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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Founder: watch the stars - Stories: - Followers: 0 - id: Feel free to submit any fics or help out in some way! We know the light from the dark star triggered visions from both the past and the future. What else did Keith see in his time in the Abyss?

Hey, this is going to be a book about about Voltron headcanons, oneshots, and scenarios. I take requests from anyone and am open to anything, fluff and angst! Feel free to ask for something! I ship klance but also do other pairs and reader insertsss. Keith hesitated for a moment. Was this really worth it? Hardly. Lance was an asshole, and he wasn't sure what fake dating would entail. But, free laundry was free laundry, right? "Alright, it's a deal." Or: Lance makes the mistake of telling his Mom he has a . Klance comics by Sleepis4theweak. Just comics. of klance I own none of the art, all credit goes to the artists. Dirty Laundry by Gibslythe by The Ship Shop. ?DISCLAIMER? THIS STORY ISN'T MINE IM POSTING THIS SO NOT ONLY EVERYONE ELSE CAN READ THIS BUT I CAN TOO. THIS IS MY FAVORITE BOOK SO I WANT TO KEEP IT ALIVE. PLEASE D.

What else did Keith see in his time in the Abyss? A certain blue-eyed Cuban boy, perhaps? What kind of future did Keith see for himself? Connection by Mslead-Kytrin reviews To be selected by a Guardian Spirit is a great honor and being a paladin is an even higher one.

Lance has struggled his whole life to be deserving of that title, but when his spirit rejects him - he takes bonding into his own hands. Read at your own risk. Keith and Lance have a complicated relationship, just the random hookup every once in a while, but it's slowly breaking one of them.

Our secret relationship. If Lance did find out about Pidge being a girl at the garrison before they went to space and became part of Voltron. As class was over at the Garrison, Pidge decided to head to her room. klance klance - klance smut voltron jilliancares ehhh? whaaat? i literally just wrote this in like 20 minutes and im supposed to be sleeping for my sol tomorrow oh WELL please appreaciate this spelled that wrong but i dont care. Klance secret dating - - If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this advertisement is for you. Is the number one destination for online dating with more relationships than any other dating or personals site. Find single woman in the US with online dating. Looking for love in all the wrong places?

What will happen when the truth comes out? Espanol by Ze Great Camicazi reviews So Lance doesn't think that Keith can understand all the spainish that he speaks to him but Keith has a secret. Klance fic because my bois are the best.

Moment in Time by Mslead-Kytrin reviews Everyone got them. That one image in their head of the exact moment they would recognize their soulmate. Keith's had been burned into his heart and mind for years, but he never would've guessed what it would take to reach that perfect moment. Soulmate AU. Mullets and Lost Minds by A. Zap reviews Keith's day just goes from bad to worse when he ends up surrounded by Galra forces.

Klance secret dating fanfiction

Luckily, Lance has his back, but, as per usual, things get even more complicated. And blood loss can make people say the oddest things. Growing Up In Altea by Free. Spirit reviews Set in a reality where Earth 10, years ago was more like Earth today. When Lance was a baby the King and Queen took a young half-galra under their wings at his mother's request.

The adventures of a young altean prince and a half-galra whose relationship is yet to be defined. Rated T just in case. Heart and Home by sleapyGazelle reviews Prompt: "Some cute established Klance where Lance fell asleep in Keith's jacket and Keith comes back from a Blade mission and sees it, thinking it's the cutest thing ever.

He may or may not take pictures to remember Lance's adorable sleeping face nuzzling his jacket collar. Prompt by raventao.

Fathoms Below by Alchemygirl8 reviews Despite his father's warnings, Keith falls in love with the human prince Lance he rescues. In order to be with him, Keith makes a deal with the sea witch Haggar. He gets human legs but only has three days to make Lance fall in love with him. What could possibly go wrong?

Boba Date Meme - ?Klance - Voltron?

AU where Keith was raised by the Blade of Marmora and Lance has never had to compete to prove himself as a pilot, takes place after S2E8. He and Keith turn it into a game. How many different ways can they touch each other under the table without anyone noticing?

Klance one-shot. Earbud in Your Ear by fidiot reviews Keith was only a few months old when he first heard it. Something was making noise but from where? He didn't understand what the soft melody was. A woman's voice singing delicately in his ear but it wasn't his ear? The sound echoed a tiny bit, confirming that it wasn't him hearing it, it was his soulmate.

Little did he know, Lance had his eyes on him, but he wasn't the only one. This topic is VERY dark! Do not read if any of the tags make you uncomfortable, and make sure to read the notes at the beginning for warnings! Please take care of yourselves first before this fic. If you have triggers then please do not read this if it hurts you. Keith Kogane has been blinded by the hatred in the world, seeing nothing was worth while.

Lance McClain has cystic fibrosis, trying to live life the best he can.

He wants to show Keith that life is all worth while with the time you have left. Keith has looked 18 for a hundred years. Lance just turned He decides to help Keith find his soulmate. Ever wonder what the paladins do in their daily lives now that they no longer form Voltron? Well this post season 8 fanfic that takes place 5 years after the events of season 8,it shows them going through their everyday situations that is sure to be entertaining!

Kosmo's master had always worked far harder than the head-master of the household. She deserved some peace of mind, even if it was only for a few ticks.

So Lance doesn't think that Keith can understand all the spainish that he speaks to him but Keith has a secret. Klance fic because my bois are the best. Voltron: Legendary Defender - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1, - Reviews: 20 - Favs: - Follows: 43 - Published: 6/27/ - Keith, Lance - Complete. A KLANCE - The team find themselves needing to refuel the castle and fix the boosters. They arrive at an uncharted planet for the time being but without everyone knowing that the planet links peoples dreams together. Lance and Keith find themselves in a . Read In the Car (smut) from the story Klance One Shots by VastDelusion (Welcome to Depravity) with 22, reads. paladins, otp, slash. Modern AU A/N NSFW/Smut Reviews:

However, he wished that her only chance to relax didn't come at the cost of so much drama. False furs were always so itchy too. Set in an alternative universe. Lance is cursed and witch? Keith tries to lift the curse from him, lifting the curse involved untangling threads.

Sorry I don't recall much more than that, if anybody could guide me in the right direction it would be very appreciated! Will delete this when I hopefully find the fic. Steampunk AU. In which Lance is an animatronic technician who is friends with Keith, an animatronic. Lance sprains his ankle at work and Keith helps him out.

klance -

When Lance offers to do a routine checkup on Keith's internal processor, the boys discover that Keith may not be who he thinks he is Unwilling to stir war between their courts, the Alteans accept, and Allura places the witch in the care of her younger brother, Prince Lance of Altea.

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