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One thing that stood out about this process: many people who sent in profiles turned down the chance to have them published because they feared it would be embarrassing. With more than a third of US marriages starting online, looking for love on the web is normal and nothing to be bashful about; wanting love and companionship is natural and human. Anyone who makes you feel bad about increasing your odds of meeting someone nice through casting a wide net online is lame. No: super lame. You kind of are doing it wrong. Tinder gives you limited real estate to make a case for yourself as a potential suitor. Your photo shows a handsome man, but joking about bare-chested tiger-stroking photos is now a joke almost as old as joking about bathroom selfies.

No one likes to be scolded.


Until the end of your profile. Not me! Profile one: man, early 40s. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

Critique my dating profile

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Aug 24,   OP, I met my boyfriend on okc, and he is one of the most upright guys I know:). And a smart one too who gets me, my thoughts, my conversation with him and my math ;-). I like your profile, pics are very good. Radio's personal video critique of my profile absolutely blew my mind. He caught subtle nuances that were holding me back from finding success and the changes he suggested most definitely improved my success rate - I actually had a date set for that weekend after sending out a few messages with the changes he recommended. Online dating is rough. I did it in my late 20s/early 30s when I was a size 4. I even had a professional writer friend critique my profile. And I still barely got any messages. So while I think tweaking your profile is a good idea, I also agree with the poster above that more real world searching may be good.

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Upgrading the Dating Profile: Part 1 -- STEVE HARVEY

Most popular. Consider the two people who are both self-described "huge nerds" but have zero common interests or hobbies. One is super into anime and video games, while the other doesn't own a TV, and spends all their free time doing DIY 3D printing and arduino robots.

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My point is, if common interests are important to you, tell us what your "nerd book" is, or something about what you really mean by "little bit of a geek", because fondly recalling Buffy is not exactly going to narrow down the field : posted by SaltySalticid at AM on September 14, [ 7 favorites ]. Why does it say you "want to date but nothing serious" when in the text it says you're looking to click with someone?

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If there's an option for "looking for long term" I think that might get you closer to the kind of thing you want. I feel like it wants to be fleshed out just a bit more.

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I would also get rid of the zombies I think the text is largely good, but the "random goofiness" in it - like the Wizard of Oz title seem really awkward and out of place. Your pictures are difficult. I think I can tell you're attractive, but half your face is covered, one picture seems like it was taken a long time ago - both these give me the feeling you're trying to hide something about your appearance.

The toy on your head: no. I think you should largely chuck them and get a friend to shoot a million pictures of you in a few different settings, wearing different clothing.

Critique My Dating Profile? September 14, AM Subscribe. Yup, another one of these! So I've decided to try my hand at online dating. Hurray! I've only been doing it for a few weeks, but so far at least I haven't had much success, and the mailbox is full of cobwebs. So I figured I would turn to the always excellent hive mind to see if.

You should have at least one clear face shot and one distant enough to show your whole frame. Be doing things in the photo, not posed, just every day stuff. Digital shots cost nothing and if you have a million you can pick the most flattering few.

Dating Profile Critique

If it were me picking you, the drawing by your child is a sweet indicator of your family situation, I would hope you leave that. I'm squarely in the demographic you're looking for.

Mar 12,   Get help making your profile work: forward screenshots to [email protected] for a personal critique and upgrade Eva Thu 12 Mar . Oct 07,   I Asked Strangers to Critique My Online-Dating Profile-And Now I'm Even More Confused. The messages were mixed. By Scott Muska. Oct 7, Scott Muska. Dating Profile Critique I was wondering if you could critique my dating profile (bio, pics, etc). I've got out of a 10yr relationship about two years ago and this whole "swipe dating" is all new to me.

I would second most of the advice above - flesh out your profile a bit more and use a picture that features your very nice! FWIW, as a divorced woman in her 40s who has used online dating a bit, I'm a little wary of "separated but not yet divorced" as a status. In my experience, those guys were not quite as ready to date as they thought they were.

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Not a critique per se, but I think some of the reason people aren't contacting you or interested is because you are still married. Yes, you are separated, but when I was single, I wasn't interested in dating someone who is not fully divorced.

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The reasons? Too much potential for emotional turmoil that accompanies every divorce and my belief that my chances of being someone's rebound were very high if they were looking for something so soon after a significant relationship.

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Yes, when I was doing online dating, I ruled out a couple of otherwise appealing candidates on the grounds that separated-but-not-divorced usually means a lack of emotional availability or that they were just on the rebound. Appreciate the feedback everyone, I will do some revisioning.

From time to time I help readers by reviewing their profiles. Much of the advice I give is covered in my online dating guide but every now and again I think it's good to go over a real example with all my readers. To be honest, many people who contact me about their profile already have what I would consider to be a good start to a profile. I Spent Valentine's Day Having Bumble's Head of Brand Critique My Dating Profile Filtered photos will get you nowhere - the key to online dating success is to be unabashedly yourself I walk into the Hive, Bumble's Beverly Hills pop-up space, and I'm immediately handed a canary yellow rose. Feb 13,   Dating ; Critique my match profile? Please note: The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice. If you or someone close to you is currently in crisis or in an emergency situation, contact your local law enforcement agency or.

Also, just for a different perspective, I never cared one way or the other about 'separated but not divorced' myself. Sometimes people can be D-O-N-E by the time they separate, or a seperation could've gone on forever, or in many other ways not be problematic.

On the other hand, I've met some people in our age group who aren't over their college boyfriend.

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I really think it's very individual.

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