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When we think personal trainer, we tend to think super macho, cocky, and a little intimidating. But dating her has definitely overhauled a lot of stereotypes. The first thing people ask me when they find out my girlfriend is a personal trainer is whether or not we have a super strict diet. They assume that if she eats healthy, I must, too. This is something I stressed about at first. Like, crap.

At the end of the day, the more honest you are, the more we can help see also: cheating on your diet plan.

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You can kind of understand why, but it turns out it's hard to be a trainer when you don't have money for clothes, rent, or equipment. Don't hate us if we say no. Like everyone with a job, we sometimes don't want to be there.

Personal Trainers Are Sharing the Things They Wish More People Knew About Fitness

We might even be hungover, though we'd never admit it. Having said that, the occasional lazy day can sometimes help our performance long-term.

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At least, that's what we tell ourselves. Clients often end up oversharing and telling us about their worries, holiday plans, intimate health issues, and relationship problems. It's like being a cross between a psychotherapist, a hairdresser, and a doctor. We're personal trainers, not masochists.

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Leg muscles release a lot of lactic acid when you work them, making them the most painful body part to exercise. We're not huge fans of pain, but we're also not fans of looking top-heavy. You know all those exercise mats you see lying around?

Dating personal trainer reddit

They literally never get washed. You should always bring your own mat to workouts.

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And some antibacterial hand gel might not go amiss either. What's the point of washing our hair?

5 Rules For Dating Your Personal Trainer

It'll just get sweaty again in 10 hours. Oh, but I can only make it to two sessions.

You're thinking "Of course they'd say that", but it's honestly true. Those tailor-made plans really are tailor-made, and we spend ages coming up with personalised targets too.

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What goes on in sessions is just the tip of the iceberg. We'll often offer a discount though we rarely advertise them.

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You can also ask to share your session with a friend. We understand that you want to document your progress, but please try to wait until after the session to take a selfie, check into the gym on FB, or generally show off about the fact you're doing some exercise.

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For some reason people often think it's fine to disagree with our finely tuned exercise plans. We're the professional, you're paying us for a reason, and you really don't know best.

It's really frustrating. Asking questions is fine, arguing isn't. You decided you wanted to get in shape and we're only trying to help you.

Trainers Reveal What Everyone Should Know About Fitness! It Could Save Your Life! (r/AskReddit)

We're not sadists, just professionals doing a hard job. Paying in advance doesn't make this OK. Only one didn't mention weight loss.

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Somebody else pointed out that "the majority of fit people you aspire to look like are on performance enhancing drugs.

So people need to do their research when finding a reputable trainer.

Jan 06,   I Dated A Personal Trainer And He Made Me Hate My Body. By Sheena Sharma. Jan. 6, See, as with anything in life, there are pros and cons to Author: Sheena Sharma. Jul 11,   Personal trainers have been sharing the tips, insights and facts that they wish everybody knew about health and fitness in a thread on . Being in . Hey r/fitness, thinking about starting to work out, need to get jacked.I've read various subs faqs including this and r/gainit, other stuff on the internet too, but I'm more of a hands on thinking about getting a personal trainer (just for sessions) to get a routine going, learn proper warmups, get diet info, and learn proper form.

And when you do, you have to know your goals-and be realistic about them. Make changes, and do them consistently.

For a long time. Not just a few days.

Aug 19,   5 Rules For Dating Your Personal Trainer. Editors. August 19, Share If you haven't and you were thinking about asking one out, here are five rules for dating a personal trainer. Though I've always had a thing for athletes, I never thought I'd end up dating a personal trainer. When we think personal trainer, we tend to think super macho, cocky, and a little Rachel Charlene Lewis. LinkedIn WhatsApp Email Print Talk Swedish Crown Princess Victoria married her personal trainer, Madonna had a child with her personal trainer and Katie Lee (Billy Joel's ex-wife) had a.

Finally, "people need to learn that it's not possible to control on which body part you get rid of fat," said another comment. You can't control where you lose fat.

21 Brutally Honest Confessions From A Personal Trainer. salad-loving trainer, there are secret Big Mac-eaters dotted around. We're personal trainers, not masochists. Leg muscles release. I'm a personal trainer and here's a few things to watch out for if you're considering personal training with a major corporate gym. I've wanted to write something like this for a while, and this is the perfect forum to do so, and with summer coming up personal training sales make a dramatic spike. Personal trainer - How to choose a personal trainer. 2- You can't ask specific questions Often, these trainers will come with answers to general questions you may have, but if this isn't exactly.

Only where you gain muscle.

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