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Remember Me? Buzz Articles Advanced Search. Forum Relationships Relationship Advice Dating someone with lower education. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Dating someone with lower education. Dating someone with lower education On a recent trip abroad I became really aware that nowdays people really pay attention to what degree you have or what job. Just wondering.

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In the years after my divorce, I took a passive approach to dating. I was taught that a Southern girl always allowed men to pursue.

I prioritized my daughter, my career and self-discovery, in my mind placing our lives on a trajectory that would provide stability, and even some good times, in our future. I found it easy to justify placing dating on the back burner.

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Besides, with my "husband list" saved in my iPhone - it included things like "spiritual, loves kids, financially stable educationconfident, respectful and healthy" - the Southern girl in me still believed that I'd recognize "the one" upon meeting him. In college, my friends and I always thought we would marry someone with a degree, like us.

We didn't realize we would come up against a man deficit. Dating came easy for me. Finding men who were serious about commitment and marriage was not.

Jul 24,   Greg holds an associate degree, and I hold a master's. I didn't think that I'd be open to dating someone with less education, but I've found my compatible, marriage-minded partner in Greg. Aug 17,   And those who have a college education tend to be more popular among those who also have a higher level of popularity and attractiveness. Mentioning your education in you profile can be a big help. Talking about college or any kind of education in your dating . It is very unlikely that someone will be the lucky one who happens to have a good job and life here with only high school. It's not a guarantee with higher education, but sitting on the side of having a couple of degrees: even with my student loans, it's a hell of a lot better.

The college-educated men I've dated did not have marriage on the forefront of their life plan, which I attribute to both the man deficit and hookup culture. Without fully grasping the statistical significance of this deficit, which I found out about after meeting Greg, I knew that I had to make a few adjustments to my approach in dating. Greg allayed my fear of a relationship with someone with less college education.

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He has always been transparent regarding his intentions. We attended church together, as friends, within a week of knowing each other. Three weeks later, he asked me to date him exclusively. Two months later he met my parents and my daughter.

Sep 03,   ive dated someone with much less education than me (really smart guy but just never followed through with higher education). as much as i didnt want it to bother me- it did. i would think "here i am with my masters and still continuing my education and you couldnt even finish technical school", i didnt mean to feel that way, but i did at times. Mar 23,   Would you marry/date someone without a college education? I dated a guy who had a job but didn't have a college degree. Under the influence of my family I encouraged him to go back to school but he didn't really feel the need to since he already had a job that supported him and his needs.

I met his mother and his daughter, and we are now discussing marriage with premarital counseling scheduled. I did not find this simplicity in my previous relationships, where there was inconsistent communication. Conversations in other relationships did not focus on building and growing as a couple, but on whom we knew and where we worked, with an unspoken rule that certain topics were off-limits.

A misconception I had in dating a man with less formal education was that he would be less financially stable.

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But Greg is ambitious and financially savvy. In addition to working in security, he also owns a small business in Maryland. Understanding that money is a leading cause of divorce, Greg and I have read personal finance books together and have reviewed each other's credit reports and financials.

He at first believed that college should be optional for our children. His perspective has evolved, and we both agree that our children should at least obtain their bachelor's degrees. Greg may be an outlier, but studies show that college graduates earn 56 percent more than high school graduates.

Dating someone without college education

Being open to dating mixed-collar doesn't equate to settling. Core values are nonnegotiable, and I share those with Greg. He is marriage-minded, spiritual, hardworking, family oriented and meets all the other items I described in my "husband list.

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It's time to adjust your filter settings on your dating profiles. Skip to content. It was time to adjust my nonnegotiable husband list. Latest Living.

Dating When You've Had a Bad Childhood

Student 'geek squads' maintain school devices and help teachers. A guy who has spent the college years working his way up may actually have better prospects.

By the time he is 22 he has several years of experience in his job, instead of looking for his first job. It's important not to judge people; just because they don't have a college degree doesn't mean that they're not clever, and it certainly doesn't mean that they're not nice.

A guy is worth dating because he shares your values and interests, not because he reached a certain academic level. You could miss out on some really great guys if you dismiss anyone who never attended college. Guys who didn't go to college are often extremely hardworking people, and they perform some pretty essential jobs.

7 Reasons to Date a Guy without a College Degree ..

Think of how many jobs don't need a degree. We would be helpless if it weren't for plumbers, mechanics, builders, shop assistants, farmers. You don't have to go to college when you're 18 - lots of people retrain later in life.

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It's never too late to get the qualifications you want. So a guy without a degree can always return to college and study, if he wants to.

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Sometimes you don't have the interest in studying when you're young. Finally, the most important thing about a guy is that he treats you well.

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Ultimately, those are the only qualifications he really needs, so see his academic qualifications as secondary.

A guy with a clutch of degrees may not be as nice as another who missed out on college, so judge him on more important factors.

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Even if you think you're not particularly snobby, you may unconsciously have chosen to date guys who went to college. If you meet one who didn't, don't dismiss him. He could be a smart, dedicated, hardworking guy. He may even be a tycoon in the making?

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What would make you turn a guy down?

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