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Not only are Turkish women gorgeous and a pleasure to look at because of their usually dark hair and glowing skin, they are also some of the most caring and affectionate ladies worldwide. When you are going out with a Turkish girl, she will let you know if she likes you by being absolutely adorable and impossible to resist. Furthermore, Turkish women have a strong sense of style, so you will feel like the luckiest guy in the world just by simply being able to go on a date with one of them. On this post, we hope to give you enough reasons to try dating Turkish women right now, whether you meet them in your country or while visiting Turkey. Scroll down to find out why you should try to make a Turkish beauty fall in love with you! Reason 1: Turkish women like to pamper their men.

Like your situation, our relationship was a secret. Secret from her family of course. My family knew her and she used to visit us at our home.

One day, checking her phone out, her family learned about us. This is what happened.

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They kept her at home more than a week like a prisoner and took her phone. They cut the communication between us and forced her to end the relationship. She used to love me so much, I knew she would do anything for me but I had so much respect for myself back then that I ended the relationship myself after these events. I mean she would still see me secretly after what happened, but I just couldn't take it. Now after years, she still sends me messages sometimes on facebook and asks how I am doing.

In this experience, it was not religious or conservative reasons which made her family react that way. Because they were not religious. It was class reasons. Now the second long-term relationship is still ongoing and it's almost 4 years. This is so funny because this one is the direct opposite of the previous.

She is from a poor family and she has 11 siblings. Yes Her father is a farmer, mother is a housewife. They are so religious. Our relationship hasn't been kept secret from her sisters and some of her brothers.

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They all know about me and although they are not so warm about this relationship because I am an atheist they don't stand against it. But it is still a secret for her parents. They will not let their daughter to marry a non-muslim and I will have to act like a muslim when I visit them if I really want her. Again, since I have respect for myself, I will not be someone else and this relationship is a dead-end, we both know this but still carrying on. In this experience, it will be religious reason which will put us apart.

In your case, I don't think that 2 years are so much time to have the right to meet her parents, at least that is what she should be thinking.

You should not force her about this matter. You should just let it slide.

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She wouldn't waste her time with someone she doesn't take serious. The point you should focus is what the reason of rejection could be when they know you. I don't think so.

Useful Guidelines for Dating Turkish Women

Turkish people are not so racist. As long as you are a muslim, I don't think that they would care if they are religious. Since you have an arab background, even if you are not a muslim, you can act like one. What looks more probable is the class rejection.

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Her father, as you just said is a classy man and he might want his son-in-law not to be less classy than his daughter is. If that is the case, I don't know what your background is but they would want to learn about your family.

There are some dating culture in Turkey, and recommended things you can do to spend time with your lover in there. The dating culture in Turkey may not apply to everyone, as its only a general picture of how dating are done in Turkey. If you curious about how dating is really done in Turkey, it's not bad to start find a Turkish lover. Also read. Aug 24,   Reason #2: Turkish women are not easy. This could either be good or bad for you depending on what your intentions are when it comes to dating Turkish women. If you are looking for a one night stand or just hooking up, it won't be easy to get a Turkish women to go to bed with you, regardless of what you may have heard before.

I know this is so stupid. People make choices like choosing a car. They only look at the brand, not the engine.


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Turkish Women For Marriage: Everything You Should Know About Turkish Brides. Turkey is one of the most visited countries in the world. It's extremely popular among tourists from Western Europe and from the USA, and its capital, Istanbul, is a popular tourist destination. Jul 06,   Hello guys, Im new to this site so please bare with me. In order to set the scene I shall try and keep it simple and short, so here goes; I am a English/Moroccan guy (I can only speak English, born in England so can basically be regarded as English), and I have been dating my Turkish girlfriend f 5/5(2). Sep 25,   As a Turkish woman I'm answering this question. I'm not a typical Turkish woman actually. Because I don't consider myself one and even if I might have some of typical Turkish traits like possesiveness to an extent, I would rather try to improve my.

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Things you have to know about Turkish ladies

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What are Turkish Women Like - Dating Girls from Turkey. Category: Turkish Dating. by kalyani Turkey is known for its strategic location at the meeting point of the East and West; but apart from its geographical position, Turkey is also blessed to embody in its culture the best of both worlds. Little wonder then that its women are some of. If you're looking for the highest quality matches, these are the 5 best Turkish dating sites and apps to try: Siberalem. One of the oldest dating sites in Turkey, Siberalem has been around since It's packed with beautiful Turkish women, but unless you speak Turkish you'll need a little help in the translation department. Tips on Dating a Turkish Girl. In the early stages of dating a Turkish single, you will face certain obstacles. Turkish women turn out to be a lot to handle for a Western man coming from an entirely different world. Here are some of the most significant tips on managing local beauties: Pay much attention to her. Turkish women are very.

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They truly understand the value of a woman. If we speak about Turkey, there will a lot of things to do and places to visit. If your lover is Turkish, or you plan to visit Turkey with him, here come lists of things you can do in its most famous city, Istanbul.

What would be the most romantic thing in the world other than watching the sun setting together with your lover? In Istanbul, you can witness the sky change its color from blue to pitch black by the river or aboard the boat. Having a glass of drink as a company would make it nicer.

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Turkey has 4 biggest islands, and one of them is Prince Island. You can take a ferry trip for 40 minutes long from Istanbul to get on this islands.

Dating a turkish girl

Cruising the sea together never fail for a couple, and once you arrived at the island, you enjoy the sip of raki, Turkish signature drink. There are also some church in this islands with many historical sites. The first floor served many delicious dinner every day accompanied by live music. Such a perfect combination to enjoy for romantic night. If you want to spend you time with your lover in Turkey, Bosophorus beach is a must visit.

You can also enjoy dinner, as there are so many restaurant served any kind of dinner you may like there. Beyoglu has a main street called Istiklal street. If you want to enjoy casual stroll around the town, this street makes a perfect choice. There are pedestrian style street of shops, cafe, restaurant, and other good places to visit. The street was lined with neoclassical building that will spoil you eyesight.

If you are looking for something different, try to visit Pierre Loti.

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On the top of the hill, stood a historical cafe which served coffee and tea. Turkey offers various kind of things you can do with your love one, including if you want to try Turkish homemade milk and yogurt.

There is small coastal district named Kanlica which famous for its milk and yogurt. You can enjoy Bosophorus view from here.

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