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On August 30th, Hoya left Infinite. The band debuted on June 9 , under Woollim Entertainment. Twitter: kyuzizi. Dongwoo facts: - He was born in Gyeonggi, South Korea. Woohyun facts: - He was born in Chungcheong, South Korea. Sungjong facts: - Sungjong was born in Seoul, moved to Andong when he was 9, then to Gwangju and Jeonju, and then back to Seoul. Hoya facts: - He was born in Busan, South Korea.

ate: After Hoya left, Dongwoo became the Main dancer, Woohyun became the lead dancer and Sungyeol is a lead rapper. Infinite to make a comeback on January 8, These are the new pics for comeback. Please ate. I think L is more a vocalist than lead vocalist.

Infinite Profile

And after their recent comebacks I think Sunggyu is the main vocalist and center L is still the face of the group and Woohyun is the lead vocalist. Also now that hoya has left it looks like Dongwoo is the main dancer now. But sunggyu is in the center mostly in their recent comebacks. And sunggyu always gets more lines than Woohyun in their recent comebacks so I thought Woohyun is lead and sunggyu is main.

Having more than one main vocal in a group is a common thing in Woollim.


Even Lovelyz has three main vocals fyi. They are both main vocalists. One of the most handsome guys in Kpop! Yeah, but Woollim said that L is the third vocal of the group. Sunggyu and Woohyun are the main vocals, so L is the lead vocal. I think woohyun is the dancer leader and he is among the top 3 best dancer after hoya and dongwoo. Sungjong is ambidextrous.

Sungjong was born in Seoul, moved to Andong when he was 9, then to Gwangju and Jeonju, and then back to Seoul. I think you should add it as one of his positions. Sunggyu become the sexiest solo kpop idol in JiU - L : Both are the face of the group.

All about L/Kim Myungsoo infinite

Both have the best visuals in the group. SuA - HoYa : Both are the main dancer of the group. Both are the lead rapper of the group. And both have a good singing skill. DaMi - DongWoo : Both are the main rapper of the group. Both have deep voice. And both are the lead dancer.

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Yoohyeon - Sunggyu : Both have the most powerful vocal in the group. Both are the lead vocalist of the group. Both have the second most line in most of their songs. Siyeon - WooHyun : Both are the main vocalist. Both have the same powerful vocal with the lead vocalist but with a better voice and singing skill. Both have the most line in most of their songs.

Feb 24,   Infinite's L recently spoke about the relationship scandal he was involved in last year. On February 24, L attended the press conference for . Pauline Grace Montecer Apr 28 am Infinite L/ Kim Myung Soo is the most handsome k pop idol. I Love him because he is a great actor and a very talented man? Other people must not consider only his looks but also his talents. I'm proud that I am his fan. Saranghae Oppa? Infinite (????) currently consists of 6 members: Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Sungyeol, L, and Sungjong. On August 30th, Hoya left Infinite. The band debuted on June 9 , under Woollim Entertainment. - He was born in North Jeolla, South Korea. - Sunggyu has an older sister, named Kim JiEun. - Sunggyu was in the school band.

Handong - Sungyeol : Both are vocalist. Both have a poor singing skills. Both have the least line in most of their songs.

Infinite is a K-pop group under Woollim Entertainment. The group was formed in and is composed of Dongwoo, Sunggyu, Woohyun, Sungyeol, Hoya, Sungjong and L. The group's New Challenge album was one of the top selling albums in which sold over , copies. The group received notable awards and recognition. Over time, Infinite has become a popular band . Infinite L Krystal Dating Simulator, permainan acak kata online dating, dating site for rich, rencontre belgique en ligne/ Infinite L Dating, african singles free online dating, k ar and 40ar 39ar dating methods other than carbon, girls looking for sex in esbjerg/

Gahyeon - Sungjong : Both are the maknae in their group. Both are vocalist. Both have a soft voice and not so good at singing. I love my bias Dongwoon so much! As Hoya became more popular through acting roles and dance shows, Dongwoo got left behind, which is a shame considering he has better vocals, looks and personality compared to Hoya, which people failed to see.

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Even amongst members, it was plain to see how Dongwoo is pretty close and tight with everyone. Please put b-bomb block b as former member too because he was a final line up member of the group and the original leader before joined block b but he left before infinite debut.

For me all of them are cute. But if i had to choose two from the group they would probably be:L and Sungjong. Their leader enlisted May It was released on May 22, I love them all.

The original name of Infinite L is Kim Myungsoo. He is fondly called as Infinite L for stage shows and by his fans. He was born on March 23 in seoul, south Korea. He has completed his schooling in duk-soo High school and graduated from Daekyung university in the year on feb He has done a stage performance as vocalist along with his group K-pop boy band super .

This group has a special place in my heart just like BAP. They gave me different beautiful feelings with theie music and vocals. Kpop Ships Kpop Facts Suggestions. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest. You may also like. Kpop Polls Who is the best dancer in Rocket Punch? I think the admin should ate this though?

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They all have instagram. Thank you for your comment, we had ated their profile with the Instagram accounts. Kim Myungsoo. I guess I like Hoya. He also a talented actor. Rocelyn Cureg.

Woohyun and Sungyeol are both in -Hi! School-Love On- right? Mryjy Min. My bias is dongwoo. Reca Delevingne. Thanks for clarifying this!

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We gave you credits in the post! Its his biggest, let him get some shine!

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Could you ate the photos to the The Eye teaser photos? Done, thanks for your suggestion! Thanks a lot for all the info!

Yes, we added it, thanks for the heads up! We credited you in the post! Qendresa Zhuta. Crystal Agia. Thank you a lot for the additional info, we gave you credits in the post.

seems brilliant idea

Christine Caasi. Thanks for the info, we gave you credits in the post. It was Hoya who taught first Sunggyu the scorpion dance. Sungjong is now an emcee for Stargram Season 2.

Yurisla D. Thanks, we gave you credits in the post! Haha nice Dongwoo xD haha he is so cute xD. HenRy Dao.

Infinite l dating 2017

I think SungJong is now cm. DongWoo said it in Vlive the other day i think. Thanks for your comment! He legit always looks shorter than everyone except for Dongwoo. Rinalanee Cheng. Can you do golden child next? Markie Aesthetic Tuan. His stage name is also L.

Even wikipedia lists his stage name as L. Emily Bettencourt. Hoya has left infinite. MBN in Korean. August 19, K-Pop Now! Tuttle Publishing. February 15, June 9, Retrieved March 15, The Chosun Ilbo in Korean. August 9, Archived from the original on July 3, Retrieved May 30, September 3, Star Daily in Korean. May 16, Archived from the original on March 28, Archived from the original on January 22, Retrieved February 21, Kpop Herald.

congratulate, magnificent idea

September 15, December 15, August 18, Xports News in Korean. September 24, Osen in Korean. October 10, November 24, The Straits Times. September 28, May 21, JTBC in Korean. January 15, July 19, Korea JoongAng Daily. July 23, July 18, TV Report in Korean. December 17, August 26, JTBC Plus. March 25, March Retrieved April 14, Ilgan Sports in Korean.

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January 14, Store' Cartoon". Archived from the original on December 15, Retrieved May 31, The Star in Korean. February 8, July 6,

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