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It might be hard to imagine or remember, but there was once a time when going on a date with a stranger you met online was a strange concept-frowned upon, even. Today, however, millennials have led the charge on transforming the dating industry and making online dating universally accepted. If you continue to have doubts, consider that there are now over 1, dating apps or websites looking to draw single men and women to their product, and to match them with one another. Though matchmaking is one of the oldest industries in existence, online matchmaking is now having a moment of its own. This article explores the business of dating: the market size of dating apps in the U.

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This violent reaction to failure is also present in conversations about "sexual market value A since-deleted blog post on the dating app Hinge's official website explained an Author: Ashley Fetters, Kaitlyn Tiffany. Online dating could be worth $12 billion - and it's all thanks to Tinder, analyst says (MTCH) and the latest estimate sees the market growing to $12 billion by Hinge is Match Group. Dating App Market Size. Dating services in the US will be a $3 billion a year business in , growing since the previous year. Around 15of US adults, or around 50 million Americans, say that they have .

Melissa has worked in ECM, tech startups, and management consulting, advising Fortune companies across multiple sectors. Still, it's a fast-growing industry. Dating services also benefit from tailwinds such as an untapped market, increasing millennial spending power, young people delaying life milestonesas well as working longer hours. This is all on top of the growing ubiquitousness of broadband internet and growing acceptance of online dating.

Online Dating Industry User Breakdown While few would be surprised to hear that young adults are active with online dating, they might be when they realize that those in their late 50s and 60s are also quite active. There's been much talk about the impact dating apps have had on perpetuating a " hookup culture " and instant gratification over a genuine or more serious collection.

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The Online Dating Industry's Major Players Each app has its own competitive advantage or spin on the dating game: With its monthly subscription fee, Match. Tinder pairs potential hookups based on a mere glance and swipe of a photograph, is easy to use, and is user-friendly.

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Bumble uses a similar format to Tinder, but with a twist: only women can send the first message. The League is an elite dating app focused on accomplished, ambitious young professionals. Match Group actually comprises 45 brandsincluding big names such as Match. The Online Dating Industry Business Model Membership subscriptions : The subscription model is the oldest model in the dating app sphere, requiring users to pay a fee to use the app for a set period of time.

It's a higher barrier to entry for use. Freemium : The freemium model allows for users to sign up and use the basic functionalities of the app for free, while the app generates revenue either via advertising or unlocking enhanced features for a fee.

Freemium - Advertising : In-app advertising is a way for the app to generate shared revenue with advertisers from clicks, views or transactions.

Certain apps and the "swipe left or right" mechanism seems particularly suited for native advertisingads that match the look and feel of the media format that they appear in. Freemium - Upgraded Features : Though basic membership is free, users can pay for extra, enhanced features.

Dating app market value

In second place is female-friendly Bumble, which also only started to monetize in Understanding the basics. The fact that human-to-human matches are less predictable than consumer-to-good matches is just one problem with the market metaphor; another is that dating is not a one-time transaction. This makes supply and demand a bit harder to parse.

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Given that marriage is much more commonly understood to mean a relationship involving one-to-one exclusivity and permanence, the idea of a marketplace or economy maps much more cleanly onto matrimony than dating. The marketplace metaphor also fails to account for what many daters know intuitively: that being on the market for a long time-or being off the market, and then back on, and then off again-can change how a person interacts with the marketplace.

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W hen market logic is applied to the pursuit of a partner and failspeople can start to feel cheated. This can cause bitterness and disillusionment, or worse. She estimates that she gets 10 times as many messages as the average man in her town. Recently, Liz matched with a man on Tinder who invited her over to his house at 11 p. When she declined, she said, he called her 83 times later that night, between 1 a. Despite having received 83 phone calls in four hours, Liz was sympathetic toward the man.

The logic is upsetting but clear: The shaky foundational idea of capitalism is that the market is unfailingly impartial and correct, and that its mechanisms of supply and demand and value exchange guarantee that everything is fair. And in online spaces populated by heterosexual men, heterosexual women have been charged with the bulk of these crimes. T he design and marketing of dating apps further encourage a cold, odds-based approach to love.

While they have surely created, at this point, thousands if not millions of successful relationships, they have also aggravated, for some men, their feeling that they are unjustly invisible to women.

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Men outnumber women dramatically on dating apps; this is a fact. A literature review also found that men are more active users of these apps-both in the amount of time they spend on them and the number of interactions they attempt.

Several global brands are gaining traction in regions such as North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Among these, North America garners the major share in the global social dating segment.

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Tinder and OKCupid are some of the most downloaded apps among the millennials. Depending on subscription, the online dating services market share is categorized into annually, quarterly, monthly, and weekly.

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Among these subscription plans, maximum customers prefer quarterly subscription. This has encouraged key players in the online dating services market to come up with lucrative offers for this plan to increase the subscription rate.

For instance, Tinder and eHarmony provide remunerative offers to customer opting for quarterly subscription after more than one iteration. By demography, the online dating services market size is segregated into adult and baby boomers. The millennial population aged between 18 and 35 years are active on various online dating sites.

Some of the key players in the online dating services market generate their revenue annually through this portion of the population.

Moreover, certain millennials who prefer nonmonogamous relationships over long-term commitments, social dating sites such Tinder and OKCupid serve as ideal platforms. North America is being considered as the matured market for online dating services industry.

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This is attributed to the fact that the U. As per stats, around 44 million users stay active on various online dating services apps and sites in North American. The key players profiled in the online dating services market includes -, eharmony, Inc. Report Description 1. Key Benefits for Stakeholders 1. Key Market Segments 1. Research Methodology. Primary Research 1. Secondary Research 1.

Analyst Tools and Models.

Online Dating Industry: The Business of Love

Major portion of adult population accounts to single or unmarried demographic segments 3. Lucrative options facilitated by online dating services leading to higher rate of subscription 3. Majority of the customers looking out for non-monogamous relationship.

Fraudulent accounts resulting in apprehension amongst its customers 3. Social media marketing: One of the effective ways on promoting services and gaining fast traction amongst its target customers 3. Rise in number of millennial populations provides immense opportunity for global online dating service market.

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Key market trends, growth factors, and opportunities 4. Market size and forecast 4. Market analysis by country. Key market trends, growth factors, and opportunities 5. Market size and forecast 5. Key market trends, growth factors, and opportunities 6. Market size and forecast 6.

Feb 13,   Online dating is a big market. Here in the U.S., the industry generates approximately $2 billion in revenue each year and expanded at an annual rate of 5between and This . Jul 28,   Over the past five years, Spark Networks has lost a shocking 85in market value. That said, shares are up 10YTD, and I believe it has a solid chance of moving Josh Enomoto. Online Dating Services Market Outlook - The global online dating services market was valued at $6, million in , and is projected to reach $9, million by , growing at a CAGR of .

Key market trends, growth factors and opportunities 7. Market size and forecast by services 7. Market size and forecast by subscription 7. Market size and forecast by demographics 7. Market size and forecast by country 7. Market size and forecast, by services 7. Market size and forecast, by subscription 7.


Market size and forecast, by demographics. Market size and forecast, by Subscription 7. Latin America.

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Company overview 8. Company snapshot 8. Product portfolio 8.

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