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Hey Guys it's time for a new story. I was originally going to do this story after my first story. But not knowing how long it's going to be I decided to do this now. Anyways I hope you guys like it. I'm just trying to figure out how to tell them without them throwing a dang party. Don't you think it's time we told everyone. Plus Gajeel probably already knows.

Under the same tree he uprooted was a candle light dinner. It was romantic. Having a dater under a rainbow sakura tree that was glistening in different colors for our first monthsary never crossed my mind. It was beyond sweet.

Our next two months, he didn't failed to surprise me.

Natsu and Lucy become a couple, but before they even get a taste of their relationship, a mission with Erza and Gray comes to ruin their plans. As they find it too early to tell their friends in Fairy Tail,they decide to keep it secret. Read to see how they try to conceal their relationship, with the turn of events not quite in their favor.

Our second mothsary, we had a small picnic under the stars. We just talked and laughed while stargazing and eating that night.

It was amazing. Third monthsary, he brought me to Hargeon, the place where we met. We ate at the same restaurant from before.

Lucy and Laxus are secretly dating so no one in the guild knows, until Summary: Lucy and Laxus are secretly dating so no one in the guild knows, until Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail. This is for my reviewer(s) who wanted a LaxusxLucy fanfic. Our NaLu Secret - Natsu and Lucy are great friends, but what happens when they want to be more then friends. They try to hide the fact that they're dating but it's not easy when you have to hide it from a bunch of NaLi supporters trying to make it cannon, ex Reviews: 4. - | unleash Follow/Fav Our Not So Secret Relationship. By: TSG When Erza and Grey go on a mission with Natsu and Lucy. Natsu and Lucy get sent far away. The guild searches never finding them for over five years, going off the information of possible rumored sightings of them.

But what truly made my day was when we went swimming. It was fun. It only proved that Natsu value our memories together. The 3 months we are together was one of the best months of my life.

We did fought and had quarrels. But we made it a habit to not wait for the next day to make up. Before we sleep, we make sure we already are truce and raised the white flag. We do love to fight, just not eachother. But would you believe me if i told you not a single sould knows about our romantic relationship? Not Happy nor Levy. No one knows that Natsu and I are together.


They still think we haven't passed the dense stage. But what's funny was the fact that they set us up to 'help' us. If only they knew.

Natsu and lucy secretly dating fanfiction

We were at my apartment. Just the two of us, Happy was nowhere to be seen. Probably, he's with Carla again. He patted the space next to him as if telling me to sit beside him. I raised an eyebrow but did as told. I let out a small squeak when he suddenly pulled me to him. Now, i was sitting on his lap, with his arms around me. Sighing, i wrapped my arms around his torso and rested my head on his chest.

What is my Lucy thinking? Just the past 3 months. I never thought we would stay this long with no one knowing nor noticing. He rested his forehead on mine and closed his eyes. Honestly, i like it how we spend together, just the two of us.

No pressure, no eyes to judge or watch us.

- | unleash Follow/Fav Mira & Natsu's Secret. By: Yggdrasill Tales. Happy accidentally lets out a secret about Natsu and Mirajane to the whole guild. Now we have a jealous Lisanna, an angry Elfman, a confuse Erza, and a soon to be dead Happy. "NATSU AND MIRA-CHAN SLEPT TOGETHER!" Lucy was so surprise by the news that she did. Lucy and Natsu along with Gray and Levy were childhood friends. Both the blonde and the pink hair man had known each other since they were babies (actually, that was because both their parents were best friends), had been friends since kindergarten, had been dating since first year of junior high, had been engaged since high school's graduation, and had been married since two months before . Natsu was over the moon. He had officially started dating Lucy for a couple months in secret. They had officially started getting intimate with one another. He was ecstatic about their relationship, which was going so well. Natsu and Lucy were planning on announcing their relationship to the guild, soon.

But it's really frustrating sometimes. We can't be this intimate or sweet infront of others. I can't hold you this close nor kiss you in the guild or when we're with someone. I pinched Natsu's cheeks.

This side of him never fails to surprise me. But we have to do it my way. You in? Normal POV Natsu and Lucy entered the guild, laughing rather loudly which caught almost everyone's attention. The Fairy Tail Mages stared dumbfounded at the duo who had ignored them and seemed trapped on their own little world.

YOU ARE READING. Big or small secret? Nalu - Random. what will happen if natsu and lucy were in relationships but no one know? how they will keep going together? and why lucy . Natsu's sick - Lucy looks after Natsu when he is sick but what happens when Natsu starts to show is feeling whilst he is ill. Will Lucy eventually believe that Natsu likes her back or will she still think he is just hallucinating!Reviews: Description: Natsu and Lucy had been dating for 3 months now, though the guild doesn't know about it. They maintained a low profile and hid it from plain sight. They're doing a good job since not a single soul had caught them. They do enjoy their private moments, although they really want to come out of the dark and tell everyone. One shot. NaLu.

All are shocked. No one dared to say a word. They don't know how to react. They don't know which one was more shocking; that Lucy was laughing whole-heartedly while Natsu was grinning widely or that the blonde had the dragonslayer's most precious possession, his scarf, wrapped around her neck. As if hearing him, the duo snapped out of their trance and looked around the guild almost questioningly. They locked gazes once again before shrugging, clueless. They high fived each other before going their seperate ways.

Gray blinked multiple times and shifted his eyes between Lucy and Natsu.

Natsu-san, what Gray-san means is, what is y-your real relationship with L-Lucy-san? You would play the innocent and dense card, aye? Then tell us, why is Lucy wearing your scarf? So, i lend her my scarf to keep her warm. No big deal. I don't even know why your mad. The two mages in question looked at each other, shrugging but what everyone missed was the mischievous glint on the secret couple's eyes.

Summary: Happy accidentally lets out a secret about Natsu and Mirajane to the whole guild. Now we have a jealous Lisanna, an angry Elfman, a confuse Erza, and a soon to be dead Happy. It was a normal day in the Fairy Tail guild, some were out on jobs, other were just having a drink or something to eat, but Lucy could not do either one because she was being bother by Happy who wanted to know about Lucy's novel. She was trying to get away from him, but that cat was just too stubborn!

Just tell me, I promise I wouldn't tell anybody, I'm really good at keeping". Mirajane was running out of bear and other ingredients to make alcoholic drinks, so she had gone down to the basement and ask Natsu to help her with some of the heavier things. They were already all the way up when Lisanna punch Natsu in the face so hard he drooped the boxes he was caring and went flying smashing into a wall.

Which was to be expected since she was now in the form of a large gorilla. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Happy accidentally lets out a secret about Natsu and Mirajane to the whole guild.

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