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Callie Maggotbone is a major character on Ugly Americans. She is voiced by Natasha Leggero. She makes her debut in the pilot episode. Callie is a female half- demon , or more specifically, a succubus. Her father is Aldermach Maggotbone , who is also known as the Devil.

I mean, that girl's heart beat for Derek Shepherd. It just He was perfect. He was everything. That man turned her world.

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I spooked you. Don't be spooked. When I met you, I thought I had found the person that I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I was done! All the boys and all the bars and all the obvious daddy issues, who cares?

I was done. You left me. You chose Addison. I'm all glued back together now. Cristina noticed this and told Callie they weren't worth to get hung up over, as they apparently weren't even talking to each other. Callie commented that that made her feel better.

When Callie saw how hard Cristina was trying to impress Hahn, Callie told her she was now only annoying Erica and that she should back off. Callie told her patient that she was fired from Chief Resident, and that it was a good, as she could now get back to the part that she liked: surgery. Callie had to work together with Izzie. When Hahn asked her if she could steal Izzie from her service, Callie said she could have Izzie for free.

When Mark commented in surgery that Hahn was as mean to herself as she was to others, Callie defended Hahn by making him stop talking. After their surgeries, Hahn asked Callie and Mark if they wanted to have a drink with her.

They agreed, although Hahn urged Mark not to hit on her. The next day, Erica held the elevator for Callie and greeted her by saying "Dr. Callie told Erica that anyone who can outdrink her and then still kick her butt at the darts gets to call her Callie. They agreed that last night was fun, and they both commented that they were not a group person because they generally don't like people.

As the elevator opened and Mark greeted them, Erica and Callie started laughing. Louise, who didn't know that her son and Callie broke up, showed Callie the baby clothes she knitted, as George told her that he and Callie were trying to get pregnant. She took the clothes and went to George to yell at him for not telling his mother that he cheated on her.

When Callie met Louise again, she knew because Izzie told her. Louise is concerned that God would punish George for cheating on her. Callie told Louise that she doubted God was present at their Vegas wedding, and she said that even though George wasn't the one for her, she loved being an O'Malley for the little while it lasted.

At the end of the day, Callie and Erica went out together. She and Erica went out dancing, and it got late, so they went straight to the hospital together. Cristina then discovered that Callie and Erica were friends. Callie also worked together with Izzie in a professional way.

Cristina wanted Callie to put in a good word for her with Erica, but Callie says she and Erica don't talk about Cristina. At the end of the day, Callie and Erica hung out at Cristina's apartment. Their friendship grew closer and they did sunrise yoga together, which they both found to be intense. Callie told Erica about Addison, and Erica agreed with her that Addison was nice.

Erica informd Addison that Callie got divorced, and Callie completed Erica's sentence by saying it was the best thing that could've happened. They gave each other a look and started laughing, which Addison noticed. At noon, Callie and Addison met outside to have lunch together.

While Callie was walking up to Addison, Cristina approached and told Callie that Erica was no longer welcome in her apartment.

Callie came to Erica's defense, naming some of Erica's qualities. Addison overheard what she said, and when Callie sat down, Addison asked her if she and Erica were a couple, because it seemed like they were. Callie tried to laugh it away, and said she was a huge fan of penis. Callie later went to the cafeteria where she asked Cristina and Meredith if people ever thought that they were a couple.

Cristina then told Callie that she had to make Erica let her scrub in on a surgery, and if not, she would make her move out of her apartment. Callie managed to do this by promising Erica to buy drinks at Joe that night.

Addison, Erica and Callie had drinks at Joe's that night, and Addison witnessed how Erica removed a hair that was caught in Callie's lipgloss. Callie felt awkward seeing the way Addison was looking at her, and she went to Mark to dance with him.

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Erica saw how she left the bar with Mark a little later to have sex with him. Trying to forget Addison's comments, Callie constantly wanted to have sex with Mark in the on-call rooms. Later that day, Erica was reading the article of Burke winning the Harper Avery.

Erica asked to go to Joe's again that night, but Callie said she had this other thing.

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Mark then came over and asked Callie to talk to the nurses to make them stop boycotting him. Erica and Mark started bickering over whether or not he was a good guy, and they asked Callie's opinion, putting her in the middle.

She didn't want to choose between them, so she stayed silent. A disappointed Erica walked away, and Callie asked Mark to go to an on-call room with her. In the scrub room, Erica asked if they were on for tonight, but Callie remember her that she had this other thing. Erica was mad that Callie didn't tell her about sleeping with Sloan which was the other thing and that she disappeared now that she got a boyfriend, especially because Callie was her new friend and she doesn't make friends easily. In the evening, Callie wanted to go make out with Mark again, but he was not in the mood because all his surgeries got cancelled.

At Joe's bar, Callie confessed that she'd been avoiding Erica because Addison implied that they might be lesbians. Erica started laughing, and so did Callie, but they gave each other somewhat of an awkward look.

Some time later, Callie and Mark were having lunch. Callie asked again to have sex, but Mark still remembering that Bailey called him a whore told her that he wasn't interested in sex only.

The Fosters - Season 5, Episode 7: Callie And Aaron Go Swimming - Freeform

Erica joined them, and they started to seduce Mark by acting as if they wanted to do a threesome. Mark tried to resist by saying that the new Mark wasn't interested, but he eventually walked away.

When Callie tried to get Mark into an on-call room, he started to talk about Erica Hahn and his fantasies about her. Callie didn't want to hear him talk about Erica in that way and walked away.

That evening, Mark entered the elevator where Callie told Erica that Mark had been thinking about a threesome all day. When he finally admitted that he was, Erica said that he wouldn't be able to handle the two of them, but Mark thought that he would if he wanted to. Mark was speechless. Callie was completely speechless too, and she followed Mark to an on-call room. When Callie's father appears in Seattle to visit his daughter, he is angered by the news that George divorced Callie, initially throwing George against a wall, and then throwing Mark against a wall; and was angered even further by the fact that his daughter is now dating a girl.

Callie met Arizona at the Emerald City Bar. While Callie was wiping tears in the bathroom, Arizona came in and told Callie that the hospital talked about her. Arizona said the talk about her was good and when she was over being upset, there'd be people lining up for her.

When Callie asked for the names, Arizona leaned in and kissed her. They both smiled and Arizona left. She checks his hand and starts sobbing silently, confirming it is him. She goes to Arizona in the pit for comfort and Arizona advises her to cry, scream, and eat donuts. Callie then decides that she shouldn't choose alone because George loved someone more than her, even while they were married.

After Izzie is told, Callie and Izzie go through the forms and decide George would want to give everything. Callie complains that Chang is just a figurehead, she is the one who does all the work and is primarily paged and he is just a dinosaur, but the chief yells that he is too.

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Callie leaves, telling Richard he'll regret it and she deserves to be an attending because she is a superstar. Callie storms into an elevator with Bailey and suddenly breaks down crying. Mark comforts her and then gets the idea of moving into the same building as Callie. Callie went into the hall and asked Mark for some wardrobe advice for her first day at Mercy West. After he gave his opinion, she changed in front of him and Lexie, leaving Lexie awkward and shocked.

Later at work Callie meets Richard who was admitted after an accident and after confirming there were no big injuries, he just needed sutures, she passed him on to her intern, only on his 8th day of work. She is later approached by Arizona's old patient and her mother that in which Arizona asked her to perform a scan that she had said Mercy West could perform.

When she gets home she gives out to Arizona but tells her she did do the tests although nothing abnormal came up. She goes to leave but Lexie asks her first how gay she really is on a scale 1 through Gay because she and Mark live next door and Mark is very hot and she just walked on him while he was taking a shower but Callie relaxes her by saying that ever since Mark met Lexie, Callie's breasts were not the first things he looked at when he saw her. After her work day she goes to Joe's bar and relaxes with Arizona.

Prior to the merger, Callie got into an argument with Richard and resigned from Seattle Grace Hospital as he rejected her job application for the attending post. She then started working at Mercy West Medical Center. When the news of the merger of Seattle Grace Hospital and Mercy West Medical Center broke, she considered relocating to other states to work as she figured that Richard would fire her again during the merger.

After being encouraged by Arizona, she intended ask Richard for her job back, but decided otherwise when she noticed that Richard was feeling down. In the end, Richard offered her the post of an attending surgeon. Having children was always one of Callie's dreams.

Will Callie's hookup with Mark come back to haunt her when Arizona returns on Grey's Anatomy? - Sharlene NATALIE: Here's the good news: "Callie and Arizona will be back together soon," executive producer Shonda Rhimes says simply, adding that Arizona will soon show up on Callie's doorstep. "[The breakup] was a way to jump-start the next phase.

She and George tried before their divorce. When she brought up children to Arizona, she was shocked to learn that Arizona didn't want kids. They broke up over this issue but later reconciled when Arizona said she wanted to have babies with Callie after the hospital shooting. Arizona won a prestigious Carter Madison Grant, which would allow her to spend three years in Malawi operating on kids who would otherwise never see a pediatric surgeon.

Because Arizona was meant to be gone for three years, Callie planned to go with her. However, while they were at the airport, Arizona realized that Callie didn't really want to go.

They fought and ultimately broke up, with Callie staying in Seattle and Arizona going to Malawi and Callie returning to Seattle and having sex with Mark, which resulted in Callie becoming pregnant with Mark's child.

Moments after Arizona proposed to Callie, they ran into a truck that was stopped in the road and Callie went through the windshield since she had taken her seatbelt off to retrieve her cell phone, which Arizona had tossed back there.

Upon their arrival at the hospital, Callie was presented with massive head and chest injuries, and internal hemorrhaging. She crashed in the ER, but the doctors at the hospital were able to resuscitate her and took her into surgery. She had large epidural and subdural hematomas, and severe internal injuries, which caused intensive hemorrhaging. Her pulse was unstable during the surgery, and the doctors agreed on a temporary abdominal closure, so she could become more stable.

The question of whether or not to deliver the baby prematurely at 23 weeks remained an issue, as cardiovascular stats could be improved by early delivery. After the first surgery, Derek performed neurological tests on Callie to check her neurological functions, but she didn't respond. Pressure and pulse dropped again, causing Callie to crash. The baby had no heartbeat upon delivery, but Arizona was able to get a heartbeat, and so was Dr. Webber, and both Callie and Sofia survived.

After a series of unfortunate relationships, Callie got married to Arizona in a beautiful outdoor ceremony where Dr. Miranda Bailey officiated. Callie's mother refused to attend the wedding because she was marrying another woman. Because of this, Callie told her father not to come, so he wouldn't have to choose between his wife and his daughter.

Arizona's father danced with her for the dance while Callie tried to hide her disappointment that her father wasn't there for the dance. Mark Sloan offered to dance with Callie since her father wasn't present.

Callie's father swooped in during the course of the dance and he cut in to dance with his daughter, saying he'd been waiting for it since he first held her in his arms.

Though Callie wasn't on the plane that crashed in the woods, it had a huge impact on her life. Callie's best friend, Mark Sloan, died because of it and her wife, Arizona, had to have her leg amputated due to a severe infection. While waiting for the infection to get better before the leg was amputated Callie promised Arizona that she wouldn't cut off the leg.

However, during the surgery in which Callie operated on Derek's hand, Alex came in, saying that Arizona was crashing because of her infected leg.

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Callie then ordered him to cut it off as Arizona would die if the leg wouldn't be amputated. Arizona asks Callie how she can "Snap out of this" when she cut off Arizona's leg. Following the amputation, Arizona was mad at Callie for a long time. It got so bad that Callie slept at Mark's apartment. Callie stayed with Arizona and helped her whenever she could.

Slowly, Arizona allowed Callie back into her life. Yet, Arizona still wasn't comfortable having sex, which is why Callie spent months without having sex. Arizona also refused to let Callie help her when she had problems with her residual limb because she wanted Callie to see her as her wife, not her patient.

She ultimately allowed Callie to help by massaging her leg and later that night, they had sex for the first time since the plane crash. The doctors involved in the plane crash used the lawsuit money to buy the hospital at Callie's suggestion. They now serve as the hospital board. While attending Meredith's baby shower, Arizona asked Callie to have another baby and decided she'd like to carry this one.

They chose a donor and soon, Arizona was pregnant. However, on the day of their first ultrasound, Callie was unable to come to the appointment because she was operating on Travis Reed and the surgery ran long.

Apr 20,   Who Will Mark Hook Up With on Grey's Anatomy? Callie Torres or one of the two Mercy West transplants. Callie's relationship with Arizona seems a likely candidate for this May's big breakup Author: Steve Marsi. Dr. Bailey turned into a lush, Cristina started bar tending and Callie and Mark had sex what's going on?! I had to remind myself I wasn't watching an episode Jersey Shore or during the Nov. May 01,   Callie only hooked up with him because Dr. Hahn was giving off these strong lesbian vibes that Addison picked up on. I don't really think Sloan and Callie click that way, and I think the whole Hahn/Callie thing is going to stick around until one or the other happens. I think Hahn/Callie is kind of like what George and Izzie had.

After she finished the surgery, Arizona came into the scrub room and told her that the OB did the ultrasound and couldn't find a heartbeat. During the superstorm, Arizona escorted Lauren Boswell to an on-call room after Lauren asked where she could sleep. Arizona was just leaving when Lauren spoke up and asked her to stay there. Arizona shook her head but Lauren was adamant. In the end, Arizona agreed to keep her company, but when Lauren got too close, Arizona realized what was happening and tried once more to leave.

This led to Lauren mentioning that it was okay to let loose once in a while. After thinking about this, Arizona locked the door to the on-call room and the two had sex. Callie found out about this when she came to look for Arizona and saw her wedding ring pinned to the scrub top Lauren was wearing.


This happened because the two had accidentally switched shirts after sleeping together. After having to cut off a famous Olympic athlete's legs due to infection, she was sued for malpractice. Callie had never performed the procedure and had to leave a sponge in the patient due to complications.

In the end, she won the lawsuit and everything was okay. Later that night, with the encouragement of her father, Callie went to Arizona's hotel room and asked her to come home.

Callie did not know that at the time Dr. Murphy was having sex with Arizona. Callie always wanted many children. Arizona got pregnant with their second child but shortly afterward had a miscarriage.

Callie met Penny online and they started dating. They had been dating for a few months when Callie introduced her to her friends, which led to the revelation that Penny had played a part in Derek's death. This put a serious strain on their relationship, especially with Penny's recent re-match to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Callie attempted to ignore her love for Penny, but was unable to do so.

As her friends' hateful feelings towards Penny faded over time, Callie and Penny made up. She informed Arizona her decision. Upset that Callie did not discuss this issue of uprooting Sofia from Seattle, Arizona decided to file a lawsuit against Callie for custody of Sofia.

When trying to get her friends to testify for her in the custody hearing, Callie mentioned to Penny that she thought Meredith would be on Arizona's side because they were in a plane crash together, but by the end of the day she managed to get Owen and Meredith to testify for her. Before the custody hearing started, Arizona and Callie's respective lawyers tried to negotiate to prevent going to court but failed to come to a compromise.

In court, after hearing both sides, Callie eventually lost the lawsuit as Arizona was granted the sole physical custody of Sofia.

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Callie is portrayed as a friendly and easy-going person who is able to work with everyone. Even the usually icy Bailey eventually warmed up to her and asked her to be her maid of honor.

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She is well-regarded by her fellow attendings, both professionally and personally. Arizona later found Callie and admitted she misjudged and asked her to dinner; Callie initially played hard to get, saying she would check her schedule, but gave in quickly, sticking out her arm to stop the elevator and accepting the date.

When George O'Malley died, Arizona kept bringing Callie donuts - because that's what helped her when her brother died - which made her more upset. After that, Callie started to work for Mercy West then comes back when both hospitals were merged. During that time, she and Arizona hit a rough patch, when she found out Arizona did not want kids.

They soon broke up. They got back together after the shooting at the hospital when Arizona said she wanted kids, but only with Callie. After their baby shower, while she and Arizona were on their way to a weekend away, Mark texted Callie when he found out Lexie was in a relationship with Jackson and Arizona threw the phone in the backseat. They started to argue about Mark being involved in their lives and Callie took her seatbelt off to get her phone.

While arguing, Callie told Arizona she was trying to do everything to make her, Mark, and the baby happy and would do anything for Arizona to make her happy.

Arizona took a moment to think and then looked at Callie and said, "Marry me. After two surgeries, including the premature delivery of their daughterCallie woke up and told Arizona she'd marry her. Later, they married in a ceremony officiated by Miranda Bailey. Callie's parents left before the wedding because of her mother, who didn't approve of her getting married to a woman and having a baby out of wedlock.

Mark ended up walking Callie down the aisle. Later, during the reception, there was a father-daughter dance which Arizona said she forgot to remove from the schedule, but Callie said she would sit it out. Mark then danced with her, only to have Callie's father cut in to tell her he's been looking forward to this day ever since he held her in his arms when she was a baby. However, after Callie's malpractice suit, she asked Arizona to move back home. However, the couple struggled to get past previous issues.

Hook, Line and Sinner

They tried couples therapy and separation, but Callie discovered that she was happier without Arizona so they got divorced. Eventually, Arizona realized that Sofia needed both her parents and she decided to move back to New York with Sofia. Since Callie had since split from Penny, the move rekindled the romance between Callie and Arizona.

Mark and Callie were best friends. While she and George were broken up, she met Mark at Emerald City Bar and invited him back to her hotel room. They started sleeping together again after she and George split up permanently.

He helped her figure out that she liked Erica Hahn. Mark and Callie had a relationship which started with sex. When Callie starting seeing Erica, they stopped sleeping together and became friends and remained close friends. After Mark broke up with Lexie, Callie was the one who told Mark to get back together with her. After Arizona realized she didn't want to go, she left Callie in an airport.

After the break-up, Callie went to Cristina Yang's party, heartbroken about Arizona. She ended up moving in with Mark temporarily, just until she could get rid of the sub-letter at her place. After a night of drinking to celebrate Derek getting a grant for his Alzheimer's research, Callie approached Mark for a palate-cleansing "sorbet. After Arizona returned from Malawi, she decided she was in and the three raised Sofia together until Mark's death.

She recognized him as the intern who single-handedly performed open-heart surgery in a stalled elevator, saving the patient's life. Clearly interested in getting to know him better, she gave him her number. However, George could not summon the courage to call her, so she started to ignore him.

George eventually called her and asked her out, and began dating her shortly after. While looking for Callie one night, George stumbled onto her "home" in the hospital basement.

She quickly explained that it was simply easier to stay at the hospital since she was always there, and defended that she wasn't crazy. He kissed her and the two proceeded to have sex.

Shortly before the hospital prom, Callie said "I love you" to George and later revealed that it was the first time she said that to a man.

Callie and mark hook up

She was upset that George did not reciprocate her gesture, but he replied saying that he will only say it when he means it. The couple promptly made up after that although Izzie's strong dislike for Callie sometimes made it difficult.

The Chief later found out about Callie's living arrangements in the hospital and kicked her out because it was against protocol. Callie made an effort toward reconciliation by inviting George to her hotel room one evening, but he stood her up to support Izzie in her time of need. Upset at how George was always placing Izzie and Meredith before her, Callie ended her relationship with George. The same night, Callie went to Joe's, where she met Dr. Mark Sloan and invited him back to her room.

After a brief fling, she refused Mark's continued advances but also discouraged George from chasing after her out of guilt, even though she was still in love with him. He decided to shelve his relationship problems and placed his relationship with Callie on hold. Callie provided emotional support in spite of her strained relationship with George, bonding with his brothers and communicating the seriousness of their father's illness to his brothers. George rejected her help initially, stating that they had already broken up, but with encouragement from his father, George gradually began allowing Callie back into his life and family circle.

When it seemed that Mr. O'Malley's condition was taking a turn for the better, George kissed a confused and stunned Callie. After George's father died, Callie provided physical support as George dealt with his grief through sex, but she was still shocked by George's sudden proposal. Although Addison was genuinely happy for Callie, Izzie was less than supportive of Callie's marriage.

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Callie eventually tired of Izzie's antagonism and threw down the gauntlet saying that if it came down to taking sides, George would definitely side with her. When Izzie insinuated to George that he made a mistake in getting married, he continued to avoid her at the hospital. However, Callie eventually confessed to George that their hotel bill was much more expensive than she'd led him to believe, and she did not receive a discount through family friends, as she had told him.

She confessed that her parents "had money", making her well-off as well, leading George to accuse her of concealing her wealth from him while using his money to tip housekeeping. Word of Callie's wealth spread among the other interns, and Izzie commented on it during surgery with Callie. Angry that George had told Izzie her secret, Callie confronted him that evening with her suspicions about Izzie's true feelings for George, ultimately throwing him out of their room for the night.

Confused, George confided to Izzie about his relationship woes over alcohol, leading to a drunken sexual encounter between the two. Callie reconciled with George at work the next day and survived a surprise visit from Callie's father - during which George impressed Callie by refusing to allow her father to help them financially - and George was allowed back into the hotel room.

Meredith is embarrassed, and Derek is hurt. Finn Dandridge Meredith begins dating the veterinarian of Doc, the dog she shares with Derek. Derek realizes that he doesn't love Addison and doesn't want to be with her but allows Meredith time to make her choice between him and Finn. Meredith finally chooses Derek, but then he says he needs time to get over Addison's relationship with Mark.

They continue having sex until Derek starts dating a nurse, Rose. Meredith and Derek realize they belong together after working closely together and finally succeeding with a clinical trial. Meredith reluctantly asks Derek to move in, which he does, but Meredith won't kick out her roommates, Izzie and Alex. They decide to get married but give up their wedding so that Izzie and Alex can get married.

They end up writing promises to each other on a Post-it Note and consider themselves married. Preston Burke Burke notices Cristina and brings her coffee. She's surprised by this, but later when she walks in on him while he's changing, they hook up.

Their relationship continues in secret throughout Season 1. In Season 2, Cristina loses the baby and Burke finds out about the pregnancy. They get back together, and Burke tells Chief Webber of their relationship. Cristina has trouble coping with the fact that Burke might no longer be a great surgeon after he is shot. She comes up with a scheme so that Burke can operate without anyone knowing he has tremors in his hand.

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She is extremely upset when he asks her to step away from a surgery and tells the chief what is going on. Derek can fix Burke's hand. He asks Cristina to marry him, and she says yes, but he leaves her at the altar. Owen Hunt Owen was an Army major and is a trauma surgeon.

He and Cristina begin dating but break up after Owen chokes Cristina in his sleep because of post-traumatic stress disorder, but as he goes through therapy, they get back together. They have a rocky relationship because Owen seems to be in love with both Cristina and Teddy Altman, though he chooses Cristina.

Alex Karev Izzie begins to show interest in Alex at the beginning of Season 2.

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