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Dating Daisy by Daisy Mae. Hello everyone, I am Daisy. I am a doctor, a writer - oh and an amateur ballroom dancer! I am just publishing my first novel Dating Daisy which is a romantic fiction novel all about internet dating over Why internet dating of course!

What should she say about herself? With basic computer skills she sets off and creates her profile. She decides to keep a diary and makes up rules for her journey. Daisy is a Sexual Health doctor by profession.

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She gets advice from her seventeen year old daughter, but midlife internet dating is an intimidating endeavor. Daisy has friends in her life that are amusing and helpful.

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She forges ahead in her quest to find a lifelong partner even though there is ups and downs and trials and tribulations. Will Daisy find the love of her life? It is full of funny narratives, tips and ideas on finding a man online, and tales of her job as a Sexual Health doctor. Author, Daisy Maebrings humor to events that are hard to believe. She tells of the good, the bad and the ugly of the internet dating scenario. She has a great talent for quips and one liners. Daisy thought she was married for life.

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But that not being the case, she has to bravely enter the world of dating again. Daisy Mae has a gift for writing. She is hilarious and poignant at times. She has a way with words that keep the reader compelled to read on.

She uses amusing anecdotes regarding her daily work as a Sexual Health doctor. I laughed out loud on more than several occasions.

Daisy Mae

Daisy goes through the gamut of online male daters. She quickly learns that they are not all they say they are. Her standards as to the type of man she is looking for are rather high or I should say specific. So I kept wondering if she would truly ever find Mr.

Dating Daisy is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, joy, sadness, disappointment and victory. For women that are middle aged looking for a second chance, this is a must read. Especially if they are considering online dating. Daisy gives us the low down on internet dating. She keeps a diary and writes poems.

All very entertaining and mostly amusing. It is a very realistic story, with realistic characters. The characters are likable and well developed with multilayered personalities. The storyline and plot is unique and entertaining. I loved Dating Daisy.

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I think readers of all ages will love it too. I loved the stories of her profession as a Sexual Health doctor. She gives us a glimpse into that area and it is mostly funny. Her 26 year marriage to Voldemort is touched on as well. Click here to read what others have got to say about my book 'Dating Daisy'. Mahiraj Jadeja. Love Romance Books.

Dating daisy mae

Lilac Mills. We'd love to hear from you. The font is tiny and there are far too many words crammed onto every page. There's too much copy on the back cover, and, at over pages, divided into about a million chapters, the book is very daunting to start. I nearly didn't. And, because it's so long, it's expensive, too.

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There are typo's on almost every page, and I agree with other reviewers that the endless use of the 'And here's the thing' phrase is annoying; and that the sexual health stories, though highly entertaining in their own right, don't belong to the thread of Daisy's story which I don't believe for a moment is fiction, except possibly the sudden surprise existence of perfect Edward.

I found Daisy being referred to in the third person, and talking about her mates as 'amigos', irritating too. Having said all of the above, Dating Daisy is the first book that I've thoroughly enjoyed for years!

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I found myself looking forward to going to bed with her every night, for a jolly good chat. I even found myself having to read the last bit in the morning before getting on with the rest of my day - something I would never normally do. And now I've finished the book, I miss her! I have been searching for an engrossing chick-lit book for months and months, and, at last - here we are!

I would very much like to swap experiences with the real Daisy in real life, and hope we might meet one day. I think she should be proud enough of her book to write it under her true name, and I think she should try and get it properly published and professionally edited.

It needs tidying up and presenting in a more user-friendly way. Perhaps Daisy should turn it into two books - one on dating, and the second one called 'Diary of a Sexual Health Worker' because, writing as someone who devours this kind of thing, I think 'Daisy's worth it'!

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Good luck Daisy Mae! I do hope you're still happily loved-up,and that your great big re-vamped house is still in one piece!


Imogen could make the breakfasts! Can we get together? Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again. Just simply brilliant! Imagine a scenario where you had to begin life anew, maybe going unto your first class in school, college, or just simply something akin to teething or cutting your cloth in a new environment or field. Get a load of this in Dating Daisy.

Mother of one, Daisy Mae, has to venture into the dating world again after an unceremonious divorce from her husband, ongoing thirty years being tagged with one individual. Absolutely crazy! Dating Daisy is simply hilarious, entertaining and compassionate. Enjoy the humor, the laughs and the different stories. Eponymous or not, Daisy sure knows how to spin a story! I chose this book because I liked the simplicity of the book cover and the colors, pink, blue and yellow work really well together and made it very appealing to look at.

I found myself looking at the front cover often while I was reading. If you are thinking about online dating, I would highly recommend this book.

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I admired the fact that she made a decision to continue dating after 30 years of marriage. Although she found it difficult at first, she persevered until she got it right. The book is fun to read, the author has got a great sense of humour because I found myself in fits of laughter. After years of marriage comes to an end there are obviously a lot of emotions flying about. This is a story about a woman who is now ready to dip her toes into the dating pool yet again however this time things are different.

Times have changed and as a single parent Daisy feels that online dating is her best chance. The author has done a brilliant job in creating a witty and relatable story. Laugh out loud is a phrase that fits this book perfectly. For readers who are in a long term relationship it really makes you understand the challenges and awkwardness of dating in today's age. You can tell that part of the story definitely comes from personal experience which adds to the humour.

I am personally in a very happy relationship and I loved this story. I would highly recommend especially for those who are planning to try online dating. I should confess at the outset that I'm not the target audience for the book as I'm a happily married woman who hopes never to try the world of internet dating first hand. A lot of the book is very amusing although the lines between fact and fiction become blurred and I was unconvinced of the veracity of some of the stories.

What I ultimately found irritating were the spelling and grammatical errors and how naive 'Daisy Mae' could be at times despite her considerable life experience. Load more international reviews. Actually coming from the mouth of a 10 years mostly single 28 year old I have just realised how out of the loop I am.

When my kids are adults I might one day give it a go. This book is actually hilarious and so real! Its a bit long to read though l haven't got all the way through because I am heartbroken and can't bear some of the emotions that I have, but when I feel I have healed I'm probably going to read this over and over again. Actually Daisy, it would be really cool if l knew you in real life! A reader who is considering online dating would do well to read this easy to read and entertaining book, written by a lady who actually did the deed.

This person had been married for thirty years, so when she became single again, dating was foreign territory for her. The rules had changed, so she was forced to change the way she looked at dating. She had to learn to describe herself in ways that would attract the opposite sex, yet not promise too much.

You had to commiserate with her as she searched for the right words. Would this description turn the right man off? She had to learn to look at the ways men described themselves, then figure out that some of the men had "oversold" themselves in order to entice an attractive lady.

Mar 11,   Dating Daisy by Daisy Mae. Hello everyone, I am Daisy. I am a doctor, a writer - oh and an amateur ballroom dancer! I am just publishing my first novel Dating Daisy which is a romantic fiction novel all about internet dating over Dating Daisy - By Daisy Mae. 66 likes. This is my novel all about Internet Dating in your 50's! - Oh and about life as a doctor in a sexual health clinic! It may just make you laugh!Followers: Dating Daisy - Kindle edition by Daisy Mae. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note /5(21).

Daisy realized she was ucountryconnectionsqatar.comepared for the experience of on-line dating, and so were most of the men she met. After all, they were all looking for the same thing: someone to care for them.

Dating Daisy is a book about online dating fiction and follows the story of Daisy, a middle-aged woman who turns to online dating in search of romance after many years in an unfulfilled marriage. Sometimes it is necessary to make a conscious decision to put the past behind you and change for the better. By David Sedaris First Published in ,the again in an and has been reprinted in , (twice), (twice) and in Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Dating Daisy at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users/5(21).

Most of them were looking for long term relationships, and it was amusing to see the ways they went about it.

The ups and downs of their online courting are very entertaining. Sometimes you find yourself laughing, other times needing a tissue.

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You sometimes cringe and other times fear for the consequences. Daisy keeps you guessing at the outcome right up to the end. A good read served up by a good writer.

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