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There has been a lot of changes in the world of dating in the past 10 years. More people are moving to different places for job, business , other purposes. Society has become more open minded. With the introduction of internet and social networking sites, it has now become easier than ever to meet people of similar interest and taste. Technology has changed brought people closer.

Evolution of dating apps

Rather than being forced to complete a long profile to get started, Tinder developed their app to simply browse photos and quickly select those who appeal to you.

If the same person selects you too, the app makes the match and allows the two parties to start chatting in the app.

Tinder targeted the college crowd and exploded across campuses nationwide It was a revolutionary approach to romance. Understandably, the concept has caught on. Another popular app using a similar methodology is Swoonwhich is more popular with young, professional adults rather than students.

Swoon is available on both Android and iOS, while Tinder currently is not, which puts Swoon in a strategic position to capture market share. Also, due to the fact that 70 percent of Android users are male, there's a larger selection of men for Swoon users to browse.

These apps adopt a similar "Zero Feet Away" philosophy and allow users to go out and meet new people in the same way that previous generations did, but now with the ability to immediately know who around you is single and if the person is already interested in you. Apps like these are slowly changing how we view the dating ritual in modern society.

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With mobile technology becoming a bigger part of our lives every year, we can expect that the formerly anxiety-racked world of romance will soon give way to an easier, more relaxed means of finding love. It's already happening, so even those who swore that they would never "resort" to online dating may soon find themselves singing a much different tune.

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Huffington Post. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. She was at an Aurora Park on Thursday, September 22, Cupid Goes Digital.

The Soulmate Search.

The Evolution of Dating: There's an App for That. 07/04/ pm ET ated Sep 03, Now, not only can people browse through all the couples in their town like with standard dating websites, but mobile dating apps could take it a step further by showing you people looking for a date within your immediate area. Tracing the History and Evolution of Mobile Apps Mehul Rajput November 27th pm Everyone loves the awe-inspiring world of mobile application development. Jul 26,   Online dating has become mainstream. 80of the couples nowadays have met through some form of online dating. Many couples meet through Facebook, Instagram or other social networking sites. There are specialized dating apps and services like Tinder where you can find a potential match even more easily.

Online Dating On the Go. Calling all superfans! Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape's next chapter.

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As revealed in Moira Weigel's Labor of Love: The Invention of Datinga remarkable history of the subject, here are 10 things you might not know about dating and courtship over the years. It was first used in a newspaper column in which a young man laments that his girlfriend is seeing other people-that they are "fillin' all my dates," as in "the dates on her calendar.

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At the turn of last century, dating was still a new concept and law enforcement wasn't sure what to make of it-but they were sure something sordid was going on. A young man and woman meeting in public, him buying her food, drink, and gifts: well, it was veritable prostitution in the eyes of authorities, and women could be arrested for it. Ironically, a man and a woman meeting in public was the best way to have some privacy.

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Before dating, courtship involved suitors calling on prospective partners in the family home. And since McMansions were not yet a thing, it meant the parlor or kitchen, where there were always eyes and ears close by.

Before dating came into the picture, "courtship" and "calling" were conducted with the express goal of marriage.

Dating Evolution

It was a family affair, as callers meant heirs, property, and happiness. The newly established dating industry, however, had other goals in mind. Marriage would hurt business.

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This remains true today. Whereas before, the compatibility of prospective couples was determined by land, status, and wealth, with the onset of industrialization and the rise of the middle class, consumer goods became a go-to method for determining compatibility with a potential partner e.

The possibilities for how it would impact our intimate lives and change the landscape of dating was soon to be seen. A social and sexual revolution . The modern newspaper was invented in , and the first personals followed soon after. So dating apps are really the latest manifestation of human beings doing what we've always done - create new tools to communicate and then turn around and use those tools to find love, sex and companionship. The First Personal Ads. The Evolution of the Online Dating Experience. The point is, the future of online dating is not online dating. As the apps we use become better at connecting us to those nearby, geographically and socially, online dating won't be a discrete activity done on dating sites but instead will happen everywhere, all the time, subtly and.

Department stores brought those of humble means into contact with those of wealth.

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