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Jessica Jones is coming back to the small screen, streaming on Netflix in March Characters who are confirmed to be returning with her include Trish Walker, her beloved adopted sister; Malcolm Ducasse, her assistant at Alias Investigations; and Jeri Hogarth, the lawyer who hires her to turn up dirt to help her win divorce cases. Also confirmed to be making a cameo: David Tennant as Kilgrave, who will be appearing in one episode. But will anyone else from last season reappear, like say, Will Simpson? Who is Will Simpson? And why might he reappear when others would not? While their relationship is seriously screwed up, Jessica and Kilgrave were a couple at one time, though it wasn't Jessica's choice.

It was Kilgrave who took over Will's mind and convinced him to go do this, both as a warning to Trish to not trash his name on-air and to get Jessica Jones' attention. It certainly got Jones' attention. She stopped Will from killing her sister, but only by fooling him into believing his mission was accomplished. When the mind control wore off, he returned in a panic, believing Trish to be dead, and was shocked when he discovered she wasn't. Jones used his guilt to get him to help her access CCTV footage from around the city to help solve who Kilgrave had stalking her.

Marvel's Jessica Jones: Season 3 - Date Announcement - Netflix

Inviting Simpson back into their lives was the wrong move. The next thing Jessica knows, he and Trish are dating, and he's doing everything he can to try and "protect" Jessica when she's the one with superpowers and he isn't. What Jessica didn't know is that, long before Kilgrave ever laid eyes on Simpson, he had been a voluntary subject of clinical trials for drugs that basically turn one into a superhero.

Simpson might have kept it hidden, but he was not so smart about it. He first attempted to kill Kilgrave with a bomb, but Kilgrave just turned the bomb back on him, sending Simpson to the hospital, where his miraculous recovery, aided by Dr. Simpson began binging on the pills which he called "Combat Enhancers" and went after Kilgrave once more. Simpson failed, but his rage stroke from the meds when he returned and tried to take Jessica out freaked Trish out once and for all.

She decided to break up with him, and then the two women defeated him by crushing him under a refrigerator.

Dating jessica jones would include

They left his body, believing him dead, but our final scene suggested he wasn't. Kozlov arrived with guards to collect Simpson, lest he, his medicated abilities, and the details of the drugs he was taking, get out. Will that be the last we see of Simpson? Or will he return in Jessica Jones Season 2?

We'll find out when all thirteen of the episodes arrive on Thursday, March 8, Who Is Will Simpson? On top of that, I am actually skeptical of what next year's going to bring for Netflix via Marvel and their collaboration with Disney. It they keep this up, I might have to reconsider my subscription because this is not working for me.

Krysten Ritter is one of my favourite actresses, she never ceases to surprise me with her talent. Jessica Jones is one of the TV shows that I have become addicted to. The way Ritter has portrayed her character has brought the superhero to life. I can not think of anyone else that would suit this role more than Krysten. As I look at these reviews, I see a lot of people that have watched one or two episodes and anointed this show as innovative and the best of its kind.

To this end, I watched every episode of this show before deciding to review it. I never review shows because I am not a fan boy nor am I self-important enough to think my opinion holds that much weight. I will say however that this show was extremely disappointing and it does not deserve its initial praise. To praise it is to beg for more like it and I can do no such thing. I was wrong. It was not until after the fact that I noticed this show was "created" by the woman who penned the Twilight films and also wrote two episodes of this show.

This should have been a dead giveaway I should've cut and ran. The story has no arc. There is only a thirteen episode cat and mouse runaround derailed by incessant Hamlet-esque thinking aloud before every move, torture scenes, unnecessary characters that I never wanted to get invested in, bad fight choreography and no masterfully interwoven plot.

Unlike Luke Cage, the only thing that gives Jones special abilities on screen are shots of her throwing people followed by shots of people landing far away, knocking over walls, etc. Killgore's abilities and malice are vastly underutilized. The writing is also to blame. Spoilers If anyone can remember back to Daredevil, think of when Wilson Fisk's name is spoken and the hit-man impales himself to avoid Kingpin's wrath. The thought of someone so sinister, so evil that you would kill yourself before facing the consequences of defying him, it gave me chills.

Killgore actually has the ability to make you kill yourself and others, to commit murder in his name and the follow-through of this show made him little more than an annoyance by the end You could say that Killgore stays under the radar so as not to confirm Jones' pleas that Hope did not kill her parents, that it was mind control.

They were given a dark, corrupt city already outlined in Daredevil. This should have been a home run. Instead, they gave me Twilight and chase scenes set to jazz.

TouchTheGarlicProduction 20 November He is better than any other Marvel movie or TV villain ever seen before. He is truly terrifying but oddly hypnotizing. He can make you do whatever he tells you to. Not only does David Tennant's charisma make this believable, but the writers use it in a lot of cool ways. As a villain, he's right up there with Heath Ledger's Joker.

Krysten Ritter Jesse's girlfriend from season 2 of Breaking Bad plays the lead. It's great to see a Female Marvel lead, and she delivers a wonderfully understated performance. The show starts off as a gritty detective show with dry humour and not much of Tennant. However, as the show goes along, it evolves into something much cooler.

It gets darker but also funnier, and Tennant's involvement becomes larger. In conclusion, Jessica Jones is a very binge-able show with a memorable villain and a great lead that doesn't need much prior knowledge despite tying into the Marvel universe. In my opinion, it's even better than Daredevil. Arguably the best superhero show to date ClaraBosswald 20 November If you're considering watching this show, chances are you've already watched Marvel's Daredevil and know what to expect: a darker, grittier tone than the rest of the Marvel universe, great production values and strong characterization.

It delivers all those things and more. Jessica Jones tells the story of a retired superhero, a woman who tried to help and failed. Jessica is a broken character; she suffers from PTSD, has nightmares and constant flashbacks and drinks a lot.

She's an incredibly compelling protagonist; flawed but strong, broken but fighting, sad but with a sarcastic edge that makes her funny and easy to love.

The show isn't afraid to explore dark themes of sexual assault, rape and abortion and it does so with taste. The victims are not shown being raped; the viewer is just expected to believe them without titillating rape scenes to prove the facts.

As a survivor herself, Jessica shows both the signs of her trauma and the will to fight back. Women in Jessica Jones suffer, they fail, but they fight. Unlike Daredevil's Kingpin, Killgrave is a threat from the first episode which results is better pacing Daredevil took 4 episodes to find its feet in my opinion. The show doesn't waste time with an origin story or training sequences; it takes you straight into the action and doesn't let you go.

Jessica Campbell Jones Cage is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos and first appeared in Alias #1 (November ), as part of Marvel's Max, an imprint for more mature content. Within the context of Marvel's shared Created by: Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Michael . Dating Jessica Jones would include Requested by anon WARNINGS: mentions of alcoholism Being the first person who makes Jessica realize that there's still some good in the world Jessica trying. Feb 27, † Jessica Jones is coming back to the small screen, streaming on Netflix in March Characters who are confirmed to be returning with her include Trish Walker, her beloved adopted sister Author: Ani Bundel.

A definite success for Marvel. I really wanted to give this show a shot, but the main character is just not very believable and I don't know who this show is supposed to appeal to. It's like they are trying to glorify dangerous sexual behavior and rape culture but brand it as feminism.

She's supposed to be a detective, but you hardly see any impressive detective work, but rather, things just fall into her lap with little to no effort on her part. Her "powers" are way too unspecific and resemble more of an "Twilighty" power set, rather than something curious and compelling. It's like they just wanted to invent a super hero but couldn't be bothered making her original or building a proper character history.

She is essentially supernatural for the sake of being supernatural, an anti-hero for the sake of being an anti- hero. I am utterly convinced the producers of this show paid a service to up the votes on this show, in an effort to convince stupid people that is a good show. Unfortunately, it just may have worked. Much like Daredevil, the real saga of Jessica Jones is that of the Villain.

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David Tennant shines as a dark and broken sociopath. His performance is chilling and terrifying and asks dark questions about what we would do with ultimate power over those around us, and about what would become of us. Stepping past Tennant's breathtaking performance, the rest of the casting is apt and on point.

Any fan of the comic books will be hard pressed to fault Jessica Jones or Luke Cage. Their chemistry and dynamic is ink made flesh and the characters that we loved brought to screen. The supporting cast are equally brilliant, especially the trio of Australian actors supporting in the roles of Trish Walker, Will Simpson and Malcolm. Comic book buffs will quickly spot the nods to comic cannon and the fascinating divergence and rebirth of comic book icons.

There is extensive dialogue and set references to comic book icons that shows a phenomenal attention to detail that becomes a love letter to long term fans of these properties. Jessica Jones breathes yet more life into the promise of the Defenders franchise at Netflix. Bring on Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and future seasons. If for some reason you haven't yet signed up for Netflix - this show alone is a reason to do so. Season One was great. Season One had one of the best Marvel's villains ever in David Tennant's Kilgrave, the introduction of Luke Cage, R rated superhero show with graphic sex, violence, and an antihero who was an emotional damaged alcoholic along with Carrie-Anne Moss as the high powered, ruthless attorney Jeri Hogarth and Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple aka the Night Nurse.

The only criticism was the SJW propaganda and the anticlimactic death of Kilgrave. On the other hand, Season Two annoyed me tremendously. The SJW feminist propaganda was on overload. All the men in this show like most feminist propaganda were either idiots, assholes, or homosexuals. There is no in-between. She treats her assistant Malcolm her friend, neighbor, and recovering drug addict like an asshole firing him everyday even though he cleaned up her dead's brothers ashes and used to clean up her vomit when she was drunk in her apartment.

She literally tells him he can stick his private areas anywhere but keep them away from her. Trisha is dating the perfect guy who went head over heels to give her the perfect proposal and didn't treat her horribly like her other boyfriends did, but still dumps him because she wants to be him, not be with him.

The new super of the building likes Jessica, but she distanced herself from him because she likes her. Even though the actress who plays Jessica's mother in the series does an excellent job and is the one of the good parts of this season, she is the so-called villain of the season.

Jessi Jay Jones is a 5'5" 30 year old caucasian / native american woman with medium length black hair and brown eyes. She is available for Male, Female, Couples, Trans, Disability, Groups, and Non Binary. #jessica jones imagine #jessica jones x reader #marvel imagine #mcu imagine. Posted by cinefilecactus-deactivated dating jessica jones would include. Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog. she hates it; jessica hates that you make her feel all warm inside and shit she can't stand it but loves seeing you smile; she loves. Jun 14, † Farewell, Jessica Jones: the last woman standing in the Marvel-Netflix era With Marvel's owner, Disney, preparing its own streaming service, Netflix is throwing in the towel.

Her lover Karl is the one who saved both Jessica and her mother's lives and also gave them super strength. While her mother is thankful for what he did, Jessica is upset with him because she feels she should have died in the car accident. Jessica calls him a horrible name for doing what Trish wanted him to do so he kills himself. So even though they only killed those who were harmful to Jess or Trish, Karl and Jessica's mother were the villains of Season Two. Even when a man returns from the dead to save their lives, he is a horrible person constantly giving a lecture for trying to save them.

Trish's boyfriend was a jerk since he was more successful than Trish. Malcolm was an idiot for caring about Jessica and trusting Trish enough to help her.

Karl was the bad guy because he used his smarts to save Jessica and her mother and killed the bad guys who was using his research to turn soldiers into weapons like in Season One. The prison guard white male was an asshole abusing Jess' mom and replaced with a black woman mammy who was nicer before Jess' mom broke her neck after finding out Karl died after Jessica promised to help him get out of the country.

This show is very anti-male, especially this season. Men are only good for sex and Jess and Trish are constantly sleeping with one dude to the next like men.

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Because being promiscuous is female empowerment. One good scene was the super stopping her from jumping his bones after he was simply being nice to her for saving his kill and told her it wasn't normal.

Jessica Jones (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

This season was a perfect example of why showrunners and writers should quit while they are ahead. Season One was almost perfect. Season Two was created because of the popularity of Season One not out of necessity.

There is no story which is why Season Two took forever to air. Even the return of Kilgrave as a figment of Jessica's imagination was a waste of David Tennant's time.

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He was back for that horrible episode eleven and was a sad reminder how great Season One was. Carrie-Anne Moss was wasted this season. Her character's storyline was about her being diagnosed with ALS, having sex with lesbians hookers, and being conned by a homeless ex nurse and her lover claiming to have the powers to heal her. I understand Marvel's equality theme, but the LGBT is less than one percent of the world's population.

Not every woman you meet is a lesbian, yet every one Jeri hits on in the show are lesbians. This season sucked and I'm sorry I wasted thirteen hours of my life on it.

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Episode eleven frustrated me and I soldered on through the last two episodes. But if you hate men then you're going to love this season!

Needless to say, that means if he doesn't return in the second season, there will be no reason to watch at all. But it only put the mediocrity of the other actors into sharp relief, making most of the show unbearable.

By about episode 9, I just started fast-forwarding to get to the bits with him in it. I wanted to like this show - and it could have been really good - but unfortunately it was plagued by lazy, dumb writing, poor characterization, tedious subplots, and pointless, cheezy sex scenes.

Especially the time spent on the Luke Cage subplot was ill spent - in part because the actor playing him was about as charismatic as a block of wood.

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But the screen time devoted to the relationships between Trish and Simpson, on the one hand, and Hogarth and her secretary, on the other, was equally mystifying. It was like they couldn't think of enough material to fill 13 episodes, so started cramming in random filler. It makes sense that most of the comparisons have been with Daredevil, but Jessica Jones reminds me more of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Of course, they're trying to do something more noir here, but it's noir as conceived by a bunch of first-year college students not so much dark, as "like, dark". The snarky millennial sarcasm. The way Jessica guzzles liters of hard alcohol without ever getting drunk, hungover, or sick. The "dingy" apartment building where Jessica and her "weird" neighbors live all curiously about twenty years old like dorm-mates.

But the advantage "Buffy" had over this show is that it knew it was ridiculous, and maintained a self-deprecating humor. If Buffy read a bunch of "Twilight" novels, the result would probably be something very much like Jessica Jones big surprise: JJ had same producer as "Twilight" movies. But if their target audience was the range, then I suppose they were probably successful.

Just seems a shame to waste a proper actor like Tennant on such juvenile crap. Here are two quotes from Jessica Jones to set the tone for this review: "People do shitty things, I try to ignore them" "My friends superheroes hate attempted murder, cops hate it too because, you know, it is illegal" Super powers are often physical; being able to fly, being immune to bullets, or having super strength. This show has a fantastic premise - a super-powered sociopath that can control people.

Beyond this basic idea the show was not watchable. Killgrave, the villain, can mind-control the entire police force or even city to kill Jessica. Instead he sends one person at a time to inconvenience her. He doesn't have any goals or ambitions beyond seeking retribution from Jessica for allowing him to get hit by a bus. How he controls people doesn't really make sense - it would be better if it wasn't instant mind control but more gradual.

Otherwise, it is unclear why he doesn't use his powers all the time and just control everyone everywhere. Jessica Jones is by far the worst part of the show. An angst character that feels immediately distant. The is no real backstory that would allow you to relate to her.

She is very one dimensional. The writers make her alcoholic as a ploy to make the audience empathetic to her but it feels really forced and irrelevant to the story and character. Finally, there are tons of plot holes so I'll just include one: Jessica is willing to throw her heroin addict friend who is a relatively irrelevant character included to make the show feel grungier at a nurse and have him potentially get arrested to get a drug to capture Killgrave but she won't let a police officer walk off the edge of a building to actually capture Killgrave.

The most annoying part of the show was how Jessica constantly told every person who was attacking her that they were being controlled by Killgrave. It felt like she was saying it more to remind the audience as if they would forget? At best, this is a boring show with empty characters, a plot pushed on by the writers rather than by the story, and dialogue written by a high school student. Whatever Daredevil did great this show screws over. I can't believe that in a superhero show we didn't get any proper action scenes in the first 4 episodes.

Action scenes are very dumb she just throws people 5 meters away, that's all that is the moment where we are supposed to be excited. Even the super jump scenes of Jessica are cut, they don't even show her jump. I was bored to death by watching this show.

I generally watch 5 episodes of the TV series before I decide I like it or not but at the end of the 4th episode I was so bored that I rewatched Daredevil's pilot again to feel better. Every episode that I watched of Jessica Jones were the same, stupid drama over killgrave's victims who feel guilty of something that they haven't done willingly.

Luke and Jessica has sex every episode that these actors are in yay cool but isn't this a superhero series let's get some action y'all. Now we're supposed to care for Jessica's stupid broken door. Stupid drama between Jessica and her boss also between Jessica's boss and her wife and her mistress.

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Jessica becomes bitchy with her boss every time also she yells her boss a lot because that's what makes a superhero cool, so dumb. Surprise surprise stupid drama between Trish and Jessica. Jessica drinks all the time because this is the solution to her problems, oh wow what an interesting story arc that has never been told!!!!

Is 'Meg' From 'Hollywood' A Real Movie? Not Exactly

Overall this show is garbage, please if you value your time do not watch this show. I really wished to like this show because I want more female centric movies or TV series but this is a very boring and dumb TV series. Now let's watch Daredevil again to feel how it is to be a superhero not a foolish alcoholic grown up drama queen.

Some people see Jessica Jones as the literal reversal of a typical Marvel production, meaning they thought it was sexist towards men. Let's break this down. Feb 26, † What Are Jessica Jones' Powers? Refresh Your Memory Before Season 2 Starts. Jones' powers include superhuman strength and endurance, which allow her to pummel pretty much anyone in a fight. Overall, the show is as dark and gritty as Daredevil is, mixed with a bit of dark humor as well. Jessica Jones is a good, noir style superhero show, that kind of fills a niche that wasn't previously filled before. One could argue that the first season actually has horror and thriller elements mixed in with it. This makes the show even better.

I loved the first season of Jessica Jones. It was smart, creative, and a helluv a lot of fun to watch.

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So I don't know what the creators were thinking but making Jessica a whiny, self-absorbed brat doesn't exactly help your show. There's a shot in the second episode where Will Simpson no crap, of course he's alive is walkin towards Trish Walker.

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