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Amusing 20 yr old dating a 17 are not right

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Or can I live with him or do sexual things with him all things that won't get him in trouble? First of all, if you are the 17 year old, please keep in mind that your actions as a minor can and most likely will impact your future, his future and your parents' future. A 17 year old is a minor. A 21 year old is an adult. In every state, there are laws that cover sex and sexual contact between minors and adults and what is considered illegal. Your parents can get him and you into deep hot water if they report this to the police. Any record of his arrest will be on his record permanently and further, if he is convicted, he will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life and it will impact where he can live and work.

Further, it may cost your parents thousands of dollars in legal fees to sue him in order to protect you.

If this record is published, anyone can find out about it on the internet and it won't be long until someone traces it to you. So you cannot live with him or have any sexual contact with him.

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Further, your state laws may also actually address the hanging out with minors thing as well but I am unclear on the specifics. It may be advisable to simply wait until you are 18 so you don't get caught in a quagmire of civil and criminal actions as witness or victim, respectively.

You can also consider talking to an attorney but ultimately, there are many things that could happen that would be out of your control.

Sep 25,   First of all, if you are the 17 year old, please keep in mind that your actions as a minor can and most likely will impact your future, his future and your parents' future. A 17 year . I'm 16 and I wouldn't date a 20 year old. I'd seriously wonder why a 20 year old would want to date a 16 year old if I were you. In my own personal experience, teenagers/YAs date people . I live in California and I'm curious to know if it is legal for a 17 year old to date a 20 year old. * This will flag comments for moderators to take action. Technically yes, but sexual activity is subject .

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And they have made it. While 3 years is not a huge age gap - even at your age - it does seem like he's had a bit more "life experience" than you.

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He's "been in the army" thought I don't know if you mean he actually actively serve and is now in college. Your parents probably don't mean that you have nothing in common My advice to you?

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If he's worth it, he'll wait. If not, you're better off.

20 yr old dating a 17

But sneaking around with him is NOT a good idea. Make sure your parents are okay with this, you don't want him going to jail because your parents aren't okay with you dating.

21 year old dating a 17 year old, wrong? 17 year old girl and 24 year old boy Guys, what's the biggest age gap you'd find acceptable? how much of an age gap is too much? My boyfriend is . Sep 08,   Thanks for the A2A. Whether it's "ok" is not really an answer a bunch of internet strangers can answer. There are factors, previous relationships, the previous relationship . Mar 10,   17 and 27 and 47 and The physical age difference is the same in all of the three above, but 17 and 20 seems large now. What changes through time is maturity .

Otherwise, if you are mature enough to handle a relationship, then yes. I was 16 when I started dating my 19 year old boyfriend.

Can a 17 year old date a 20 year old?

I am not 20 and we are living together and doing well. I have a friend who has 17 and is dating a 23 years old guy.

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I have seen them and he is very respectful with her. If you are going to date this guy you have to see what kind of guy he is.

I am a 17 year old girl dating a 20 year old could he get introuble with the law because of it? Also, in Colorado a 17 year old can only be married with the consent of both parents and a .

Sometimes guys only want sex or things like that. But you have to prove to him that you are not going to be a slut or make out as soon as you go out with him.

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I think you have to give him time, I mean if you date him wait a little bit, and if he tells you something or doesn't want anything with you anymore, is because of sex. As long as respect your self you can date him.

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Some people could say that my opinion sounds like "the mother" one, but it is true! You have to be careful, even though you are thinking your not going to do anything, later you will know how things are.

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Now she is 21 and she is getting married to the same guy this June! And they had still have the healthiest relationship. But you need to ask yourself In a year's time, this guy will be turning 21 and has reached the beginning of adult hood, and you will be left behind. Besides, you'll probably be eighteen soon, so I say sure.

My 14 year old Daughter Is Dating a 17 year old Guy

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