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The first six months of a relationship could be considered the most crucial time. This is when you find out if you two really get along, if you like each other more than you simply like being able to say that you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, and if you're compatible in the long run. For many couples, while their relationship is still fun and enjoyable after they pass the six-month mark, this is when it's time to think seriously about whether this is going somewhere. While a break-up is never something that someone wants to go through, it's easier to realize now that you're not right for each other or at least it's easier than dating for five years and then splitting up. It's nice to know that you have found the person that you're going to spend the rest of your life with. There are some ways to tell within the first six months of your relationship if your love story will have an amazing ending

I agree about the being sick thing! I think all of these are important especially the ones concerning financesbut 8 and 9 are also important. And going on a vacation is important too. I moved in with my now-fiance after four months. Every relationship is different. Both of us had been in enough bad relationships previously that we were able to recognize someone awesome.

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If it would have worked out at 4 months, it would have worked out at 1 year. All the quick-moving relationships that do work out notwithstanding, of course.

I would certainly view the loss of a live-in partner more seriously than a non-live in partner, but I refuse to live my life based on the fear that something is not going to work out in my favor.

I see time as one necessary step to help with security and get to know each other and help to minimize the chances that important decisions are being made based on hormones instead of logic and real love- but time, or a marriage certificate, or anything else do not guarantee anything, of course.

Glad it worked out for you though! The thought of waiting to move in together was excruciating- and there was no reason for it. I was scared for a while. But because we have a great relationship, I was able to talk with him about that stuff and felt totally confident by the time we moved in together. Well, obviously, HmC, there are plenty of couples who might have benefited by waiting. I can think of about an equal number among my friends in both groups - moved in too soon or waited forever to move in and then had it crash and burn, sometimes after a marriage.

At the end of the day - the relationship was not going to work either way. Because, you know, we communicate like adults.

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Sorry, to clarify they wait forever to move in together, and when the do two or three or four years down they line, they realize they are totally incompatible with that much time together and break up shortly thereafter. So they stay together longer and waste a lot more time by not moving in together sooner not that four months is a great timeline for everyone, but my point is that it works both ways.

It has not been my personal experience that people who wait to move in together end up not knowing each other as well. Good call.

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Seems like couples who are great un-married for a long, long time, quickly fall apart when they do finally marry. I moved in with my husband after dating 11 months almost a year! I tried! I hope that makes sense.

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I disagree. Moving in after 4 months for us was the right thing for us. You seem so young too. The two of you must be very mature to have discussed all of that so soon. I could see this from an older person, but crazy in-a-good-way for you. How long have you been married now? We met at 24, will be 29 this summer, and got married this past September. My fiance were the exact same way. I have truly never met anyone else that I connect with on this level in all cts of my life.

TECH April 25,pm. One thing couples should do before moving in together Get married! We moved in together after dating 4 months. It was the right time for us.

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To each his own. Other commenters are correct though, that many of these items could be applied to couples who are moving in and getting married at the same time.

I freely admit it is very possible to have a healthy happy relationship where you co-habitate prior to marriage though I do think that communication about what moving in means seems to be vital if you do choose to do so.

I said it because I think there are some people who view the seriousness of marriage as a somewhat guarantee that living together will go smoothly, or at least smoother than it would for a couple who was dating.

I myself was a bit naive thinking that we loved each other enough to get married, so surely everything would go smoothly. We discussed several things ahead of time money, chores, etc but it was still a bumpy transition. I encourage all couples, married or not, to really taking moving in together seriously, as it sounds like you will when the time comes.

I totally agree with you. I was thinking of you the other day JK. My daughter taught ME how to do a fishtail braid. You and your daughters popped in my head for some reason, imagined them teaching each other. Is it what we proper english speakers call french plait?

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And the baby turns 1 tomorrow!!! Maybe in a few years? Bethany April 25,pm. I would go as to encourage them to move into together if there was even a hint of an engagement in the future.

I will be moving in with my SO before we get married, but after we get engaged and go through prenuptial counselling. I had never lived with someone I was in a relationship with so before I was willing to do that, I wanted that person to be serious about me- in other words, marriage. We also met each others families, best friends, discussed finances, what would happen if I got pregnant, etc.

I made it clear that I was moving in with the expectation of being engaged within 2 years- He proposed 10 months later took him a while to save for a ring! Morgan April 25,pm. And if our relationship survived 5 days with his grandmother, it can survive anything. The list is a great idea though!

If you follow it, you definitely set yourself up for a good start! Thank you for that! When I moved in with my SO, I got rid of 37 pairs of shoes! AmyRenee April 25,pm. Would one partner be able to pay all the rent?

We moved in together after one month of dating.

And would that be ok? Should you consider a cheaper place or shorter lease in case this happens? Icky linoleum?

Outdated kitchen with avocado green appliances? Actually, that would be kind of cool. Window to a brick wall? But separate bathrooms is a must!

Aug 09,   Well, most couples (37 percent) move in together after they've been in a relationship for six months to a year, according to a study by That said, it's hard to pinpoint an ideal. Apr 26,   According to the survey, 27%of respondents said they moved in with their partner after dating for less than six months - even though only 7of . Jul 28,   "My boyfriend and I moved in together after 4 years of dating (and after being sick of living at our parents' houses), but it turned out to be a complete nightmare. Five months into our year lease Author: Marissa Gold.

And PS. I kind of think 10 should have been 2 on the list. Dennis Hong April 25,pm. Temperance April 25,pm. Eagle Eye April 25,pm. That first year was brutal for him career wise and had I not been physically in the same space that he was day in and day out, he would just have ghosted out of my life.

Honestly, we both learned how to be a couple together in that rather painful year. Actually, the bedding one best NOT be underestimated. Putting my chinese food down now. Thanks Addie. Now I miss my ex, dang it.

How Long Should You Date Before Moving In Together? 10 People Explain Their Timelines

Lola, out of curiosity, how many of the 15 things have you done? By Rebecca Strong. The Desperate Move.

Couples should definitely move in together when they feel like the time is right, whether it's six months or even less time, or two years. It's a totally personal decision. You can be sure that things will continue in this great, happy direction when you've been dating someone for six months and you're either planning to cohabitate or are talking about Aya Tsintziras. Mar 28,   A study by found that 37 per cent of couples move in together after they've been in a relationship for six months to a year. And . Mar 09,   If You're Not Saying 'I Love You' After Six Months, Move On March 9, by Mark Radcliffe 25 Comments Mark Radcliffe explains how "good enough" is the enemy of great love.

We were together for 2 and a half years before my boyfriend moved in with me. The reason was because he was in desperate need of a place. I wasn't fully set on living together so it did take some time to get used to but I am happy he did.

Stage five is where the individuals are willing to make a long term commitment with one another. Having successfully completed the four previous stages, the couple has built a foundation on trust, honesty and integrity. Apr 25,   He proposed 6 months after we moved in together and we're getting married six months after our 1 year anniversary. We're both pretty mature (I'm 28 and he's 31) and really knew what we wanted out of a relationship which helped a lot.

The Fast Track 3 days. Married 6 months later. Been 5 years.

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The Practical Move My husband and I dated for 5 months before moving in together. At the four month mark, I got a job offer out of state. He offered to move with me so we wouldn't have to break up. I didn't see any point in moving to a different state and both of us living in separate apartments, since he was only moving to be with me. A month after my job offer, we were in a different state, living together. It was surprisingly easy with him. Very little drama, and my apartment felt like home from the very beginning because he was there.

The Rough Start The day after our second date, which will be 19 years ago next month. We went through every relationship phase within arms reach of each other and I tried to run away A LOT.

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The Long Haul. Together over 7 years and he just moved in with me this year.

Moving in after dating 6 months

We still have to take breaks from each other and he will go to his brother's or mom's place for a day or two. I really struggle with sharing a home and being around a partner too often. Thankfully, he's kind of the same way.

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