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Whether you have type 1, type 2 , or gestational diabetes , understanding how food, physical activity, and your blood sugar levels interact is critical for controlling your condition. It can be overwhelming to think about carb counts , insulin doses, A1C , glucose, glycemic index , blood pressure, weight the list goes on! But phone apps can simplify tracking and learning. Use them to consolidate your health information into one spot and learn more about your condition so you can make informed choices to manage your health. Android rating: 4.

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I wanted secrecy and I wanted to be alone because it was easier for me. However, that is no way to live. I was wearing a crop top and had my pump clipped to my shorts.

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A wire? Had this guy been drinking on the job?

Diabetes dating app

Nope, it was my insulin pump, I told him. He mistook it for a wire and thought I was undercover. I was humiliated.

I kept myself from dating for a while because one, I didn't want to explain diabetes and how to take care of me if I dropped low or went super high. However, that is no way to live. Through all my trials and . is an online diabetic dating service that caters to people that have diabetes and of course, any other singles interested in finding that special someone are welcome too. Sign Up Today . Best Diabetes Apps of

My lesson from this story: own your diabetes and make that pump a fashion statement! And eventually when I switched to the pump - how am I going to explain what this device is?

All these thoughts were swirling around my head and it was nerve-wrecking. How did you get it?

What do you have to do to manage it? Why do you wear a pump? SEX: Then of course, came the thoughts and questions of what I did during sex.

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The Medical ID app does just that. Create a medical profile that includes any vital information first responders might need to know to treat you in an emergency situation e. Apple Rating: 4. MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular health apps around. With MyFitnesssPal, you can log many restaurant foods or even use a bar-code scanner to quickly look up foods at the store or in your pantry.

It also doubles as an exercise tracker, giving you space to log your physical activity and syncing with many exercise-tracking devices. This app focuses on tracking carbsas well proteinfat, and calories, with a database of foods and a bar-code scanner. You can also log your meals with photos and voice memos. It lets you set and track a weight loss goal, as well as log exercise, though syncing with fitness trackers requires an upgrade to the subscription service.

Note that this app includes features for those following a low-carbohydrate diet or the ketogenic diet.

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The free version offers a food diary, macro tracker, calorie counter, weight log charting both weight loss and body mass indexand exercise tracker, but adding the subscription service allows you to also track blood glucose and insulin values.

You track your data using its food database, bar-code scanner, and exercise logs.

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It will sync with many fitness trackers and has built-in videos with exercise demonstrations, as well as a meal-planning function. The premium version eliminates ads and gives you access to an email coaching service. Apple Rating: 3. Android Rating: None. Do you know what standard portion sizes look like? Figwee takes the guesswork out of logging your meals by allowing you to view photos of incremental portion sizes.

This way, you can log your food more accurately. Just search for the food you want to log, pick the photo that matches what you ate, and move the slider on the photo up or down to adjust the portion until you see the amount that you ate.

Then tap to add it to your food diary. You can also input and track meds, meals, and carb intake, and it syncs with the Apple Health app to collect physical activity and step data points. Upgrade to the pro subscription and you can calculate insulin doses, corrections, and meal shots, as well as set reminders to check and log blood sugar levels.

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You can manually enter your blood glucose values in the app or buy their special cable to upload your glucometer readings to the app. For every glucose entry, add notes about medications, mood, exercise, and meals you can even add a photo of your meal for a quick recor and then track your trends over the course of the day and long term.

This app also has features for tracking blood pressure, weight, and A1C.

Becci on dating with Type 1 - #TheOne - Diabetes UK

In this simple app, you can record your blood sugar, meals, insulin, and medications. The app syncs across multiple devices and creates clear graphs and reports so you can see the big picture of your data. If simplicity is your goal, this may be the right app for you.

Date Singles with Diabetes Today!

This diabetes management app pairs with the OneTouch Verio Flex blood glucose meter to track your readings over time. The app will notify you about any recurring patterns e. OneTouch Reveal also integrates with the Apple Health app, so you can track your blood glucose, steps, weight, heart rate, and more all in one place. These apps organize all your data, from blood glucose to diet and exercise.

Putting all that information in one place may be convenient, but these apps tend to be more expensive - at least if you want to access all their features. Like other glucose trackers, Glucose Buddy lets you input blood glucose, medication, and meals, and track trends over time.

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But it also includes an extensive food database, and it lets you scan bar codes to grab nutrition information from food products.

It syncs to the Apple Health app and tracks your steps and other physical activity.

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All that data can be exported to printable reports you can bring to your medical visits. It comes with a built-in bar-code scanner and a food database to tally up your nutrient intake.

Also included is aGPS tracker to log distances for walking, running, or bicycling. It will remind you to check your blood sugar, and it will give you summary reports to help you understand the relationships between blood sugar, diet, and exercise.

Apps, education and services Diabetes Forum App Find support, ask questions and share your experiences with , members of the diabetes community. Recipe App Delicious diabetes . Diabetes Dating Site is part of the Online Connections dating network, which includes many other general and diabetic dating sites. As a member of Diabetes Dating Site, your profile will automatically be .

On top of tracking your blood glucose and meals with a nutrition database and bar-code scannerthe Diabetes:M app will calculate insulin boluses for you. Through the Apple Health app, Diabetes:M will sync with other devices, including glucose meters, Fitbit, Garmin, and many others.

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Android Rating: 3. Through daily lessons and quizzes, Noom teaches you how to create healthy, sustainable habits that ultimately lead to weight loss. Noom may be pricey, but it offers more support than your typical weight loss app. Your goal specialist checks in with you once or twice a week right in the app, helping you identify goals, potential barriers to reaching your goals, and solutions to help you overcome those barriers.

The app offers a food tracker, weight log, recipes, as well as the ability to log your blood glucose and blood pressure you take readings separately and manually input those readings into the app. Created by a team of medical professionals, this app is ideal for anyone with diabetes - especially those who have been recently diagnosed.

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