, and to Anakin before him.

Ren demanded that Finn give him the lightsaber, claiming it belonged to him, but instead the former stormtrooper engaged him in a lightsaber duel. It was a short but brutal contest, in which Ren kept striking his bowcaster injury in order to fuel his anger and power.

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In the end, Finn, who nonetheless landed one blow on Ren's right shoulder, was no match for Ren's power. Ren overwhelmed and disarmed his opponent, ending the fight with a punch and a lightsaber blow across Finn's back that left the one-time stormtrooper comatose. With the duel seemingly over, Ren turned his attention towards his grandfather's lightsaber and attempted to use the Force to draw it into his hand.

Instead, it flew past him and landed in the hands of Rey, who used the Force to call it to her-as it was her destiny to wield the lightsaber of Anakin Skywalker.

Rey ignited the weapon and engaged Ren in a tense duel. At first, Ren had the upper hand, remaining on the offensive as he pressed his attack against the retreating scavenger. Their blades became locked, and Ren told the emerging Force-sensitive that she needed a teacher. It was he, Ren said, who could show her the ways of the Force. At that moment, Rey realized she could call upon the powers of the Force and began using that to her advantage.

She turned the tide of the fight and pushed her own offensive against the dark warrior, who she was finally able to disarm. In doing so, she slashed her blade across his face, knocking him down and disfiguring him in the process. Although Ren initially had the upper hand, Rey defeated him by embracing the power of the Force. Before they could engage any further, the surface of the planet began to break apart-the Resistance was victorious, and the destruction of the oscillator triggered the Starkiller's implosion.

Will Rey and Kylo fall in love in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Reylo Romance

Ren and Rey were separated by a deep chasm, so Rey left the dark warrior behind, recovered Finn, and fled the planet with Chewbacca aboard the Millennium Falcon. As the planet continued to collapse, Snoke ordered General Hux to find Ren and bring the young knight before the Supreme Leader so the young warrior's training could be completed. Ren remained at war within himself, having sustained hidden emotional wounds in addition to physical ones. Kneeling before his master, he listened as Snoke loudly recalled the raw, untamed power that Ren possessed, abilities which had originally brought him to the dark sider's attention.

United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Val Kilmer on Strength, Cancer, and Death. Author Rae Carson writes: His heart was full as Rey reached for his face, let her fingers linger against his cheek. And then, wonder of wonders, she leaned forward and kissed him.

A kiss of gratitude, acknowledgement of their connection, celebration that they'd found each other at last. But then she drew back, concern on her face.

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