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Hohner has been making moderately priced acoustic guitars since the s. Beginning players favor them for their inexpensive pricing and solid construction. Playing a Hohner guitar has at least one major disadvantage, however-It's impossible for a Hohner owner to tell for certain when the guitar was made. Unlike other guitar makers that use specifically coded serial numbers to signify a guitar's month and date of production, no such system exists for Hohner guitars. Dating a Hohner guitar requires the owner to describe the instrument in detail and ask the company to estimate the date of manufacture.

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Early rounded neck heel design with pearloid trim piece at bottom of joint. Flat back.

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No neck binding yet. Small pickup surrounds with setscrews to adjust pickup height.

Hofner: Hand Made in Germany

Carved top in some cases, laminated in others. Staple pole pickups spaced further apart on body.

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Hofner horizontal script logo decal, commonly referred to as "transfer logo". The Sir McCartney spec bass. Small pickup surrounds attached to pickup with four setscrews to adjust height.

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Rounded back. Laminated top. Transition year.

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Bound neck and raised plastic Hofner logo phased in, as well as larger Gibson-style pickup surrounds. Blade type pickups phased in along with square, flush to body neck heel. Black selector switches phased in Smaller Hofner transfer logo phased in to replace raised logo.

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Enclosed tuners are individual with humped gear cover. Metal tuning buttons replace plastic.

Pot dates can be a useful tool in dating guitars. But remember this is the date that the potentiometer was produced. Pots in an older guitar may have been replaced, and this should be considered, especially if the date suggested does not fit with other features of the guitar. Unlike other guitar makers that use specifically coded serial numbers to signify a guitar's month and date of production, no such system exists for Hohner guitars. Dating a Hohner guitar requires the owner to describe the instrument in detail and ask . A personal site full of resources. Freeware, Music, Video, Art and Theater. Keith Cooper presents just about everything from Hofner Guitars, World Cams and Free soundtracks for videos, to travel photos and digital art. Enjoy.

Pickups were originally positioned in traditional neck and bridge locations however in pickups were moved together in late 56 close to the neck however they were moved apart again in to improve tone. Dating Vintage Hofner basses is always tricky as transitions were often gradual and older parts can appear on newer models depending on parts supplies and other factors.

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Here are a few general rules of thumb that can be used as general guidelines but there are always exceptions to these guidelines. The headstock featured a new vertical Hofner logo that replaced the diamonds on the headstock see photo below.

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The control panel cover went from an oval panel to rectangular control panel. The Hofner logo on the body is no longer present.

the section of the vintage hofner website which deals with the many guitar and bass guitar models produced by the hofner company from the late 's up to the present day. this is the vintage hofner website's 21st year Hofner's classical guitars are well-suited to novice and professional players alike. With Hofner In your collection, you'll quickly understand what made this luthier the biggest maker of stringed instruments in their native Western Europe. Well-built and great-sounding, Hofner's guitars and basses live up to their reputation with ease. Dating by other local "Ser. No." Importers in other countries used different systems. In Sweden for example, the Hofner agent stamped the upper side of the headstock with the model code, for example , followed by three or four digits, for example , where 10 indicates month and 63 stands for the year.

In Hofner went to 22 frets and had transitioned out of strip tuners by Late 61 saw pickups add adjustment screws. In 62 pickups moved further apart. Most basses now have a raised plastic logo which was phased in during A small headstock logo now replaces the plastic raised letter logo.

General Hofner Bass Dating Guidelines. Hofner /1 Violin Bass: The original /1 Violin Bass featured shown above featured oval control panel, diamonds on the headstock, flat body back, a small Hofner logo on the body and 20 frets. Hofner /1 Violin Bass: Most basses added a fret for a total of 21 frets in The headstock. rows  HOFNER GUITAR PROJECT - PART 7: DATING HOFNERS. Part 7 Dating . Hofner produces a large range of classical and acoustic guitars and an exciting range of electric guitars. Today we are the largest manufacturer of stringed instruments in Europe exporting products throughout the world through our extensive dealer network.

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