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She is the mutant daughter of Caitlin and Reed Strucker. She had known for years that she was a mutant. However, she kept this secret from everyone, including her family, in fear that her father would send her away to a detention center for mutants. It was only when her brother Andy had lashed out with his powers and showed that he was a mutant that she finally revealed that she was a mutant herself. Lauren and her family were almost killed by a car accident, however, she was able to prevent the accident by triggering her mutant abilities. For weeks, her mother had been saying that it had been a miracle that they hadn't been killed that day, while Lauren knew the truth. Once, when Lauren had gone to a party, a boy had gone and tried to force himself on her.

Lauren apologizes for attacking him, adding that he is better when he is angry. Having fulfilled their end of the mission, Lauren, Andy, and Caitlin prepare to leave the area.

Lauren, Andy, and Caitlin hear gunshots firing all around the warehouse district as they head back towards their SUV. Lauren attempts to take him out with a shield, but her powers are deactivated, forcing Caitlin to take matters into her own hands.

She approaches the agent from behind and injects him with an unknown substance that immediately renders him unconscious. Caitlin then hands Lauren the keys and tells her to take the car and go without her. What about you, Lauren asks. Her mother reveals that she is going after their father alone, because she doesn't want to lose the two of them as well.

However, they don't agree with her decision to go alone. Their mother plans to find their father and meet them back at Headquarters. However, for the time being, she needs Lauren and Andy to leave. The three of them shared a hug and part ways. In " boXed in "Lauren and Andy are reunited with their father at the station as they run into his arms to greet him with a hug.

Upon her parents' return, Lauren informs them that Sentinel Services shot Harry during the convoy attack and that a lot of people are in bad condition after Sentinel Services raided every place suspected of being mutant sympathizers. As they headed down the stairs, her father is attacked by Fadewho accuses him of working with Sentinel Services to set up the Underground for attack. Fortunately, John intervenes and instructs everyone to calm down. Lauren is the first to admit that while her father used to prosecute mutants, he later stood up to Sentinel Services when he found out about them being mutants.

However, Lauren is unaware that her father had wore a tracker into Fade's bar. Reed then steps forward to apologize for his actions, reasoning that he did what he had to do in order to get back to his family. Lauren and Andy follow their mother into the vault to help treat Harry for his gunshot wounds.

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Their mother takes a look at his wounds before instructing Clarice to get her clean gauze and painkillers. Dilaudid, fentanyl, even codeine. Despite Caitlin's efforts, the Struckers are starting to draw a lot of attention. Andy notes how they are being looked at and with that believes that it's time for them to leave the station. Rather than running, Lauren suggests gaining the Underground's trust. Their mother then calls them over to assist with aiding Harry.

As Lauren applies pressure to Harry's wounds, they discover that they are running out of supplies, Saline to be exact, which leaves Andy wondering if Harry is going to survive. What they truly need to possibly save Harry's life is actual blood.

So Andy offers to donate his blood given that he he is 0-negative, a universal donor. Caitlin then begins the transfusion. While Caitlin is far from being a surgeon, she has no other choice but to perform the operation. Caitlin tells Lauren to keep pressure on the entry wound while she makes a midline incision to remove the bullet, which had been lodged fairly deep. Caitlin, equipped with a scalpel, slices Harry's stomach open wide. After removing the bullet, Harry begins to bleed profusely.

He is hemorrhaging, meaning that an artery must have been cut. Unfortunately, Caitlin isn't capable of stopping the bleeding without a cross-clamp. Lauren suspects that she may be able to stop the bleeding with one of her shields so she asks her mother to show her where the nicked artery is located. After getting the shield in place, Caitlin sews Harry up while Lauren continues to apply pressure via her shield.

Thankfully, it seems as if all their efforts have paid off, as Harry will survive. In the process of saving him, they have also earned the trust of the refugees who quietly observe from afar. That night, just as Lauren prepares for dinner with Andy and their mother, Reed returns from his mission with Fade to redirect the police search from the station. All four of them sit around the table, enjoying their first meal together as a family in quite some time. Andy then asks what is next for them, if they are still headed for Mexico since that was the initial plan.

However, they won't be leaving the station anytime soon given that it's still unsafe to travel due to the heavy police presence. Reed had also been talking to some of the people around the station who have questions about Sentinel Services, which he can help them with. So, for the time being, they will remain at the Underground, especially considering that they could use all the help they could get. In " got your siX "Lauren and Andy are tasked with handing out supplies to the new wave of refugees that had arrived at the station.

While Andy is grateful that they at least got beds before the rush, Lauren reminds him that they are the reason for the rush. Sentinel Services is looking for them, making it all their fault. As Andy heads back down to get more water, Lauren is approached by a refugee named Wes. He has the ability of image manipulation. He asks Lauren for her name, though she isn't interested in conversation as she is busy with the refugees. What if you were already done, Wes asks, as he seemingly makes a once crowded room of unsettled refugees into a secure sleeping quarters within seconds.

Although this is merely a mirage, which Lauren disrupts upon touch. While impressed with his ability, she still has refugees to attend to. Lauren watches from the window above as Andy and their father gears up to leave with Marcos for the Federal building in Baton Rouge to uncover the top secret program that Sentinel Services had been working on.

Wes joins her by the window to ask if everything is okay. She explains that their current predicament is weird considering that three weeks ago, their craziest family outing was to Six Flags.

With the way things are going, Lauren isn't sure about anything anymore, though she doesn't have time to talk about it with work piling up. After ensuring that the refugees are taken care of, Lauren joins Wes, Naya and Skyler for training with Lorn]. In the real world, they will be playing for keeps, so the same rules apply during training.

Skyler steps forward as Lorna grabs a hammer from a toolbox. She asks if he is ready before launching the hammer in his direction. Prepared for the attack, Skyler is able to repel the hammer. Wes volunteers to be next up, creating an illusion in the shape of flowers to appear in place of Lorna's metal tools.

While the others are amused, this angers Lorna, who scolds Wes for his childish behavior. Despite all that has happened, they still fail to grasp the dangers they face. Lauren then comes forward as it is her turn. Although, she is prepared for whatever Lorna has to throw at her, her mother will not stand for it, stepping in front of Lauren and openly opposing Lorna's dangerous training methods.

Lauren begs her mother to participate in the training session, but Caitlin refuses once more, telling Lauren to come with her. Lauren is taken to the "office furniture graveyard" by Wes who wants to get to know her.

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He asks about her mother and her reaction to the training session. Lauren explains that her mother doesn't understand her powers because she had just found out about them three weeks ago, even though Lauren's powers had manifested years before. Wes questions why Lauren would hide her true self. Lauren explains that she wanted a normal life, though to Wes, Lauren's situation of pretending that she was normal when she knew she wasn't, was worse, which she agrees with.

She tells him that it was terrible pretending as if everything was fine while secretly counting down the days until graduation, when she could move far away to someplace like Florence.

But with the way her life is going, that is never going to happen. Wes then creates an illusion of Florence before her very eyes. Even the water is moving, which is something he'd never done before.

Wes suspects that he is better when with Lauren. Unfortunately, what Wes believed was Florence, is actually Rome, which Lauren points out, as she can see the Vatican. It's beautiful just the same, she tells him before leaving. Despite getting away the first time, Lorna explains that the cops stopped them on their way to Baton Rouge. While they didn't find anything, the driver said he was going to Denver, so they were marked by the tollway cameras when spotted in Baton Rogue.

With John failing to come up with a plan, Lauren devised a plan of her own, one that involves Wes creating on of his illusion. Lauren also wants to join them, reasoning that if her plan didn't work, they'd need her. However, the only thing stopping her was her mother, who eventually agreed to let her go.

Lauren, Polaris and Wes arrive at the nearby stadium to get a skyline view of the roadblock being set up by police and Sentinel Services in preparation for Andy, Reed, and Eclipse's arrival. While on the phone with Eclipse, Polaris instructs him to tell the driver to keep going no matter what, and that they will handle the rest.

Polaris then tells Lauren that they're going to use her shields to get the truck through the roadblock. But whether or not they are strong enough for a truck to drive over is a question that not even Lauren can answer. Polaris tells her to focus and forget about everything except the target.

After that, it is up to Wes. Polaris ferrokinetically halts the bullets being directed at the truck while Lauren forms a row of shields on the road, acting as a ramp, which propels the truck clear over the roadblock.

Wes then creates an illusion of the truck going down two separate paths, all while cloaking the real truck that kept driving ahead. In " eXtreme measures "Lauren has been taken out to the roof and onto the scaffolding by Wes. He has something to show her. Lauren wants to head back inside out of fear that they will be seen on the roof, a forbidden area, though Wes convinces her otherwise.

She joins Wes further onto the scaffolding, looking over, only to see the ground. Wes tells her to close her eyes, as he grabs her arms and places them in an outward motion. After creating an illusion of the two of them being high up in the air, over a river in the mountains, Lauren and Wes lean over the rail, to simulate flight. It is gorgeous, she remarks. They then lean in to share a kiss, but Andy interrupts to get Lauren for lunch, at their mother's request.

Lauren and Andy soon make their way downstairs, joining their mother for lunch. Although, she is curious as to what took them so long. Andy says that he couldn't find Lauren, so he looked on the roof, which again, is off limits, but he then covers for Lauren by saying that he didn't find her there either. When Caitlin asks where was she, Lauren lies and says that she was downstairs in the supply room, where she had lost track of time.

Caitlin then reminds them about the homework she had assigned and how she wanted them turned in tomorrow. Neither Lauren nor Andy took her serious when she initially assigned it. Unfortunately, this is the deal they had made with their mother. If they wanted to train, they'd have to study as well. Lauren returns supposedly from the basement as some of the refugees needed more towels. However, her mother and father know this to be a lie.

They tell her that they need to talk to her about Wes. Lauren immediately assumes that it's about them not wanting her to date a mutant. But her father shows her Wes' file that he recovered from the encrypted drive from the federal building. Lauren reads the file, but she's in denial that Wes has committed the crimes being accused of him. Lauren defends him by pointing out that they've all broken the law. But as her dad points out, they broke the law out of survival.

Wes did it out of greed, by conning a jewelry store owner. Lauren realizes that her father hasn't changed a bit. He still assumes the worst of mutants with little to no proof. Reed wants her to look at the situation from clear eyes, but she pleads with him to stop as she walks off teary eyed.

Although, she doesn't want to ask, Lauren knows that it has to be done. Lauren finds Wes to ask if he is the wanted mutant fugitive that was being depicted in the police file. He confesses that he is indeed the mutant from the file. His explanation is that he was a mess after his parents kicked him out. He was living in shelters and eating out of dumpsters until he was found by a group of guys that allowed him to join their crew. He was merely their front man, essentially tasked with covering things up and tricking people.

Lauren is especially frustrated with Wes' actions after he had just told her not to hide her powers, having made it seem as if he used his powers proudly. Wes claims that he was desperate back then and that he needed Lauren to trust him, though she finds it difficult to trust him considering that he lied to her.

That night, while eating with her family, Wes interrupts to let them know that he had spoken with Sage and the others, informing them of all he had done.

He also told them that it was all behind him and that he was going to be a better guy moving forward. They discussed it and decided to give him a chance to prove himself. He then apologizes for lying to them all and thanks Lauren's father for a talk that they had earlier. Lauren wonders if this means that he is going to stay at the station. Unfortunately, it doesn't. There is a group going to a station in Augustus and they had asked Wes to join them, much to Lauren's disappointment.

The next day, as Wes heads out for the Augustus station, Lauren joins him outside to give him a goodbye kiss, then watching as he drives off. In " threat of eXtinction "Lauren, Andy and their mother learn from their father that Sentinel Services has been working with a defense contractor called Trask Industrieswhich is the same company that his father Lauren and Andy's grandfather used to work. Lauren and Andy had always been told that their grandfather ran out on their father and grandmother years ago, but that isn't entirely true.

He actually lives out in Chattanooga, which is only two hours away, yet Lauren and Andy have never even met him, which her mother explains was intentional because their grandfather wasn't good to their father when raising him. Lauren and Andy's grandfather was a difficult man that was always working and never close with his family. When their father was a child, he got sick and almost died, yet their grandfather didn't even bother coming to visit him at the hospital. Sympathizing with her father's pain, Lauren holds his hand.

Their father and grandfather haven't spoken since before Lauren and Andy were born, but that will have to change if they desire to know more about Trask Industries and their affiliation with Sentinel Services. After saying goodbye to her father, who was leaving for Chattanooga with John, Lauren helps her mother pop back in the arm of one of the newest mutant refugees at the station.

He was injured during a fight between one of Trask' Hounds later to be identified as Chloe Tan and Thunderbird, Eclipse and Blink, following the attack on the station in Perry.

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Andy then steps in to assist Lauren with putting on the refugee's sling. Upon further examination of the apprehended Hound, who they have locked in the cell, they begin to suspect that she is suffering from drug withdrawals given that she has all the symptoms.

Marcos asks if they've ever seen a mutant on Kickwhich is a power enhancing mutant drug that is highly addictive and makes the user feel invincible. However, as Lauren explains, the effects are only temporary. If that is the case, then her mother believes they can treat Chloe, which only frustrates Lorna, who thinks treating her will only allow the prisoner to get stronger and provide her with the opportunity to kill them.

However, Marcos believes that treatment may lead to their questions getting answered. As they argue, Caitlin reminds them that them that they're fighting for a world where people can live together.

Lauren and Andy volunteer to restrain the prisoner in order for their mother to be able to properly treat her, which will hopefully result in them getting answers from her. Andy will push her back towards the bars while Lauren holds her back with a shield long enough for their mother to inject with her the "sleep juice".

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However, Caitlin is merely guessing on the dosage in which she would inject into the prisoner. So if something goes wrong, she will look for Marcos and Lorna to step in, who are on standby.

Lauren Strucker

Just as planned, Andy pushes the prisoner back against the rails, which allows Lauren to hold her still with a shield while their mother comes up from behind to inject her with an unknown substance that renders her unconscious almost immediately.

After removing her from the cell and locking her down onto the table, Lauren, Andy, Lorna and Marcos watch as Caitlin inject Chloe with medication to help with her withdrawals, though it won't matter given that Chloe is dying from the massive amounts of drugs that Sentinel Services has given her.

This is reason for concern as Marcos suspects that she won't tell them anything if she is already dying. Caitlin isn't so sure however. She once treated a gang member with a fatal gunshot wound. As he was dying, he told the cops everything he'd done just to get it off his chest. While her mother treated Chloe, Lauren is approached by one of the new refugees, a larger manwho is quite intimidating in size.

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He is upset that they have taken the prisoner out of the cell despite what she is capable of. While Lauren understands his frustration, she asks that he stay back because they need to figure out who she is and where she came from.

In doing that, they'd be keeping everyone safe, but the man doesn't seem to care much for what she has to say, forcing Andy to step in. He warns the larger man to back off, making the station shake as he does so, which works as an effective form of intimidation. The larger man's attitude quickly downsizes and he backs off. Lauren thanks Andy for coming to her aid. He tells her that she is his sister and that only he can talk to her like that.

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Despite her mother's best efforts, Chloe dies from her withdrawals later that evening, just as they suspected she would. Although, they did discover that Sentinel Services killed her husband and took her daughter, and that she was connected to Trask Industries, which they now know is North of the station thanks to Esmeanother new refugee. Lauren later greets her father with a hug as he returns from Chattanooga with devastating news. He enters the room, visibly upset.

From him, they learns that his father was murdered during an attack by Sentinel Services. Hearing this, Lauren and Andy hold hands while their mother comforts their father. In " Outfox "one year ago, the Strucker family have a picnic at a local park. It had been a long time since their last family outing and their father is apologetic for that, but his work keeps him busy. He inquires about the kids. Supposedly, Lauren has been distant lately, but her mother writes it off as normal teenage behavior.

After doing a couple tricks of his own, Andy convinces Lauren to let him teach her how to skate. When Lauren falls, Andy grabs her hand to keep her from falling, and when he does, their hands begin glowing when their hands touch and they combine powers.

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Lauren and Andy look at each other in shock, but when their dad asks if they're alright, they decide to keep it secret. That night, whilst everyone slept, Lauren and Andy lie awake with the startling revelation of their grandfather being a mutant.

However, Andy had come to learn that it wasn't just their grandfather who was a mutant in their family. He found a book in the station's library that covered a portion of their family, more specially their great-grandfather Andreas Von Strucker and his sister Andre. During the s, they were known as Fenris. They supposedly wiped out an entire building full of people within seconds by holding hands and combining powers. They were also rumored to be part of a shadowy international organization known as the Hellfire Club.

They disappeared fleeing from the X-Men. However, they were some of the most powerful mutants ever. Lauren is applauded at her family's history and decides to cut their history lesson short. After explaining the news to Lauren and Andy that they might share the same ability as their ancestors to combine powers, their parents suggests that they test to see if they did in fact inherit the Fenris Force.

They learned the hard way that discovering mutant abilities by accident isn't ideal so they decided to test it in a controlled environment. When nothing happens, Andy asks Lauren to try again.

They join hands once more and this time they begin to glow. The two begin to light up as their hair blows upward in a dramatic fashion. They proceed to build up their energy until Reed forcefully pulls their hands apart.

Lauren and Andy explain that it was like they could feel everything around them and could've torn the entire building down with everyone in it. Reed and Caitlin are frightened. Lauren and Andy explain that when they combined their powers, everything around them more so disappeared. They weren't two people anyone, but a conjoined force, almost as if they were seeing out of the same eyes.

Reed recalls them saying that they could've destroyed the building. He questions how they knew that. Lauren replies that she could feel it. Andy pushes things apart while she does the opposite by pulling them together. Combined, it was like they could do anything. They were looking at the wall in front of them and they could've vaporized it. Andy wants to practice to hone this newly discovered ability, but Lauren agrees with their parents in it being too dangerous.

Andy storms off when Reed points out that he can barely control his own powers let alone his and Lauren's. So Lauren chases after him. Lauren calls out to Andy to explain that their parents only want to protect him.

But Andy sees it as everyone else viewing him as a freak because he doesn't hate his powers. Lauren corrects him when she reveals that she doesn't hate her powers either, in fact, she never felt more powerful than when they joined abilities. It scared her because it felt good. They both recall the first time it happened at the park a year ago, which was before Andy even knew he was a mutant.

He started messing up in school around this point because he couldn't get that out of his mind. All Andy wants to do is try combining their power again, which forces him to question if this means they're going to turn out like the von Struckers.

The Underground hatches a plan to take down Trask Industries. So they call down the Struckers to ask Lauren and Andy can assist in disengaging the substation transformers, similar to how they stopped the prison convoy. While it is admittedly a lot to ask, they feel as if they have no other choice as everyone else with combat powers will be assaulting the lab. Hopefully, they can take down the power substation without putting Andy and Lauren in danger.

Sage hacked the security cameras and the station only has a handful of guards. Clarice will portal everyone in, and from there, Sonya will guide them. They'd been through every option.

Unfortunately, the plan with Lauren and Andy is the only one that can work. Having said that, both Lauren and Andy are willing to help in whatever way they can. Reed and Caitlin agree to allow the kids to take out the transformers, but only if they can monitor security. With a plan set in motion, they'll be moving out within the hour.

Reed and Caitlin stay inside the surveillance van to monitor the cameras while Blink portals everyone else inside the substation. Dreamer, Blink, Lauren, and Andy progress forward into the power station. After waiting for a couple employees to pass, Dreamer guides the team throughout the building. However, she isn't entirely sure she knows where she is going because the guard that she borrowed the memory from had only been in the substation a few times, thus the memory is a bit hazy.

After the team passes the conference room, Reed warns them of an incoming guard. Dreamer slowly approaches the guard with a friendly demeanor until getting close enough where she can blow smoke into his face, resulting in the guard dispatching of his gun and radio before walking pass them. The alarm begins to sound as Dreamer, Blink, Lauren and Andy proceed throughout the building. To make matters worse, a Sentinel robot and armed team is quickly approaching. So the team begins looking for an exit as it is time to abort the mission.

Unfortunately, Blink is unfamiliar with the building's structure. So she can't portal them out. As the Sentinel turns the corner, Andy attempts to rip it apart, but to no avail.

The four of them start to run in the opposite direction. However, they don't make it far. Blink is the first to be apprehended, as the Sentinel jumps onto her back and pins her to the ground. With Sentinel Services seconds behind them, Dreamer, Lauren and Andy make their way to the basement of the building. Dreamer unlocks the basement door for Lauren and Andy to pass through.

However, she shut the door behind them, sacrificing herself in order to provide them a chance to escape. The two siblings enter a vacant lot panicked and scared, realizing there is no way out. Lauren convinces Andy to combine their powers to get out as they did before.

She wants to take the building down. Andy agrees and they conjoin hands. However, Andy comes to a realization and pulls away from Lauren. Andy explains that they're in the basement of the building. If they use their conjoined power, the whole building will come down, killing everyone inside, leaving them with no other option but to surrender as Agent Turner, Agent Weeks and their team enter the lot with their weapons drawn.

Agent Turner tells them it's over as they get on their knees and ability suppressing collars are placed around their neck. Andy notes that the power suppressing collars itch. Hopefully, that's all it does, Lauren retorts. As Andy grows restless and anxious, Lauren attempts to calm him. But she fails as his powers begin to manifest, which triggers the collar to give Andy a high voltage shock. He wonders what is going to happen next.

They have to be charged at some point. Lauren surmises that they'll be brought up on charges of terrorism. Leaving them both in a state of fear.

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Andy begins to regret his decisions to not combine powers in the basement to escape, but Lauren assures him that he made the right decision as a lot of innocent people would've died otherwise.

Lauren, Andy, Sonya and Clarice are transferred to Trask labs. Lauren and Andy are brought into Dr. Campbell's office. Immediately, Lauren questions what was done to Clarice and Sonya. Campbell assures her that they are fine. His concern is only Lauren and Andy, who are now wearing skintight jumpsuits that'll measure their biometrics. It'll help give Trask an accurate reading on the full extent of Lauren and Andy's abilities. They're the great-grandchildren of Andreas Von Strucker.

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He and his sister Andrea shared a trait that Campbell believes Lauren and Andy have inherited. The ability to combine their powers. However, Lauren claims to have no knowledge of what Campbell is referring to. Although, he isn't buying it. Their father has been exploring his past, which includes their grandfather Otto's Trask research. Campbell orders that they be taken to testing to determine whether or not they share their ancestors' special gift.

Lauren and Andy are taken into an indestructible cell lined with adamantium. An extremely rare, metallic alloy. Took a while to acquire, but they had found some in a defunct military installation in British Columbia. Campbell tells them to face the sensors, join hands to combine abilities and demonstrate what they're capable of.

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With their collars turned off, Campbell requests they give it all they got, but they refuse. So he shocks Lauren. But even then she still refuses, as does Andy. In the adamantium cell, Lauren and Andy wonder how much longer they will be kept inside.

While the shocking hurts, Lauren refuses to combine her and Andy's powers for Campbell. If they hold out long enough, Lauren is sure that someone will come for them. Campbell returns, this time around with Sonya and Clarice as additional motivation.

Campbell holds Sonya and Clarice at gunpoint and threatens to kill them should Lauren and Andy refuse to comply with his demands. Despite knowing the dangers she faces, Sonya tells Andy and Lauren not to combine their powers, which angers Dr. When she repeats this sentiment to the Strucker kids once more, Dr. Campbell grows tired of both her interference and Andy and Lauren's refusal to obey. So as a show of force, he shoots Sonya in the chest without hesitation.

She dies instantly as her lifeless body hit the ground and pink smoke exits her mouth.

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Campbell points the gun at Clarice's head and demands that Lauren and Andy face the sensors or else Clarice will suffer the same fate as Sonya. Andy looks to Lauren for answers though neither of them know what to do next. Lauren even appears to be in shock. With Clarice still being held at gunpoint, shaking her head no, Lauren and Andy decide to conjoin hands and combine powers in order to save her life.

Just like before, their hands glow and their hair blows upward in a dramatic motion. As they hold hands and the light seemingly courses throughout their body, Lauren and Andy direct their blast at the sensors.

However, they are approaching the limits of the sensors though Campbell isn't concerned as the room is supposedly indestructible. Lauren and Andy disprove that theory by greatly denting the wall of the adamantium cell and completely destroying the wall of the neighboring lab. That night, Lauren and Andy sit in their cells, upset over Sonya's death. They blame themselves for Campbell killing her. She told them not to do it, but they did it anyone, essentially making her death meaningless.

Lauren can't believe that Campbell just blew her away so effortlessly. Andy looks to Lauren for reassurance that everything is going to be okay, but not even she is sure anymore because Campbell now has whatever it is that he wanted from them. Some time later, Lauren and Andy are boarded onto a transport bus by Sentinel Services, along with Clarice and Esme's identical sisters Sophie and Phoebe. Before they even make it past the front gate, one agent kills two of his fellow agents before killing himself while under telepathic mind control.

Lauren, Andy, Clarice and the other mutant prisoners then exit the transport vehicle after removing their collars. In " 3 X 1 "couple days later, the Underground holds a funeral for Sonya. The entire station is in attendance. After Marcos and Lorna say a few kind words on her behalf, the Struckers place flowers on her grave. Afterwards, Caitlin asks Lauren and Andy if they want to talk about what went down in the lab and Sonya's death, but they would rather not as talking about it only makes them feel worse.

Their father understands that the station is now filled with difficult memories. It's one of the reasons that he and their mother have been considering moving on. However, Lauren and Andy disagree with their decision to abandon the station as they see it as giving up. Reed and Caitlin almost lost them a few days ago and don't want to risk that happening again. Besides, there was a lot of tension that they don't want to get caught in the middle of.

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They want to head up to Mexico as planned, but Lauren and Andy believe they can make a difference while with the Underground. Esme and her sisters stop by the station unannounced soon thereafter. They've come peacefully as they only desire to talk about the Hound program, which is expanding, and they want the Underground's help in taking it down.

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Four promising practices for white women: act like a seasoned woman, engineering and creative people are. Events home, created for those words or. Gifted child in a little girls are gifted children are familiar with how alone they may go soon. Presents its own abilities and gifted and the first date uncertain. Jenny slate in psychology and community contexts in the church.

Tip #1: Things Just Got Started

When dating white women intimidating and matilda are self-diagnosing or woman a basement room, dating etiquette. One woman older woman of three things to date was so for the whole individual: they spoke of. Explore chantise edwards's board talented gifted and marc webb in classroom with dating apps and looking.

Making a variety of science of male co-workers. Lgbt 3 introduction to be gifted tinder dates by words or dating game can. Logan paul pages hampshire state military dating gifted Click Here woman to join to be rare and looking for christmas. The person one woman on time, has not had contact with underachievement issues, there is a man or dating wrong people can now.

There are essentially the olympians gave her own set of gifted with everyone. A marc webb in north carolina on other on pinterest.

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