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Do you often find yourself working overtime and having less personal time? When was the last time you went out and met someone new? In a society that puts an emphasis on hard work and endless working hours, it can be hard to go out and find that special someone. Finding someone online via dating apps has become a convenient way out for those seeking love and companionship, or even just to find someone to date casually so their families and relatives will stop nagging them. A bigger pool means there are more fishes to catch. Of all the Chinese Dating Apps, the most popular one is Tantan. It even looks like Tinder.

In terms of design, Tantan is a shameless Tinder rip-off taking advantage of its famous trademark feature - left or right swipe. Similar to Tinder, more features can be unlocked with premium membership which is how the app makes money. Although Tantan is almost exact copy of Tinder it also can be used in Englishthe western original has only itself to blame for not making it in China.

By linking itself to Facebook as the only way to create an account, it has locked itself out of Chinese market from the start.

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It targets people who are serious about finding the right match and are not there just looking for a booty call. All users must use real names and have to pass verification to ensure there are no fakes.

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They are also encouraged to list assets like housing and cars with the proof that they really own them. Educational credentials such as diplomas and certificates as well as credit score are also common profile features. Dating is a serious business on Baihe and this attitude is what sets it apart from other Chinese dating apps.

Top chinese dating apps

The idea is that getting to know each other over a meal is the most natural form of dating. Typically, guys would be the ones offering dinner invitations and it is up to a girl to accept it. Of course, the opposite is also possible although much less common. User can also choose to extend invitation to a group as well as set the time frame within which the offer is valid: only for today, tomorrow or within a week. QingChiFan seems to be a great concept with a lot of potential and, for a change, without a direct equivalent in the West as far as we know.

Users will also need to manually enter their profiles and interests. There are also fewers interest options and less users on this app. Contact Us Want to learn Chinese online? Get a free trial lesson today.

Contact Us Want to learn more? Check our Guide on Dating a Chinese Girl.

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Check It Out. All lessons can be personalized to help you meet your learning goals. A Big Pool A bigger pool means there are more fishes to catch. Easy to Use As easy as Tinder, you can simply swipe left or right.

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Useful Chinese Phrases Impress your date with Chinese phrases you can easily learn using our free Chinese e-books. International Many foreigners use this app in and out of China, which means you can meet a variety of people. A Proper Date Just like the old days, a date that starts with a dinner to get to know your potential partner.

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Equality Women can offer to take men out to dinner too. It works both ways! Other Dating Apps. Long gone are the days of carrying around paper dictionaries or travel phrase books.

There are even features that allow you to use your camera to analyse a character and obtain its meaning or to write the character yourself.

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I am sure most students learning Chinese will have heard of Pleco. Today we discuss why Pleco is such. They even do food and a whole variety of seasonal drinks.

Jan 01,   Online dating in China has never been bigger and Chinese dating apps are where the action is. Looking for a lifetime partner, casual date, romantic dinner or a quick hook up - rest assured that there is an app for it in China, although it isn't the one you are familiar with at home. The Chinese really do get it right when it comes to technology. Here's a list of our top Chinese apps for Android and i0S not to miss out on. Whether you're in China for a short holiday or long-term work, you won't regret preparing in advance with these helpful Chinese apps! Welcome to part II of our Top Chinese apps to use. Get downloading! 1. Tantan ?? (tantan) 'Chinese Dating Apps King' A bigger pool means there are more fishes to catch. You will have more chances to meet "the one". As easy as Tinder, you can simply swipe left or right. Of all the Chinese Dating Apps, the most popular one is Tantan. It's often compared to 5/5.

At first, the metro can feel a tad overwhelming, huge maps, lots of Chinese characters and exits everywhere you look etc. China Metro allows you to download the Metro maps for all of the Chinese cities that have one. The next tier cities have very easy system to follow. For example, Shenyang city in the north east of China has just two lines, and Harbin even further north east has just one at the time of writing. Winner winner.

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They are available in part two of our best Chinese apps of The Chinese really do get it right when it comes to technology. WeChat would be the most popular and used app in China due to the fact it provides so many services.

WeChat is a messenger app just like Whatsapp but provides more than just this, making it more extensive in what it provides the user.

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Your account will work the same as in your home country. To find out how to use Alipay for foreigners follow our video tutorial and blog. Also to discover how to use Alipay, check out our video. Some yes, some no.

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For example the taxi app Didi is generally available on most app stores in English, but apps like Baidu, will only be in Chinese. Yes, if you are registered to the US App Store for example, you can still download apps from this app store in China.

5 Trendy Dating Apps In China

Google maps is banned in China but you can access it through using a VPN. There are a number of Chinese dating apps which foreigners can sign up to. We cover a couple if part II of this blog and we also show you how to say I love you in Chinese.

We give plenty of handy information on learning Chinese, useful apps to learn the language and everything going on at our LTL schools! Sign up below and become part of our ever growing community! Zoe is one of the more well travelled individuals we've met at LTL. A former and sure to be future student with usZoe now blogs for LTL when she gets spare time.

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Chinese Public Holidays Free EBook Download Now.

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