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She develops a crush on Finn after Jake courts her on his behalf in "Incendium," but Jake rescinds the offer after her father the Flame King pronounces her as his "evil" daughter and she shows a fiery temperament. She angrily chases Jake to where Finn and Jake live and sets fire to their Tree Fort, incurring Finn's wrath after she destroys his Princess Bubblegum photos in the process. He follows her to the roof and discovers her true nature, and though she slaps him and leaves a burn mark on his face as she departs, he develops a crush on her. In "Hot to the Touch," Finn and Jake pursue Flame Princess to a lake, where they learn that putting out the fires she sets harms her; Finn nevertheless calls her beautiful and wants to spend time with her, causing her to glow brightly, both literally and figuratively. Because he defensively puts some of her flames out, she thinks he came to impede her so threatens to burn down a village. Finn and Jake attempt to save the village using fireproof suits, but when their attempt fails, Finn breaks out of his suit and starts crying.

Flame Princess does not actually meet Finn in person until the very end of "Incendium. Finn catches her as she is falling and brings her inside. She regains consciousness and angrily asks Finn why he does not like her; Finn replies that he does like her, which causes her to blush in surprise. Confused by Finn's apparent fickleness, she slaps him and warns him never to mess with her again-unaware that Jake was the original "Prince Finn.

In "Hot to the Touch," Finn wanders into the woods to search for the Princess, after asking Jake about her and saying he really likes her. When Finn finds Flame Princess he watches her from a bush at first, calling her innocent like "the steam off a puppy's nose searching for ham in the snow" and "a cute little flower.

He then tells her that he was worried about her and thinks that she is beautiful. This causes her to glow, causing some fire to spread around Finn and herself. Finn puts out the fires in a panic which causes her pain, causing Flame Princess to believe that Finn is intentionally hurting her.

She leaves in a huff without allowing Finn a chance to explain, not listening to his claims that he was not trying to hurt her.

When Finn realizes he cannot make her understand his feelings, he tears a hole in his robo suit and cries wishing he could "just like a girl. She becomes convinced that he is a "Water Elemental," saying that all he does is cry and cry all the time. She comes to the conclusion that they are opposite elementals and that even if they like each other, they would hurt each other.

However, Finn suggests that they try to make it work and that he can take it. She seems happy that he would want to defy nature for her, and both lean in to hug one another. As they hug, Finn gets burned and pushes her away. She looks at him appearing unsure, and then leaves saying, "Bye, Finn. In "Burning Low," she and Finn are dating. Finn helps her build a new house in the Grass Lands out of wood scraps, and she tells him that she loves it.

Her flames trail over to Finn's foot and he is surprised to realize that it does not hurt as bad as it used to; though, once the flames crawl up his leg he screams in pain and jumps into the water.

Once he is out of the water, Finn and Flame Princess hug; although, Finn has to wear many layers of tinfoil to protect himself. While walking home, Finn asks Jake for advice about dating, to which Jake explains the concept of "tiers" and tells Finn that he should move on to Tier 2, which is kissing.

Later in the episode, Finn goes on a date with Flame Princess off-screen and tells Jake that he was not able to kiss her yet though he got 5 hugsso he is still on Tier 1. Jake advises Finn to write a poem for Flame Princess in order to move things along. Finn tries to think about Flame Princess' qualities, and he ends up going outside and watching the sunrise, which gives him inspiration to write. He takes the finished poem over to Flame Princess' new house and reads it to her.

After he is done they stare into each other's eyes and kiss. The kiss triggers a reaction and causes her to burn so hot that she melts through the ground. As she is falling, Finn grabs Jake's arm, ties it around himself and jumps down after her. He attempted to fit into Finn's usual lifestyle, but was confused by everyone's response to him. He eventually came to accept that he wasn't Finn, but that he could be like him if he wanted to.

Afterwards, Fern gives himself his name and decides to find his true purpose. He then plots to take his place after he discovers that he can copy Finn's exact appearance. During an intense fight between them, Finn accidentally obliterates Fern, but the latter's remains are picked up by Uncle Gumbald. Slowly desiccating because of that, after the final battle with GOLB, Fern asks Finn to plant him at the Tree House unaware that it was destroyed during the battleleaving behind a seed as he disappears forever; Finn and Jake later plant the seed where the Tree House used to be, and a new Tree immediately grows from it, with a reborn Finn Sword planted at the top.

A thousand years after the events of the series, two new adventurers, Shermy and Beth the latter being a descendant of Jakeclimb the tree, which has grown immense since then, and acquire the Finn Sword on top of it.

Uncle Gumbald is Princess Bubblegum's uncle, former member of her royal family and the main antagonist of the final season. He was created alongside Aunt Lolly voiced by Maria Bamford and Cousin Chicle voiced by Tom Kenny by Bubblegum in her attempt to have a familial bond outside her brother. But Gumbald desired power and wished to profit off Ooo, deciding to get rid of Bubblegum by turning her into an asinine candy being with dumdum juice which he used on his co-conspirators Lolly and Chicle in an act of betrayal.

Adventure Time - Burning Low (Preview)

Bubblegum caught on and transformed Gumbald into a stupid punch bowl person, convincing her to create candy citizens with low intelligence. GOLB is the embodiment of chaos, being capable of corrupting and fusing creatures into monsters, or erasing people from existence altogether. He was first introduced in the episode " Puhoy ", when he is briefly glimpsed by Finn as he returns to Ooo from the Pillow World.

This catastrophe set off a series of events that eventually culminated in Magic Man losing his sanity. He plays a significant role in the series finale " Come Along with Me ", being summoned to Ooo in the aftermath of the Great Gum War, where he creates monstrous mutations out of the assembled Candy People armies. After GOLB swallows Finn, Betty, and the Ice King, he "digests" them, stripping them down to their basic forms, reverting the latter two to their original human states.

The people of Ooo discover that GOLB's nature as a being of chaos makes him vulnerable to the harmonious nature of music, and they are able to cut a hole into his stomach by singing at him.

Eventually, Flame Princess begins to question herself, and doubts whether or not she is in fact evil. Finn is insistent that she is not evil and takes her on a journey into a dungeon to help her sort out her thoughts. Flame Princess comes to the conclusion that, while she is a lover of destruction, she only enjoys destroying bad guys. Flame Princess saves Finn from a Giant Goo Skull. In "Reign of Gunters," Finn takes the advice of a dating book called Mind Games and tries to act more mysterious. In "Vault of Bones," she went to the Vault of Bones with Finn to prove to herself that she is good. Flame Princess (first name Phoebe and occasionally called FP) is the princess and ruler of the Fire Kingdom, as well as Finn's former love interest. She is the second most recurring princess after Princess Bubblegum. When Jake asks Flambo if he knows any princesses that are Finn's age so he can fix his broken heart, he introduces Jake to Flame Princess.

She wishes for the power to keep Simon safe, which ultimately fuses her and GOLB into a single entity. The Lich is the main antagonist of Adventure Time. He is an ancient, cosmic manifestation of inevitable death who implied himself as a survivor of a time predating the current universe.

This stirs the Lich as he kills Prismo's physical body to reach the structure with the intent to corrupt it and its prisoners. However, having completely rotted Billy's remains off, the Lich is subjected to the regenerative properties of the Citadel's Guardian and is transformed into a harmless giant baby who is then entrusted to Tree Trunks and Mr.

Pig who named him Sweet P.

Is finn dating flame princess

But it seems that the Lich can briefly reemerge whenever the child is threatened and under severe emotional stress, as shown when Sweet P is threatened and mocked by the King of Ooo and Toronto whom he terrorizes with nightmarish visions. Cinnamon Bun is a cinnamon roll from the Candy Kingdom who usually tries to impress people by doing tricks or volunteering for tasks, but usually ends up failing.

Peppermint Butler is a peppermint candy that lives in the Candy Kingdom and is Princess Bubblegum's butler, but is later revealed to be a practitioner of dark magic with only a few knowing the truth.

Gunter is a penguin that most commonly accompanies the Ice King, despite occasionally attempting to do harm to him. Although Gunter has appeared in many episodes, it is heavily implied that there are many other Gunters, and the name is simply something that the Ice King calls all of his penguins. The reason that the Ice King is seemingly fixated on the name is due to the nature of the ice crown: it was originally constructed by a magician named Evergreen also voiced by Tom Kennywhose apprentice was named Gunter voiced by Pamela Adlon.

This original Gunter later used the crown in an attempt to become like his master, at the cost of his sanity. Thus, the name "Gunter" seems to be intrinsically connected to the magic of the crown.

The planet's gravity condensed Orgalorg into his current powerless and amnesiac penguin-like form as he wandered the planet for ages before he was found by the Ice King.

But he is defeated by Finn, and he regresses back to his weakened state. Gunther later acquires Ice King's crown in the series finale, using it to become the Ice Thing and taking Simon's place as the ruler of the Ice Kingdom. When the umlaut was dropped, Kenny switched to a different name.

In order to justify this discrepancy, the crew rationalized that there were many penguins with similar sounding names. Tree Trunks is an elderly yellow elephant who speaks in a southern drawl. Tree Trunks lives in a little home in the forest surrounded by her apple orchard. Tree Trunks uses the apples in the orchard to make apple pies.

Pig and Tree Trunks adopted the Lich, who had been turned into a harmless baby. Billy, according to Finn and Jake, is "the greatest warrior ever". Perhaps most importantly, he is also said to have defeated the Lich in his youth.

As time wore on, however, he lost hope in fighting and developed a more pacifist outlook into solving the woes of the world; despite this, Finn is able to restore his hope once again in the episode "His Hero". After delivering this message, Billy's spirit is finally allowed to rest in peace.

Finn's relationships

Susan Strong, whose name is later revealed to originally have been "Kara", is a large muscular woman with a mechanic implant on her head. In the Islands miniseries, Kara came from a human colony and was sent to Ooo by Minerva to retrieve Finn, only to lose her memory and live with the half-fish-like humanoid Hyooman tribe.

At the time, having a limited vocabulary, Susan could not respond to Finn's questions until the events of "Beautopia". Abracadaniel is a wizard who meets Finn and Jake during the season three episode "Wizard Battle". In this episode, Abracadaniel has come to terms that he will not win, but Finn and Jake help him beat all the other contestants in order to prevent the Ice King from getting a chance to kiss Princess Bubblegum, which was the prize for winning Wizard Battle.

Huntress Wizard is a female nature-based wizard, who Finn befriends and falls in love with during the eighth season. She first appears in "Wizard Battle" as one of the many wizards competing in the tournament. She demands that he help her summon the Spirit Dream Warrior, possibly to amend a previous relationship. However to her and Finn's surprise, they have both fallen in love with each other, but Huntress Wizard states that they are "exceptional beasts" and therefore incapable of being together, which Finn concurs.

After killing it, both admit that they are still in love with one another and kiss. Magic Man is a Martianand the brother to Grob Gob Glob Grod, who uses his talent with magic to nihilistically harm others. In order to protect the entirety of Mars from the second coming of GOLB, he created an artificial intelligence named M.

Finn and princess bubblegum hook up

However, the installation went awry, resulting in Magic Man becoming mentally and emotionally damaged. Prismo is a two-dimensional wish-granting entity.

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First encountered by Finn, Jake and Lich during the events of "Finn the Human", Prismo reveals that he will grant one wish to anyone. However, his wishes often come at a price. Despite this, he strikes up a friendship with Jake; Prismo, Jake, and the Cosmic Owl then spend time together.

Each one of Grob Gob Glob Grod's heads has a distinct name and personality, and one in particular, Glob, is worshipped as a god in Ooo. After being often mentioned, the entity was first introduced in the series during the fourth season episode " Sons of Mars ", wherein they attempt to take their brother, Magic Man, back to Mars and try him for his past crimes.

In the same episode, Glob finally reconciles with Magic Man. The snail voiced by Pendleton Ward is an easter egg that appears in every episode, and usually waves happily at the camera. Inspired by the in-jokes in episodes of The SimpsonsWard has acknowledged that he wanted to "make a game out of every episode of Adventure Time, where you could freeze-frame and find things in the background", such as the snail.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Flame Princess. This is the latest accepted revisionreviewed on 28 April Wikipedia list article. Main article: Finn the Human. Main article: Jake the Dog. Main article: Princess Bubblegum. Main article: Marceline the Vampire Queen.

Main article: Ice King. It is not to be confused with Bemo or BMO. For the episode, see Tree Trunks Adventure Time.

For other uses, see Tree trunk disambiguation. Movie Web. Retrieved August 20, Los Angeles Times. Tribune Company. Retrieved January 22, Finn describes her metaphorically as "the steam off a puppy's nose searching for ham in snow" and "a cute little flower.

Finn admits to Flame Princess that he really likes her and they should be together, which causes her to glow brighter and makes small fires appear around her. Finn is surprised with the fire getting near him, so he tries to put them out, not knowing that by putting out the flames he would hurt Flame Princess. Despite the initial animosity between them, their relationship improves near the end of the episode.

Finn, angry and upset that he can't "just like a girl," begins to cry. One of his tears fall on one of the fires Flame Princess had created, evoking her attention. Flame Princess watches Finn cry, both confused and amazed. She states that she now understands that Finn is a Water Elemental because he "creates water". Flame Princess says that no matter how much they like each other, they can't be together because they will merely hurt each other.

Finn replies, "No, I can take it.

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I mean She hugs him, and although he smiles for the first few seconds, Finn begins to burn up and pushes her away. Flame Princess says goodbye to him and departs.

In " Burning Low ," she and Finn are officially a couple. Their relationship has improved for the better since their last interaction. In the episode, they hug for the first time, with Jake subsequently attempting to educate Finn on the "tiers" of dating. When Princess Bubblegum tells Finn that he should stop seeing Flame Princess, he reacts angrily, thinking that she is jealous. This somewhat shows Finn's overprotective nature over his relationship with Flame Princess.

Jake is also angry at Princess Bubblegum, as he believes that she is trying to sabotage their relationship, when he just wants Finn to be happy. Princess Bubblegum explains that extreme romance, such as kissing, will cause Flame Princess's elemental matrix to become unstable and burn the planet from the inside out.

He and Princess Bubblegum then try to stop the kiss, but arrive to see them already kissing. When Flame Princess falls into the earth's crust due to her instability, Finn heroically leaps in to save her.

He holds the unconscious Flame Princess in his arms and states "I need you to be okay". After using artificial respiration to revive her, they continue to date.

This whole episode displays Finn's deep affection for Flame Princess, and his selfless desire to continue loving her despite the dangers to himself.

Fionna and Flame Prince is the romantic pairing between Fionna the human and Flame Prince. If Finn is dating Flame Princess than Fionna must be dating Flame Prince. Although this is in the genderswapped dimension where some things are slightly different so . Water Princess is the princess of the Water Kingdom. She is the girl that replaced Flame Princess after Finn broke up with her. She seems to be exactly like Flame Princess, only she is blue and made out of water. Water Princess was first introduced in the episode "Depths of Love" where Finn, Jake, BMO, and Princess Bubblegum were camping out in the mystery mountains. Finn was feeling . If Finn Dating Flame Princess you are only wanting to browse local girls to jerk off, you might be better finding a porn or escort website. The girls on our site Finn Dating Flame Princess want to fuck now, do not waste their time or your profile could be removed.

Despite the Flame King insisting his daughter is evil, Finn protests and asks if it were possible to change her to good, indicating his concern over Flame Princess' well-being. In " Reign of Gunters ," however, Finn takes the advice of a dating book called Mind Games and tries to act more mysterious, claiming he needs to keep all the ladies in a state of confusion; that way, he has "options in case Flame Princess doesn't work out", suggesting that he is not fully confident on his relationship with Flame Princess, and plans ahead in case they split up instead of being positive, further highlighting the credulity that he feels inside.

She thinks his methods are boring, and, due to her destructive personality she opts to just burn through everything with her elemental powers, causing Finn to feel slightly uneasy. She assures Finn that she'd never hurt "[her] boyfriend," and afterwards, she says that she had a great time.

Jul 30,   "Burning Low" is the sixteenth episode in the fourth season of Adventure Time. It is the ninety-fourth episode overall. Princess Bubblegum tries to warn Finn why he can't engage in a relationship with Flame Princess anymore, but Finn and Jake just think she's jealous. Finn & Flame Princess have just met, Do you think Finn has a keeper? Tell me your opinion or evidence on this. Finn first met Flame Princess in the end of the episode "Incendium." It was kind of a love at first sight thing. After Flame Princess was hurt by the Liquid Pyrotechnics, she reverted back to her normal form. Finn caught her as she fell off his house. Flame Princess woke up and stated. This page describes Princess Bubblegum's relationships with other characters in the Adventure Time series. Bonnibel came from the Mother Gum and had only one brother who hit his head after being born, leaving him with a childlike behavior. She yearned to have a family and so created one to serve.

In " Puhoy ," Finn says that he told Flame Princess a joke, but she didn't laugh, which causes Finn to worry about the status of their relationship, showing his innocence and inexperience, becoming somewhat paranoid that Flame Princess no longer likes him. Upon returning from the Pillow Worl Flame Princess calls him, saying that she finally got his joke, and she thought that it was funny, rekindling Finn's affections. In " Jake Suit ," it is shown that Flame Princess wants to introduce Finn to her less evil family members, but due to Jake's manipulation of Finn, he embarrasses himself.

Flame Princess goes outside and confronts Finn in anger and bewilderment, but then discovers that Jake is controlling him. Even though Flame Princess admires how Jake tries to cause Finn pain, she ultimately wishes Finn good luck and victory. In order see the dream's outcome, he continues to pit Flame Princess and Ice King against one another by writing insulting messages about them and claiming the other sent it. Finn passes out from the heat and the dream ends with the Cosmic Owl saying he "blew it.

Ice King repeats to Finn that he, indeed, blew it. In " Too Old ", Finn seemingly moved on with the breakup with Flame Princess, but was short-lived as he failed to restore his past relationship with Princess Bubblegum and realises that there is just too many differences between them to ever have a real relationship. He then come to terms with how much he messed up with Flame Princess and decides to talk to her soon and fix what he has done, but gets nervous when Jake jokingly states that she might have a new boyfriend by now.

In response, Finn asks if they are still going out. Flame Princess says no but that they can be friends. She tells him he can visit her any time in the Fire Kingdom as long as he is completely honest with her, and he looks upset - but nods in agreement.

In " Love Games ," Finn reveals in his song that he still has feelings for Flame Princess and is sad about it. In " The Pit ," he states that he still loves Flame Princess. By this time, Finn's despair over Flame Princess is evident of the start of his maturation later on in the series. However, Flame Princess states that she no longer has any feelings for Finn. Finn tries to impress her by showing off his grass swor improved swordsmanship, and ates into his personal life during their journey to the Fire Kingdom.

Cinnamon Bun then admits his love for Flame Princess and vows to fight alongside her. Finn mutters "Geez, did I just get shown up by Cinnamon Bun? It is stated in " Breezy " that Finn no longer talks to Flame Princess, which implies that he believes she and Cinnamon Bun are dating. His reaction is that of slight longing, and perhaps contempt, igniting his decision to follow Lemongrab up the mountain, in order to distract himself from seeing his ex-girlfriend.

Flame Princess also appears in the mirror as one of the three choices along with a butterfly and BMO with Jake, indicating that Finn might still have feelings for her, or isn't over her just yet. The first of which is "love", and a cameo of Flame Princess appears, which is hinting that Finn had loved Flame Princess before, or Finn still hasn't gotten over her.

In " Bun Bun ," Finn finally apologizes whole-heartedly to Flame Princess, showing his maturity and sincerity, with Flame Princess stating, "You've grown up a lot, man. FP and I are just friends. And I'm really proud of that friendship.

Getting there took a lot of trust building and emotional growth. This suggests that Finn still cares deeply about Flame Princess. LSP remarked "Honestly, I can still see those two working out," as she watched cursed Finn and Flame Princess-as a dragon-fight each other. Finn wants to help her keep her kingdom after, signing a no-good contract to Toronto. He helps Phoebe in win a rap battle with Son of Rap Bear.

In " Puhoy ," Finn meets Roselinenhis third love interest, in the possibly-imaginary realm of the Pillow World.

Finn enters this realm to let his mind unwind, as he is having supposed relationship problems with Flame Princess; when he meets Roselinen, she asks him to dance, to which Finn replies "I have a girlfriend. As they talk, she shows signs of liking him, and Finn talks half-embarrassed. Eventually, as by this time, Finn believes there is no way to escape the Pillow World, Finn abandons his relationship with Flame Princess to start a new life with Roselinen, having two kids named Jay and Bonnie.

When Finn finds out there is a way to escape the world, he is fully willing to go, though torn up about leaving Roselinen and his family behind. Roselinen asks Finn to not forget about them. Finn grows old and returns to his world at the point of his death in the Pillow World. After Finn tells Jake about his phone call, Finn forgets all about the dream, and also forgetting Roselinen and his family in the process.

In the episode " Breezy ," a to-be-queen bee, Breezy, is attracted to the flower where Finn's arm used to be. As time progresses, she discovers that she not only likes Finn's flower, but has a crush on Finn himself.

When Finn is threatened by the other bees, Breezy drinks the "royal jelly" to transform into the rightful queen bee of the hive and save him with her new-found powers.

She confesses her love for him, but Finn declines the offer to be with her, stating that the feeling is simply not mutual, highlighting his insensitivity and carelessness at the time. Erin is Finn's non-canon love interest whom he meets in " Food Chain. After a short interaction with each other, they jump to a quick conclusion to get married. At their marriage, Finn was nervous at first with Erin's beauty and as they were about to kiss, a pair of birds suddenly came and attacked the caterpillars.

Finn and Erin tried to escape, but went flying then falling. Before Finn went back to normal, he vowed to Erin that he'll marry her again when they meet again in a different lifetime. When Finn turns back to normal, it is unknown what happened to her. Huntress Wizard is Finn's secret love interest with whom he interacts in " Flute Spell ," in which he tried to help her by summoning the Spirit of the Forest. After many failed attempts Finn had been absent for some time as stated by Jakethey succeeded when they played their flutes together and the Spirit finally appears.

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The Spirit then asks Finn who is he really playing his Flute Spell for. After some hesitance, Finn answered that it was for Huntress Wizard, and confesses his secret feelings for her, stating that he was going to play the Flute Spell until his "flute broke".

Huntress Wizard is amazed but disheartened at the same time, due to her beliefs involving romantic relationships, revealing that she is not ready to commit. Despite this however, she also unveils her affections for Finn by kissing him, shocking Jake, and admitting that her flute spell was for him as well, and revealing her attraction to his hair and calling him an "exceptional beast".

However, being "exceptional beasts" means that they can't fall in love, to which Jake responds with "that's real dumb". Finn then states his agreement, however it is ambiguous as to whether he agrees with Jake, Huntress Wizard, or both.

With this, Finn has matured greatly since his relationship with Flame Princess. He is shown to be much more cautious with his feelings and did not rush to earn Huntress Wizard's affections. In " Wheels ," Huntress Wizard appears and listens to Finn as he starts playing the flute, before retreating back to hide, indicating that she still has feelings for him.

In " The Wild Hunt ", Huntress Wizard saves Finn by deflecting the hot fudge from the Grumbo and carries him in search of the said creature. While tracking the Grumbo, she notices Finn's hesitation of slaying the creature and decides to both help him on his mental block and hunt down the creature together. As they found the Grumbo's lair, Huntress Wizard constricts the creature with her vine and lets Finn give the final blow, reluctant, Finn could not kill it and resulted on both of them getting injured.

With Huntress Wizard in danger who was actually pretending gives Finn the push he needed to slay the Grumbo. After the Grumbo was slain, they finally accept each another's feelings as they nonchalantly exchange a kiss. At the end of the episode, the pair sing a duet and Finn plants a kiss on her "face", which makes her blush.

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In the episode, the Lich tries to dip Finn in his Well of Powerimplying that the Lich believes Finn should be on his side.

He also states that he believes Finn is his inferior. The Lich was shown trying and succeeding in manipulating Finn's emotions to his own gain several times. This was first shown in " Mortal Recoil ," where the Lich disguised as Princess Bubblegum manipulates Finn's romantic emotions toward Princess Bubblegum and makes him hand over the things he needed to regain his powers and continue his quest to destroy all life in the Multiverse.

Later, in " The Lich ," the Lich disguised as Billy uses Finn's trust of Billy and makes Finn get the gems of powerwhich he connects with the Enchiridion and uses to travel to the center of the multiverse and the wishmaster Prismo. As a recurring antagonist, Ice King is frequently at odds with Finn. Finn is prone to impatience and aggression around him but also shows him sympathy, as in " When Wedding Bells Thaw.

Similarly in " Mortal Recoil ," Finn, albeit grudgingly, trusted and united with Ice King against their common enemy of the Lich-possessed Princess Bubblegum. The Ice King competes with Finn for Princess Bubblegum, which is one of the sources of antagonism between them.

Although Finn and the Ice King began as bitter rivals, their relationship progressed in the later episodes to a friendly rivalry, then an odd friendship in its own right, and finally a genuine friendship. The Ice King does not really hate Finn and Jake, as he only fights with them because they are morally opposed to each other. He frequently tries to be friends with them, in his own, misguided ways, and has willingly made alliances with them. The Ice King made it clear that he doesn't want to kill Finn, the most he would do is punch him in the belly and make him vomit up his lunch.

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At worst, they are battling rivals, as Finn openly disapproves of the Ice King's habit of stealing princesses and causing mischief. At best, they are playful rivals, even friends.

15 times 'Adventure Time' completely broke our hearts When Finn and Flame Princess start dating. Finn and Flame Princess' relationship was always doomed. After all, they have a hard time. Are jake and princess bubblegum dating - Find single man in the US with mutual relations. Looking for romance in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. Join the leader in rapport services and find a date today. Join and search! Is the number one destination for online dating with more dates than any other dating or personals site. Flame Princess is first introduced as an anti-heroine character on the TV show Adventure Time, voiced by Jessica DiCiccio. She develops a crush on Finn after Jake courts her on his behalf in "Incendium," but Jake rescinds the offer after her father the Flame King pronounces her as his "evil.

Also, it's worth mentioning that in Adventure Time Vol. Near the end of the episode, the two are shown snuggled up side-by-side by a roaring fire, wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. Finn's attitude towards the Ice King has softened since discovering the tragic secret of his origin, and his compassion for people in distress outweighed his petty squalls with him enough to be his friend. In " Beyond this Earthly Realm ," Ice King tricks Finn into putting all the creatures of the spirit realm into the spirit hole, saying Finn would be freed from the spirit realm if he did so.

However, when Ice King accidentally falls on the porcelain lamb, Finn and Ice King help each other to be freed from the spirit realm by affecting the material plain and breaking the porcelain lamb.

In later seasons, Finn seems to have mostly forgiven the Ice King, as for most other characters. Finn does know that Ice King cannot help the way he is, as he is under a curse. He even shows compassion for Ice King in " Astral Plane " as he failed to make any friends at a party.

He also consulates him in " The Empress Eyes. In " Don't Look ", after being cursed, everyone Finn would see would become what he sees them as. After seeing the Ice King he took on appearance of Simon Petrikov, showing he truly feels sympathy for the Ice King for what he's become.

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