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Some of the stressors may include, adjustment to a new residence, college program requirements, familial expectations, and pressures regarding social relationships. Research has shown that social support can have an ameliorative effect on stress as a main effect or as a buffer.

The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between reported college stressors, emotional support, and negative affect in 68 first-year students who filled out an Online survey twice, once at the beginning of term Time 1 and again just prior to midterm exams Time 2. In the present study, measures include reported college stressors, emotional support, depression, anxiety and negative affect.

Emotional support assesses the degree to which people, primarily family and friends, are a source of assistance, reassurance and comfort. Multiple regression results showed that emotional support Time 1 buffered the effects of college stressors Time 1on anxiety, depression, and negative affect, at Time 2. Emotional support buffers the negative consequences of stressors by bolstering feelings of confidence.

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