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Although most Marvel heroes don't really age, a handful of Marvel characters over the years have become parents over the years. But while characters like Spider-Man and Scarlet Witch have lost their children, two grim street-level heroes have managed to keep their daughter safe despite multiple attempts on her life. But the couple really came together after Jessica was revealed to be pregnant. While Luke became a member of Captain America's New Avengers, Jessica worked with the Pulse, a superhero-oriented offshoot of the Daily Bugle until shortly she gave birth. Named after her father's best friend Iron Fist, Danielle or Dani for short was quickly cared for by the Avengers. Squirrel Girl even briefly served as her in-house nanny, and the child still stands as one of the most difficult opponents the teen hero has ever contended with. In the main Marvel Universe, Danielle is too young to have fully begun exhibiting her powers.

To this day, the two are still married, still in love, and neither one has turned out to be a Skrull, android, or Russian spy. Feels good, right?

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Wait five years and a rugged, time-traveling Danielle Cage will burst through some dimensional gate to help the Avengers take down Thanos or Dormammu or whoever. Moments that let us forget Luke Cage ever wore a tiara.

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The Future of This Relationship

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Jun 12,   In the pages of Alias, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage had a one night fling that resulted in a more committed the couple really came together after Jessica was revealed to be pregnant. While Luke became a member of Captain America's New Avengers, Jessica worked with the Pulse, a superhero-oriented offshoot of the Daily Bugle until shortly she gave Brandon Zachary. The spin-off nature of Luke Cage could come across as jarring to fans who saw the character's backstory merely hinted at on Jessica Jones, and could make his presence within this arm of the MCU.

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Is luke cage dating jessica jones

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Also, his first costume looked like this: Tiara, silk shirt open to his navel, and a motorcycle chain as a belt. Plus, many of her comics look like this: Long story short with no spoilers, she used to be the bubbly superhero Jewel, who after an accident gained a little super strength and flight.

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Jessica Jones

To top it off, Jessica had known that Reva was Luke's wife and kept her involvement in Reva's death a secret from Luke while they were sleeping together. Luke got some unintentional revenge on Jessica when Kilgrave took over his mind to manipulate her, but their relationship was still strained after an epic battle between these two superheroes.

Considering Luke walked out of her apartment after he healed from Jessica shooting him in the head it was Kilgrave's fault!

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Claire and Luke met at the end of Jessica Jones Season 1 when she saved his life from that bullet to the head. She was prominently featured in both trailers for Luke Cageso this nurse is going to be an essential ally for Luke and has seen how much Jessica cares for him firsthand. While Luke hanging out with Claire might not offer much consolation for people who want Luke and Jessica to get back together, it is a good reminder that the Netflix Marvel world is a small one and Jessica and Luke are bound to reunite at some point if not in Season 1 of Luke Cage.

Because honestly, only Luke Cage can handle the sweeping mood changes and ferocity of the feisty Jessica Jones. So let's get right to the heart of the article - no more need to waste time. Don't let the celebratory nature of these panels distract you from the fact that . Aug 14,   Luke Cage (actor Mike Colter) and Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) first met on Marvel's Jessica Jones, which came out in It all started when Jessica spied Author: Anna Menta. NEW YORK, NY - APRIL Mike Colter as Luke Cage and Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones filming Marvel / Netflix's 'Jessica Jones' filming in Brooklyn on April 14, in New York City.

Jessica admitted her serious feelings for Luke while he was unconscious during her show and in the comics, Luke and Jessica eventually get married and have a child together, so their interactions are far from over - even if Krysten Ritter doesn't show her face in Luke Cage. I'm still going to hold out hope that Jessica will appear briefly in Luke Cagebut at the very least, Luke and Jessica will need to get past their history together for when Netflix premieres its other Marvel series The Defenders - so continue keeping the faith for this pair of dysfunctional and crazy powerful lovebirds.

Jun 22,   Jessica Jones did not appear in Season 1 of Luke Cage at all, and Luke Cage did not make an appearance in the recently-released Season 2 of Jessica Jones, so it . Jessica Campbell Jones Cage is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos and first appeared in Alias #1 (November ), as part of Marvel's Max, an imprint for more mature content. Within the context of Marvel's shared Created by: Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Michael . Sep 29,   Luke Cage was a pretty integral part of Jessica Jones, but don't expect the same to be said of Jessica in Season 1 of Luke latest Marvel Author: Caitlin Gallagher.

And it needed to be that way; it's Jessica's story. So, you don't get to see where he goes when he's not with her.

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