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Thank you for reaching out to us! Do you have a question you would like a specific person to answer for you? Would you like to contact a specific MCGI coordinating center near your location? Would you like to know the schedules of our Church services? Want to request a Free Bible? Do you want a Church Worker conduct a Bible Study in your area? You may also email us at info mcgi.

Sampaloc in Apalit into a mixed-use community. Its construction began sometime in the s. It was expanded first in then inwhere the oval arena was built, adding more parking spaces and more area for the church members.

The development continues until today. Also included were sports activities, conferences, meetings and benefit concerts. The La Verdad Christian College Auditorium [2] which aims to provide its students academic and extracurricular needs was inaugurated in June Inside the center, it features "Walk of Faith" [3] which was inaugurated last 30 April It features a series of stone tablets inscribed with the names of heroes of faith and their most well-known acts of obedience to and trust in God.

The stone tablets line up along the outer ring of the fountain. Also a dancing fountain with the tunes of originally-composed church songs of praise and faith.

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The convention center is on full-swing for the development. MCGI established local churches also known as ADD Coordinating Centers in communities throughout the Philippines and abroad where members attend regular church services and conduct indoctrination sessions.

Would you like to know the schedules of our Church services? Want to request a Free Bible? Do you want a Church Worker conduct a Bible Study in your area?

You may also email us at info mcgi. Sampaloc, ApalitPampanga, Philippines. Pakikipagkaibigan batay sa Biblia: Sino ang mga dapat kaibiganin? Buhay at kamatayan: Ano ang mas mahalaga ayon sa Biblia? Pagsasama ng hindi kasal ayon sa Biblia 2 years ago. This format discusses diverse faith-related concerns and gives a chance to our fellowmen of learning about different dilemmas on spirituality.

Daniel told guests of the Worldwide Bible Exposition that the celebration hooks up different remote points in the multitude of regions across the world, including South America, North America, Europe, Asia-Oceania and some parts of the Middle East.

Furthermore, Bro. Daniel told supporters that this momentous gathering can also be witnessed through official Church websites, official Facebook pages and Youtube channels. Eli live via video streaming.

Eli as he encouraged netizens to tune in to the biblical symposium. The hashtag trended for 14 straight hours. There was an enormous amount of support from brethren and friends for the Ang Dating Daan 36th Anniversary Celebration as seen in fan sign photos.

The MCGI has such a huge patronship online that it has recently gotten 80, followers and counting on its official Facebook page along with several websites under its administration. Eli explains well.

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When he explains, you will really understand why, how and what is prohibited. That is what I liked about him. I was working in Makati inthen an elderly person approached me. He told me to listen, and he would always invited me to attend church services. Then when I transferred to Bataan in orI listened to him. And now the person who has been my guide in joining this Church is my wife.

Eli on TV. Actually, my relatives are Born Again members, and whenever I tuned in to Bro. Eli, they would tell me not to listen to him; they even called it a cult. I only developed that when I already had four children.

ADD Baptism May 31, 2019 In the New and World Class Convention Center??Apalit, Pampanga??

I hope that they will be able to encourage many more people like me who are thirsty for the word of God. I am really amazed and inspired by Bro. Eli because he helps even non-brethren. That is the point where I got really amazed by him.

The Church of God International is really exceptional.

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Actually, out of all the religions that I have listened to and been to, this is the one that I believe in because this is based in the Bible. We [my mother and I] have actually been watching Bro. We just watched him like so and so. Also, the locale was a bit far from where we lived back then. Inwe moved here to Pampanga as we were from La Union. Then I went abroad.

In she passed away. When I came here in July, I sought a locale that was near our place, and got indoctrinated and baptized.

Ang dating daan convention center apalit pampanga

I felt renewed. I could just feel that there was something different about it, and especially when I got baptized already. Eli and Bro.

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Daniel many, many thanks to them because they have been the instruments for me to be able to return unto God. Firstly, the reason why I wanted to join the Church is because I see many learnings in this Church. Above all, I have seen many doctrines here that have truly enlightened me. Before I joined, I listened on radio as they also air Bible Expositions there. I just started listening in August I felt something changed in my being after I got baptized.

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My mind has been enlightened, and I feel that I want to obey all the commandments of God. I actually got hit by a motorcycle before baptism. But instead of being angry at the driver and filing a complaint, I just advised him to take care the next time. First of all, I am thankful to the Church as I saw that there are truly many good teachings and things that members here can learn.

I became a member of the Church of God because of my wife who is a member as well. I just always accompanied her until the teachings entered my heart.

For Bro. Daniel, I thank them because of their desire to preach the true Gospel.

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Many, many thanks unto God. In the latter, I felt that they were just deceiving me. Whereas here, the teachings are truly based in the verses of the Bible.

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I had the opportunity to attend Bible Expositions despite being tired from work, I pursued going there because our souls need it right? So since I was given by God the opportunity, I am very happy this day. Eli since ; I listened to his debates. Many were in opposition to him in that program, but compared with them, his biblical point of view is different.

Eli is really remarkable. Now that my work is nearer, I really have no excuses. So here I am now. I have finally gotten what I have long been desiring for in life: To be complete.

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Well, before I was baptized, I was actually feeling cold and feverish. But after I got immersed in water, I felt energized, especially as I was getting dressed.

When I went to eat here [meals are provided for free], I felt really happy. I wish him good health, because he has already lead many [unto the truth]. In fact, the volume of believers now is astounding as compared with before. Compared with other religious sects, we are many.

If we will be able to reach [other nations], then the more we will be able to hear Bro. Because if you are really analyzing [or concerned for] your spiritual state, this is it; you will find Bro. They are really remarkable, him and Bro. My tears were really just flowing. Also, I feel relieved now.

I prayed that He may give me strength. I actually only know her nickname.

Ang Dating Daan Convention Center Apalit Pampanga, Rodriguez, Rizal. likes 3, were here. Religious Organization/5. Thank you for reaching out to us! Do you have a question you would like a specific person to answer for you? Would you like to contact a specific . Jan 02,   Read short testimonials of faith from some of MCGI's youngest brethren on December 24, at the Ang Dating Daan Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga. Bro. Gil Alonzo, 62, Former Catholic, Manila On Joining the Church of God. This is where I heard the words of God in the Bible.

I instantly remembered what my friend said. What kind of teachings are taught there?

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Who is being worshipped there? If you want we can just listen. I just had pants and a shirt. I had only two pairs of clothing as I was just on vacation. I went with her to the Locale of Balanga to attend the service.

I went there and listened to the preaching. When I attended, even the songs alone already pierced my heart. Actually, even when we were just talking about it, I felt I already wanted to join. I had no more doubts. While in the locale, Sis. Katrina told me that there was an indoctrination schedule at the time. When I listened, I cried. So from that worship service, I continued all the way.

I really have no money Something unfortunate happened to me abroad. I just found out one day that the place where I saved my money was empty.

I hope that they could give me a job as I am having a difficult time. What I do for a living now is I clean in cemeteries; I maintain the grass around the sepulchers green.

I hope that I will have a job that is different from being a housemate. I hope that I will be given a job. If I will be able to return abroad, then no problem. I learned the right way to pray. The brethren help each other. My family was given help by this Church, the Church of God International.

We were given capital to start a small business. I learned about this on television, through listening to the Bible Expositions. But my mind then was still on playing. I heard on TV the teachings of Bro. Eli and saw his charities to people.

And despite that there are defamations against him, he still continues to do good unto all. I felt chills while I was in the water, and my whole body was trembling. I hope that they will be able to continue preaching the word of God unto all people. Through this, I was able to realize that people learning the word of God is important for people; it is our obligation.

Ang Dating Daan (ADD) Convention Center The ADD Convention Center is a multipurpose indoor facility at ADD Compound, a hectare church compound in Apalit, Pampanga, Philippines. With a maximum. be more successful with dating. I've been in the dating and mating game for over 30 Ang Dating Daan Convention Center Apalit Pampanga News years now. Over time, I gained a reputation for being the "go-to" guy when it came to tips and techniques for attracting women. I'm less about "the pickup" now, but some things just don't change/ ADD Convention Center, Apalit. 8, likes 96 talking about this , were here. The Ang Dating Daan (ADD) Convention Center also known as /5(1).

I had a friend in Quezon City who lead me here to eventually join the Church of God. We always bumped into each other in a corner somewhere; we are friends. Now, he invited me once to attend a Church gathering. When I went there, I saw that I liked Bro. So I continued from then on.

seems magnificent

As fate would have it, there was an indoctrination scheduled at the time, so I went straight to it. That is what I followed here. I learned about this on TV, and I found that Bro.

I have been listening for a long time, about a year already. I have long been looking for this, but I have found it only now. It was at the Locale of Bagbag where I went to first, but then I found one that was near our place. All I can say is, I became a believer because of those words that Bro. Daniel preached. To God be the glory. My head just got wet there.

But here, I felt different. Also, even before the baptism rite, you will see that the doctrines are really something else already. I mean, the doctrines are great! No other religion has taught these. Our eldest brother has been here in the Church for 10 years now, Bro. Rene Cordova from the Locale of Nagcarlan, Laguna.

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My father is a Catholic devotee, while one of my siblings is a Born Again devotee because she wed an American who is preacher, a pastor. We have different religions in our home. My other sister is an Iglesia ni Cristo member. We would debate with each other, but my brother already had wisdom. As our eldest, we respected him. But [after being baptized in the Church of God], when he spoke, it was like he was a different person. My brother and I are close, him being the eldest and me being the youngest.

We are always together, except when it comes to this. Now, before he left for Manila, my wife and I watched Bro. Since then, we got addicted to it. We watched it daily. Our day would not be complete without us watching it.

We would watch it after coming home from the office, and would do so until around 2 a. Then, the following morning, we would watch again. I pray always for him. We are just here, the brethren, to support him. My shipmate is just one year here in the Church. He gave me topics of Bro. Eli and I listened to them daily in the afternoon after work. So I studied them until I went home in December and decided to attend the indoctrination, because the doctrines are truly based in the Bible.

It feels light inside. I felt that all my heart aches, the ill feelings I kept before. I felt relieved. My parents are members here for about ten years now. I found this to be the only religion that has these doctrines. I hope they will continue their works because they are good and may the Lord continue to keep them.

I once asked my boss about the difference of Catholicism with The Old Path. He told me to listen. There was a Mass Indoctrination at the time, so I attended it. Upon that first instance of listening to Bro. Eli, I learned about the things we did in Catholicism that were wrong. I felt glad about it. I was thinking twice before, but after I got baptized, the anxieties in my heart were gone.

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