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Named for the county in New York where the company was located, Steuben Glass Works is widely recognized for producing a plethora of fine art glass in the early s. The firm took shape in when Thomas Hawkes, president of T. John A. Steuben produced many blanks decorated by Hawkes' firm until when it became part of Corning Glass Company, as well as making decorative and colored glass in Art Nouveau styles. Some of Steuben's lines were completely innovative and others competed with iridescent wares made by Louis Comfort Tiffany and the Austrian glass company Loetz. Tiffany sued Steuben after seeing Aurene pieces believing his Favrile glass was being copied. When it came right down to it, the process of making the two was different, so the suit never made it to court.

Even after his retirement, he continued to experiment with glass production using the lost wax process in his studio office throughcreating a number of rare and desirable pieces of art glass.

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Carder died in Corning, New York, in after a long and influential career in the glass crafting industry. Most Steuben glass was marked in some way before leaving the factory, even if it was only a paper label affixed to the glass. These paper labels can be round, triangular, or octagonal in shape when found intact.

There will usually be a polished pontil present an indicator of blown glass even if the paper label has worn or washed away over time. This type of mark was used from to Carder" is also found engraved on some rare pieces and on items that were brought to him for identification from about toaccording to Shuman.

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Diatreta pieces Carder made personally in limited numbers from to after he retired from Steuben were marked "F. Carder" using abrasive wheels on flexible shafts, and some are dated as well. Steuben began and discontinued lines frequently to satisfy the whims of consumers, so some were in production for a very short time.

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Forgeries of diamond-tip marks appear most frequently on inexpensive crystal made in Eastern Europe. Forged marks are generally quite large and appear on pieces with obvious mold seams. Prior toSteuben used several marks that varied depending on the type of glass. Authentic engraved marks may or may not include a catalog number.

Collecting antique glass: determining age (part 1) of early 1800s to mid 1900s drinking glasses

Aurene marks were applied with a rotary engraving wheel and have a shaky appearance. No authentic Aurene mark was applied with a diamond-tipped pencil, vibrating engraver, or rubber-stamped acid.

Dating steuben glass

The only genuine iridescent Steuben that is marked with the acid stamp is light shades. Acid marks on any other iridescent Steuben are forgeries. A genuine fleur-de-lis mark also rarely appears as an acid cut back mark, the fleur-de-lis being raised above the surrounding surface.

The most commonly forged Steuben mark is the acid-stamped fleur-de-lis.

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Almost all forgeries are way too large, frequently an inch or more tall. Many acid-stamped marks are badly blurred, almost illegible see above. Original marks, even those with naturally occurring wear, have smooth, evenly formed letters that are legible despite being worn. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

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For more than a century, Steuben has been internationally recognized as the benchmark of excellence in glass. The flawless brilliance of our material, renowned craftsmanship, and timeless design are without compare. Now, under the stewardship of The Corning Museum of Glass, the story of Steuben is once again available to be shared. Produced in. Nov 28,   The Categories of Steuben Glass. Authentic Steuben can be roughly divided into two broad categories: colored glass from -; colorless crystal from -; Although the marks of the two periods differed, the exceptional qualities of Steuben glass remained the same and are one of the best indicators of authentic countryconnectionsqatar.coms: 5. Glass and lumber dealers' guide: guide to superficial measurement / J. Fitzpatrick & Co., importers and manufacturers of plate and sheet glass, stained and decorated, ground and cut and embossed glass, bent glass, American window glass, French window glass, car and photograph glass, German looking glass plates, polished, rough and fluted plate.

I inherited a large bowel from my parents house. My Dad told me "Karen, please take very good care of that, it is very valuable". Since I have owned it, I have tried to confirm what it is. There are no marks anywhere on it but it looks just like some of the Steuben glass bowls or vases I have seen. It is very dark purple and is carved in a second layer with flowers all over it.

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The design is different from the one I saw marked Steuben, otherwise it was the same. There are no identification marks anywhere on it but I know my parents had for a very long time before I got it.

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I am My Dad was 95 when he died and it was in the house for at least 40 years that I know of. I would like to find out from someone what it really is because I can't say for sure it is Steuben without any marks on it. Ditto to Sandra's comment.

List of Steuben Marks and Signatures

I was not overly impressed with the decanter the wide bottom tortoise I purchased. I have some older Steuben pieces that have the hand-signed Steuben marking that are brilliantly clear. The pieces I purchased through their web site were made in Portugal and the standards don't seem to compare.

Many of the Corning Museum's pieces were gifts from Frederick Carder or from his daughter. There is also a large group of colored Steuben objects, dating from the s and s, that came to the Museum as the gift of Corning Glass Works. Named for the county in New York where the company was located, Steuben Glass Works is widely recognized for producing a plethora of fine art glass in the early s. The firm took shape in when Thomas Hawkes, president of T.G. Hawkes and Company, and Frederick Carder joined together in Corning, New York. You can find Steuben glass signed in many different ways depending on when workers created the piece. Therefore, understanding how the signature should look may hold important clues for dating Steuben Glass Works articles when looking at Steuben glass on . Steuben glass for sale created between and has a cursive Steuben printed on.

At least my stopper fits. I recall seeing the full-cut decanter in the showroom in NYC. It once was spectacular. The outsourced glass does not appear to be the same quality. Buyer beware! The Steuben name is being ruined.

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I recently purchased a Steuben tortoise full cut decanter from Steuben, and I was very excited at the opportunity to own a piece of their precious glass. It arrived several days ago. However, when I opened the box and looked at the decanter, I was really pretty disappointed. The workmanship is surprisingly quite imprecise, and it arrived with a mismatched stopper which is asymmetrical, and sits askew on the decanter.

Steuben Glass Works

The sticker also has a logo on it, and it is not the complete Steuben logo-only the calipers. I realize Steuben outsourced some of their glassworks to Portugal, so I wasn't entirely surprised that this decanter was made there.

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However, I was stunned by the second rate workmanship, the lopsided mismatched stopper, the sticker with a similar- but not identical Steuben logo, and the machine etched Steuben on the base. It is certainly not the quality workmanship Steuben is known for, and I feel perhaps they sent a "second" or even a fake, in an effort to clear out their inventory and maximize their profit. The myriad artists and craftsmen who have given of their talents, time, and selves to create Steuben's reputation for excellence would be embarrassed by the quality of this piece.

Shame on you Steuben for selling out on your reputation, and the people who created it for you. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc.

As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, hobbylark. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Click thumbnail to view full-size. The Categories of Steuben Glass Authentic Steuben can be roughly divided into two broad categories: colored glass from - colorless crystal from - Although the marks of the two periods differed, the exceptional qualities of Steuben glass remained the same and are one of the best indicators of authentic Steuben.

Indicators for Authentic Steuben 1.

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No Mold Seams Genuine production-run Steuben of both periods, for example, is never found with mold seams. Ground Pontils or Ground, Polished Bases Almost without exception, genuine production-run Steuben of both periods has either a ground pontil or a base that is entirely ground and polished.

Flawless Glass The quality of the glass is virtually flawless. Precise Construction Construction of authentic Steuben is exacting and precise: Bowls are perfectly centered on stems of wine glasses. Vase bodies are centered on their bases. Hand-tooled surface decorations-such as pulled feathers, pinches, rim crimps, etc.

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