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Think you're going to go see that thin, blonde, buxom woman you've been chatting with online when you meet her for drinks tonight? Think that "affluent man" who you're about to join for an expensive dinner, will be able to pay for both of you? Think again! Running an exclusive online dating site myself, I can attest to the constant battle in working to maintain the integrity of online dating communities by weeding out disingenuous profiles - yes, surprise surprise! Online daters lie. More than half of them, actually.

The Ugly Truth of Online Dating: Top 10 Lies Told by Internet Daters

On average, the women described themselves as 8. Men fibbed by 2 pounds, although they lied about their height, rounding up a half inch. According to the studies, liars tend to use fewer first-person pronouns. Professor Catalina L.

WE are insecure. We know that online dating presents a lot of choices.

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We know that men are looking for younger and thinner and women are looking for taller and wealthier. Read the full article here and let me know your thoughts. I thought this study was fascinating. Nearly everyone seems to think they look younger than they do. I know I feel the same as I did at 25; do I really look that much different? Just because the majority is doing it does not make it right or okay. I agree. Totally agree. Lying is never OK.

I do a lot of online dating and nearly every guy complains that women mispresent their weight in their profile. The general trend seems to be that a lot of women post photos of themselves where they appear significantly slimmer than they actually are. The number that I hear a lot is 50 lbs. These women are not getting second dates. Of course men misrepresent themselves too.

My experience is that men fib about their height, like the author said in the above article. Men also seem to post old photos or photos taken from a very good angle or photos that disguise that they are going bald. Over time, I have learned to weed these guys out by communicating only with those who have a variety of newer photos.

Even so, the guys who got beneath the radar did not get a second date. So, while I get that we all want to create a profile that presents us in the best light possible, lying will most likely backfire. Having said that, it is hard to meet people, so online dating sites are a part of the dating process these days.

Unfortunately, it is so easy to discount people based on various criteria. I know that I have had strict filters on age, height, weight, and other things. We all seem so much more enlightened!

I could have written the exact same thing that Antonia 2 wrote as my experiences have been the same re: the whole 50 lbs issue with women and the height issue with men. Spot on with the height thing. I wear tall heels but I was their height.

Top Online Dating Profile Lies

This, right here, is a perfect illustration of tyne problem. The honest are in effect penalized for telling the truth, because thanks to the liars, everyone else assumes the honest individual is lying too.

Same thing with age.

I don't doubt that lying or "fibbing" on dating profiles is common. However, the people who chose to do so shouldn't complain about not getting a second . The truth about lying in online dating profiles. Dec 11,   Lying on your dating profile is a relatively common practice. Here's what counts as going too far, though.

I would be interested to hear if the people who are dishonest have success in the long term? They may get more first date but probably not many second particularly on the lies that are visible on the first date. I would not but honestly I think they have the right to and he deserves it. You should be honest no reason to lie. Own what you have down to the last inch and pound! I would be very angry at a guy who wasted my time by outright lying about his age.

My bf who I met on Match was honest about his age, as was I. Honesty matters more than actual number of years. I read in an article about online profile writing, that if your photos are less than 2 years old, that is considered current.

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I have never been on a dating sight that asked women to divulge their weight. They just ask for body type, thin, curvy fit, extra padding, etc. As far as the age thing goes, women have it tough once they turn Demoralized, she changed her age to 53 and soon met and went out for a nice date with a guy in his mid-fifties, close to her age, a peer.

At the end of the evening, he busted her. Apparently, he had noticed that she had altered her age on her profile, then googled her to verify that she was indeed It was completely premeditated on his part, he waited all night to confront her. She never heard from him again, needless to say. This coming from a guy who was the same age as she!

Middle aged women are judged unfairly because of their age. No wonder they lie. Middle aged women ARE judged unfairly because of their age. Just the same as shorter men are judged unfairly because of their height. When the a man misrepresents his height, education, etc.

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Financially independent means wealthy. If one looks carefully at them they can tell some are older and not recent. But I have always liked older women. I will be 56 in August, but I cannot get and year-old women to even talk to me. Why do women whine that dating is so hard after 50 and then turn down a younger man who is interested in them? Not for either sex. If a man lies, drop him. I do not lie.

Liars always get busted in the end and that is the wrong end. Frankly the last one is meaningless with pictures.

Lying on dating profiles

Even if they had massive success they would naturally start to tweek their profiles to get even better results. No woman has ever demanded to see my drivers license,college diploma,or divorce papers so life goes on. The main thing is my pics are alway current and I look exactly like them. People can lie about a myriad of things but looking like the pics you have posted is THE most important.

The truth about lying in online dating profiles. January ; Social psychology has demonstrated that lying is an important, and frequent, part of everyday social interactions. As. Dec 10,   The Ugly Truth of Online Dating: Top 10 Lies Told by Internet Daters Running an exclusive online dating site myself, I can attest to the constant battle in working to maintain the integrity of online dating communities by weeding out disingenuous profiles

In my opinion everything else is negotiable. Everything else is negotiable? People like you is why I hate online dating. I have never lied on my profile.


I think that study is dead on. Having done a lot of dating online after my divorce, I notice I did much better than other friends of mine.

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Dating online is very to the stats. So my stats for a man are pretty good. My friend, who is much shorter then me, did not fare so well, even though he does very well in real life. That is the problem and why most people lie on them I think. There is nothing more frustrating then to show up on a date and the person looks nothing like their pictures.

I lot of people dating after a divorce tend to go to online, and either do very well like I did and it helps jump start their single lifeor they do not and it has a bad impact on their self confidence. I hope online dating worked for you. I have friends who have tried and get someone out of state and it has become a nightmare. It may take a little longer, but you will probably fair better in the long run. The model postulates that the distinct The study examined four popular online dating sites in the features of online communication offer users the United States: Match.


We focused on more mindful and strategic version of face-to-face self- traditional sites, where individuals create profiles and presentation.

More specifically, asynchronicity ensures the initiate contact with others, as opposed to sites that pair relaxation of time constraints between profile creation and users based on survey responses e. Data collection took place in New York City.

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Together, these features newspaper, and on Craigslist. The advertisements described a study of self- presentation, including deceptive elements, much more presentation in online dating and did not mention deception. Participants were that may discourage deception. Recordability, or the ability invited to participate according to their dating profile to save and archive a profile, may detract users from information to create a sample that matched the age leaving evidence of their deception [4].

Anticipation of demographics of a national sample of online daters [2]. The structural features womenof whom 45 For instance, online dating emphasizes four were 4. Participants were presented with a printed copy of their men and women use different strategies for enhancing their online dating profile and asked to rate the accuracy of their reproductive fitness, according to the requirements of their responses.

If participants had selected such as education and career [5]. In online dating make it mandatory for you to specify your weight, but if it profiles, women should lie more about characteristics did, what would you say? Specifically, that answer.

All participants were asked to remove their shoes and outerwear in order to obtain accurate height and weight measurements. We first classified participants as either lying or not in the categories of height, weight and age. For height, discrepancies greater than half an inch were considered deceptive; for weight, deviations greater than five pounds; for age, any deviation from their present age.

Age was the least lied about characteristic, while almost half of the participants lied about their height. Surprisingly, no gender effects were observed in the frequency data. Magnitude of deception in dating profiles Figure 1. The relationship pounds lighter than participants reported in their profile.

Points falling above the line indicate the opposite. This indicates that the profile information did not perfectly predict observed height and The average deviation between observed and profile age that some inaccuracy was present in the online profiles. As was. Deception or Self-Deception? In order to rule out the possibility that these inaccuracies Indeed, an important limitation of the study was the were cases of self-deception i.

A second limitation was which participants were aware of the discrepancies in their that only three variables among the dozens that make up an profile. Participants self-reported estimations of their online profile were examined. Despite these limitations, the results provide support for the These results suggest that the participants were aware of the Hyperpersonal model [6] and the process of selective self- inaccuracies in their profiles, and that the discrepancies presentation.

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The pattern of the deceptions, frequent but were unlikely to be self-deceptions and were most likely slight, suggest that deception in online dating profiles is intentional. Online daters appear to intentionally By cross-validating profile information with observed take advantage of the profile features that afford the personal characteristics, this research constitutes the first enhancement of their self-presentation e.

This cross-validation method avoids some constraints of online dating profiles e. Deception was indeed frequently observed: tech support and assistance during data collection. Managing least of all age. The magnitude of the deceptions, however, impressions online: Self-presentation processes in the was usually small, with average deviations between profile online dating environment.

Journal of Computer- and observed characteristics of only 1. Online Personals: An Although the large majority of observed deceptions were Overview. Proc, CHI The Presentation of Self in sample, including a three inch lie about height, a 35 pound lie about weight, and an 11 year lie about age.

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