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Your 26 dating 16 confirm

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Hmm , very good point about the "life experiences". Didn't cross my mind about that. And by the way I have a cousin whose in the same situation too and she's like 20 and he's like 30 years old and she really likes him and everything but she feels like he's always teaching her something because he knows a lot more then her and she feels like she can't contribute to the relationship because she's younger and has not much to offer to him because of the age difference and experience, soo that's why it makes it a bit harder for the relationship to work. Keeping it on the DL just indicates that the person s involved already know there's something not right with the situation. They need to be honest with themselves and with each other about why they are having their relationship. If they are having it to just be rebellious against parents or authority or because it's "forbidden", those are not good enough motives. If they are truly in love, time and honesty will keep them together.

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He's doing all that, while you, 16 years young, are still growing up. Superstrength79 Xper 6.

Yes yes there are couples that are ten years apart or maybe even more but you need to know that those couples are like ages 21 and older and it makes it ok but since she's a minor and he's not, it really doesn't make it ok because the 16 year has different perspective of life then the 26 year and it kind of makes it harder, the 16 year old doesn't know anything about being an adult or having a. Mar 14,   IMPORTANT READ THIS > > First of all, don't take anything myself or anyone else says too seriously. The bottom line is that this is your life and not theirs. What you can do is take what we say into consideration and see if it makes sense for your. 26 dating 16 - How to get a good man. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. Is the number one destination for online dating with more dates than any other dating or personals site. Join the leader in online dating services and find a .

My understanding of the You. Law was consent for a 16 year old from the parents pertained only to marriage; and even then the couple had to wait until the minor was 18 before legally consummating the marriage. The older person could still be arrested, regardless of being married, if for some reason the couple was encounter having sex by the police.

People change once they go out into the world and live their own lives apart from relatives and school. Around is when most people turn into the person they are going to be for the rest of their life. Even if you do spend time with this guy, your priorities may change later in life and you could decide he isn't right for you. If you really get along with each other, there isn't harm in doing activities and such.

The best idea may be to just stay good friends until you are older; not officially date or do anything romantic. Use the two years to think about what you want to do with your life.

Where do you want to go to college, what career do you have in mind, are there any places you'd like to travel to and see. After two years of being his good friend and thinking about your life goals, if you still feel the same way, go for it! It doesn't matter if the parents consent to this action. The United States law is the law for a reason.

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Think of it this way, is it okay for a 22 year old to date a 12 year old. Ten year difference and yes what if the parents consented in this case also. Questions always arise in cases like yourself. Why is the man so interested in dating someone in their mid-teens? How often has he fantasized of dating a woman so young? I know it sounds like he is a child-molester but if I were you I would think about stuff like that before the relationship gets serious.

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Do some research and you will find that most child-molesters start with the people that are closest to the families such as relatives and very close friends of the family. Now I'm not saying that this man is a child-molester. I'm just saying to at least consider it before the relationship goes too far such as marriage.

If he is interested in young women then I would begin to also question what happens ten years from now and the couple is still together. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Girlsloveolderguys Xper 3.

how old is too old example 18 and 26 dating wise.. is he too old for me?

Same situation c: I'm 16 and it feels right it's not about the sex he doesn't want that. He said if I said no to him he'd understand he's like a kid and I'm pretty mature for 16 s were perf for eachother. Fyrefly Xper 4. My issue here is that this girl is still in high school. If she is spending all this time with this older man, where does that leave her if things go south?

26 dating 16

She may be incredibly mature, but I was very self aware at 16 as well, and the changes I have undergone from age 16 to age 19 where I am now are astounding to both me and my family. I feel that she needs the time to develop on her own without the overpowering influence of an older boyfriend. And what if she wants to go to college? She'll be getting out at 21, ready to start her life, while he is 31, wanting to be married?

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Give her some space to develop into a woman on her own, because I think having a boyfriend so much older at this stage isn't so great an idea. When she's ish, sure. But not until she's gotten that chance.

Depends on their personality if the 16years old girl is mature enough and the 26years old guy is like a big kid then they probably click perfectly but from a view outside people who doesn't know them well will think its a bit weird, It's surely better if the guy wait for the girl turn 18, so they are both in the adult age group rather a teenager and adult.

After all age is just a number, if they able to have a good relationship and love each other then nothing really matter. I would consider myself pretty mature for my age group and him not so mature so we get on really well and the past 5 months have been great. I'm in the same situation and it's frustrating. She's too young with no experience, that explains it all. She's not old enough to buy spirits, let alone cocktails! No matter how much we like each other or how well we go together, she needs time to grow as a person.

In her state she's too naive and the things she wants, whether it be material or feels, are always changing. All I can do as a man is be noble and be there for her. It's hard though I need to move on and get over it.

The though of us together is just silly.

What do you think about 26 year old guy dating an 18 year old girl though? Would it be strange or not? year-old going out with year-old We have a brilliant team of more than 60 Support Team members looking after discussions on The Student Room, helping to make it a . Oct 20,   An example, a 26 or 27 yr old guy who is dating (engaged even) to a yr old girl. You can continue on up in through the 30's and 40's and so on. It is just the "norm", in most cases anyway. 16 year old daughter dating 26 year old?!?! When my daughter, Liy, was 15 she started working at a fitness center, mainly doing maintenance and hospitality. She's never had many friends but quickly made heaps of friends with people her age to people in the thirties (men and women).

I say it's wrong, wait until she turns 21 and if you still find that kindle burning, then go for it. Good luck ;D. And if he treats her with respect and they have feelings for one another its okay.

If it is true love then the guy is gonna wait until the girl is If he is a pedestrian then he will try to exploit her innocence. I consider myself to be open minded, but I'm sorry this is weird case scenario. Its not just the age difference its the difference in maturity and life experience between the ages. Uh well hell I was close to dating ten years apart so yes wrong maybe but I'd do it. Ttly I agree with the utmost certainty! Well, to the people saying they disagree, I bet you wouldn't disagree if it were two females instead.

We shouldn't stereotype every male as a paedophile. Related myTakes.

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Whereas a 26 year old has already gone through that college phase An 18 year old dating a 26 year old will just short change herself by not going through the typical phase that an 18 year old would go through. Okay, there is nothing wrong with liking each other, first of all.

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It is perfectly normal. Most guys, especially, tend to date girls younger than them. You see it all the time and it's normal. An example, a 26 or 27 yr old guy who is dating engaged even to a yr old girl.

Are They Too Old/Young for You???

You can continue on up in through the 30's and 40's and so on. It is just the "norm", in most cases anyway. So why would it be any different with you, you might ask? The answer, because both of you are still young, especially you.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with yours and his age difference, it's that you both just have close to no major responsibilities i. So needless to say, you and him both have almost all the time in the world to think of nothing else but each other and what you want to happen together.

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This is why most people your ages make the decisions they do usually without much thought, as you naturally don't feel it's necessary and end up in bad situations at an early age.

Now that is not to say that things would not work out between you two. No one in here could ever tell you that. They could and they just might, depending on how you two pursue the whole thing and how you two actually get along with each other, as you really haven't spent any time with him yet. I'd say to keep in touch with him if he's what you really likebecome good friends and see where that takes you.

There is no rush on you whatsoever. If he is such a great guy, he will understand and if you do end up staying with him for the long haul, you and him will appreciate it all so much more.

Hope this helps. Well I'm 19 and been with a guy who's 34 for 6 months now.

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I look and act older than my age and he looks and acts younger than his age, so we get along very well and the age difference just makes our relationship even more wonderful and "sexy".

I love being with an older guy and he loves being with a younger women. The age difference is like a turn on. There's nothing called "too old" The most important thing is that you're both adults and both of you are fine with it the age difference.

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I've been in a relationship with a guy my age when I was 18 and believe me, older guys are MUCH better than guys my age. They're just more mature and they know what they want. But if you just want to mess around and not have a long term relationship, then I say go for guys your age.

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