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Jan 5, 1. May 3, Orangevale, CA If anybody is interested, I dug out the Ampeg serial number dating code for Ampeg and Crate gear manufactured during the Saint Louis Music years. Jun 16, 2. Does anybody have anything new to add to this old thread?

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Perhaps fewer players than back in the day, but, back when it was introduced, it proved to be exactly what plenty of touring pros required, most notably the Rolling Stones. More accurately, the Stones acquired several prototype SVT bass amps and cabs and, later, several VT amps rather urgently while rehearsing for that tour, after their own amps failed at the hands of U. As such, the band served as beta testers for the new designs. The V Series Ampegs were designed by Dennis Kager, and remain very much within the Ampeg ethos - or, perhaps more accurately, represent an extension and enlargement of that ethos.

This individuality is seen in a plethora of oddball tubes employed in the circuit, and some extremely versatile frequency-shaping capabilities in its tone stack and unique sensitivity and voicing switches. After a couple of gain stages each provided by the two triodes of a 12DW7 in channel 1 and a 12AX7 in channel 2 respectively, the treble and bass pots are sandwiched between two more gain stages provided by a second 12DW7, with the midrange control and related three-way frequency switch brought in after that stage, before a quirky 6K11 tube a triple triode, meaning it contains three individual amplification stages used as gain recovery.

Ampeg vt 40 dating

A 6CG7 tube serves as reverb driver, while the second half of that third 12DW7 drives a 12AU7 phase inverter into the big A output tubes. For all this, a vintage VT is not a particularly expensive amp on the used market.

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Not anywhere in the neighborhood of expensive, in fact. The weight, the volume, the odd tubes, and the lack of much of a backstory in the vintage-tone-cred department - its estimable Stones associations aside - all cooperate to keep prices way down.

The amp is solid state rectified. Has a number of oddball tubes.

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I have a V4, pre-master vol - basically the same amp but the head version. My reverb was weak. I concocted a mod, refined with some help from the hoffman amps forum, to boost the reverb. These amps are extremely difficult to work on.

If you pull the chassis you'll see why.

Ampeg has been a huge part of amplifier history, with amplifiers dating back to the mid s that have been used by bands such as The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Television, Booker T and the MG's, The Clash and others. Ampeg amplifiers have evolved over the decades. Being able to place specific products in their time period is a great way to. Great deals on Ampeg Vintage Guitar Amplifiers. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at Fast & Free shipping on many items! AMPEG VT Watt 4x10" Guitar Combo with Master Volume. $ 1h . VT Amp schematic (Ampeg) VT Pre amp schematic (Joe Piazza) VT Power amp schematic (Joe Piazza) Also worth checking out is the Blue Muse Unofficial Ampeg Page. For Ampeg parts see the FlipTops site. For more Ampeg V4 information see the Ampeg V4 pages. If you want to see what Ampeg is up to nowadays, you might want.

Many pro amp techs will simply not touch them. The tone stack is a baxandall type. Over the mid pot is a switch which sets the resonance mid frequency. You have 3 choices: or Hz.

Apr 20,   Ampeg VT Help? Discussion in 'Amps/Cabs Tech Corner: Amplifier, Cab It's a VT, 4X10, in excellent shape physicall, still has the original (I think) speakers and all original (all Magnavox) tubes. you can also find info there on dating the amp and download schematics. Enjoy it., Apr 18,, Apr Sep 16,   Dating Ampeg Amplifiers Ampegs can be divided into six distinct groups for dating purposes: pre, to mid, early to , to , to , and post Each group uses a unique serialization scheme that can be used to assist in dating the amps, but in many cases, it is the features and characteristics of the amps. Jun 19,   I am the owner of an ampeg vt 40 (front loaded, 2 chanells, 1 with volume & distortion which always have on 0, and channel 2 being the normal channel) & an ampeg vt I have read around the place that the top loaded ampeg vt's are meant to .

Then use the mid pot to cut or boost that frequency; and the bass and treble pots to round out the tone. The idea is to mimic the tonal response of any amp. AND you have an ultra-hi boost!

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Obviously, it helps to have a good working knowledge of tone stacks. Then, above ea vol control is a sensitivity switch, which can help keep the preamp clean or overdrive it.

Ampeg VT

I have some literature on these amps in format: including the user manual, service manual and schematics.

If you would like an email just let me know. I'm not sure how that works on this forum.

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Apr 20, 8. Apr 20, 9. Apr 20, Lots here to digest from all you guys.

The Ampeg VT is the 2?12? combo of the V Series, and was the sibling, circuit-wise, of the V-4 head and V 4?10? combo. All used four A output tubes to generate a conservatively rated watts, which can often top watts downhill with a good tailwind which is to say, when cranked. Dating Ampeg Vt 40 Even Dating Ampeg Vt 40 the real Dating Ampeg Vt 40 escort opinions and user-friendly reception may assist you to choose an attractive supplier from our site. Please call us at Providing definitely 2 4 hours to get telephone women service/

This should get me started well. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

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GenoBluzGtrApr 20, You must log in or sign up to reply here. G Amp schematic Joe Piazza.

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GV Amp schematic Joe Piazza. BN Amp schematic Joe Piazza.

Ampeg VT-40

BXT Amp schematic Ampeg. SB Amp schematic with 's Joe Piazza. BS Amp schematic Ampeg. BX Amp schematic Ampeg. B Amp schematic Joe Piazza.

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SVT Power amp schematic with 's Ampeg. V-2 Amp schematic Ampeg. V-2 Pre amp schematic Joe Piazza. V-2 Power amp schematic Joe Piazza.

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