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This has led several ufologists and ancient astronaut theorists to a quick deduction of the context of the incredible discovery leading them to assume not only that there was a human civilization before the historical process of personification in Texas, but that this ancient civilization already possessed the necessary technology for the fabrication of a hammer with modern features. Ancient Texas hammer found embedded in rock - million years old! In the s in the city of London, near Red Creek, Texas, the ancient iron hammer was discovered embedded in a rock. Various stories, pictures and videos in circulation online claim to show a startling discovery questioning the conventional history of human civilization. In the year some reports say , Max Hahn and his wife were hiking along the Red Creek near the small town of London, Texas. They came across a strange rock inside which the hammer was found.

This means, it was tempered and hardened in some way. In general, chemically genuine and unworked steel is rather soft. The even structure determined, however, suggests that this hard steel that was manufactured by some sophisticated technology.

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The results of the examination are as sensational as they are unbelievable. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of steel manufacturing knows that every modern steel-making process, inevitably leads to carbon or silicon impurities!

I emphasize the word inevitably. Steel production without these impurities is simply unthinkable!

Mainstream Theory: The hammer was removed from the surrounding landscape without being photographed eliminating any proof of what geological strata the hammer originally layed in. The Carbon dating of the wood indicated a median year of years old. Only a minimal amount of fossilization had occured on the wood handle indicating a recent. The London Artifact (Texas) If you wish to know about these then you will have to do some research on your own, but keep in mind that they, like carbon dating, According to some sources, carbon dating claims the hammer is more than million years old, the hammer, not the rock. This raises questions. Jul 20,   This could easily lead novice geologists to believe that the hammer and the rock formation are from the same time period. Calls for Carbon 14 Dating. The only true method of determining the age of the hammer is through Carbon 14 dating of the wooden handle. However, Baugh has yet to authorize this procedure.

No other known ingredients used for refinement such as copper, titanium, manganese, cobalt, or molybdenum, vanadium, wolfram or nickel could be traced. We employ these and other elements in steel manufacturing to achieve different properties needed for different fields of application.

The high quantity of the chlorine in the fossil hammerhead is remarkable, as well. Chlorine plays no part in modern steel manufacturing.

IF there really is anything unusual about this metal, there always could be the explanation of a poorly trained novice blacksmith who included something he shouldnt have and stumbled across something wonderful. I have read the comments and ridiculous explanations made by the person in charge of these articles, and I have to say that this person is no more than an evolution-obsessed short minded ignorant.

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And knowing that, we will know that all these objects are not millions of years old. They are objects burried during the big Biblical flood, that has being recorded by every ancient culture around the world. Please see Romans You can post as many links to ridiculous creationist YouTube videos as you like, but they are just plain wrong.

Their evil lives hide the truth they have. Yes, God has made it clear to them. But since the beginning of the world, those things have been easy for people to understand. They are made clear in what God has made. So people have no excuse for the evil they do.

Their ideas were all useless. There was not one good thought left in their foolish minds. So God left them and let them go their sinful way. And so they became completely immoral and used their bodies in shameful ways with each other.

They bowed down and worshiped the things God made instead of worshiping the God who made those things. He is the one who should be praised forever. Women stopped having natural sex with men and started having sex with other women.

The London Hammer:

Men did shameful things with other men, and in their bodies they received the punishment for those wrongs. So God left them and allowed them to have their own worthless thinking.

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And so they do what they should not do. I do not believe in any god but being a nuclear physicist with extensive and very diverse education I too consider evolution theory a myth. There is no possible way for life to spontaneously develop under any circumstances. The concatenation of events leading to current cornucopia of life forms is not just impossible, the possibility is a negative I am being sarcastic here. There must have been a force that caused this evolutional trace observed in archeology studies to occur.

There are scores of researchers, some of them are the pillars of modern theory of man as an animal machine who admitted after years of digging that there must be something else. The inability of modern science to look this factor straight in the face and admit it is rather silly.

Because these are the people who claim to have the most sober attitude. They do not have the most sober attitude, neither do you. Most of the people in our societies base their conclusion on their pet authorities only.

You are not any better, you can get off your high horse. Furthermore, evolution theory only applies to what happens after life came into existence. Why do you dismiss the possiblity of anything such? A nuclear physicist eh?

I however am and know exactly how incredibly easy it is for complex structures to emerge from simple building blocks, as has been backed up by computer simulations many times.

So does self-delusion. Gonz - There is a mountain of proof that there was no worldwide flood. But lets forget that for the moment and focus on your sedimentary layers comment. The sedimentary layers found throughout the globe encompass a wide range of different ages.

And when I say different ages, I mean millions of years. Radiometric dating has confirmed this. Different fossilized remains of animals that lived at different times has also shown that sedimentary layers are not all the same age and were not all deposited at the same time. If there was a worldwide flood, that kind of water action would not have deposited the fine grained homogeneous material that rock formations like limestone are made up of. You would have had quite a range of particle sizes in all sedimentary formations.

You also would have had a wide range of fossils too. Not one elephant, mongoose, moose, finch. Not one oak tree or acorn either.

Every living creature, plant and animal, alive today has NO representation in sedimentary rocks supposedly laid down just thousands of years ago, even though And ALL the plants and animals that are found fossilized in those rocks cannot be found alive anywhere on Earth, even though Noah took a pair of every species. I know that, as a cultist, you are used to having people tell you what happened and how to think.

When the preacher or the creationist website tells you something, your brain just does what it always does and accepts it without question or skepticism.

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That is how you have come to accept fictional nonsense as the truth even though it is so easily dismissed with a little rational thought. Um, not true, on the fossil claim.

London hammer carbon dating

I have a fossilized ginko leaf at home from a sedimentary rock formation. It looks near identical to the leaves on the ginko tree up the street from the home I grew up in.

Ginko is indeed a very old tree, though its appearance says little about the internal changes that may have occurred over time. It is however, the only tree of Ginkgophyta still alive in modern age. Such exceptions are literally the exceptions that verify the rule: that life has changed over time. There are thousands of fossils that are of animals that are alive today quit spouting disinformation. Dr Carl Werner shows clear evidence of it in a video series.

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That means no flood. I agree with Keith. So often people will reject evidence, often violently, if it threatens to topple their often precariously constructed book of law in which they have found safety and stability. We are all story tellers. Emotions are real, words are our stories attempting to make sense of them. Hello, the lights are on and no body is home, really this a no brainer folks.

The London Hammer Carbon Dating Video, rencontres echo d'alsace, speed dating jeunes, christian speed dating canberra/ Jul 10,   An old story regarding a hammer found encased within rock has recently resurfaced. It came to us in a question: is this hammer, the London Hammer, an example of an out of place artifact (OOPart) that calls into question geology, archeology, and the natural history of the Earth? Let's take a look. In the year (some reports say ), Max Hahn and his wife were hiking along the Red Creek near the small town of London, Texas. They came across a strange rock inside which the hammer was found. In later years, carbon dating of the rock (and hammer) allegedly revealed it was more than million years old.

Time travel is the most likely. To be honest, that looks like a railroad hammer, used to drive spikes into cross ties. You used to be able to find them pretty easily all over Texas when I was a kid. Almost as common as railroad spikes themselves. Limestone slurries were used in a variety of industries over the years. Construction, coal plants, oil wells to name a few.

The Bible is just a book of stories, most of which cannot be historically corroborated. I know this is getting further and further from the original topic but I seriously would like to have some input on a theory I have. What if the bible is a book of many things?

A book that includes the history of the Jewish people, a dietary guide book, a self help book, and maybe just maybe a scientific book. What if you looked at the bible from a scientific perspective and instead of mocking the story of Eve being created from Adams rib, why not think that maybe what they were describing was some sort of cloning?

What if the story of Jonah and the whale was really a story of a man and a submarine? What if they had no words to describe it? Or an earth that was used for resources, mined if you will. What if we are all just one big experiment. It was positioned under a drip. You all look ignorant unintelligent and idiotic when you bicker about pointless things on the Internet, the world needs to move on and realise we are all humans regardless of our political or religious opinions and they are just that, opinions science is the only thing without a doubt that questions itself until it had solid proof or evidence, it has theories until proven and theories are rigorously tested until proven or disproven, if their is no yes or no answer it remains a theory until scientific processes are advanced enough to get a result.

Not ascribing to any particular theory and aside from whether or not this hammer is ancient or recent, I wonder why is it people get so attached to one particular view of Time? Einsteins theory of relativity indicates that Time is relative. Is it so inconcievable that both camps, creationists and secular scientists could be both right and wrong on their view of how old the Earth is and what that means?

If God exists and is omnipotent then time itself is a construct concieved by a greater power. Scientists should keep a truly open mind and be more tolerant of possibility and creationists more open to the idea that If God exists then his ways are beyond the ability of words to frame, even in tablets of stone. Kelly, you obviously know nothing about relativity, which is about the effects of velocity, acceleration, and differing observation frameworks location and velocity of the observer relative to the object s being observed.

I dont disagree or agree at this moment. I sometimes think america would do anything to cover the truth from the public and make up some crazy geological explaination crashing the possiblities that something like this artifact never actually happened in the correct periodic dates. They would do anything to keep it hidden to protect their reputation besides what anybody says.

We also have uninterrupted tree-ring records for the last years or so, so if there are visible rings in the wood in the handle or if a core was taken that could be used to date it. We actually have tree ring records going back much farther, thanks to the extraordinarily long lived California bristlecone pine, which can live to be over years old this is already an obvious problem for those who believe in a world-wide flood and an earth that is barely years old!

The sequence can be extended further back by matching rings from living trees with older samples.

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See also the Wikipedia article on creosote bushes - one clonal colony is known to have lived for 11, years, which by YEC dating makes it almost twice as old as the Earth. I wonder what is was doing for the almost 6, years of its life before it existed? Obviously it was burning and waiting for Mozes to arrive to see it. But hey, mysterious god right? The true system, the real system, is our present construction of systematic thought itself, rationality itself, and if a factory is torn down but the rationality which produced it is left standing, then that rationality will simply produce another factory.

If a revolution destroys a systematic government, but the systematic patterns of thought that produced that government are left intact, then those patterns will repeat themselves in the succeeding government. And so little understanding. The composition of the hammer is proof that it was made at an unknown date when the earth had a different atmosphere. Chlorine is a regular component of meteoritic iron.

If that was the source of the iron used to make the hammer head, then the problem is solved. Similarly, if an iron ore contained quantities of a mineral such as biotite an iron rich micawhich has a high chlorine content, this could also account for a high proportion of chlorine in any iron smelted from it.

In other words, there is no need to posit an atmosphere rich in chlorine. One wonders quite how the generations between Adam and Noah coped with that sort of concentration of chlorine in the air: it would have burned their lungs from the moment they took their first breaths!

What Keith said. Also this is assuming that those analysis reports are real. It is interesting that one side of science talks about trees that live years yet no one witnessed when the tree was planted Carbon dating says the world is a gazillion years old yet what do they use to calibrate the machines and one story about this talks about the handle turning into coal which takes millions of years yet no one witnessed how long it takes coal to form.

Out of Place Artifacts: The London Hammer

None of the scientific methods to date the earth or any particular object can be proven. Someone mentioned a jug placed in a cave and how quickly it calcified, I have heard a story of a rope that was partially in a river and when they pulled it out, the part in the water was fossilized. So nothing can be proven one way or the other without a shadow of doubt. It seems everyone has faith in something, either that the people that designed a machine really know how to use it to date an object as very old, or that the Bible is true.

Oh, please! The tree was. It contains annual growth rings. Anyone who has learned to count can count them. What we have is evidence and hypotheses designed to explain that evidence. When an hypothesis becomes sufficiently robust - in other words, no-one has ever produced evidence that refutes it - it passes to the level of a theory.

Theories have nothing to do with faith. Theories can be overturned easily, if the counter-evidence is good enough. Scientific careers are often based on overturning earlier theories and hypotheses. Well on its way to be completely calcified. I guess that could prove that Morocco is in fact several hundred million years older than we thought!

According to some sources, carbon dating claims the hammer is more than million years old, the hammer, not the rock. This raises questions. God created the earth like 5, to 10, years ago. Praise Jesus! No other organism could have been intelligent enough to create such an object Common sense to the scientist.

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Is anyone else bothered by the fact there is a perfect cutout around the hammer? I would think if something was actually embedded in rock the rock would be tight up against it all over.

Obviously limestone minerals can be diluted by water and form around an object. I have to wonder though if this is an outright hoax. Also seems odd that the handle is broke in such a way someone could just sit the head of the hammer in the cutout. It clearly indicates that Fred Flintstone was real as it was found in ancient bedrock!!

The London Hammer: An Alleged Out-of-Place Artifact. Background Mr. and Mrs. Max Hahn were hiking along the Red Creek near the small town of London, Texas, in June (or , according to others), when they happened upon a small rock nodule with a piece of wood protruding from it. Apr 03,   According to Baugh, the tests found the hammer to have unusual metallurgy- percent iron, percent chlorine, percent sulfur, and no carbon. Carbon is usually what strengthens brittle. The wooden handle of the hammer is an indication that the hammer belongs to our recent past. But how it ended up embedded in a rock seems certainly puzzling to us. However, if we use the criterion of Occam's razor then the million years as its age can be ruled out because the wood of the handle shows that cannot be more than a few hunderd.

Ergo dinosaurs lived with man. Now I need to take my meds and set fire to a bush so I can listen to God then persecute some gays and abortionists then go hunt something that is bordering on extinction. Is it possible for tempered iron not to have carbon impurities in it? People seem to have missed a very interesting point by this article. The clear take away is that you just cannot tell. So the next time they say they found a fish fossil in a 10 quintillion year old rock and claim life began way earlier than anyone thought, why should we believe them?

I just wish people would stop claiming facts and state it as it is, an educated guess. So basically until we have a flawless way of dating items, organic or not.

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Then without the necessary dating advances, what hope is their? Oh and if my grammars off, who cares! Did I miss anything!!!! Oh yeah, if you explode a nuclear bomb. It will set the air on fire one atom at a time causing a run away cascading event destroying the entire planet. They said the wood had been turned into charcoal or at least started the process.

The hammer, like many other metal items found in rock, could not have been made millions of years ago. The metal would have rusted away by now. The only way I know these items could be inside the rock is teleportation. Lightning striking metal objects on or in the ground turns them into a type of fulgurite depositing them when the charge is neutralized.

Holes found in rocks may be the result of a double lightning strike where an item is transported then moved again by the second strike. Carbon blocks are used in some nuclear reactors as neutron dams. Items have been found in coal and limestone calcium carbonate. They use high voltage to shrink coins which makes them thicker and changes the structure of the metal, like heat treating, which may explain why cuts in these objects do not rust easily.

Yes I could be wrong but it is more believable than these items being millions of years old. Price, lol, if you were to go back to the beginning of this thread, you will count no less that u people who have asked the EXACT question you just did! And there are A LOT of different answers. The hammer was teleported by lightning making it a type of fulgurite. A metal object on or in the ground is hit by the electrical charge and deposited where the charge is neutralized.

Many of the artifacts are found in coal or limestone calcium carbonate. Holes in rocks that look like an artifact may be where a double lightning strike transported the object and the second charge sent it further. When you eliminate the impossible, whatever is left must be true. If care to hear more of the story, George Hahn was my Grandfather. Heard many stories of the hammer and who holds it now is ridiculous to glorify his personal beliefs. All in all ask anyone in geology and how quick sedimentary rock forms.

Many are childish, akin standing in a bucket and thinking you can lift yourself off the ground by pulling up on the handle. I find it annoying that creationists are compelled to believe the bible as literal in every ct. How exactly a limey shale rock is dissolved? With Sulfuric acid, with Hydrofluoric acid, or with what?

Dissolved by who? And to what end? Were the 19th century stone masons using some strong chemical solvents, while working with stone? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Skip to content. The London Artifact as museum display That ought to have been the end of the story. The nodule The nodule in which the hammer is embedded is the real source of the claims of antiquity.

Like this: Like Loading There, fixed it for you! Absolutely brilliant. Thanks for making the internets so interesting Super Mario Loading Soooo long ago.

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Am I to assume you are being sarcastic? The wooden handle can be dated. Various stories, pictures and videos in circulation online claim to show a startling discovery questioning the conventional history of human civilization. In the year some reports sayMax Hahn and his wife were hiking along the Red Creek near the small town of London, Texas. They came across a strange rock inside which the hammer was found. In later years, carbon dating of the rock and hammer allegedly revealed it was more than million years old.

Reports said a section of the wooden handle of the hammer started to metamorphosize into coal, suggesting its ancient old age. Firstly, like you can see in images, part of the Iron hammer showed some signs of rusting.

The million year old hammer

The London Hammer in fact appeared as a small rock nodule limestone with a piece of wood protruding from it. Part of the hammer was inside the small rock. The rock nodule was not attached to the surrounding rocks of the creek in London, Texas. More importantly, the claims of million years dating did not appear as assertions in any peer reviewed journals.

They originated from tests conducted privately. The Hammer inside rock grabbed wide public attention after Creationist Carl E. Baugh acquired it around The carbon dating tests took place privately, not published in any peer reviewed journals.

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