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Think, dating an ex girlfriends sister can not

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Besides, you two are already hanging out. The sisters may have already been talking about it and are cool with it. It doesn't hurt to ask. You don't know how serious the relationship with the first sister was. It may have been nothing. How can you say its nothing. By nothing I mean no real emotional attachment on either side.

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You don't know how serious the relationship with the first sister was. It may have been nothing. How can you say its nothing.

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By nothing I mean no real emotional attachment on either side. If the first sister doesn't have feelings for him, it shouldn't be an issue.

Besides, if the first sister had a problem with it, he and the second sister wouldn't be hanging out.

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Obviously sister one is fine with it. Depends how they broke up doesn't it? If it's in HS I doubt it ended well.


Awkward central. It's hard to just move on when two people like each other. Should I just a little bit?

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Talk it over with Katie we remained friends after our breakup. I feel like no matter how you go about it someone is going to get hurt.

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You can go ahead and try, but I still don't condone it. I definitely think that talking it over with you ex would help a lot should you decide to go through with dating this girl. Good luck! This girl, Katie, and I started dating in January.

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We dated for about two months, and then I found her starting to get kind of annoying. Anyway, we broke up after two months of dating. I had known her sister, Kelli, for awhile, but never really talked to her.

These past few weeks Kelli and I have been talking and hanging out, and I'm starting to really like her. She and her sister are total opposites. Katie is obsessed with her hair and her appearance.

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Kelli cares about her appearance, but is more concerned with her grades and her future, and that's the kind of girl I'm looking for. I do want to date Kelli, but I don't know if that would tear her and her sister apart. IAH: That's totally absurd.

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How absurd? No, I can't date my ex- lover's sister. At some point, my ex and I have had feelings for each other, shared special moments together and all In the event that it does happen, I know the relationship with my ex's sister won't lead to anything serious. God bless you! You said it all! I wouldn't wanna have anything to do with my ex-brother.

can i date my ex girlfriends sister?

That is just not right. HNow how does someone become an ex-brother?

Seun: Ex-brother? What could you do to help re-assure them all? I would suggest that you treat Priya with great respect and kindness whether your relationship with her develops into something or not.

Also, explain to her parents that this relationship will be very different from the one that you had with Alpana. Secondly, is she too young? If you were in your thirties or forties - a six-year age gap would be hardly noticeable but at your ages - it is far more obvious.

Priya may act and look older than she is but the reality is she is still only 17, is not yet an adult and has not left school.

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You are in a different phase of life. The danger of her dating an older man now is that she may come to resent it later if she feels that she missed out in any way on her formative years.

Seriously? Of course not! The only instance in which this would be even slightly appropriate, is in the case of death, like the gentleman stated earlier. You would only drive a serious wedge between a fundamental relationship. Why on earth would y. No dating your ex sister is never a good idea because you ex is going to tell her sister ever thing about you and dating her sister may not end well for . Jan 11, † Can I tell my ex-girlfriend's sister how I feel about her? Our relationships expert, Sarah Abell, offers advice to a reader who would like .

So, I think your idea of waiting is a good one. However, if you are serious about having a lasting relationship with her - I would even suggest waiting a few more years. Giving it longer would allow her more time to grow up and to discover more of who she is and what she wants in life.

No, I can't date my ex-lover's sister. what sister in her right mind will do such a thing? At some point, my ex and I have had feelings for each other, shared special moments together and of a sudden I'm trying to experience the same thing with my ex's sister? Oct 19, † can i date my ex girlfriends sister? You gotta be sensitive this is your ex's sister, which is kinda like dating your ex- girlfriend's best friend which is equally wrong. you should ask her if she's okay with it, and make sure she still doesn't have feelings for you. because if she does, she'll probably be in denial about still liking you.

At the least - I would recommend you wait until she has finished with her current boyfriend and has had some time being single. And finally, is she into you? If she has picked up on the fact that you like her - she may also be flattered by the attention.

Dating an ex girlfriends sister

You will only find out the truth as to whether she likes you romantically or not, if she tells you of her own accord or if you ask her directly. How should you tell her when the time comes? Directly, preferably soberly and without any pressure or too much expectation.

Be prepared that she might not feel the same way. Please indicate if there are any details you would NOT want included in print.

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