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Lisa remembers the moment she knew her life had been overtaken by the gang. Her boyfriend of six months had called and asked her for a favour. Half an hour later she was in the kitchen of a small flat in north-west London looking at 2kg of crack cocaine. But you don't get paid. It's the kind of job you just do and shut up. She said that as they worked in silence there were always two boys smoking cannabis, who watched their faces and hands "making sure they didn't fuck up".

She presciently told Rivera that she wanted to have five kids - which she eventually did with Don Jr.

Jul 08,   As a female gang member it's possible you'll be a messenger or runner. Google gang structure or hierarchy. For real inspiration find the documentary for Brenda Paz. A former MS13 - who was dating several of the gangs leaders and turned FBI informant. It didn't end well for her. Not all female gang members end on such a tragic note. 1. Get real 2. Set healthy boundaries. As a wife of an ex gang member I say that the first thing you need to do is be totally honest with yourself and set healthy boundaries. Take some time, at least few days and figure out what are the things you. If you're Dating A Former Gang Member wanting the ??BEST OF THE BEST?? I have arrived!!! My name is Secret Baby (SB for short) & im 5'2, lbs, AA/Caucasian/Native American mix. I cant wait to show you guys the true meaning of southern hospitality!!/

As well as criminal activities, the Latin Kings - whose New York arm was founded in Collins Correctional Facility in - pride themselves on social work, like feeding the homeless. Rivera says that outside prison, he rose through the ranks.

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Vanessa regularly drove Rivera to gang meetings at locations around the city, including the El Bohio community center on the Lower East Side. We were kids.

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At Dwight - where Rivera could frequently be seen at the school gates waiting to pick her up - he gave her a dangerous mystique. While Rivera lent Vanessa street cred and protection, her connections could be useful to him as well.

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Their five-year romance ended in when Rivera discovered in the New York Post that Vanessa - by then a model with the Wilhelmina agency - had been cheating on him with Leonardo DiCaprio.

A father of one, Rivera now drives seniors to medical appointments. Read Next. This story has been shared 35, times.

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You're 18, you have your entire life ahead of you. You should stop seeing this guy before you get in too deep because ALL gangs are bad news. You probably don't even know the half of it. Is this guy worth it? Nothing is worth the safety of your family.

A gang is a tight knit group but they have no qualms about seeking revenge or hurting one of their own if they feel betrayed.

Vanessa Trump's first love was member of violent street gang

Since you are dating someone from a latin group, you can rest assure you will be shunned immediately. Remember what you said, it could cost you your life. No one is worth your life.

Respect yourself and get out now.

Feb 19,   One ex-gang member describes how her life was taken over by a boyfriend, and how the cycle begins at school Ben Ferguson and Matthew Taylor Sun 19 Feb EST First published on Sun 19 Feb. Jul 19,   Often times dating a gang member can lead to gang membership, gang involvement, and abuse. According to a recent study by researchers at RTI International, teenage girls whose boyfriends are gang members are nearly twice as likely to have unwanted pregnancies as those not dating boys involved with gangs. Dec 23,   A gang is a tight knit group but they have no qualms about seeking revenge or hurting one of their own if they feel betrayed. Since you are dating someone from a latin group, you can rest assure you will be shunned immediately. Remember what you said, it could cost you your life. No one is worth your life.

I'm not gonna call you a moron 'cause you must really like the guy if you're going out with him even though you know he's in a gang. Just leave him.

My Life After Leaving A Gang

That's the best advice I can give. Gang members are crazy people that will do anything if they find out someone has broken a 'rule'. But make sure you don't make him angry, just incase he goes opening his mouth to the rest!! I doubt the truthfulness of your story.

I wanted to get off with a bad boy, it was a thrill.

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No one can touch me if I'm going out with him. It was that. Young people think, 'If I'm in a gang no one can touch me because I'll have friends to back me up. The couple met at a youth offending service. He had been committed of knife-point robbery and she had been found guilty of common assault.

Dating a former gang member

To begin with she had a "normal" relationship. I'd go and see him but nothing major [happened]. Boys are paranoid, they think their girlfriends will set them up. But he began asking her to "help out". At first it involved taking messages, then she was asked to help cut up the drugs. She knew things had changed. Soon Lisa was carrying drugs and weapons.

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If I got caught [with the gun] I would have said no comment and took the bird with me. The relationship with Jerome continued as she was drawn deeper into gang life. You don't love him but you're made to believe you do.

May 08,   Before she married Donald Trump Jr., Vanessa Trump dated a member of the Latin Kings Oli Coleman.

It's all very fiction, but it's not real love you don't realise how deep you're in until it's too late. As she got to know more people in the gang she realised everyone - boys and girls - had a different role.

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As Lisa became more embroiled with the gang her life became more dangerous. I couldn't go to my mum's house and when I did see her she had to meet me somewhere. If I was seen by myself something would have happened to me.

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When Lisa turned 17 her endless nights spent in the "traphouse" began to take their toll. I didn't want to do it towards the end.

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