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Introverts, as a general rule, take one look at extroverts and want to go take a nap. Just contemplating the idea of being so overwhelmingly social all the time is enough to make an introvert feel exhausted. That said, sometimes opposite can attract and leave introverts dating extroverts. There is nothing wrong with this arrangement, and many couples are very happy. Mixing the two personality traits can, however, lead to some serious confusion on behalf of both parties unless they make it a point to understand one another. An introvert who is dating another introvert will completely understand why their partner needs some time to themselves after a long day.

I do have friends, quite many, in fact, and I do like to hang out with them downtown. However, I am pretty discreet and mostly contained, so everyone tells me I should be dating an extrovert.

They say I should find someone outspoken, who can be the exact opposite of who I am. In my early 20s I was a firm believer in this and I was always dating exuberant men, who overwhelmed me each time we were together.

Then I had the revelation of my life and I fell for an introvert. Well, not more awkward than all first dates. When two introverts meet, they know how strange the other person is feeling, so they respect this and try to act as normal as possible.

This usually means talking about things only introverts understand, like not knowing what to say on a first date. After the first couple of minutes, you gradually start to feel comfortable with each other. This reminds me of the next point. Introverts are perfectly able to sit in silence and communicate. We talk little, but when we do talk, the words we say value a lot more for us.

When you are dating an introvert you know that each word he is saying is meant to be there in your discussion.

Introversion Online Dating and Introverts: A Good Match Internet dating is the only way you might find love without leaving the house. Posted Apr 21, When two introverts meet, they know how strange the other person is feeling, so they respect this and try to act as normal as possible. This usually means talking about things only introverts understand, like not knowing what to say on a first date. Introverts and Extroverts Characteristics. Below is the comparison between the two common types of personality. Why is it important to compare introverts with extroverts? - Because extroverts have weaknesses that you can avoid and strengths that you can learn. (To Know More - Click on the image).

We talk less, but we listen more, so our relationships are deeper. When we do start talking, we can chat for hours on end, because we have many topics to talk about. Thanks to being such good listeners. Oh, yes!

How To Date An Introvert When You're An Extrovert, According To Experts

We might even hide our relationship from our friends. This allows the relationship to evolve naturally, something very special nowadays. And steady! Because introverts like to watch and value words more than other people, their relationships are deeper and more meaningful. The mere idea of spending every night with friends is enough to exhaust introverts, but staying in too often can leave extroverts ready to climb the walls.

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As such, introverts should not be surprised if they find that extroverts make plans to go out with friends when the introvert wants to stay in for the evening. Introverts sometimes feel like they are being abandoned for something better when extroverts make constant plans and seem unwilling to spend quiet time with their partner, but the extrovert is not trying to do that any more than the introvert is avoiding the extrovert when they want some quiet time to themselves.

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If someone starts to feel abandoned, however, they need to speak up before it becomes a more serious issue. Extroverts like to stay in contact. Introverts hate small talk.

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They would rather sit in silence and stare at one another than have a long, rambling conversation about the weather or vague discussions of potential weekend plans. Extroverts, on the other hand, tend to value any kind of human interaction.

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They do not mind small talk since it means that person they are interacting with is at least somewhat engaged with them. This desire to continually communicate carries over to cellphone usage. As a general rule, introverts are not normally bothered by going a decent stretch of time without human contact, and when they want to be alone, they do not want to be dealing with their cellphone.

Extroverts, on the other hand, like to remain constantly in contact with the people in their lives. When they are not with someone else in person, they tend to text, call or message the other people they know, and they may not understand why an introvert refuses to come to the phone.

How to make Introvert Extrovert relationships work

Extroverts tend to share more. Extroverts tend to be more talkative and more open to sharing.

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They are more likely than introverts to wear their hearts on their sleeves. As extroverts tend to think better when they bounce ideas off another person, they tend to hold back fewer of their deeply personal thoughts and feelings. Introverts, on the other hand, tend to be more private for a variety of reasons.

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Introverts do best when they think through things on their own, so they tend to keep turmoil internalized as they work through it. Between that and a smaller group of friends, introverts are far less likely to share their personal thoughts and feelings with any specific individual.

Introverts and extroverts dating

This can cause conflict in a relationship when an introvert and extrovert disagree on what is acceptable to share and with whom. Make sure to be clear on both to avoid problems later.

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Extroverts may not notice an introvert needs some time to recharge. Extroverts get their energy from people. They feel the most alive when they are in a crowd of people or talking with others. They thrive in the spotlight and feed off of interactions with others. Those same things, however, that give extroverts their energy also leave introverts exhausted and in desperate need of some time alone to recharge their own batteries.

Unfortunately, extroverts do not always think about that fact. They are so busy having fun and getting their energy back that they may not realize that their significant other is desperate to leave the party behind and go home. As such, introvert-extrovert pairs need to make sure they have some sort of signal to let the extrovert know when the introvert has reached their saturation point for social interaction.

It might also be a good idea to take two cars to social events that have the potential to run late.

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That way the introvert can go home without dragging the extrovert away from their fun. In fact, the combination of the two can lead to good things for both people.

Introverts can help extroverts slow down and find peace in the quiet moments. Extroverts, meanwhile, can help introverts expand their horizons and come out of their shells. Previous Next. Add some inspiration to your inbox.

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