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Millions of people are using online dating sites to search for love or connection, but users should beware: many online dating sites are taking short cuts in safeguarding the privacy and security of users. Here are six sobering facts about online dating services and a few suggestions for routing around the privacy pitfalls. The most pressing concern is that information about you may be exposed to future legal requests that might involve a criminal investigation, a divorce case, or even a legal tussle with an insurance company. As Joseph Bonneau explaine the main website provides an obfuscated URL for the photo to anyone it deems has permission to view it. What you can do about it: Look at the privacy policy of a website before you sign up and see what they say about how they treat data of deleted profiles.

Why did I do this? And so, because I do share so much about myself, there are elements of my life that I hold that much closer to my heart and that I feel that much more protective of. I created it to make people feel less alone and provide answers to painful ambiguity. I consider myself a private person, but I share way more than most. How cool is that? A private life is a happy life because it diminishes drama.

And who needs more of that? The most insecure people always have drama going on. A private life is a happy life because when you know what to keep to yourself, you no longer cockblock your ability to accept, move on, and make decisions for yourself. Having boundaries makes you a magnet for mutual and healthy relationships with connected people who are capable of love, honesty, respect, and loyalty.

Being a private person also slays paranoia. Share Pin You May Also Like. December 8, at AM.

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Thanks for the love xoxo. I love you too Nina! December 9, at AM. December 10, at PM.

My dating life is private

This is a refreshing read in a time of over sharing and over emphasis on getting attention. November 15, at AM.

November 18, at PM. Happy it helped! December 16, at PM.

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January 9, at PM. Thanks Dea! March 22, at PM. March 24, at PM. September 13, at AM. Hi Natasha, Thank you for writing this post. Thank you! September 13, at PM. November 16, at AM. Love reading this confirmation. Privacy is key. June 9, at AM. But I stop right now. Thank you.

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June 11, at PM. Richard, So have I. November 14, at AM.

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January 7, at PM. January 8, at PM. March 11, at PM. Hi Natasha! March 15, at PM. Hi Marjorie! All my love to you, soul sister all the way from Los Angeles. March 21, at PM. This is inspiring it helped me to gain more knowledge on how am living my life of privacy. March 25, at AM.

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I am so happy it helped! April 30, at PM. Thank you very much, well written and very real! May 1, at PM. Thanks Bobby! May 1, at AM. This just gave me so much hope! Thank you for sharing this with everyone.

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A full time blogger, Author, social media specialist, health nut, Certified Life Coach and most importantly a disciple of Christ. It took me a while, but I get this now. So now, privacy is best. Social media definitely puts people into your relationship and that opens the door for tons of problems. Great article!! Im going through that now with my boyfriend not wanting to post us on social media so i question it smh now i understand why.

Can I tell you how I really appreciate your articles? It gives me an inside look on how men really think.

Why You Should Keep Your Relationship Private and off of Social Media

I am in a relationship with someone that posts everyone and everything except me. However, at one point we were broken up and he dated another woman and had a couple of pictures on his page of her. How could I not feel some type of way? I automatically took it as he is hiding me or not proud to have me on his arm but after reading this maybe there is some truth to privacy.

Every now and then you get that post on your feed of a man proclaiming his love to his woman and it makes me wonder why I cant get at least one post of this emotional magnitude. Or even a birthday shout out lol.

I choose to keep my dating life private

I feel crazy for even comparing. Thank you for allowing us women to get a sneak peek of what the other side might really feel.

Without this we go on flights of imagination filling in the blanks with what we think our men thinking. Clearly we are usually completely off. I guess relationships are about listening and learning. I am trying my best to not jump to conclusions.

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I absolutely love this. I have always been somewhat private about my love life. But with a new partner, I have been even more so.

But after reading this, I realize that those were simply my insecurities. I am okay with keeping things private.

ment [43], how people leave online dating systems [14], and how users are successful at online dating [28, 42]. A line of related work focused on understanding Grindr users' prefer-ences and desires in online dating, e.g., [13, 16, 20, 39]. Al-though privacy was not the focus, because of its importance,File Size: KB. Every piece of information you put out there can be used against you in a number of different ways, so stay private and stay safe. You should value opinions that are actually important. Your relationship is between you and your partner. Dec 08,   A private life is a happy life because as the respect that you have for your own privacy increases, the drama, bad luck, bullsh*t, and insecurity in your life instantly decreases. Here's what I wish I could have told my younger, way too overzealous and oversharing self.

Thanks for this wonderful article. This has a great impact to me because I realized that im acting insecure in our relationship for getting mad at my boyfriend for not posting photos or any about us. Privacy is better, not all people are concern. Love for your partner doesnt measure through broadcasting your lovr to your partner. This is so true. I am also not a big fan of couples revealing their relationships on social media.

I get it. My new boyfriend said a majority of these points and we discussed it a lot. This article is definitely on point. Ur article enlightened me.

I thought he is hiding me and not proud of me that sometimes i think he is hiding somethng from me or cheatin on my back.

That, sometimes gives me the feeling of insecurities, jealousy to somethng that cause him to get annoyed and start discussions between us.

He said, he dnt want any1 to know bout me to protect me and us, and 2ndly he is a veri private person. Sometimes i even wanted to break-off with him. I jaz love him so much thats y i try to understand. But now i understand him and love him more.

Millions of people are using online dating sites to search for love or connection, but users should beware: many online dating sites are taking short cuts in safeguarding the privacy and security of users. Whether it's due to counter-intuitive privacy settings or serious security flaws, users of. Sep 12,   I absolutely love this. I have always been somewhat private about my love life. But with a new partner, I have been even more so. At first it used to bug me that I wasn't "tagged" or "displayed" on his page. But after reading this, I realize that those were simply my insecurities. I am okay with keeping things private. 10 Differences Between Keeping Your Relationship Private & Keeping It A Secret. Tough Love; but when you have to twist and turn the way you speak to make sure that you don't give away the fact that you're dating someone, Not everyone puts their entire life on Facebook and Instagram, so it's understandable that you might not want.

He is a true gentleman. The right man for me. Tnx for the article. An eye opener. I relate with your article, because I am one of those girls who think that not posting any about your partner considered that he is ashamed of me or he is hiding something to me. He refuse to friend me in Facebook because he believed that this may start misunderstandings and everything between us should remain private.

No need to broadcast, the status of relationship in real life is much important. Facebook is just a Facebook. No biggie.

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Okay I feel like a total idiot now for feeling insecure about my boyfriend not posting about me on social media. We used to argue about it from time to time. But I realize social media does ruin things. This is between us, not us and the world. Notify me of new posts by email. Notice: It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: cde2df10ee7dc8aa Posted on September 12, by admin with 15 Comments.

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Tweet Share Plus One Pin it. First, I do not say no to posting online ever.

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