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He thought the idea was hilarious after Carlisle brought it up from his time as a doctor. Caius makes everyone take off their shoes after Demetri and Felix wore seven inch heels five years in a row. Monday afternoons were probably your favorite; you and Demetri would soak in a bubble bath after a long Monday. Demetri would just grin so much that his cheeks would start to burn in an unseeable blush. He would be so happy that you played along rather than teased him for it, holding it over his head like Master Aro does. On Tuesday mornings, before going off to track, Demetri would wake you up early to take care of your hair. You always complained how tangled it would get as you slept.

But, that would have to wait - he wanted to spoil you first and have your full attention on himself before even talking about having a little hybrid of your own. Thanks for asking this, anon!

Aro is absolutely delighted by children. But, he may be tempted to push a child in a certain direction to see if it would lead to a certain gift development. He likes seeing what will happen for his own curiosity. Athenodora enjoys when young children are in that stage where they are unabashedly nerdy about science and math. Caius may surprise some folks with how patient he is with children. The parents would just assume they heard about the myths during the festival though.

Keep reading. Originally posted by elphabaforpresidentofgallifrey. His favorite part of his body is his face; he jokes about being hand crafted by the gods but actually believes it. C - Cum Anything to do with cum basically. Demetri loves eating you out solely to taste your cum. He was always so embarrassed by it that he masked it by flirting with everything that moved.

Therefore, he succumbed to waiting for his mate you. Missionary, because he gets to see every face you make as you climax which helps him reach his own. The Stand and Carry position is a very close second because he loves the feeling of you in his arms as you grind onto his length.

However, if everything has been fine, he likes to make jokes and puns right before you have an orgasm so that you laugh so much you have to start over. Very well groomed. Demetri takes his personal hygiene very seriously. And yes, the carpet matches the drapes. Except for that time Felix replaced his Fur Pubic Oil with pink dye - you had never laughed so much until he pulled down his pants while you two were in an intimate moment Demetri was just as surprised but not as amused as you were.

Demetri is romantic af. Being a virgin until he met you, he master-bated A LOT. Usually in the privacy of his own bedroom where no one can hear him be lonely and sexually frustrated. But, now that he has you, he prefers to watch you master-bate, instructing you on where to place your fingers and rewarding you with praise when you do what he says.

K - Kink One or more of their kinks. Yet, he has developed an addiction to the thrill of semi public sex, such as broom closets, bathrooms, and alleyways. Referring back to C, he prefers giving oral just to watch you wriggle and writhe just from the movements of his mouth. Although, he would never reject an offer for receiving. Demetri is the slow and sensual type of guy, opting for showing you his love with gentle petting, soft words, and slow thrusts.

However, if he caught you and anyone else getting too close to one another, expect a rough and thorough fucking. On more than one occasion you two may or may not have been caught with your pants down, too engrossed in your pleasure. Expect every day to feel like your honeymoon phase.

As long as you show signs of being willing, he will continue.

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He has a bit too much confidence in his dick. He believes toys are for those not well endowed. Before he met you and had to resort to master-bating, he was ashamed to the point where he forced himself to be silent. You get a good mix between embarrassed and amused that you eventually start joining in. Now the whole of the Volturi hates you two - even the wives who are up in the god damn tower.

Like seriously, wtf is wrong with you two? Of course Here are a few of my headcanons! If you want any more for a specific character or characters, let me know :.

Jane and Alec using their twin powers in front of others to make group decisions and Demetri constantly having to remind them to use their words. We can get the kids souvenirs later. I do thank you for coming with me, I must admit coming back here never holds good memories for me. Not for you two. Aro greets them with his usual flourish.

demetri volturi headcanons

Marcus points to a side door and nods as he glides to stand with them. Esme slips through the doorway and begins to follow the spiraling staircase. Esme looks up to see Sulpicia glaring at her.

Read Dating Felix Volturi would include from the story Twilight Preferences by klaine_ (anonymous_) with 1, reads. sethclearwater, romance, twiligh. Read Dating Demetri Volturi would include from the story Twilight Preferences by klaine_ (anonymous_) with 1, reads. sethclearwater, alecvolturi, e.

You have no business being near the chambers of the guards and wives. Esme makes it up the rest of the stairs unbothered, Demetri having walked with Sulpicia to her room. Esme keeps much quieter than she needs as she hears a faint humming.

Intrigued she steps towards the half open door. Still the humming pauses. Still she does not miss the hope that flickers on the boys face. She gapes at him, hands reaching out as he curls into her chest. The girl that stands in the doorway is almost a mirror image.

Only the slightest details betray their differences. She appeared while I was working. She answers all their questions about her strange eyes, and strange voice, and why she has come. Alec and Jane as she learns have been working for the Volturi for centuries. They do love their job; two of the highest guards, they preen at her amazement. Esme carefully files every piece of information they let past their lips, excited to have someone who has never heard their stories to listen.

It takes them almost an hour to make it back to the throne room. Carlisle stands worried. Aro frowns at the closeness of them. His frown grows darker. Esme pushes Jane and Alec behind her as she sees fear flash on their faces.

To allow such lies to spill from her lips? Would she allow the same for her own children? The coven you let her play house with?

Do you honestly think we would allow two of our best guards to leave? Let alone leave with the closest we have to rivals? They would have to be killed. Santiago, please. The doors close with a bang. Esme stands, tense, keeping Jane and Alec behind her. She looks up to the thrones. Marcus is gone, Sulpicia lounging in his throne her body casually draped over the chair, the fire in her eyes increasing as they step closer to her.

Nobody makes a sound as the snap echoes off the halls walls. Demetri and Felix are frozen. Caius and Sulpicia both stand leaning closer towards them. Alec and Jane squirm, Felix and Demetri not loosening their grips.

Esme stands staring at her arm, which now lies on the ground. She looks up watching Felix; she nods her head a fraction.

It has been a pleasure. I believe that is my cue to leave then. How silly of me to forget. Ah it. Pardon my slip up. Thank you so much for the tour it was wonderful. I look forward to coming back soon. My mate and I would be honored to be asked back. Aro stiffens he can feel her crushing his stone arm into dust. She smiles. Esme retreats from the doorway that Santiago had opened.

Felix towers behind them keeping watch as they return to the airport and move through security as one. None of them bother mentioning the passports and documents Esme had for the four of them. They do not talk about how Alec complains, how he and Jane pick up their voices whining and crying that Esme is not their aunt. Carlisle refuses to look at them as they beg. Felix follows Carlisle lead and pretends to sleep as Esme mollifies her new children, Demetri carefully listening as she explains the rules they have to follow.

Carlisle refuses to admit he enjoys their excitement and being told they get to hunt real bears and cougars. Since today is transgender day of visibility, my headcanon is that Demetri is t r a n s g e n d e r.

Twilight Volturi Charlie Bewley and Daniel Cudmore Discuss Breaking Dawn Part 2

Support My Writing? How often does thottery lead to in-house problems for the volturi? But it can get annoying pretty fast when that thottery gets aimed at another vampire, or a particularly useful secretary. Originally posted by may-in-september.

Originally posted by bens-hardy. This is going to be the most overly detailed and long answer ever; so it will be partially under a cut. I will be focusing more on modern games because ancient history well. Aro : Red Flags. The goal is to convince the friend whose judging that your fake date is still the best for whatever reason, despite having this major flaw arguing is encouraged.

Aro, of course, is really great at sabotaging relationships. So, of course, he enjoys this game.

Dating felix volturi would include

He also knows exactly what everyone wants in a mate, and is good spinning the negative cards into positives because he knows how everyone thinks. Although, there will have to be edits to the game to make it more vampire friendly. Twilight Read Along: Demetri Edition. Your first sign that something was off was that Demetri was fidgeting more than usual.

On the first few dates, he was quite nervous - twitching and fidgeting relentlessly. However, the more you two got comfortable with one another, the easier it got for him to breathe. Yet, after three months of being together and an endless amount of dates, Demetri seemed to be a nervous mess once more. You looked at the date, what you wore - anything that could make him a sweaty hot mess if he were human. However, when he was warned by Mephisto to not push your buttons, he begrudgingly would comply.

His lack of emotions, other than rage, make it difficult to read the Demon King, and so it is difficult to say whether or not his opinion of you had or would change.

Dating Demetri Volturi would include: You being a vampire and living off of humans (because that's just the way the Volturi roll) Him going on missions all the time because his work is important to him and it's a big part of who he is. - multifandomimagine3s Over-protective Alec, ready to rip out the throat of whoever tries to flirt with you Jane dislikes you to begin with, as she believes you'll steal her brother away, but soon takes a liking to you being around not that she'd ever admit it He always makes sure you're safe and sound Being his bloodsinger When the time comes, he turns you - with your consent. Dating Felix Volturi would include He's very protective of you, his bloodsinger Felix will literally fight anyone who either flirts or talks bad about you Demetri teases him all the time .

Originally posted by dailyexorcist. How the hell did that happen?! On a different note, it is oddly nice to meet another half-demon kid - especially one his age.

Originally posted by anima-posts. Yukio Okumura: Wtf. Like seriously, wtf?! Are the Vatican aware of your existence? Originally posted by yakumocchi. Konekomaru Miwa: Nope, nope, nope - bye! This poor boy has heard enough. Shiemi Moriyama: This pure bean is a sweetheart. Your Erron Black smut fics are deliciously great. Originally posted by loopedgifs.

Ok, that Erron black fic? Thank you so much! Hi there! Just posted it here. Originally posted by sooper-dee-dooper-natural. Posts Ask me anything : Archive. As time goes on, the people around him started to notice the subtle changes in his behaviour - specifically when you were in the vicinity. The Bakusquad - namely Mina - are tired of his pining, and so, they make a plan. Bakugou swears he can feel his blood boil in his veins as he watches Denki try and flirt with you.

How dare that bastard try to take you away from him! Next thing you know, Bakugou has your hand in his, practically dragging you away, sparing Denki a heated glare that had the blond turning a few shades paler. I like you, Dumbass. Originally posted by mypetokumura Renzou Shima: Horny Boy is horny, but what else is new. Originally posted by shizukku Konekomaru Miwa: The poor boy nearly faints out of shock.

Originally posted by yuukibutterfly Izumo Kamiki: She pretends to not care, but she does. Originally posted by renzou-shima Shura Kirigakure: Oh, okay.

Originally posted by akuman0mi Mephisto: His demon instincts picked up on the threat before he was aware of what you were, so naturally his response was to stay out of your way.

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