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On this website we stress respect in relationships, whether of a romantic nature or not. We suggest that young people need to determine their values and personal standards in the areas of dating and sexuality with family members and others whom they trust. Young people who lack guidance and education in these areas are at a disadvantage. Educators may find useful materials in the Dating and Sexuality sections for Young Adults and Families. Patrick suggests taking a course on sexuality.

PossAbilities A curriculum designed to help students with disabilities understand and embrace their own sexuality by learning how to make and accept responsibility for making personal choices.

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Sexuality and Severe Autism: A Practical Guide for Parents, Caregivers and Health Educators by Kate Reynolds This handbook helps the reader through the process of teaching about sexuality to people with more significant autism.

The author shares ideas about when, what and how to begin the process of teaching and addresses both male and female puberty.

Welcome to Special Bridge. Special Bridge is a private dating site and online social community designed to help meet the social and emotional needs of its members. Through a supportive and friendly environment, people of all ability levels can make new friends in a fun, private, and welcoming setting. Dating, Sexuality & Safety Dating and Sexuality: On this website we stress respect in relationships, whether of a romantic nature or not. We suggest that young people need to determine their values and personal standards in the areas of dating and sexuality with family members and others whom they trust. Dating someone with intellectual disability. I (M 21) met a girl(21) on bumble we talked and really hit it off. I messaged her "hey let's date" then she seemed to go along with the joke. Saying then I furthered the joke by saying that we should both ate our relationship status on Facebook. She said "oh so were just jumping into it?".

Menstruation, public, private sexual behaviors, sexual abuse and reporting. Sexuality Education for Adults with Developmental Disabilities by Planned Parenthood of Greater Northern New England and Green Mountain Self Advocates A unique curriculum designed to help people establish sexuality education groups and include self advocates as teachers.

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This comprehensive curriculum focuses mostly on relationships, both friendships and romantic relationships, and the skills and responsibilities needed within those relationships. Modules can be purchased separately or as a package. Taking Care of Myself: A Hygiene, Puberty and Personal Curriculum for Young People with Autism by Mary Wrobel This book is essentially a social stories curriculum for teaching about body changes, appropriate sexual behavior and encouraging independence with hygiene and self care.

Great ideas for creating teaching tools using Boardmaker and Picture This picture symbol programs. Masturbation Finger Tips: Teaching Women with Disabilities About Masturbation Through Understanding and Video by David Hingsburger and Sandra Haar A video and teaching program for adult females with developmental disabilities that models safe and appropriate masturbation.

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Text is written at a third grade reading levels and lots of pictures help comprehension for concrete learners. The instructional material is organized in chapter format, allowing for lesson breaks, instructional focus and revision.

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Topics include external anatomy, physical and emotional changes of puberty, health and hygiene and privacy and safety. Parent teaching materials are available for purchase separately.

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Teaching guides include pre- and post-test measures designed to focus on the important ideas from each chapter. The teaching kit includes teaching guide and packets of 10 student booklets. Changes in You by Peggy Siegel James Stanfield Company A visual teaching program for pre-adolescents with intellectual disabilities about the physical, emotional and social changes that accompany puberty.

An introduction to dating basics written for people with intellectual disabilities. Covers handling sexual feelings & crushes, dating basics, how to start a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, boundaries, sharing touch and affection, fixing problems in relationships as well as staying safe. Dating and Relationships For People with Intellectual Disabilities. People with intellectual disabilities want to find love and companionship in the same way the general population does. At times they can face barriers and challenges to finding or maintaining intimate relationships with others for a variety of reasons. May 01,   Dating with intellectual disabilities. Efforts to protect people from exploitation can create obstacles to dating, sex, marriage.

Content includes information about body changes and handling sexual feelings. The book emphasizes social appropriateness with lots of pictures to help comprehension for concrete learners.

If your female student or daughter needs a quick review for changing a pad, find this link on the web.

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Reproductive and Sexual Health Women Be Healthy: A Curriculum for Women with Mental Retardation and Other Developmental Disabilities by Yona Lunsky, Amy Straiko and Sharon Armstrong This curriculum was developed to enable women with intellectual disabilities and other developmental disabilities to become more active participants in their health care. Interactive activities are included with lots of illustrations.

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Circles I: Intimacy and Relationships by Leslie Walker-Hirsch, James Stanfield Company A well respected program that uses videos and vignettes to teach social distance, changing relationships and relationship-building skills. Appropriate for students from middle school through adulthood. Each unit includes web site resources and youtube videos for homework supplementation.

After having watched the 90's TV movie "Bonds Of Love", starring Treat Williams and Kelly McGillis (yes, the one from "Top Gun"), I dreamed of having a relationship to someone like Robby for a looooooong time. Robby is mentally retarded, and is.

Lesson plans address hygiene, relationships, body language, basic relationships skills, rules and laws and cts of healthy relationships. Social Boundaries: Straight Up! An Honest Guide for Teens and Young Adults by Kari Dunn Baron This resource uses scaling to classify behaviors from informal, social behavior to threatening, hurtful and illegal behavior. Simply laid out, contains good, visual exercises.

Siperstein and Emily Paige Rickards An excellent and comprehensive teaching curricula that includes detailed lesson plans for facilitating skill development in the areas of understanding feelings and actions, noticing and interpreting social cues, problem-solving in social situations and friendships.

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Welcome to Special Bridge Special Bridge is a private dating site and online social community designed to help meet the social and emotional needs of its members. Join Special Bridge Today!

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As seen on. Reasons to Join Special Bridge When you sign up for Special Bridge, you will feel welcomed and supported by a private community that truly understands how difficult it can be to meet new people with similar disabilities.

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