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Keeping tabs on your health or the health of a loved one with apps that track heart rate, blood pressure, fitness, and endurance can reveal a lot about the efficacy of medications, lifestyle adjustments, and other treatments. Tracking your metrics is also a great way to have more productive and accurate conversations with your healthcare team. Android rating: 4. Its accuracy makes this tool a trusted favorite with researchers and cardiologists. The app records your beats-per-minute and has a note space to track what you were doing at the time of the test. You may not always be in the right place to get fast help when cardiac problems arise.

Use the charts to help you understand how cts of your health and care plan interact. Your data can sync across your devices and export to email, so you can keep your healthcare team and loved ones in the loop.

Jan 24,   Blood Pressure Log with reminders, lots of statistics, and ability to export data. The app does NOT measure the blood pressure. Adding blood pressure measurements is very easy thanks to /5(K). Blood Pressure Log with reminders, lots of statistics, and ability to export data. The app does NOT measure the blood pressure. Adding blood pressure measurements is very easy thanks to a clean /5(K). Mar 22,   An elitist, racist dating app is making waves in Singapore - and its founder is defending it vehemently. Herbert Eng is calling his app Yi Shu Ng.

Android rating: 3. An app like SmartBP allows you to take readings wherever is comfortable to get a more accurate reading. Take your home monitoring up a notch by logging your data with iBP.

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The app stores blood pressure and blood glucose and allows you to enter a custom field, such as your stress level at the time of reading. The app creates charts of your high, average, and low blood pressure levels in a given time frame. You can find trends from the past week or two months, which can be helpful for targeting the effects of certain interventions.

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Cardiio is a heart fitness app that features face-detection technology to read your heart rate. The Cardiio app is a great way to glean insights about your resting heart rate, heart rate performance over time, and endurance.

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CardioVisual has versions for medical professional and everyday users, but both feature an extensive library of health information for any heart condition you could think of. This cardiologist-created app is a one-stop shop for learning or sharing everything you need about heart health, from structure to function, condition overviews to treatments, and surgical procedures to heart-healthy lifestyle choices.

The Favorite function allows you to bookmark and curate the graphics and videos you want to revisit.

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If you want to nominate an app for this list, email us at nominations healthline. Amanda Doyle is a Boston-based healthcare editor, former dance fitness instructor, and previous neuroscience researcher.

A dating app with a racist ad and an income filter is now on Apple's App Store

Diet plays a major role in heart health. Eat these 15 heart-healthy foods to keep your heart in top condition.

HighBlood. likes 2 talking about this. World's first accountant-audited dating app. Swipe based on verified information: income, profession and prestige schools/5(9). Dating app HighBlood attracted furious criticism for a Facebook post that said "no banglas, no maids, no uglies" The app was originally rejected by Apple's App Store, but that decision was reversedAuthor: Xin En Lee.

Researchers say people who skip breakfast have a significantly higher risk for cardiovascular disease. Researchers say regular exercise between the ages of 45 and 64 can reduce your risk of heart-related ailments. Discover 10 heart-healthy. Exercise is key to preventing heart disease. Statistics show a link between exercise and reduced risk of heart disease.

High blood dating app

Exercising regularly has many benefits for your body and brain. This article explores the top 10 benefits of regular exercise, all based on science. Better gut health could be key to preventing cardiovascular events. The post, which has been taken down, drew widespread scorn, prompting Eng to issue a public apology on Facebook. While HighBlood announced that the app would go into public beta last Friday, Eng said it hit a hurdle when it was rejected by Apple's App Store moderators because of what he called a "technicality.

The app moderator, Eng said, had deemed a submitted screenshot of HighBlood users voting on newcomers "too objectifying," but noted that the same principle is used in other dating apps. But the decision was apparently reversed as the app was available to some iPhone users as of Thursday. Eng told CNBC the software would be "released into the wild" for the entire Apple and Google mobile ecosystems as early as next week.

The app will be available to users in public beta, he said in an email. People will be able to download it and send their credentials, such as school, profession or income, for verification.

On Friday, Eng said multiple times that the app is "not racist," downplaying the discriminatory post as "a bit of mischief on my part.

He said that the administrators of the app "will not filter maids, banglas or uglies. Eng has also been touting HighBlood as the world's first accountant-verified dating app with an income filter. The app will verify three credentials, he claimed: school, profession and income.

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According to him, users can take photos of documents, such as income tax or pay statements, to verify their credentials. Eng, a Nanyang Technological University graduate, justified those filters based on a market survey he said he conducted.

In the report of people about their preferred non-mandatory filters, 21 percent said they would want an income filter, and almost 56 percent called for a profession filter.

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Despite the dismal public opinion of the app, Eng said HighBlood has received sign-ups. Investors however, have steered clear, and the platform is so-far funded entirely by Eng and his co-founder.

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In his presentation last Friday, he also told the crowd that he expected HighBlood to break even in about 22 months. Revenue, he said, will come from people paying for premium subscriptions, as well as other features such as allowing users to pay to send a message to someone who did not match with them.

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Eng's use of racism as a marketing tool may turn off many, but causing outrage is clearly his preferred methodology. The self-professed Trump supporter, who tweeted in June that he had been banned from dating site OkCupid, is fond of courting controversy.

He solicited nude photos for an art exhibition, which he called an "intellectual event" about the "unfiltered forms of humanity. Eng has also taken to social media to comment on Google's firing of James Damorean employee who wrote a controversial memo arguing that differences in pay between men and women in tech aren't entirely related to bias, but are partly attributable to biology. The year-old student at the National University of Singapore said she was shocked by the Facebook post, and does not stand by it.

Catfishing is the practice of tricking someone on the internet by adopting a false identity.

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