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Discover the best Billiard Balls in Best Sellers. Find the top most popular items in Amazon Sports & Outdoors Best Sellers. Pro Series Kandy Pearlized Pool Balls Billiard Set. 4 out of 5 stars. Total Ratings 6, Billiard Balls Aramith Premium Pool Ball Set 2 1/4" Valley Dynamo Cougar Aramith Billiards Roll Duramith Magnetic Cue Ball. 5 out of 5 stars. Total Ratings 3, Aramith Billiards CONTINENTAL Pool Table Ball Set. out of 5 stars. Total Ratings 8. Billiard pool balls are durable, but they are also prone to staining, especially when subject to unclean surfaces or chalk. It is relatively easy to clean billiard balls. All you need is a magic eraser, a sink, a bottle of bleach, a pair of cleaning gloves, a dishrag, a oz cup, and a tub.

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This section includes all types of pool ball sets, replacement billiard balls, snooker ball sets, training balls and novelty ball sets. Traditional Ball Sets. Novelty Ball Sets. Snooker & Carom Sets. Cue Balls & 8 Balls. The balls are okay if you do not care about regulation weight, these balls weighed in at to ounces, although advertised as regulation weight. The Izsybilliard balls probably are at regulation weight, since my community complex has the same exact balls and design and weighed in at regulation weight/5. Antique Pool & Billiard Balls K S T Looking for antique pool balls to go with your prized antique billiard table? We've got you. Established in and serving billiard enthusiasts online since , we have a history of restoring antique billiard tables and accessories using the highest-grade materials for the.

Ballsak Pro Cue Ball Case. Ballsak Pro cue ball case is made out of top quality Red, white, and blue Ballsak Sport cue ball case.

Single Replacement Pool Balls For your Pool Table. Ballsak Pro cue ball case is made out of top quality Red, white, and blue Ballsak Sport cue ball case. Ballsak Sport cue ball case you can be sure that every Aramith 8 Ball replacement pool ball. Aramith 2 1/4" Blue dot cue ball. Aramith 2 1/4" blue logo phenolic cue ball. How can I tell if my antique pool balls are ivory and worth money or just regular pool balls. Hi there ?? Billiard balls that has the lines and swirls of ivory grain seen through the color is a kind of striation that might indicate that the balls in question are ivory. If it does not have this it only means that the ball is made from. Trying to ID old pool balls: I came across a box of pool balls at an antique shop, but the owner doesn't seem to know what the balls are made of. They are definitely not ivory. I was wondering if anybody has an educated guess. He wants $45 for them and I figured I'd try to ID them before taking them. $45 seemed high. Here's the.

You can Ballsak Sport Cue Ball Case. Ballsak Sport cue ball case you can be sure that every Aramith 8 Ball.

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Aramith 8 Ball replacement pool ball. Aramith Blue Dot Cue Ball.

What's inside a Billiard Ball?

Aramith Blue Logo Cue Ball. Aramith Crazy Eight Ball. Aramith Red Circle Cue Ball.

Aramith Red Dot Cue Ball. The numbers had no ink on them, but were engraved into the ball. The numbers looked like an engraved outline with crosshatching in one direction only diagonally across the number. There was also an engraved circle around each number, but there was no white background.

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The ball color continued through where the number is. In addition to cracks, there were numerous small gouges. I can't tell if these are some kind of composite, or clay.

Dating billiard balls

Is there a quick and easy way to identify clay balls without harming them? Oh, and there were several chalks in the rack. One of the chalks looked very old, had a black paper wrap on it, and was from Italy.

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Thanks for any ideas, dwhite. I think this is called "scrimshaw. I haven't seen this before on clay balls.

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The best reference for this sort of thing is the Stellingas' book on billiard collectibles. I'll try to see if they have any colored-eye, scrimshawed-number sets shown. The prices they quote are generally a little high, but that depends on the condition of the item. Based on your description I'll go pick them up. The edges of the box are even dovetailed!

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He is also throwing in an old wood rack. No idea where it came from though. How far back does archive sales? I wonder if still has any scrimshawed balls listed. I didn't see any. One thing I forgot.

Antique Pool & Billiard Balls

The cue ball is in pretty good shape compared to the others, and has a red dot on it. Not as far as I do Normally they don't keep any info for more than 30 days or so. Some of the old chalk is worth that depending on type and condition.

I'd get them but then I'm sort of a shopaholic. Would look nice displayed anyway. Where did you say that store was? Better get back there before someone else snatches em up. Buy them then figure out what they are.

I've done that many times. They sound like early clay balls from description but not sure. I'm going over there this am to pick them up. I'll report back when I have them. Hopefully my memory served me well and I didn't make too many erroneous comments earlier. Bob - I picked up that set of balls this morning. One thing I was wrong about is that there ARE white backgrounds for the scrimshawed numbers. I don't know what made me think they were colored backgrounds.

They were quite dirty, so maybe that's why? I hope I didn't send you on a wild goose chase on that. There are some light cracks around some of the numbers and I think that is why I thought the balls had engraved circles around them.

Some random observations that might help tell what I have? I need to get a digital camera : The balls are actually in much better condition than I thought. The 1 and the 8 balls have some significant cracks, but I am sure neither one would fall apart if dropped. The 13 has a crack at the division between the orange ring and the white part of the ball.

Some of the balls have small cracks in a ring around the white number background. The rest of the balls are virtually crack free except for some small crazing and nicks. The cue ball has no cracks. It does have more crazing around the equator of the ball, and little at the top and bottom.

I want to believe this cue ball is ivory, but I think that is wishful thinking.

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I gave the balls a light cleaning and the 4 ball is a dark blue much like the 2 balls of today, rather than purple, and the 2 ball is a light, sky blue. Maybe this will help date them. The numbers are definitely scrimshawed, and appear to be done by hand. The crosshatching is not identical on like numbers.

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Maybe they had stamps used to imprint the scrimshaw? If so, they must have had different stamps.

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