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It is for that reason alone that I am writing this piece. Sora and Kairi are arguably one of the best video game couples ever. Yet through all of those trialsSora has yet to receive anything but a hug from Kairi. Early on in the game with flirtation, sentiment moments, and showmanship you can tell Sora has a huge crush on Kairi. However, before he can voice his affections and voyage on a boat journey with Kairi and Riku , the enemy known as the Heartless appear and devour their world. The three are then subsequently separated from one another on different worlds and eventually Kairi has her heart taken from her.

After Xigbar and Xemnas reveal the true nature of the Organization to Sora, Kairi momentarily appears behind Sora with a Keyblade in hand alongside all the other friends connected in Sora's heart when Sora states that he was proud to be connected to those who it did choose as he states his friends are his power.

The immense power of all the intertwined hearts unnerves Xigbar, who flees, leaving Xemnas to battle with Sora. After Mickey finishes his story, Yen Sid reveals the reason he kept it a secret was to prevent Sora or Riku from foolishly going after Aqua prematurely. Once Mickey assures Riku they can now help Aqua and Riku decides to join him, Kairi is surprised at how much Riku has changed over the last couple of years.

Sora is still off in search of Kairi, and the symbolism of Sora slipping away from Kairi hints that the two of them are still separated, or Sora may have even sacrificed himself so that Kairi Author: Bradley Russell. Sora and kairi dating - Find single man in the US with online dating. Looking for sympathy in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. How to get a good man. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a woman. Mar 08,   Kingdom Hearts: Why the Hell Haven't Sora and Kairi Kissed Yet?! everyone ends up back on Destiny Islands and it's implied that Sora and Kairi are "dating". However, no further 7/

Kairi is assigned to train alongside Lea under Merlin 's guidance for the coming war. Though surprised that Lea was formerly Axel given that he kidnapped her onceshe is assured by both Mickey and Riku that Lea can be trusted.

In the meantime, Sora is able to recover Aqua from the Dark Margin after having to fight a corrupted version of her named Anti-Aqua created by Ansem, Seeker of Darkness when he came for Ansem the Wise earlier, and revive Ventus from where Aqua had left him in Castle Oblivion after Aqua restores it to the Land of Departure. Joined by them, along with Riku and King Mickey, Kairi travels to the Keyblade Graveyard to do battle with Master Xehanort and his thirteen pieces of darkness. However, Terra-Xehanort confronts the group of seven Guardians of Light, Donald, and Goofy, and manages to incapacitate Ventus and Lea before being repelled by Donald at the cost of Donald being severely depleted of his strength and magic.

As a result, the Demon Tide appears and forms into a powerful tornado, managing to suck up everyone except for Sora and Riku. Sora can only reach out helplessly towards Kairi before she is swept away in the Demon Tide and presumed lost, causing Sora to collapse to his knees in despair at having lost everyone and their only chance of stopping Master Xehanort, screaming in devastation.

Sora and Kairi - Date Rape

Riku refuses to give up as easily and makes a heroic last stand against the Demon Tide, trying to protect Sora for as long as he can before he is consumed as well, leaving Sora alone and at the mercy of the Demon Tide.

However, Sora's refusal to give in to letting Darkness win and cling to the Realm of Light allows him to recover his body upon arriving in the Final World, due to Kairi's light and love managing to keep him alive by a slim thread, reverse what happened, and bring everyone back before their hearts could be claimed by the Lich Heartless.

When Terra-Xehanort attempts to repeat events and goes for Ventus as his first victim again, the Lingering Will appears to stop him and force him into retreat, allowing everyone to be at full strength when the Demon Tide appears and forms into its tornado form again.

However, Sora is supported by the Keyblades of fallen Keyblade Warriors from around the Keyblade Graveyard, and with their help, dispels and destroys the Demon Tide for good.

After that, when surrounded by numerous Heartless, Nobodies, and Unversed, Master Yen Sid arrives to clear the way for - countryconnectionsqatar.coms of Light while he, Donald, and Goofy stay behind to keep the various enemies busy.

Master Xehanort conjures his labyrinth for - countryconnectionsqatar.coms of Light to do battle with his pieces of darkness. When Xion offers to deal with Lea herself, Sora steps in to prevent it, and reveals the hooded figure to be Xion when he says her name in Roxas' voice. Xemnas is forced to step in to deal with Xion for turning against him again, only to be stopped by Roxas, having regained a physical body, and coming to the aid of his friends.

Unaffected by Roxas returning to protect Axel and Xion, Xemnas is able to kidnap Kairi and escape, leaving Sora to face Saix and beat him for good with Roxas and Xion's help.

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By the time Sora meets up with Riku and King Mickey to confront the last of Master Xehanort's pieces of darkness in Ansem, Young Xehanort, and Xemnas, once they are beaten, Master Xehanort brings out an unconscious Kairi, and taunting Sora that he needs motivation to grant Master Xehanort that thirteenth piece to reforge the X-blade, Master Xehanort strikes down Kairi in cold blood, infuriating Sora, Riku, and King Mickey, but their attacks are easily repulsed, and the X-blade is reformed.

Before Sora prepares to take Master Xehanort into the world within Kingdom Hearts to deal with him once and for all, Xion assures Sora that she can tell Kairi is alright and he'll find her again.

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After Master Xehanort's ultimate defeat in Scala ad Caelum, where he surrendered the X-blade to Sora and passed peacefully onto the afterlife with Eraqus, Sora uses his power of waking to find Kairi, only to discover he's forced to make a difficult decision, allowing Kairi to return home to the Destiny Islands while he remains behind in her stead, having overused his power of waking and the penalty being he can only be with her for a short while before disappearing to parts unknown.

It's not something both of them are willing to accept, but realize it has to be done so Kairi can go home to all their friends.

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As a result, Kairi is restored and returned home, but is heartbroken by Sora's sacrifice and the possibility that he may never return home to the Destiny Islands or all their friends.

Though not as often as her many friends and counterparts, Kairi appears in some printed media for the Kingdom Hearts series, including novelizations and manga. Kairi appears in the Kingdom Hearts manga adaptation series by Shiro Amano, which illustrates alternate events to the series' story arc. In this series, Kairi's personality is more in depth; she is presented as a bold, friendly young teen who loves adventure as much as her two best friends.

She is more interactive in the storyline, speaking more and acting out more often, as well as being more comedic.

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Kairi also appears in the series' novelizations, which once again provides alternate events to the series. The novels are currently being officially translated to English by Yen Press, after having been Japanese-only since Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Wherever you go, I'm always with you. Contents [ show ]. The Disney Wiki has a collection of images and media related to Kairi.

Kairi being the daughter of Ansem the Wise 14 messages.

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Taffyta wrote: I've seen this theory before. It'd be pretty cool, and it does make sense, but he didn't seem to recognize Kairi Sora Kuno. There's not much Heartless. Xehanort's gone and we're all back safe and sound. And now we're happy and in love.

Sora and kairi dating

I love you, Kairi. He sighed then he looks at his beautiful girlfriend finishing her sea-salt ice cream. Sora however kneeled down. Kairi gd.

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She knows where this one is going. I can't stand to be without you.

KHLostEmpress is a - author that has written 27 stories for Digimon, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Kingdom Hearts, Card Captor Sakura, Golden Sun, Fire Emblem, Legend of Zelda, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, Sailor Moon, and Yamamoto Zenjirou to Moushimasu.

You fill the empty void in my heart. You are the light of my heart as I am yours. So what I'm trying to ask is Her Knight in big shoes is proposing to her in possibly the most romantic way on a beautiful sunset even though it's Twilight every day.

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Sora at first was worried that he wouldn't have her answer until Kairi pulled him and hugged to death and gave him the answer he was hoping for. They looked up the clock tower at the newly engaged couple in pride. And that's the end of chapter one.

At first I was gonna make this a oneshot but I wanted to complete the proposal plus I wanna write more characters but don't worry. Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts 2. Wiki User Yes Sora really cares for her, and she feels the same.

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Well actually u no how the Japenease r yes itsobvious tht they hav a very close relationship but I'm postitive it be'll nothing more. They'll always be bestfriends but maybe in the future they will marry :. Its obvius she love sora.

Riku and Sora both love Kairi. Sora and Kairi do not kiss. Although Sora does tenderly hug Kairi. Asked in Preteen Relationships Do Sora and kairi love each other? Then in the end, when Kairi sees the picture she draws herself giving Sora one too.

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If that's not love, then what is. Asked in Kingdom Hearts Do Sora and kairi fall in love? They start out in love in the beginning of the game.

Sora hasn't kissed Kairi in any games yet, and he is not in love with Namine there for has never and will never kiss her.

Yeah, but it got back to Sora because of Kairi. Sora WAS a Heartless when he saved Kairi, but Kairi protected his Shadow Heartless form with her love and pure light and brought him back, the first. Kingdom Hearts 2 is a good game it is about 3 friends named Sora (you), Kairi, and Riku. They all got split up so sora wakes up in a mysterious place and gets jumped on by Donald and Goofy, they. This is Sora and Kairi's wedding. I've wanted to write this for a long time and I feel this is the best time to write it. I'm pretty sure you all will love this because it has Original, Final Fantasy and Disney characters. They've been dating ever since and boy was it a magical time ever since. They told their friends and Riku whom used to.

Yeah, but it got back to Sora because of Kairi. Sora WAS a Heartless when he saved Kairi, but Kairi protected his Shadow Heartless form with her love and pure light and brought him back, the first ever as far as anyone can tell. When Kairi lost her heart, Sora sacrficed himself then gave it to her.

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She was alive, but Sora turned into a heartless in the process. Kairi then gave a bit of her heart which was his to him.

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