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Sen. Markey Grills FAA on Boeing 737 Max 8 Crashes

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Ethics and Compliance

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Certain Services must disclose information to third parties assisting us in processing a transaction requested by you e. In addition, Boeing hires service providers to perform work on its behalf. Any such service providers will be permitted to obtain data from the Services only to deliver the services Boeing has retained them to provide and will be prohibited from using data for any other purpose.

Boeing discloses personal information to these service providers for the purposes identified in Collection and use of personal informationincluding to send promotional communications to you via email, postal mail, fax, SMS and phone as permitted by local law and subject to your contact preferences. Location of data processing Personal information that Boeing processes is transferred to, and stored and processed in, the United States or any other country in which Boeing or its affiliates or subcontractors maintain facilities.

The data protection laws in these countries are different from, and could be less stringent than, those in your country of residence.

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We take steps to ensure that the data we collect under this Statement is processed according to the provisions of this Statement and the requirements of applicable law wherever the data is located. Retention of personal information Boeing stores your personal information for as long as you use the Services, and no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the information was collected, or for which it is legitimately further processed.

Thereafter, Boeing retains personal information for a period of time set forth in its corporate retention schedules. In the case of organizational Services data, Boeing retains personal information according to the timeframes set forth in relevant customer agreements, or in lieu of an agreement, for as long as a legitimate business purpose exists.

Boeing Dating Policy, anger management s02e26 online dating, fat and ugly dating sites, black singles speed dating dc/ Boeing Dating Policy, puthalam online dating, dating sites for older man younger woman, vegan dating nz yelp/ Boeing stores your personal information for as long as you use the Services, and no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the information was collected, or for which it is legitimately further processed. Thereafter, Boeing retains personal information for a period of time set forth in its corporate retention schedules.

Security of personal information Boeing is committed to helping protect the security of your information. We have implemented and will maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your information against accidental loss, destruction or alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access, or unlawful destruction.

If you believe that we have collected personal information about a child, please Contact Us so that we can delete the information. Additionally, please Contact Us to request removal of content or information that was posted to our Services when the registered user was under the age of However, some Services may collect, use or disclose personal information from children as defined by local law where it is necessary to do so; for example, a child member of a group using International Trip Planning Services ITPS.

This information is necessary to fulfil travel arrangements, ensure safety, to meet legal and regulatory requirements, and to provide, or arrange for appropriate assistance or facilities where necessary. This information will be collected with the consent of a responsible adult or guardian where possible. The personal information will be appropriately designated for extra protections and review and removal at the earliest opportunity.

This personal information from children will be flagged to avoid direct marketing. We hope that the following questions and answers concerning Services and this web site are as concise, transparent, and intelligible as possible. We welcome suggestions for improvement of the content presented below:. Which corporate entity determines the purposes and means of processing of the personal data collected through Boeing Services? The Boeing Global Privacy Office is responsible for privacy issues related to this activity.

This site processes the personal data of visitors to the site, who may include Boeing customers and their employees, Boeing suppliers and their employees, and adults in the general public.

Processing is necessary for purposes of legitimate interests pursued by The Boeing Company:. Is the data subject required to provide personal information to Boeing Services, and what would be the possible consequences of failing to do so? Provision of personal information for this processing activity is not required. Failure to provide information can have a wide variety of impacts, depending on what information is not provided: services may not be available, access may be withdrawn, and system functionality may be impaired.

What specific privacy rights may the individuals whose personal data is processed by Boeing Services have, and how can they be exercised? They also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

If not offered as a self-service capability within a specific data processing activity, or otherwise addressed in another answer above, any applicable privacy rights may be exercised using this form. Data is routinely provided to information technology staff including information technology security staffcommunications, sales, and marketing staff, and service and product managers.

Data is primarily processed in the United States of America, but may be processed by Boeing employees who support products and services in all the countries in which our products and services are used.

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Data will be retained only as long as it continues to be needed for one of the purposes for which it is originally collected. Generally this is as long as a Boeing has a business relationship with a person, plus a period after that where there is a legal or regulatory reason to retain a records about the relationship.

The company maintains a records management system to identify the retention schedule for all records, including records that contain personal data.

Boeing dating policy

Personal data we process includes identifying information such as name, contact information such as address and phone number, business relationship information such as employer, and information on use of this site and related services, such as times of contact and resources accessed.

If you have questions or concerns about privacy issues associated with this site, or if you need assistance to exercise any applicable privacy rights, you may contact the Boeing Global Privacy Office by any of the methods listed in Contact Us. Corporate changes In the event of a reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer, or other disposition of all or any portion of our business, assets or stock, Boeing is likely to disclose your personal information to the new owners, subject to a requirement that such information be used only in accordance with this Statement, or as otherwise permitted under an applicable agreement.

Contact us We will provide you with access to your personal information that we hold for any purpose within practical and legal limits. This includes requests that we correct the data if it is inaccurate or delete the data if Boeing is not required to retain it by law or for legitimate business purposes.

The intent is to embed ethical decision-making into all cts of business, and equip managers and employees with tools to confidently address ethics-related matters and raise questions without fear of retaliation. Managers use the feedback to initiate conversations with their team, identify actions to improve the employee experience and fully engage the team to contribute their best every day. Company leaders take the results seriously, and work to support managers by providing them with the necessary resources to change the company for the better.

The ethics and compliance groups provide a range of tools and resources to help managers and employees discuss ethics issues and regularly practice ethical decision-making skills. The tools and resources include:.

The Boeing Code of Conduct establishes behavioral expectations for Boeing employees at all levels of the company - wherever they are in the world. While we are committed to performing all business in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and provide our employees with a robust set of internal policies, we believe that it is our commitment to operating with integrity that ensures our long-term business success. Every year from January to February, managers and employees meet to review and discuss Boeing expectations to keep promises, hold ourselves and each other accountable, and model ethical behavior.

As part of these discussions, all employees reaffirm their personal commitment by annually signing the Code of Conduct and acknowledging their responsibilities to ask questions, seek guidance and to raise concerns about potential violations.

Complying with external regulations and our own strong internal policies and procedures is not only the right thing to do - it is vital to the ongoing success of our company. To ensure we maintain effectiveness and continually enhance this area, compliance monitoring and assessments are built into all levels of the business.

Senior leaders of every Boeing business and function are responsible for identifying, analyzing, raising and addressing key compliance issues. They do this through the Compliance Risk Management Board CRMBwhich is chaired by the senior vice president of the Office of Internal Governance and Administration, as well as involvement from other senior executive leaders.

The CRMB's oversight enables the company to identify risk areas and ensure consistent actions across the company in order to remain compliant. It also facilitates cross-enterprise discussion to support proactive management of emergent risks. As outlined in Boeing's Audit Committee Charterthe senior vice president of the Office of Internal Governance and Administration reports at least annually to the Audit Committee on Boeing's compliance with its risk management processes, as well as regular reporting on the company's Ethics and Business Conduct programs.

Managers are responsible for compliance within the areas they oversee, and along with all employees, receive annual training on compliance risk areas tailored to their specific work.

Boeing Privacy and Cookie Statement

This includes training for a range of topics such as U. Defense Department procurement rules, proper handling of sensitive information and anti-corruption. Boeing uses ongoing monitoring to track and assess effectiveness of internal controls and processes in meeting compliance goals. It is also refreshed as needed to ensure content is current and meaningful. We encourage earnest, responsible reporting of potential vulnerabilities in any product, system, or asset made by or belonging to Boeing.

If you believe you have found a vulnerability in a Boeing product, system, or asset, please submit the vulnerability information to Boeing through an encrypted communication method. For submission via Email, please send an encrypted file detailing your submission. To enable Boeing to remedy the vulnerability, please report it as soon as possible after discovering it and provide a detailed summary of the vulnerability, including the following if known:.

Contact details: Email address: VulnerabilityDisclosure boeing. Speaking up is a cornerstone for building an open and accountable workplace culture.

At Boeing, we believe that creating an environment where employees are comfortable raising issues and concerns without fear of retaliation enables openness which can lead to improved business performance and inspire greater innovation. Boeing maintains policies and procedures to encourage employees to report concerns and seek guidance, using confidential and, when preferred, anonymous methods, including contacting local ethics advisors, using toll-free phone numbers and accessing web-based portals.

Retaliation against reporting parties is strictly prohibited by the Code of Conductand action is taken against violators of anti-retaliation policies, up to and including dismissal.

Resources for deployment are available in additional languages. Electronic cards, or e-cards, can be used by all employees to recognize colleagues for speaking up and demonstrating leadership. Boeing offers a number of confidential channels for seeking guidance or reporting concerns about possible violations of regulations or company policies.

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Those contacting Boeing may choose to remain anonymous or self-identify. The Boeing Ethics Line is staffed during U. Central time, Monday through Friday and is available to Boeing employees, suppliers, contractors or other Business Partners inside and outside of the company. The Boeing Global Ethics Line is operated by a third party and staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is available in 32 countries, but due to regulations of some European countries, Boeing may not be able to accept anonymous submittals.

Toll-Free Ethics Line: Instructions: The toll-free number must be dialed exactly as listed. If a restriction prevents reaching the Global Ethics Line, call collect at and advise the operator that the collect call number is located in Vancouver, Canada.

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Toll-Free Ethics Line: ; Instructions: Your location will determine which of the above numbers will work. Please note that this number is not accessible from the Palestinian Authority or from the Paltel Mobile Network.

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Toll-Free Ethics Line: Instruction: If a restriction prevents reaching the Global Ethics Line, call collect at and advise the operator that the collect call number is located in Vancouver, Canada. Toll-Free Ethics Line: 4 collect Instructions: Advise the operator that the collect call number is located in Vancouver, Canada.

Toll-Free Ethics Line: Instructions: Access is not available from mobile phones If a restriction prevents reaching the Global Ethics Line, call collect at and advise the operator that the collect call number is located in Vancouver Canada. At Boeing, the safety, quality and integrity of the work we do matters to passengers flying aboard our commercial airplanes, astronauts operating at the edge of space, and members of the armed forces who rely on our products and services to complete their missions.

Ethical business conduct is at the very core of how we do business. At Boeing, there is zero tolerance for corruption or bribery, and we empower all employees across the company to Speak Up in support of an open and accountable workplace culture.

Boeing strictly forbids bribery and corruption of any kind. It is imperative that we compete on the merits alone. Integrity is a core company value and in support of itBoeing publishes an internal policy inclusive of anti-corruption and anti-bribery requirements and expectations applicable to employees, board of directors, and other stakeholders.

Boeing also provides employees and other stakeholders detailed procedures to ensure compliance with the U. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other global anti-corruption laws and regulations; requires annual training related to ethics and compliance; and provides guidance and instructions on various reporting mechanisms.

This guidance is clear that we must never sacrifice our ethical principles to win or keep business-that no business is worth it. Our anti-corruption program is organized into nine risk areas and includes extensive controls.

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These controls are tested annually through a self-assessment process as well as periodic risk-based corporate audits and external assessments to assess risk, ensure effectiveness, and identify potential enhancement opportunities. Confidential and anonymous reporting methods are provided. Retaliation against reporting parties is strictly prohibited, and action is taken against violators of anti-retaliation policies.

The company also makes its employees aware of their federally protected whistleblower rights which are designed to protect employees against retaliation for reporting potential wrongdoing by a U. We work with our partners, including through Boeing-appointed board members, to ensure that the joint ventures in which we participate adopt similar policies and procedures to govern their respective operation.

Assessment results are used to make improvements to further strengthen the program and sustain effectiveness. Boeing employees are required to be vigilant in ensuring that any business courtesy is reasonable, lawful and fully justified under the circumstances, and does not suggest the appearance of impropriety.

Company policies and procedures strictly prohibit offering any courtesy that could be misinterpreted as an attempt to gain an improper business advantage, and include elevating thresholds of management approval. Before any courtesy is offered, an employee must determine that it is lawful and appropriate and would not cause embarrassment to the company or recipient.

Additionally, employees must follow strict guidelines when determining if an offered courtesy can be accepted. Employees are prohibited from soliciting courtesies, or accepting any courtesies when a real or perceived attempt is being made to influence action by Boeing. Boeing policies and procedures require that all hiring decisions be made fairly, ethically and in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations.

Additional precautions, including Law Department review, are taken for hiring decisions involving current or former non-U. The Boeing financial management system is designed to assure, among other things, that company resources are effectively and efficiently managed and that reporting requirements are satisfied with integrity and reliability and in compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and generally accepted practices and principles.

Specific to anti-corruption controls, all employees are required to maintain accurate financial records and appropriately document and obtain approval of costs and expenses.

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