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The pricing is fair, but people can be clueless as to what good condition truly is.

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I went to look at an anvil recently, the owner said it was in good shape, but when I got there it looked like a broken down horse. I have rarely seen an anvil so distorted.

I guess it depends on your usage though, I wanted a flattish anvil for more precise banging- The owner saw it as a crude instrument. Value of an anvil is relative to location, condition, weight and to some extent who made the anvil. A lot of people want an anvil in the 75 to pound range, that drives up the price.

Big anvils sometimes sell for less.

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Not everyone wants a pounder for occasional use. If the current owner did something stupid, like heavilly milling or surface grinding the top, trying to make it dead flat, that reduces its value greatly.

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Consult anvilfire. You just have to hunt and be patient. Vulcan anvils are in the bottom tier for desirability.

Oct 26,   Alan, from what I've just read in "Anvils in America" you've got a Fisher & Norris "Eagle" anvil. Fisher & Norris were located in Trenton, NJ, so that might be the orign of that. The patent date, along with the "Fisher" says what it is. I can't find wether or not they were ever marked "Trenton" or not. The main focus seems to be on the Eagle. Fisher & Norris Factory Museum, Adelphia, New Jersey. 3, likes 12 talking about this. A place to share information and pictures of Fisher Anvils and their history.5/5(17).

I'd drive 60mi to look at the Mousehole. Get a ball bearing, drop from " onto anvil face. A good anvil will pretty much bounce it back into your hand.

I'd also drive 60 miles to look at the Mousehole, if it's decent it would go home with me. Some smiths like the Vulcan anvils, they're similar to the Fishers, cast base with a tool steel top plate.

However a lot of folks tout the Fishers for being quiet, but the ring of an anvil doesn't bother me. When the anvils get to about the horn is much more usable for me. I have a Hay Budden I like a lot.

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Mousehole There is a old, old mousehole anvil in the shop, about s, well used but has a great rebound, it dings easy and has had a lot of use.

It is used for hammerins. The face is great for forging copper key ring medallions as it leaves a nice texture on one side. The vulcan is an anvil shaped object get the mousehole I have a lbs buddin that is great there is a difference between a forged and a cast anvil I just got a lbs peddinghause and wow the rebound is sweet it is like hitting a spring I have had a vulcan and I can attest to its crappyness but the logo on the side is real cool. Attached Thumbnails.

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Originally Posted by johnoder. Originally Posted by crzypete. Originally Posted by PackardV8.

Fisher-Norris was the first large scale manufacturer of anvils in the U.S. They used a patent process that welded a tool steel plate onto a cast iron body in the mold when the anvil was cast. Up until this time all good anvils were forged from wrought iron and faced with tool steel that was forge welded to the body. I'm not sure what to do. This was my first anvil and I bought it on . I like it and for no other reason it was the first purchase of any of my blacksmith tools. Here's the dilemma. I want to clean up some of the wear. It's old and around to I thought someone could help me pinpoint the year better. You'll see the pock marks in the photo. I could sand the side to remove the. Oct 26,   Anvil identification, quick and dirty Michael J. Kaiser Thursday, October 26, Public This quick and dirty guide to anvil identification is a combination of a few sources, the ABANA website (the new website does not include the older forum info, for some reason), Richard Postman's book Anvils in America and will be ated as needed.

I guess some people get it, and some people don't. I am one who does not get it.

Fisher anvil dating

Paying that much money for a piece of iron? And with no gears or slideways on it? No place to mount a chuck or tool? This is Practical Machinist. You can't machine with an anvil. And it those prices, it sure ain't practical.

Jul 11,   Value of an anvil is relative to location, condition, weight and to some extent who made the anvil. A lot of people want an anvil in the 75 to pound range, that drives up the price. I was recently going to buy a Fisher, but a good friend/smith talked me out of it and I got another Hay Budden, which are my favorite. Nice Fisher Anvil with Eagle Emblem, I believe they called Fisher the "Eagle Anvil Works". This is a lb model (has a "10" cast in the end, which indicates lbs.) Also has cast on the side, which I understand is the year of manufacturer. These anvils I read have a Cast Iron interior, with hard steel plate welded to it. Feb 06,   Dating an anvil can be rather tricky! First off, if you are going to give it flowers make sure they are metal AND don't make them on IT, make them on the beat up lb Fisher. Where it gets really tricky is that the lber will get rather upset and jealous. Can't blame it really, that "thinner better looking Fisher" is difficult to compete with.

Originally Posted by Doozer. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page:. Weight pounds.

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Photo Courtesy, Steve Prillwitz. Illustration from 's J. Note lack of bolting lugs found on later anvils and the more distinct Eagle logo.

1917 Fisher anvil??

The catalog listed these as "Cast Steel" and the same for the inferior "Star" brand anvils made by the same methods. Clean pound Late Fisher Steven Clark photo. References and Links Selecting an Anvil Which is right for you?

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