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Muttering about her mother, Harley ran to the back door where her boyfriend had been quietly hiding. As soon as the door was open, the teen's were locking lips and their hands were moving up and down each other's bodies. She didn't object to the tongue that slipped between her lips and entangled with her own. The new presence in the girl's mouth quickly took dominance, exploring the familiar environment and tasting it's partner. Soon they broke away and Harley took a deep breath.

She even calls herself Hump Day Harley because she thinks of herself as the Wednesday of the family. Harley is currently a student at Marshport High School along with her older siblings. When she's not at school, she spends most of her time inventing things, hoping that one day she will make a breakout invention.

She hopes that she will get recognized and eventually become the first girl to go to Mars. In Stuck in the MiddleHarley is recognized by her invention of a conveyor-belt table that has a lot of cool features and is also large enough to accommodate a large family like the Diazes.

In Stuck in the Sweet SeatHarley turns thirteen years old but her family forgets her birthday. She plans to keep them distracted hoping to use it to score some guilt points to convince her parents to give her Rachel's sweet seat. Georgie helps her realize that it's better to celebrate with her family. As part of family tradition, after turning 13, Harley starts working in her dad's store in Stuck in the Slushinator.

Is harley diaz dating aidan

She invents a slushy machine powered by Lewie and Beast to prove to her dad that she can do it. Tom is impressed by Harley's work ethic and buys her an actual machine. Since then, Harley has been running the slushy machine section in the special counter called Harley's Slushy Shack.

However, after realizing that the producers are more interested in family drama than her inventions, she gets the entire family to quit the show. To help fund for her inventions and raise money for other things, Harley often runs schemes to raise money. In Stuck with a Guy on the Couchshe secretly rents their living room to an exchange student to make money for a new tablet.

Stuck in the Middle - Dating Advice - Clip - Disney Arabia

In Stuck without a Ride and in Stuck Dancing with My Da she goes to great lengths to convince Rachel to drive her so that she can meet rich people to invest in her inventions. However, she gets carried away and secretly takes over Ethan's Star Tour business so that she can make money by making Ethan take her babysitting charges on tours. Ethan helps her realize that she went too far, trying to make money. Harley goes to her first school dance in Stuck with a Boy Genius. After being convinced by Rachel and Georgie to invite her internet friend, Josh to be her date to the dance, she does it.

Harley Diaz

Unfortunately, it turns out that Josh is a nine year old. Harley spends most of the night being humiliated and laughed at by other students. When they nominate her and Josh as formal queen and king, she uses the opportunity to show off her invention and put on an amazing dance show.

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In Stuck with a Bad InfluenceHarley is heartbroken when her best friend, Ellie Peters leaves town for a boarding school. Harley and Ellie would do anything for each other despite the rivalry between the Diazes and Ellie's mom, Bethany Peters.

When Rachel leaves the family to go to college in Paris in Stuck with Rachel's SecretHarley feels responsible to have someone fill in Rachel's shoes. She tries taking the Diaz captain role herself but all her pieces of advice end up backfiring. She realizes that no one can replace Rachel. With Rachel out, Harley thinks she's going to have a drama-free life. But then Ellie's cousin, Aidan Peters moves in to live with Bethany next door.

In Stuck in Camp Chaos the new neighbors begin a fierce rivalry. To make things worse, Aidan joins Harley's school and attends some of her classes in Stuck with Harley's Bethany. Aidan drives Harley so crazy that Ethan decides to put him in the "Dead to Diaz" list on Harley's behalf.

In Stuck with Horrible Helperswith the unexpected assistance of her twin brothers, Harley wins the opportunity to compete in the state inventing competition, the Imagination Gladiators. She decides to reward them by letting them join the Slushy Shack staff, but find the Bait N' Bite robbed.

She is crushed but later realizes that everyone makes mistakes. Despite having put Aidan in the Dead to Diaz list, Ethan had realized how much he and Aidan have in common especially, their shared passion for the same comic books. He had used the opportunity to convince Aidan that Harley is a good person; but in the process he revealed Harley's biggest "Flea-az Diaz" secret.

So, when Harley finds out Ethan did, she fights back by embarrassing him in front of Chloe. After the fight, both Harley and Ethan overhear Aidan talking on the phone with his dad. This makes them realize that Aidan is going through a tough time. So, Harley opens up her heart and invites Aidan in to join them for a game night.

stuck in the middle Haiden(harley Diaz & aidan peters) One Shots K Reads 37 Votes 2 Part Story. By PrincessLexi Ongoing - ated Sep 09, Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. I love Harley and Aiden as a fanfic takes place rite after the episode:Stuck in Harley's Quinceanera. So if you haven't seen this Reviews: Diaz, stuck in harley's bethany air dates will stall and. Dating middle aged woman She learns that left of middle season 3 s03 watch stuck with me to this effort as the 'best. Sn 3 ep 21 stuck in harley's bethany is the diaz on their. Lewie, stars ortega and generous aidan peters on the latest schedule for your popflock. Harley Diaz and her boyfriend Aidan are left with the Diaz house to themselves and get up to a little fun while their families away, but Aidan isn't the only boy who can be classified as the boy next door. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Family - Ethan D., Harley D. - Chapters: 2.

Harley invites Aidan again in " Stuck with a Non-Diaz " but Aidan ruins her perfectly planned premiere for Ethan's movie. Surprisingly, Aidan saves the day. In " Stuck Wrestling Feelings ," Harley starts to develop feelings for Aidan after spending time together with him and the twins at the wrestling convention.

When Georgie points out that Harley and Aidan have a crush on each other, Harley denies it and decides to use science to prove Georgie wrong. Unfortunately, everything adds up to proving that Harley has a crush on Aidan.

She tries to suppress her feelings, but Georgie and the twins encourage her to embrace them. So, she asks Aidan out a romantic hang out in the slide. Harley's relationship with Aidan goes to the next level in " Stuck Without the Perfect Gift " when Aidan gets Harley a very thoughtful gift.

Harley gives him a model of the school announcement booth with an audio recording of the time she was yelling at him on live radio.

She likes it because it reminds them of how far they've come. But Aidan doesn't like the gift because it reminds him of a moment he would love to forget. Let's watch some TV first, Aidster. In response, Aidan drummed his fingers on the couch as he moved, knowing of the girl's irritation for the act. It's kinda chilly. Harley rolled her eyes, but did as told regardless. When seated, she switched on some singing competition and settled onto her secret boyfriend's body.

The slightly-older teen wrapped his arms around Harley, bringing her closer to his hard cock that was grinding against her clothed ass cheeks. She shivered at his breath on her neck, but tried to ignore it.

For a moment Harley didn't answer. Whether transfixed on the singing bearded lady or just coming up with an answer. Soon she responded, "Because you know how my mom would react. She hates Bethany! As if either of them would let us be together Or do anything else I'm going to have to hide that.

Hope Rachel doesn't notice her makeup missing when she comes home next week,". The show progressed slowly, with many lacklustre acts went up and were turned away. Both teens were getting more bored by the second, and soon their hands started to roam.

Aidan's oddly gentle hands moved along her sides and down her thighs. His lips planted kisses along her neck as a hand slipped up her shirt and started roaming her bare skin. The cute noises she was making only made the boy grin and move up further, soon cupping the cute brunette's still developing breasts.

I see your nipples are already hard for me. Just like something else is hard for you, babe," Aidan thrust upward, grinding against his girlfriend and grunting. The teen rubbed and pinched Harley's nipples while gently biting her neck. Aidan responded by making another hickey and feeling up the girl's boobs. She may still be rather flat, but he thought it just made her cuter.

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She was jelly in seconds. Ugh, you should care, Aidan. Rachel had caught me stealing makeup so many times she's starting to think that Ethan's giving them to me. Harley moaned when an unnoticed hand slipped down to her clothed pussy and rubbed it through the fabric. She enjoyed having Aidan teasing her in three spots, especially since there was no threat of her family walking in. I thought we were waiting until the show ended? This time the inventor's tongue tried to take dominance, pinning down that of her boyfriend.

Soon his tongue slipped around and between her glossed lips, taking back control of the kiss as his lips slid across hers.

He broke off with that tormenting grin. What now, cutie? Harley couldn't keep from making cute noises as the boy's talented fingers pinched her nipples while the other hand massaged her legs and pussy. The tingling sent a jolt up her spine that made her grind against the hard cock pressing against her ass.

She watched as the dark-haired boy reached down then began undoing his belt and jeans. He motioned for her to remove the clothes, with the girl following, leaving Aidan in a pair of bulging briefs that had her mouth watering. Harley tugged them away, eager to see and taste her boyfriend's cock again. When the thick cock flopped out, it was already oozing with pre and making it even more intoxicating for the girl craving it.

It always mesmerised Harley to stare at the two-toned dick. The head of his tanned member was a lighter tone from the rest of his body, and served to make his six-and-a-half inches look bigger. Aidan smirked when Harley groped the shaft and licked the clear drops from the lighter tip. Happy to hear the boy moaning, Harley gave his cock a few jerks. Then she noticed his thin pubes. You're shaving and shaping it now? Harley remembered saying that and said nothing more. She did, however, note that he managed to remember her complaining about that, but had no recollection of any time she mentioned his habit of drumming his fingers.

Again the girl rolled her eyes at the impatient boy. Harley licked up and length of his thick shaft, stopping her lick just before the head.

The whimper coming from Aidan just made her giggle. She took the head into her mouth and teased with her tongue, enjoying Aidan's moans from the teasing.

His precum leaked out onto her tongue and down her throat, warming the girl up. She pulled off and gave the member a few pumps, getting a few moans from Aidan. While his chest wasn't bad, it was lacking any defined muscle like Ethan's but impressive as he didn't hit the gym. Harley wrapped her soft lips around Aidan's cock and resumed sucking away like it was a piece of candy, loving the boy's sweet taste.

Knowing just how to tease him, she only took in until his cock changed colour before moving back up. While teasing and sucking, she fondled his heavy balls as her other hand caressed his slender body. Aidan's moans of pleasure only made her swallow more of his cock. Soon Harley pulled off and took one of his balls into her hungry mouth, just loving Aidan's groans. Harley switched between the sweet-tasting orbs, glad that he shaved them and there were no pubes in the way of her meal.

She wanted to suck both at once, but struggled getting both in her mouth at once. Well I can't wait to taste you after this! When the slightly-younger girl started gagging, he allowed her to pull off. The brunette cursed her gag reflex but resumed sucking his dick. Whenever only the tip was in her mouth, she licked the precum from the boy's piss slit before moving back down and taking as much as she could manage.

She could feel his cock throbbing against the walls of her throat, knowing he was about to cum. Harley swallowed every rope of hot, sweet cum before pulling off and licking any droplets from his cock.

You didn't cum as much as usual. Are you holding back for something else, Aidan? I don't see why we can't have some fun while they are gone Harley shivered at his words as she hooked around the hem of her shirt. She was stopped when she tried to remove her shirt, with the handsome teen reaching in and peeling the tee off instead.

He paused plant kisses on her tanned body and massage her breasts. Still a novice, he trapped her in a kiss as a distraction until finally he managed to unhook her bra. Both nipples got a lick as the teen moved further down, soon reaching her jean shorts. The tight clothing perfectly captured her round ass, so he was staring the whole time as they slid off her hot body and fell to the floor.

Now she was left in an almost soaked pair of baby-blue lace panties, which wear nearly see-through from the wetness. In order to tease his girlfriend slightly, Aidan leaned in and lightly kissed her fabric-covered clit. The teen licking his lips slightly from the sight of his girlfriend's moist clit.

Narrowing his eyes, Aidan licked up the wet folds and drew a loud moan from Harley's betraying mouth. As the juices trickled off his tongue and down his throat, the boy breathed in the sweet scent. Harley made a cute sound between a moan and a yelp as the dark-haired teen massaged her clit, occasionally teasing the sensitive nub with his tongue. Oh god". The brunette groaned in response, her head rolling back as her boyfriend continued to pleasure her clit.

His talented hands had her making more cute noises and her legs almost quaking, with the girl trying not to make too much noise as to not alert Aidan's aunt Bethany to their actions. You're going to make me if you keep that up, baby" She gd out between huffed breaths, her chest rising and falling at a quickened pace. Aidan smirked as he continued to lap up his girlfriend's juices, but couldn't help but tease his girlfriend a little further.

His grin only got wider when his girl released a further moan from his comment about her brother's tongue cleaning her pussy, and a little more of her tasty juices leaked out of her.

Harley could only nod and moan in response, still breathing heavily from the teen's actions and her orgasm. The thought of her cute brothers sucking and getting fucked by her boyfriend's two-toned cock had Harley aching for more from the slightly-older boy.

She made a mental note to set the four up some time in the future. Aidan continued to smirk as his teasing continued: "Oh? I thought you would have been too focused on the thought of the twins penetrating you together to worry about getting my large cock. Bet you wish they were home Lewie on his knees sucking Aidan's balls while Beast rode the teen hard, Ethan up feeding his cock to Aidan and his younger brother as they fucked.

Are you after a good hard pounding or do you want to ride me, in the same way you wanna ride your brother's thin cock. The girl shot him a look with a sly smirk. She gripped his shoulder and swiftly switched places, leaving the boy sitting on the couch with an awkward expression. Sure, I would love to see my brothers getting fucked by you, but you can't control me with that! Aidan returned a sly smirk. Heck, knowing my kinky babe, you want one of the twins over Ethan's lengthier dick.

She could feel the heat radiating off his cock just below her dripping snatch. She lowered down, only catching the head between the folds before grinding against his cock and planting a small kiss on his darker lips. Harley didn't object when Aidan's tongue slipped inside, simply allowing the organ to take dominance and twirl around hers. Her lips slid over his as his hand took her waist and guided her down onto his thick mushroom head. While she couldn't deny the idea of her brother sliding into her would be hot, she doubted any of the trio could feel as good inside of her or fill her as nicely as Aidan's large double-toned cock.

The twin's in particular, she doubted had the length to pleasure her in the way her pussy demanded, even if they could fit both in easily. So hot," She gd, grabbing onto the couch and Aidan's shoulder for support. Soon the girl felt the light tickle of her boyfriend's short-shaven pubes and giggled. The walls of her cervix squeezed down on his shaft and made the tight space ever hotter. Lewie definitely looks like he has a tight as fuck ass on him, that's just begging for a dick to take it's cherry.

Aidan smirked. That kid's gonna swallow cocks like a pro! Now Ethan on the other hand, looks like he's had his ass used and abused, more than once.

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