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In , James Newlove was digging a duck pond when his shovel broke through the ground into some kind of underground opening. Lowering his son into the cave, he quickly realized that this was more than just a natural underground cavern. Reports on the discovery vary, and some suggest that Newlove and his children were aware of the grotto for some time before announcing its existence to the world. Decorated with thousands of local shells, the designs are reminiscent of Indian and Egyptian designs. The mosaic panels are quite abstract but some appear to represent animals such as a crocodile, owl, or turtle and another is said to look like a skeleton.

I love the Shell grotto.

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I've visited it many times over my childhgood and again a couple of years ago with my boyfriend. It is such a mystery and so evocative. Thanks for the great post, I've learned some new things about it today!

I visited the shell grotto in May this year and can confirm what others have said on this site - that it is quite extraordinary and takes the breath away.

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The current owner is passionate about the grotto and has gone to extremes to ensure that it is restored and preserved for future generations. The mystery surrounding its age and purpose only increases the interest of those who visit it. As the owner says, one day someone will unearth a drawing or document that refers to the grotto Sadly the historical papers relating to the grotto that were kept in Margate library were ' lost' when the library moved to new premises.

Such a shame about the documents being lost.

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Heartbreaking really. But I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit, Philip. I hope to go again.

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And Gemma, it is magical. Thank you for commenting. I read the story "On of the world's wonders" about the shell grotto in the Victorian novelist, Marie Corelli's book "Cameos".

She is one of my favourite authors. I will visit the grotto one day.

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My great great grandparents Mary Anne and Charles Shipway owned the grotto in the mid s. It sure is gorgeous. Maybe it was part of a Roman Villa, after all the villas of wealthy Roman could get elaborate. Couldn't resist making a comment ; Visited the shell grotto, and loved it, especially as the James Newlove in question was my 4th great uncle.

Amazing place, thank you for the story.

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My visit was an inquisitive posture. I'm not a fan of paganism but it is a fascinating all yet not grandiose accomplishment in comparison internationally.

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The altar conveys purpose along with the rotunda and sepentine path to a modest sized chamber. It screams of ritual and religion and it would be not unfair to say it had some religious purpose of not to a select few if not a family from far gone. Putting sinister aside I was trill fascinated by it all and would very much like to know the true history to it if it ever emerged. I wouldn't dare share what I'd do with it if it was under my wing. Evidently wasn't meant to be found but also not meant to be destroyed.

seems magnificent

For folly's sake it is the epitome. Very strange and mysterious.

Margate shell grotto carbon dating

I will sleep tonight I hope When Joshua crept down inside it, he discovered over 70 feet of winding passages, at the end of which he found the most wonderful subterranean shell grotto. Over four million cockle, whelk, mussel and oyster shells form various patterns of mosaics.

There are images of the Tree of Life, phalluses, gods and goddesses.

remarkable, very useful

Mr Newlove soon decided to tap into the commercial potential of such a dramatic find. Bythe first fee-paying visitors arrived - and with them the debate commenced as to origin of the caves.

One idea was that it had once been an ancient pagan temple. Another, that it provided the home for a secret sect.

Apr 16,   Little is known about the amazing creation of the Shell Grotto of Margate, England. The small English town of Margate sits along the far eastern tip of Kent, across the English Channel from the French Port of Calais. Hidden underground, the magnificent Shell Grotto of Margate held its secrets of the past, until it was discovered in Dec 07,   The Mystery of the Margate Shell Grotto 7 December In a labourer was digging a field just outside the English seaside town of Margate. His work was interrupted when he thrust his spade in to the soil and it simply vanished in to the ground. After all, even a secure dating of the oldest shells in the grotto would only establish. The Grotto's discovery in came as a complete surprise to the people of Margate and debate has raged about the Grotto's origins ever since. Plan your Visit. Find out about our location, opening times, ticket prices and group visit information. Plan your visit now.

In English Heritage commissioned an investigation. The conclusion was that the grotto was unlikely to have been built during the Regency or Victorian period.

excited too

He observed that just before the arrival of each spring equinox, the sun enters the underground realm through a dome with a circular opening that acts like a pinhole camera.

At midday on the summer solstice, the light resembles an egg that glows in the belly of a mosaic snake. The light is then bounced down to shine on what is presumed to be an altar built within the 'temple' chamber.

the margate shell grotto In , while attempting to dig a duck pond, a man named James Newlove and his son Joshua discovered a peculiar hole in the ground. When Joshua crept down inside it, he discovered over 70 feet of winding passages, at the end of which he found the most wonderful subterranean shell grottoAuthor: Essie Fox. Oct 24,   The Victorian novelist Marie Corelli blamed the lack of recognition for the shell grotto to its location "as the special and beautiful underground temple was found in anywhere else than Margate, it would certainly be recognized as one of the wonders of the world." Part 1. By Annemieke Witteveen. Restaurants near The Shell Grotto: ( mi) Bottega Caruso ( mi) The Mad Hatter ( mi) Proper Coffee House Margate ( mi) Angela's Seafood Restaurant ( mi) Olivo Margate; View all restaurants near The Shell Grotto on

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Yet these pi An old lady is nearing the end of her days and she longs to be with the husband she has lost. A farmer named James Newlove and his son Joshua worked to clear pastureland above the Shell Grotto in order to create a new duck pond.

They discovered a mysterious hole in the ground. James lowered Joshua into the crevice and the youngster became the first person to report about the Shell Grotto of Margate.

The Shell Grotto, Margate: Address, Phone Number, The Shell Grotto Reviews: /5

From onwards, the site became a popular tourist attraction. Victorians toured the winding passages using lamps. Consequently, the chemical residues these visitors left behind frustrated modern efforts to carbon-date the site effectively.

Since its discovery, the Shell Grotto of Margate has continued to mystify local residents. Many theories exist concerning its origins. During the late s, construction of shell-lined grottos became a popular hobby among some members of the British nobility.

For example, a short distance away in Hertfordshire, the poet John Scott commissioned the construction of a similar grotto at Amwell House during the s.

On the other hand, critics point out that the land around the Shell Grotto of Margate did not form part of a large estate.

The Unexplained Underground Seashell Temple of Margate

The variety of shells suggests a large-scale construction effort. It seems odd no one in the area would remember the project, and no stories have been passed down throughout the generations as once was common. Others theorize that the shell grotto is a hoax and was built by someone in the early 19th century.

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Some people argue that the grotto might represent an ancient religious site from the Roman or pre-Roman era. The altar with celestial bodies surrounding it suggests the significance of earth, nature, sky, seasons, and the elements. If it is indeed a temple, historians say it would most definitely have been of a Pagan nature, perhaps pre-Christianity.

Many coastal sites in Kent served as contraband warehouses during the s and s. Yet the grotto lies inland. It does not contain tunnels leading to the coast 4. Whether it originates from the 19th century or the first century, what is indisputable is the sheer beauty of the Shell Grotto of Margate. Experts believe that it probably took multiple generations to create.

It would have been a huge undertaking with the shipment of the shells to the area, excavation of the passageways and rooms, pattern design, and the construction of the mosaics.

Margate Shell Grotto Carbon Dating the owners of this site Margate Shell Grotto Carbon Dating from any liabilities relating to the services provided. You further agree not to bring any civil or criminal actions against said owners and waive your right to testify in a court Margate Shell Grotto Carbon Dating as to the nature of the services/ Located in Margate, Kent, The Shell Grotto's walls and roof are covered in mosaics made entirely of seashells, totaling about 2, square feet of mosaic, or million shells. In , James. Well, the Margate Shell grotto goes one step further, decorating the entire cavern with shell mosaics. Estimates put the number of shells at million; woah, can you even imagine all that work! Source. Because the cavern is decorated in shells (an organic material), you'd think that carbon dating would be able to solve the dating issue.
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