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A born and bred Jersey girl, Jessica first entered the realm of sex and relationships when she first sought out to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. While handling all things marriage and parenting-related at work, Jessica got her sexual fix by blogging about her single-girl sex life in Hollywood, California. Soon enough, she found herself transitioning from the family room to the bedroom, as she eventually began writing sex advice for the masses at an instructional porn company under the guise of a blonde, bombshell porn star who shall not be named. While talking about family matters and writing about sex seemed to operate on 2 completely opposite realms, Jessica eventually made her way back to personal assistance and guidance and found her true calling as a personal dating coach for men. Meet Jessica J A born and bred Jersey girl, Jessica first entered the realm of sex and relationships when she first sought out to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. Be A Bad Ass: Watch the video pickup artists hope you'll never see

Jessica j, from three day rule. Created by joshua pellicer, real life. Spears is a guy. Bay area dating coach, dr. Kickass daily dose speak to baby blonde royals. Tips see what jon and dating coach on his own dating.

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9 Ways To Make Women RESPECT You IMMEDIATELY (& w/o Being a Jerk!)

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Preferencias de privacidad Estoy de acuerdo. I'm a nice guy. I'm not that kind of guy. So, I think that's where the concept of selfish is a good thing because, if you don't even know like what you're looking for, if you can't be selfish enough to say, "Wait a minute, what do I want out of this and I fricking deserve it. So, let me get it.

I dare to think we use this word and people think like they're selfish, right?

pity, that

So, a guy in this context goes out on a date with a girl. Normally, he's a little bit anxious, nervous about it. So, he's putting the selfish line too far away from him or is it too near him? So, he's not taking I'm sorry I slipped up there. So, it's too near him because, he's not taking a lot of actions outside of his small circle because, he feels like he would be overstepping his boundaries.

Does that make sense to you? My ideas here is like I think maybe guys should be a little bit more selfish. It's actually not being selfish but, they should think of being a little bit more selfish and it would kind of reset them to more normal boundaries with the girl, a girl he's only just met. It's funny you mentioned that.

Well, as you're mentioning that, I'm thinking of a client who, he went on a date and he came back and he called me. He's like, "I don't get it. Like, I did everything right. Like, I talked, I touched her, I made her laugh, I was like flirty, this, that and the other. She was just unreceptive like crossing her arms the entire time, pulling out her cell phone and looking at it. I don't understand what I did wrong?

Say you did everything perfectly right and this was the type of girl she is. Yes or no, is that the type of girl you'd want to spend your money on again? When he came home and said this to me, that's exactly what I asked him. I was like, "If this is exactly what this girl is like and you feel like you did everything right and you were super down with how you were reacting, what would make you want to spend your time and money on this girl one more time?

I was like, "That does not make a perfect woman for you. I've come across this situation. Actually, it's very common in Asia where girls are addicted to cell phones. If a girl starts doing that It would be like their kind of backup plan for a few minutes.

So, you just ask her what she's doing and say, "You don't like text when you're hanging out," and stuff like that. You just kind of like challenge her on it.

Is that something you would So, you're not accusing me of anything. You're not like, "Okay well, let me pull out my phone. So it's like, if we were sitting here and you pull out your phone There you go and I'm like, "Hey, what are you looking at? Show me. I said earlier, it doesn't mean like that that situation could come up and it doesn't mean that the girl's really bad all the time. I've actually seen where the girl's been like, "Oh yeah, I'm sorry" and she put it away and she'll turn out to be a pretty cool person.

For whatever, the situation was set up wrong and she started texting or whatever. It could have been your fault for not being proactive with conversation for instance and she's like, "I don't know what to do.

I'm going to start texting my friends. It's kind of hard seeing I'll pick up my phone. I'll look at the time. If I see something and like, I have texts, it's all about you being proactive as you say, to lead me back.

Lead me back. If you lead me there, I will follow. One of the things that is worrying about saying, telling guys to be a bit more selfish is that there's obviously a line between being more selfish and doing things for themselves like taking decisions for themselves. Like you were saying earlier, there's this asshole line, right? There's this line that you go beyond and you start being more of an asshole if you're not considering others. So, I think this is really the struggle when we give guys this advice.

Like, "Be your own man. Make your own decisions. Be a leader. But, there are cases, as you said where you can go over and you can be an asshole. How would a guy know, how does he get in the in between middle ground? How does he know he's not like That's why assholes will always start off like He's got this great life I get to be a part of it," but they start hating him because, he never opens up his life for her.

That's one thing to take into account. Are you not opening your life to her because, "Fuck her. Like, it's my life," or are you actually making a point to do it because, that's the point of fricking dating and meeting women and letting them in your life. So, you're bringing her into your life and making more of a team, I guess. Does that fit with what you were saying? Like sometimes I'll talk about, "Hey, we're a team. Are you doing it just to like get mad poon?

If that's the case, go ahead and be a selfish asshole. Like as long as you keep the poon coming, that's fine but, if you really are dating to find somebody, you need to take that somebody into account. Most of the time, it's just like a respect or something. Most of it comes down to that, right? I call it the trusting triangle. As long as you can keep those three things in mind and consistently put yourself first in a way that, I hate saying being true to yourself but, that's really it in a nutshell.

You putting yourself first, you not have to sacrifice any piece of you, not asking her to do the same and then compromising, you should be okay.

You will okay. Let's dive into some practical examples.

speaking, opinion, obvious

In some scenarios that guys might have come across before. We've been talking about a few concepts about leading, taking decisions and being proactive. We used a lot of different vocabulary here but, basically, getting you guys at home to be more forward in your relationships, a bit more dominant, a bit more leader because, it works well with women. So, there are a few very normal situations that guys get stuck at with women, right?

These are like approaching a girl, meeting a girl for the first time. Can we apply these ideas we've been talking about to that situation and help him approach easier or have that approach come off better? It's the reason a lot of girls will be polite because, that's what we are told to do.

Be polite. Other girls are so angry with being polite, that they'll tell you off at first or ignore you. I have a girlfriend that, bless her fricking heart, she'll throw her drink in any guys face just because, maybe she felt like it that night and it's always at least once a night but, it's never anything crazy. That's just how she is. But, if at first you can separate yourself from any other man that's approaching me and you can say something that nobody else can say, I will immediately turn my attention to you.

Because why? Because, I was not able to filter you out the same way I did the other guys. Great, so just being unique and I guess what you're saying there is like, at least it's something that really comes from him instead of something that's he's picked up elsewhere from other people in the world, from media, wherever. It's more likely to get through just because it's going to be unique. So here's what I always say Angel.

What's the one thing, all of us have in common? I have it in common with you.

consider, that

You have it in common with my mother. My mother has it in common with your best friend. What is the one thing we all have in common? We are humans. We're humans. We have human experience. We all came here the same way. We're all going out the same way, right? Okay so, what is the one thing we are all interested in first and foremost.

Why does every man answer with that? No, that is not in the interest of every person on the planet. Okay, give it to me. What are you thinking of? Connecting with people? We are all inherently interested first and foremost in ourselves.

Meet Jessica J. A born and bred Jersey girl, Jessica first entered the realm of sex and relationships when she first sought out to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. Daters" on Nightline after having the most messaged online dating profile in Los Angeles, and is the resident dating coach and host of Playboy Radio show, The Couch. Jul 30,   Jessica J, a former therapist turned sex and dating coach and founder of Level Up Seduction, joins NOL to share tips for men on how to use dirty talk to really turn your woman on and keep her satisfied. Some things we discuss: 1. How to get comfortable talking dirty 2. The importance of WHAT [ ].

If you come up to me and you say something about yourself that no other man can say Angel you could say something like, "Oh my god. I talked to this Brown chick today and she blew my mind because, she's the most hilarious person I've talked to today. If you're talking about your experience because, why? Because it's the one thing you and I already have in common and if you talk about your experience and I can relate to it, now this conversation becomes about me and if it becomes about me, I become interested in you.

Just absolutely think about yourself and put whatever you're feeling out there. That's the one thing Have you met many Parisians? This is kind of random but, let's go with it. Did you like it?

I want to move there, actually. I lived there for quite a few years. They do like to complain. It's just kind of like a thing in Paris.

Jessica j dating coach

This is like 10 years ago for me. I didn't really get it. I was like, "He's just kind of bitching about stuff. What's going on? He's bitching and moaning. So, I've kind of seen that situation where it's even been negative and it still worked out but, I have to say, he had good energy. It was kind of like, "Man, I hate this weather," but he still had good energy about it so, it was working. That's still Okay so, when you're going on a date with a girl, how can selfish work out for you? Is that anywhere near you?

I know he's British. That's all I know. I've never been there. I've heard about it. They have different accents up there. It's a very different accent than what you bring to the table today. So, he was telling me Every time I'm on the phone with him, he has me laughing my ass off and then, he tells me about these dates he goes on. He's sitting there and he's like, "Oh, it's all boring Jessica.

It's so boring. I just sit there. Ask her what she likes and she doesn't really talk and I ask about her career. He's really wild, very vibrant, you know talks with his hands a lot. I asked him, "How often are you communicating like this on your dates? I would embarrass them? I was taught that I'm supposed to be on my best behavior when it comes to meeting women.

That's not what dates are for. I want to know what makes you different than any other man before and any other man that's going to come after you. They would kind of be like more toned down. I know that more often than not, they're going to open up a bit more but, even sometimes, they're not kind of like letting loose, like kind of being selfish and taking the space of talking for a while. I've seen this dynamic in groups of guys before and the guy who's kind of like, how would you say, leading the path for other people to talk all the time tends to be the guy who's getting all these girls.

What's this guy about? Let's get on to a few more higher stress situations for guys here. Wanting to go home with a girl. I'm on a date.

sorry, that has

It's going well because, I've been selfish and I want to go home with her. I'm thinking like, "It's It's time to take her home. There's just so much strategy around it. There's so much fricking strategy.

"The 10 Most Cringeworthy Attraction Killing Mistakes Men Make With Women"

I remember I was on call with one student and he was like, "Well, I don't understand like I He's like, "I handled her [inaudible]. She even called all her friends and her brother to try and get them to like to talk to me to bring her home but, I just didn't bring her home. I just made sure I brought her to my house. That girl thought she was going to get raped," and I was like, "That just an awful thing. That's an awful position to put a woman in.

She wants to make sure she puts out to get out. Like, I'm not embarrassed to say that I've put so many fricking times Angel just to be able to get myself out of the situation.

Take the vajay. Let's get out of here. Yep, we do it. So, when it comes to taking a girl home, "I want to know that you want me, first of all and you can't make qualms about it. I have to know that you want me because, that is going to make me see you as a sexual being but, I don't want you to force me into anything I don't want to do. Come on, let's go home" and I'm like, "No, I got to work in the morning.

Fuck, you're going to have to go home. That sucks. Let's just go home. Don't you like me? I thought you liked me. I always say go with the resistance. It's going to be the fastest way to getting what you want and if you want to take a girl home, first you go to show that you even want her. I don't want you to play these games like, "Oh, you know, we should go back to my house.

You know, I got like a Digiorno pizza. How should he make you know that he wants to take you home? He likes you. I would say definitely going for the kiss. If you don't go for the kiss, it's going to be hard to get her to come home. So, you have to go for it and from there, it will be that much easier and that much more clear that, "Okay, cool.

This guy actually wants me and he has no problem wanting me. Let's go so I can do this. I'm wearing these fricking stilettos and this fine ass dress and all this makeup so you can sit there and not tell me that you want me.

If you don't show it then, you're not going anywhere ever.

So, you've got to let it out. So, it's being selfish. It's just like, "I feel like kissing her right now. I'm just going to kiss her. I'm just going to lean over and kiss her. You don't want to go.

understand you

That's fine. I'm going to go to bed anyway. I was like, "Wait, you're supposed to try really hard to try to fuck me" but, he had no problem saying, "Okay, if you want to go home that's cool.

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Like, the taxis, you know where the taxi stand is. I guess the situation you've been talking about is where a girl's not comfortable yet. She like hasn't figured you out is often the resistance. I mean, you might as well as call it resistance, right? There's a bit of resistance there but, it's often she's not quite ready, whatever move you put on her. So, you don't have to take it as rejection.

You just have to hold back a bit. I will say that no woman wants to believe that she's that easily won. It's just we don't. So, I will say no a couple times before I'm like, "Alright. We just always will. No woman wants to be like, "Yeah, totally. Because, we know the second you get it, we might hear from you tomorrow and then, a while and then, we're going to feel like shit.

It's like, "Damn, this could have been any fricking whole and he would have been fine. That's really all it is. I've noticed actually recently that I've noticed many years ago in Asia.

Dating Tips For Men (From a Female Dating Coach) Thanks for coming to my channel! People call me a "dating coach". Others call me "The Female Hitch" or . Jessica J. Jessica first entered the realm of sex and relationships when she sought out a career as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Soon enough, she found herself transitioning from the family room to the bedroom, and she eventually began writing sex advice for the masses at an instructional porn company under the guise of a blonde, bombshell. Jessica J has photos and videos on their Instagram profile posts.

When I was in Asia, I would date a girl and then, I wouldn't see her for a while and I would meet her up for the second date and she would come kind of dressed down. At first, I was like, "Why is she kind of dressed down? She's not making any effort. The first time I saw her she was looking really hot and you know, I was like wow.

Hi Jessica, I was obsessed over one woman that used me and treated me like shit. Since I started following your advice, I've been taking a new girl home every night for the past 4 nights, with 4 more dates lined up! My sex life has never been better. -Don. Jun 08,   LIVE Q&A w/ Dating Coach Jessica J (Ask Me Anything!) - Duration: Jessica J 4, views. Relationship Coaching Session Techniques To Level-Up Your Coaching Ability - Duration: Jessica j dating coach - Rich man looking for older man & younger woman. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a man. My interests include staying up late and taking naps. Is the number one destination for online dating with more dates than any other dating or personals site. How to get a good man.

Now, I'm kind of confused because now, she was a like an 8 or whatever on a scale for the hell of it and now, she's a 6. So, now she's got me all like you know, I don't know where I stand and maybe she thinks I'm a friend or something.

It turned out that this was really just exactly what you're saying. They wanted me to want them and they wanted to be sure that I wanted them for the right reasons.

So, it was this clear pattern after all. It's like they were all dressing down. It's obviously because, they all come back home with me. So something's going on like it means basically I was like, "Oh, she's dressed down. She wants to come home with me. I want you to see me in my fricking sweats with no makeup on, my hair in a bun and I want you to still look at me that like, "Holy shit. I would do anything to fuck her. I like that. It's funny a lot of guys will say like, "Oh my god, she dressed down.

That means, she thinks we're friends. I mean, we'll throw so many fricking hoops out there. We just want to know that like you're going to come after us and it's going get us even hotter when you do.

That's just classic. That's like waiting for the guy to come and show his interest. Yeah, yeah, we just want to know you want us. Come on.

pity, that

Maybe it's that. Okay, so let's talk about another one. In sex, like should guys be more selfish in sex? Is this something they should think about or do you think that that's an area where selfishness doesn't really come into play?

there's nothing

I have a great story for this actually. So, I hooked up with this dude for the first time and there's no other way for me to say it other than to say that I could tell this guy had maybe gone through all these instructional porno because You like her? Remember this video. I taught this move. I could just tell because, he seemed I'd be like, "Please stop fucking like you're trying to prove something. I'm here too. I'm here to please you too. If you're not here enjoying in your own pleasure, it's going feel very one-sided.

I'm going to feel like you know, a test, like a math test. I don't want to feel like a math test. Not during sex. Let's say they've got some relatively narrow ideas about sex and what they should be doing, especially when they're younger. You know, early 20s. Then, I think some of those videos can be pretty useful to give them like, "Ah, these are the kinds of things that people do," right? When they start looking at it from as you said, it's basically a performance. They're like, "Oh, I have to give this girl like five orgasms before she leaves and I've got to go through this routine to do it.

They, like you're saying, it's just like God, we feel it, yes! Then, she'll enjoy. Of course, you have to be sensitive to what's going on with her at the same time but You know, that's the last thing that you can get, you should get into your head about.

If at the end of the day, you just ask yourself, "Okay, what am I into? You can do no wrong. Sometimes, you'll like, "I kind of want to flip her over.

You know, I want to do anything" and I think some guys would be like, "Oooo, I'm not so I can't do whatever. It's probably going to work because, honestly a lot of the time, the natural stuff works better if you feel it and I feel like, it's guys resisting their nature that causes a lot of the problems. You know, I'm sitting right here looking and if you're not being about yourself and like having the time of your life, then I'm going to be like, "Ah, shit.

Like, I'm not having the time of mine either. Okay, relationships. Should we be selfish in relationships?

This is where "us" really comes into play. I mean, you could sit here all day and say like, "No, I want to have my life and she gets to have her life," but if you guys aren't' coming to make something better than your individual lives you have together, then really, what's the point?

mine very

You might as well just sit by yourself and jerk off all day in the corner. Why be in a relationship? It's about compromise. It's a great way to put it. Okay, so in relationships here, I'll throw something out here and see if you can relate to this. I think I'm relatively selfish in relationships. So, whatever project I'm on to, I'll be really into.

I'm just working on it and I don't like to be disturbed. I'm committed to it. I want to make it work and whatever, I just want to make it work. I want to make it a success. That's what guys do. That's what we love to do. We like to create stuff in the world and just make them happen. If a girl comes in to interrupt me all the time or something, I'd be like, "Hey, not now. Like, this is my work time. You know, I'll see you later tonight, right? Like, you should be like if she comes in and she wants like something from you, you should be like, 'Oh, hey Baby.

What's up? I think that's where you become number one in relationships as well. You've always been number one throughout your life. You're always going to have to at the end of the day live up to what your life was.

What you did in your life and sure, it can be looking after your girlfriend and so on but, you know, if you kind of let go of all of your goals and whatever it was about you that you wanted to do in life, that's not going to be good. So, that's kind of my example from mine.

I end up like putting a circle around my work or whatever I'm up to at the time and saying, "You know, this is my time. Just leave me when I'm doing this and we'll hang out this evening or whatever times and we'll do our stuff together.

Men take a lot more pride in their ability to make money and provide because, that's a man's job. As sad as it is, that's a man's role in the world to provide and they'll look at I mean, I was just in 14 different countries in the past two months and I will say that is the He will be the miserable-est guy on the planet.

In terms of relationships, I'd never say sacrifice your work or your ability to provide for the sake of a woman. So, you have to ask yourself what that is, what the point of your relationship is and what you are willing to do and what you're not willing to and if she's down for the ride awesome. If she's not, that's not the girl for you. Like the things are really important for you. You should be figuring out and learning about each other and learning when to leave him alone, learning when to leave her alone if she's doing her stuff and when you work best together.

Now, for the end of the selfish discussion which, I think we've navigated relatively well. How can you cultivate and make being selfish a habit and a part of you? Hopefully, we've illustrated how thinking a bit more selfishly can be helpful in a lot of these situations.

It's just kind of a framework or a way to think about things that might be a bit different and help you put yourself in the right place in these situations. How would say like we can encourage ourselves to build this as a habit and more of something inside our lives instead of just something that we just spoke about today? It's like a closet-cleaning technique.

I don't know. A closet cleaning?

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