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Ellie Main made her debut in Burnie's Vlogs as the CCO's Executive Assistant, but has since grown into her own as a valued and beloved member of the company. Ellie's qualifications checked out and she began working for Live Action. In Live Action, as a P. A and then as a coordinator, for about a year. I met Burnie at RTX and he and I got talking about all of the weird and luckily wonderful jobs I'd had and he asked me if I wanted to be his assistant and everything kind of grew from there And then the Performance Review happened.

It's so creative - I love it. Skill Tree is the continuation of Ellie's journey towards becoming an unbeatable, future post-apocalyptic warrior.


It is a very recent series at the time of writing this, consisting of 1 Season - 5 Episodes at the moment. And with any luck, this is just the tip of the iceberg! Since being hired, Ellie has taken on an increasingly active and visible role in the Rooster Teeth family, becoming a beloved personality to fans as well as hopefully a beloved friend to her coworkers. On September 17,Ellie announced her departure from the company on Twitter.

Her parents had two other daughters, Ellie's sisters, Jessie and Caroline, and today live in the London- ish area. Ellie's childhood household was a musical one. Her Father is a self-taught Pianist after his teacher rejected his suggestion to learn Elton John instead of Beethoven and she grew up listening to him sing and play almost every evening.

Ellie started playing the drums at 10 years old, was in a piece Jazz Band throughout most of school, and has even recently taken up Guitar, as displayed in the Final Burnie Vlog.

Everyone in her family plays an instrument, her sister Jessie even having a few covers up on her YouTube Channel. After graduating, she applied and got into Bournemouth University B. A Degree in TV Production" come The two hit it off and soon enter into a long-distance relationship. This lasts for a little over 2 years, until, "It kind of got to the point where it was like 'We've gotta do something about this. Someone's gonna move here Austin or there London '. At the time, Ellie was working freelance in Advertising and not loving it, so she decides to make the daring leap and move to Austin, where she and her no-longer long-distance boyfriend get married soon afterwards at the age of However, just as there are beginnings, there are also endings.

Ellie Main and her partner began to experience marital problems. They tried to make it work, undergoing couple's therapy for 18 months straight in an attempt to salvage their relationship, but unfortunately, the two of them just weren't compatible.

Ellie Main got an amicable divorce January, She debates whether or not to move back to England, however ultimately decides to stay at Rooster Teeth. And it's still painful right now, but I think that we'll look back on this and be like 'I have so much respect for those two people and what they did.

Click on her name to see her tropes list. Butt-Monkey : The butt of many jokes when he makes several mistakes. Monty Oum A special effects expert who joined the team in time for Revelation onwards. Tragically passed away on February 1, Click on his name to see his tropes list. Brian Behm A graphics expert. Left RT in June Aaron Marquis Writer, director, actor, voice actor, producer and co-star of Social Disorder.

Left the company in September Heterosexual Life-Partners : With Chris. Max Kruemcke One of the art directors in the Art Department.

Mariel Salcedo

He's partly responsible for dressing the sets in various live action productions, like Million Dollars, But Max announced his departure on September 5, so he could focus his efforts on his cattle ranch. Lindsay added that he could walk in them better than she ever could. He also appeared in the drag queen episode of On The Spot.

Crazy-Prepared : One of the RT Life videos show him and fellow art designer Ashlyn going shopping for a police car to use in production. They end getting distracted because he immediately thinks of other props they could buy for production. Another RT Life followed him and the rest of the Art Department cleaning out their storage facility, and he spends most of the video lamenting their progress because he thinks there's still some use in the stuff. Troll : He pranks one of their fellow production designers by having the rest of the department convert his desk into a maternity ward.

He also used a soundboard app on his phone just to screw with Jon.

r/roosterteeth: A sub for content regarding Rooster Teeth Productions, including Red vs. Blue, Achievement Hunter, RWBY, Rooster Teeth . The erstwhile senior community manager and social marketing director of Rooster Teeth and voice for characters including Yang Xiao Long, O.R.F., and Lt. Katie like Gavin, she's an ascended fan that volunteered on numerous fan . Mar 31,   Regarding his personal life, Miles Luna is in a relationship with Eleanor 'Ellie" Main, who is a writer, director, editor and camera operator also working for "Rooster Teeth". The couple revealed that they started dating in but deliberately kept their relationship under the radar, only revealing it when they were streaming a video.

Also voices Locus and Doyle in Red vs. It was announced on September 13, that he departed the company. Badass Baritone : His default voice, very apparent in his voice for Locus, but contrasts starkly with the tenor voice he uses for Torchwick.

Badass Beard : Tends to sport one of these. Occidental Otaku : Gray is a massive anime aficionado, and is one of the regulars on the Fan Service podcast.

Team Dad : Along with being the dad, gives off this vibe. After Ashley's departure and Burnie more or less retiring from being on screen, Mush no longer appears on camera.

Expy : Like Joe the Cat, Mush is a male orange tabby that likes to wander around. Since Mush is still a young cat, time will tell if he's got a similar personality to Joe the Cat.

Cats Hate Water : Burnie mentioned on the podcast that Mush is terrified of the shower.

k Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Ellie Main (@elliemain) posts. Its like soldiers in the trenches: The one standing is looking after the ones who arent. Extra life is as "in the trenches" Miles can get and so he picked the one person going through special training as his battle buddy and it worked fantastically. Miles Antony Luna is a co-creator, writer, and voice actor for Camp Camp. He works on other Rooster Teeth productions such as writer, voice actor Felix for Red vs. Blue as well a director from Seasons , writer and voice actor of Jaune Arc for RWBY, among other roles. Miles Luna has made.

Cute Kitten : He was a tiny kitten when he first showed up on the RT Podcast and naturally, Michael had to introduce little Iris to the kitten. Team Pet : Burnie and Ashley like showing him off on Game Timeand the younger staff enjoy petting him as well.

He announced on December 12, that he had actually departed the company in May, but will still keep the option of collaborating on future projects.

She appears in the rebooted RT Shorts and has her own show, The Chip Showwhere she interviews people while surrounded by potato chips. She's also a frequent guest on On The Spot.

On March 4,she announced that she had been let go and would depart March 31st. Cloudcuckoolander : Her on-screen persona is someone who's a bit flighty.

In one RT Life, her first thought after discovering she didn't have enough ground coffee to make coffee, she decided to plant some of the grounds. Trademark Favorite Food : Potato chips. As part of an Extra Life challenge, she got a chip-themed tattoo for every donation during her Chip Show segment. Shannon McCormick. Bald of Awesome : Joel jokes that he had a full head of hair before he met them. Berserk Button : According to Project Rant, he does not like onions. At all. Deadpan Snarker : He gives off this vibe, and uses it well for Washington.

Only Sane Man : In the shorts, he's consistently this unlike the regular cast members. Daniel Gruchy. Gavin's partner-in-crime for The Slow Mo Guyswhich has earned him the status of honorary part-timer. Has worked with the crew for certain UK-based conventions. Former member of the British Army. Adorkable : When he's not doing the Slow Mo Guys, he's much more nervous. Badass Beard : Stopped shaving once he left the British Army. Badass Labcoat : For the Slow Mo Guys, though as recent videos have shown he's wrecked one of its sleeves, covered it in paint and shredded it.

Brains and Brawn : The Brawn of the Slow Mo Guys, as he's the military technician who does the firearms and explosives work and probably throws a much meaner right-hook than Gavin can. Ray even wonders if Gavin fended off bullies by threatening to have Dan fight them. Though one has to wonder what he's done to make Burnie declare that even Gavin looks bright compared to him Took a Level in Badass : He apparently went from weak and nerdy to well-built, tanned and a little less nerdy, owing to his travels in South America.

Berserk Button : London traffic, apparently. Cluster F-Bomb : He really doesn't like London traffic. More specifically, ketchup, chocolate pudding and mint chocolate chip ice cream was shot at him. Case in point: he can't seem to order food at restaurants without screwing something up. Ditzy Genius : He does has specialized knowledge in most things military-related, which comes in handy for the Slow Mo Guys. Made of Iron : He takes most of the punishment that is dished out.

Fanservice : Ray takes this Up to Eleven. The Pig-Pen : Gavin complains that no matter what the Slow Mo Guys video was about, Dan's lab coat will be absolutely filthy by the end of it.

These Shorts Cost $69.69 - #547 - RT Podcast

Sometimes it's justified and other times he has no idea how it got that dirty. And then the Home-Made Goop Cannon video rolled around, and poor Dan had to endure volleys of ketchup, chocolate pudding and mint chocolate chip ice cream being fired at him. His new lab coat was an absolute state at the end of it all.

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Arryn Zech. Emily Gray on Red vs. Formerly Miles Luna's girlfriend, they amicably split up when she decided that she wasn't happy with the current path of her career and decided to move to Los Angeles. She will still be doing voice work for Rooster Teeth. Not So Stoic : Although her serious demeanor even inspired the creation of Blake, Arryn is quite cheerful as a guest in RT's podcasts, and likes to make funny faces when posing for pictures.

The "Devastating Attacks" incident was only one such case. Mia Khalifa. Blind Without 'Em : Has noted that her vision is extremely poor, and she's worn glasses since the 4th grade.

Fanservice : Not on the show or any of the other productions, but as an ex-porn star it's not exactly difficult to find her with lesser clothing online. Passionate Sports Girl : As her position on Sportsball would suggest, she's an avid fan of sports, specifically hockey. Raised Catholic : Came from a very conservative Catholic background. Rated M for Manly : Has joked that she is this, with others suggesting that she would arrive to a date in a monster truck filled with steaks.

Twofer Token Minority : Is the only prominent woman of the staff with Middle-Eastern heritage being born and partially raised in Lebanon. Becca Frasier.

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The voice of Sister in Red vs. Blue and former content marketing manager. On January 3,she announced her departure to work full time for an architecture firm. However, she remains on board as Sister's voice and on-call podcast guest. Ascended Extra : Aside from voicing Sister, she wasn't even a full-time employee untildespite working with Gus and Burnie well before Rooster Teeth was even founded. Her first appearance on the podcast was when Gus offered her a pancake and she stuck around.

Positive response led to her making more appearances on the podcast and other productions. All or Nothing : Her favorite game is HQand she's won it several times. She even sat in on a mini podcast episode with Scott Rogowsky as a guest.

Rooster teeth miles and ellie dating

Raven Hair, Ivory Skin : Becca is really pale and has very black hair. But at least the happy personality makes her not an Aloof Dark-Haired Girl. Other Collaborators.

Creepy Monotone : He uses this for the Counselor. Jon Graham The creator of Arby 'n' the Chief and One Life RemainingJon decided he would like to meet up with the members of Rooster Teeth partly to prove there is no rivalry between them and him, and partly for creativity reasons. He has previously collaborated with Luke. Mean Character, Nice Actor : Most definitely, but taken Up to Eleven in "Pirates", where he is shown to have reportedly eaten Gus' entire fridge food stocks, clogged Gus' toilets and not been bothered to go and see "On Stranger Tides".

In real life, he's a nice guy with the same day to day limits as the next man. Perma-Stubble : In the videos we see at least. Self-Deprecation : He plays himself off as a loser and unrecognised nobody. Dan can, to all extents and purposes, be considered an honorary member of Rooster Teeth.

The reason he doesn't work there full-time is because he has a day job. Nevertheless, he's been there for years. Reclusive Artist : While more present in the company's early days, Dan has since become less inclined to appear in Rooster Teeth material or conventions. He still voices Donut whenever he can, of course, down to singing as him. Deadpan Snarker : To balance out Chris' more crazy tendencies.

Miles Luna Wiki Bio, girlfriend, dating Ellie, married, net worth, family

Nightmare Fetishist : She co-hosts a podcast about horror called Women in Caskets, and was downright giddy when she saw the 15th season of Red vs. Blue going towards creepier material. Affectionate Nickname : Sam. Hidden Depths : She's also a director, having debuted with The Saw and also made Tattoos and the more serious all-women western Wolves Inside.

Valley Girl : Aside from CT's serious and often grumpy tone, everywhere else Sam has a cheery inflection reminiscent of this. It's exaggerated for comedy's sake with the Flower Scouts. She's also the focus of the First-only documentary, Becoming Jessica Nigricentered around her cosplay work. CloudcuckooLander : Her appearances on Always Open paint her as a bit eccentric, having once claimed that a drink she had felt like ants.

She has even cosplayed her character. Fanservice : Her cosplay work goes between this and Stripperiffic. When she appears on the podcasts, she tends to wear low-cut tops. He's been friends with Chris Demarais and Josh Flanagan since their days in college.

Disabled Snarker : Despite being confined to a wheelchair, he always has a sharp quip on hand, especially when he's near Chris. Sitcom Archnemesis : He never misses an opportunity to take a shot at Jon Risinger.

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