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To save this word, you'll need to log in. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'intentional. Send us feedback. See more words from the same year Dictionary Entries near intentional intensivist intent intention intentional intentional fallacy intentionalism intentionally. Accessed 5 May. Keep scrolling for more More Definitions for intentional intentional.

Your dating life can be intentional as long as you are intentional. Which, really, makes someone a great date to begin with. You do you. It seems like a lot of useless heartache to me. Break ups are tough enough, I have no desire in a relationship that I know will end in one.

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Partly because you can spend one on one with with someone of the opposite sex once in a while - just enjoy getting to know another human being. I always say you can learn something, you can teach something, and you can be Jesus to someone while on a date.

If your intention of dating is marriage like I said, figure that out! The best way to go about that?

Intentional dating definition

But what does it mean, and how do you go about dating intentionally? Leading well, being intentional, and frankly being a real man are all closely related.

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Having a Purpose Anytime you are dating someone, or even just going on a first date, there should be a reason for it. Heading Towards Marriage or a Break-up When we talk about having a purpose when dating, I should clarify that it needs to be a good purpose. Many people go on dates with the purpose of having a one-night stand or making someone else jealous.

A Definition You won't find the term in a dictionary, but I would say that intentional dating involves three basic elements: Having an intention (a purpose or plan); With that purpose being an eventual marriage (to someone); and; Being clear about that purpose (though hopefully not in a weird way).

So, the goal for any particular dating relationship is to get to know the person well enough to determine if you do want to marry them. You complete yourself: Sorry Jerry Maguire, your classic line sounds romantic and all, but it misses the mark of a healthy relationship. You are a full and complete being. When you acknowledge your own completeness, and accept responsibility for your own happiness, you engage relationships from a higher perspective.

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No longer do you look to fill a void within yourself, but rather, look for ways to offer your completeness of love and presence to another.

The coming together of two complete and healthy beings lends itself towards a powerful union that uplifts not only the pair, but all those around them.

What Is Intentional Dating?

Take the time to demonstrate your intentions; your steadiness and thoughtfulness as a gentleman or woman; your clear and intentional communication abilities; your deep listening; and all the wonderful traits you have to offer one another. As long as it feels like the courtship is moving forward; and more importantly, that you are moving forwar go with it.

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Your vulnerability is a strength: When you lead with the heart, vulnerability is the name of the game. Get comfortable with the feeling, in fact, make vulnerability your closest companion.

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We celebrate courage as a pinnacle virtue, but no act of courage has ever taken place without first stepping into vulnerability. Take a moment to think about that one.

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In romance, expressing your vulnerability can open the gateway towards a deeper bond. Ask deep questions early on; take the lead in revealing yourself according to your level of trust and comfort; and create space where honest, revelatory, and expansive conversations can take place.

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But nothing could be further from the truth. Give yourself a moment to stand back up, and then celebrate the fact that you had the courage to explore what your heart desired.

"We are told to date with intention, what does that mean?"

Trust that your courage and openness is leading you to exactly where you need to go. These qualities are in themselves extremely magnetic to the kind of person you will eventually attract into your life.

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Follow the attraction that challenges you to grow: It is often said that we cannot help whom we are attracted to. While there is some truth to this, we ultimately get to choose which attraction is worth pursuing.

Being Intentional in a Romantic Relationship

There are different forms of attraction, and not all are created equal. This is the one that invites us to grow and move forward. How will we know the difference? Pay close attention to the quality of your experiences with the person. The right fit will offer you clarity of purpose and direction.

Intentional definition is - done by intention or design: intended. How to use intentional in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of intentional. Your dating life can be intentional, and you still have no idea if you're going to marry the person - even 6 months in. Your dating life can be intentional and the topic of marriage stays off the table, for a while at least. Your dating life can be intentional as long as you are intentional. Which, really, makes someone a . Oct 23,   If you're dating for fun, or dating for comfort, that's dating without purpose. Intentional dating is dating with a purpose and a plan. It has definition and structure. It's asking a girl out and actually calling it "a date." If things go great and the chemistry is strong, it's asking her out again, and then again. It progresses and.

I hope this guide has been helpful. Love and emotions are fluid and evolving experiences, so despite the title of this piece, there are no hard and fast rules. Best wishes out there!

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