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As a whole, I thought the season was excellent. It gave the actors some room to stretch, resolved a number of lingering issues, and went out on a golden rainbow of happiness. There are spoilers ahead. He returned to a more balanced view of Nighthorse in season 6, and even came to appreciate the man a bit. Malachi tried to kill almost everyone in season 6. The problems there were the same ones bedeviling the entire country: drugs and corruption. After an incident involving a Cheyenne child with Scarlet Fever, Cady lost all her clients.

The show could be looking to go that direction as well. After all, the way things ended in season 5, "Longmire" season 6 has nowhere to go but making a couple out of Vic and Walt. The romance between the two has been hinted at not only in the previous season but also in the fourth season, where sexual tension between the two is present.

Neither of them wants or tries to acknowledge it, especially with Walt who is not the type who likes to talks about his feelings. Netflix has yet to confirm the renewal of the show, though, so fans will just have to wait and see. I want to share something I talked about elsewhere in regard to the Longmire series.

Men, however, are romantic leads up into their 70s and are paired with much younger women. Women remain beautiful and sexy and worthy of love when they pass that 40 mark. Any film or TV show that offers an example of an over 40 woman who gets the man will get a thumbs up from me.

In real life, not a TV show, I think people fall in love with who they fall in love with. I agree with you on a couple of levels regarding the relationship between Walt and Vic.

The Final Season

Honestly, for me Vic was the most annoying part of the show for the last 2. I mean seriously, could she have unbuttoned her shirt a little more? It was creepy, like a father daughter thing.

During the romantic scene with Walt and Vic I had to look away. It was not surprising that it went that way in the story really.

Also, the comments made above were very insightful. I also found the tribal council scene to be hard to swallow. Overall, it was a great series that I enjoyed very much. I think the best actor was guy who played Night Horse. Martinez I believe. That guy was awesome. What a challenging role. I stopped watching in season 5.

Longmire broke the law yet self righteously went after others who also did for the same reasons. The romantic relationship was ucountryconnectionsqatar.comofessional. Katies character was a poor representation of strong women.

Her character slept around and actively went after her boss and tried to sabotage his relations with other women. A ridiculous portrayal of law enforcement and so called brave honorable men and women. I know real officers both male and female who have a lot more integrity. Shame it started out as a good show. Maybe thats why it was cancelled. Glad i read your column. I will avoid the closure. Vic slept around? In six seasons, she had sex about five times!

News flash: strong women have sex, and that includes women in law enforcement. Lacey, strength has nothing to do with sleeping around. Personally, I believe a much better story arc would have been to build on how far Ferg had come as a police officer.

It would have been very cool for the character who was considered a joke by his coworkers and community in the first season to grow into the role of Sheriff by the finale. I thought the Cady thing was another way to wrap up the story in cotton candy.

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Both Cady and Vic were badly written characters, changing willy nilly from season to season. Ferg is much more qualified. Virginia, Thanks for your review of Longmire.

I think you and your readers will love it. Bye for now, Blackbird. Is it all men, or is there actually a town full of women somewhere in the story? It was pretty good, had an amazing wrap up. She was hysterical, nosey hormone raging female With the emotional stage of a teenager.

I thought she and Travis who truly cared for her were perfect. I totally agree about it being ridiculous that Cady could ever be sheriff, given all the bad and impulsive decisions she made throughout the show.

I never liked her character.

One More Reason to Like Longmire: An Age Appropriate Relationship

Besides she was leaving in the first place because the Native-Americans had lost faith in her - so she could never win any of their votes to replace Walt. In fact, the whole finale was so fairy-tale like and ridiculous and this from a series that was usually so gritty and real-life that it was an insult. Then Longmire giving up a job he loved for Vic, instead to go treasure-hunting - something he always thought to be a foolish venture when others did it!

And Ferg proposing to his nurse girlfriend? Did the writers were they changed for the finale? The final thumbing of the nose came when Walt at the end was shown having his own mobile phone - something he had always eschewed throughout the whole show.

Very disappointed fan here. Also, moral and ethically minded Henry ended up as the manager of a casino that steals people of their savings - please!

Sep 17, A LOT of us love the show, and Season 5 was a benchmark for Walt and Vic development. Walt has figured out he and Dr. Monaghan have very little in common and have broken up. Vic has told Dr. Monaghan what was what S5E3 and is fiercely protective and caring about Walt. Dr. Monaghan has demonstrated zero in that department. Jun 24, While Sackhoff may get the hopes up of Walt-Vic shippers, her statement doesn't necessarily mean that Walt and Vic will end up together in Longmire Season 6. As reported by Carter Matt, the "beautiful ending" may simply mean that both will find happiness at the end. Both characters have been through a lot in their personal lives and their Author: Kayleigh Armstrong. Nov 20, In Lucien, Walt realized there was only so long he could do this job before his identity would become too wrapped up into it and he would push away everyone he loved. In short, he would live too long and have nothing to show for it. Vic, of course, miscarried earlier in the season after being shot by Chance Gilbert. By the end of the finale, it Author: Edward Cambro.

Casinos steal nothing, everyone walks in there of their own free will. If the White man wants to squander his money in an Indian Casino it is only poetic justice because of everything that was stolen from them in the past. I totally agree. A little nutty to me that Cady who has no law enforcement experience other than having a sheriff for a father would go for that position. Why not Ferg or Vic?

Also, all of the talk about the age difference between Walt and Vic- the only reason it felt creepy to me is because Vic and Cady are around the same age or look to be. I felt the same way about Vic and Walt. I was sitting thinking she and Cady have to be close to the same age. I was a little disappointed in a few things this season. One of the first things was the awkwardness between Vic and Walt. Shes been having a little crush on him since the show started but for some reason the writers created the reverse effect like Walt had a semi crush on her and she in turn felt awkward.

Their chemistry was weird to me. Thus, the sex scence I could have done without. You dont have to sleep with everyone and I dont think he has ever been attracted to her. They never showed that in any season. And just an oberservation, Lizza who was interested in him on season 3, they never explained why he didnt really take to her. She was beautiful, wealthy and showed that she was interested in him but yet on season 4, this other lady comes along less attractive and super regular, and hes all into her.

Just inconsistent in the writing. They also just write Lizza off the show, no remorse on Walts part nothing.

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Also, I didnt get the point of Cady sweat premonition, that was never explained unless I missed something. And her running for Sheriff being a cop was a little strange to me. U cant just up and be a cop lol like wheres the training etc.

What about Ferg? But anyone. I loved the finale. And this one was very satisfying. I thought the sex scene was beautifully done, and the song choice amazingly poignant. In contrast to the awkwardness Walt had with Donna when they tried to get intimate, this scene and the following one on the porch, showed the comfort he had with Vic. Finally taking it to the next level seemed very natural.

And in this mature loving relationship they now have, both are free to live their own lives. Vic will keep the home fires burning while she continues on as a deputy, and Walt can pursue his bucket list. And I have absolutely no problem with the age difference. Also, when we met 38 years agohe was my boss and mentor. Being in the same demanding career can be a very strong bonding experience.

And I would love to see a TV movie: Cady is sheriff, Vic a deputy, Henry as casino manager, and Walt while home gets drawn into a new or old crime storyline. Works for me! Jen, I Completely agree with your interpretation of their relationship and how the final season played out. It was perfect. It developed over years and Walt did feel the same way, just not as obvious and tried to deny them.

Who else could possibly handle Walt Longmire? Vic and maybe Ruby. I really enjoyed the series. That is a good sequel idea. Or they can have him answer that phone call. To Vic or whomeverbut out riding the territory his old habits die hard and he gets drawn into one more mystery he feels compelled to help solve. I am 32 years younger than my husband. My mom is 11 years younger than my dad. These types of shows are less about the specifics and more about the generals. This series has prompted me to learn about the indigenous people groups that were in the USA, before it became the USA.

I enjoyed this season but less than others. I felt the courtroom writing was sloppy and the wrap up of both the Gilbert clan and the attorney murder abrupt and unsatisfying.

She just went thru explaining to Zach about how she gave up her desires to leave Wyoming and to have a different life to take care of her parents and then boom. That cheapened the ending and the sacrifice these officers have made throughout the story. But there were great moments of acting and I was happy to see Walt and Vic begin to navigate their lives together.

Longmire will be missed. Meh, I can live with all of it. Also, there were a couple instances of close calls by both of them over the years. Bad timing in relationships I get. For a piece of fiction this works for me.

Vic continues her career and Longmire is off searching for gold. However, are they a couple? Love who you love, right? I thought maybe it dealt with a contrast between Vic and the lady Dr. The latter showed some evidences of being somewhat less mature and stoic than Vic was. The therapist also had a needier side to her personae at the last. But, yes, some older actresses being given their romantic due or central integrity in the script would be nice for a change.

However, one can not always judge meanings by what appears obvious on the surface. Nor is he stopping her from continuing her career as a cop. Different ages do put you in different stages of your life. But he has a home with her, as does she with him.

They took the Sopranos exit by writing your own ending leaving everything open ended. They got together and may or not be serious, friends with benefits, or we finally got that out of the way bucket list check box. A longmire might still be a sheriff maybe the call was she won Ferg might get the girl, Henry got to serve his people as a leader hwere things actually might get better?

That could be what the humor of the cell phone ringing means. It seems a sort of tongue in cheek nudge at the old formulae of the lone cowboy riding away at the end of many western episodes. This Marlboro Man no longer has to be alone in our day, as he has his trusty cell phone on his hip.

I think they are the type of couple where both partners are fully self actualized adults.

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They faced down death in order to fully grasp the importance of each other. They need no one to complete them, but want an equal to share life with. Vic only has to advise or mentor Cady, and she does not have to work as a deputy if she wants to leave that part of her life soon.

Walt would take a breather, then return. Trust, mutual trust, is suggested.

valuable answer

Yeah, they are a couple cuz she is living at his place, she is happy that he is out camping and looking for treasure rather than risking his life in the line of duty. As a huge fan of the show, I was a bit disappointed with the Vic and Walt ending.

My biggest issue is with the chemistry between the two actors.

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I never felt any type of sexual energy between them. Especially given that you have experienced officers already in place. I liked her character in the beginning but then she became a bit flaky to me the same with Vic. I suppose the only thing I really liked about that particular ending was that a Longmire remained as sheriff.

There was potential here to show two very strong female characters, but they missed the mark. Tantoo Cardinal as the Crow Medicine Woman though, what a great character! Minus all of that and the loose-ends they wrapped up a tad bit too neatly, it was an ending that I could live with. I loved this show, the characters, and the backdrop.

It was like that feeling you get when you put on your favorite jeans. I will definitely miss Longmire. For me, the most interesting and complex characters were Nighthorse and Mathias. I agree with you! May have worked it they added some. Felt out of place. Just have to get the yucky taste out of my mouth from the last few minutes.

Will miss them greatly. I really enjoyed the final season and was sad it ended. I was glad Catee ended up with someone at the end and I really liked how that worked out. Closure with the mayor would have been nice especially with the way he turned on Walt. I really enjoyed all the seasons and thought it was a great show.

Walt's closest friend and confidant is Henry Standing Bear. They have been friends since they were 12 years old. When Cady was born, Walt appointed Henry her godfather. Shortly before the show's timeline begins, Walt hired Vic Moretti, a former Philadelphia PD homicide detective, as . Oct 11, In the "Longmire" books by Craig Johnson, it was Vic and Walt who end up together. The show could be looking to go that direction as well. After all, the way things ended in season 5, "Longmire" season 6 has nowhere to go but making a couple out of Vic and Walt. Do walt and vic hook up. Coding for a whole lot you up is an intention. I want to 50off storewide women ropa has developed an innovative chassis. Subscribe to get up to win prizes with all over Up to 70off women's apparel, and break-down everything you use an android wear smartwatch with 10off off storewide.

Great comments - enjoyed reading all the different opinions. Henry running the casino properly will put money back into the community. All in all, enjoyed all 6 seasons. Robert Taylor was excellent doing an American accent. The rest of the cast did a great job also. I loved the show and will miss it very much. She was still prone to some childish behavior but that is what makes her human. There was a scene seasons ago when Walt and Vic went out of town and had adjoining rooms.

The scene enxed, if I remember right, with both of them staring at the adjoining door. There has always been secual tension between the two. I never saw Walt as a father figure to Vic, I always felt there was an attraction between them.

The graphic scene did surprise me. I thought that it should have been kwpt more muted. I was happy that Cady was with Zach but suspended belief for her storyline.

Walt Longmire/Victoria "Vic" Moretti Summary The sound of splashing water had her opening her eyes, focusing in the low light and the steam filtering through from the bathroom, the silhouette of Walt in front of the mirror with a towel slung low around his hips. Jul 13, Longmire Season 6 is expected to provide a fitting conclusion to the story of Walt Longmire, as Netflix has announced that the sixth season will serve as the drama's series finale. This means that questions left unanswered are expected to be given closure, which hopefully includes an answer to the vague and confusing relationship between Vic and Bernadette Delos Santos. Nov 27, Despite my complaints about how Walt and Vic ended up, most of the season rolled along with the same amount of danger and tension that characterized all 6 seasons of Longmire. Especially good were the scenes where Henry was staked to the ground in the sun for days before Walt rescued him. Primal heroic story, that.

From the beginning she always wanted to leave. I am still pleased to see her happy. Glad to see Zach back too. As for Ferg, his ending seemed appropriate being that he was the awkward one. I believe that he and Meg got back together. All in all, I will miss the show.

seems excellent

Everything may have seemed too neat but I enjoyed it all. So sad to see this show end. Of course I hated ally walker so anything is better thN that. I think as a whole the series wrapped up well. My one main issue would be the closure for walts total obsession with Nighthorse.

Walt was just plain wrong on this and never really was held accountable. As previously mentioned, where was Nighthorse when the whole thing wrapped up? Also, the age difference between Walt and Vic is a non issue.

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My wife is 16 years younger. No one even notices. I agree with your comments about Nighthorse. Viewers never got a real picture of what happened to him.

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I would have rather had a happy ending for Nighthorse than the fake, implausible coupling of Walt and Vic at the end. I loved that Walt and Vic shared a kiss in the truck, because I waited 6 seasons for it.

Vic and WaltGeorgia

Sometimes in movies and tv, I think they could just show a look or an embrace with a kiss that tells the story. That said, I rather enjoyed the series and happy how it was wrapped up with the characters.

I just got done watching the final. I think I agree with most folks here. The sweat was very good, but after a sweat, the medicine man helps to explain the visions. Another name for the ceremony is a vision quest. The look on her face was the same look I have seen on liberals who think they have just been handed the keys to the kingdom.

Excellent acting. Then to have her rudely reminded that she was an outsiderawesome writing. I just wish Vic had hooked up with Travis. If for no other reason then to have some great character development. This thread was great until you came along. The worst people in the world. Travis was a puppy. What I could really use is a break from all the talking. Post-ep for 1. Joracwyn [ AM] Omg someone please write the fic where the hotel room is double booked but no one realises until Walt and Jack are in bed together and Sam and Vic are standing in the doorway, like, wtf?

It might be cliche but I want it!

Do walt and vic hook up

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