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Hey, what's going to happen to Pac's games now that Adobe is phasing out Flash? Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for making my childhood fun Even though most of the time I used cheat codes cause I was impatient as a child. Your games and art are part of my childhood that holds a very special place in my heart. After 9 long years I've finally made an account to comment here!!! Thank you so much for sharing your works, I hope you will have a great life!!! Profile Navigation Pacthesis. Featured Gallery See all.

Star Days Sim Date. Star Days Sim Date Pacthesis.


Star Days Sim Date promo 3. Star Days Sim Date promo 3 Pacthesis.

Pacthesis dating games

Rainbow Days Sim Date. True Couple.

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It's been at least 3 years since I've been here, haven't seen you here for awhile, and I hope your doing ok. Wonderland Days, based on the classic story Alice in Wonderland was released near the end of March The main character is Alice, who is sitting beside her best friend Noah.

Romantic dating simulation games for girls- each game has multiple endings, unlockable characters and more! Who will you meet and fall in love with? Play online for free now! Follow the story of Xolga and Mr. Toko as they meet characters . Pacthesis Games is the official home to the Days Sim Date series. Inspired by Japanese anime, visual novels and otome games. Free anime dating sim games for girls - play online now! Follow the story of Xolga and Mr. Toko as they discover and explore the worlds of the Days Sim Date series! Did you know that the Universe numbers are references. Mar 13,   Pacthesis, a DeviantArt user in the early s, created numerous dating sims geared specifically for teen girls, inspired a love of the genre and fandom, and then disappeared from her internet Author: Petrana Radulovic.

It was her birthday, so Noah went away to get his gift for her. While she is waiting for Noah, she sensed a person who jumped in a hole. She became curious and when she stepped on the edge of the hole, accidentally falls in it.

Sep 05,   Kongregate free online game Kingdom Days Sim Date - A dating simulation for girls. Play Kingdom Days Sim Date An open platform for all web games! Get your games in front of thousands of users while monetizing through ads and virtual goods. Pacthesis; t Published Sep. 05, with gameplays. i Game bug!/5(K). Experiment with DeviantArt's own digital drawing tools. Pacthesis. AKA Pacdabutt. K Watchers M Page Views I love playing these sim dates they're so much fun. Reply. Jun 29, I would like Permission to make a Lets Play On some of your Flash Games? Reply. May 6, Deangirl Hey are you okay? Reply. Apr 14, by Pacthesis - A dating simulation for Wonderland Days Sim Date. by Pacthesis - A dating simulation for by zeiva - X-note is a blend between V Festival Days Sim Date. by Pacthesis - A cute dating simulatio The Douchebag Life. by WebCypher - Donit just aspire to be Clarence's Big Chance. by Pseudolonewolf - Clarence has never.

She wakes up to find a man with rabbit characteristics named Oliver and discovers that she ended up in a kingdom called Wonderland. She is unable to leave Wonderland until the end of the month, so she stays in his home for the time being.

Idol Days is the 3rd game in the series that features a girl named Lexie who moves to another city to fulfill her dream of joining a band. She consequently meets Cody, who leads her to an all-boy band who's guitar player had just quit and they ask her to join them. Kingdom Days is set in a kingdom neighboring Wonderland and was released on 5th September It is about a princess named Rose who is forced to flee her kingdom with her elf servant, Lewis, when it is attacked by a neighboring kingdom.

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They wander through a forest till they see on a castle and knock on its door and meet a king who will not let them stay unless Rose marries him in 30 days. In Lunar Days, the playable character, Karina had been having a recurring dream of being alone in the library with a book with a green colored plain cover in her hands; but every time she opened it, the dream would come to an end.

As the dream started haunting her, she decided to start visiting the library regularly to look for the book. One day, something strange happened and she found the book.

Yes! There really weren't much dating sims back then I always looked forward to Pacthesis's games. Eventually, more people made flash dating sims for girls like Kalediscope or Moonlight Dating Sim. Around that time I switched to visual novels on . 18 rows  Amy Lang Luong (also known as Pacthesis/Pacdabutt) is a flash-game maker on . Check out Pacthesis's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired.

But as soon as she opened it, she was taken to another world, The Emerald World where 'day' and 'night' were seasons of 6 months. She loses the book that very day but it is returned to her the next day by the one who took it by mistake. It turns out that she can go back to her world only after 30 days, i.

Chrono Days was released on 18th February and was Pacthesis' first sim date for girls that included a female datable character.

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It focuses on a girl named Saige who tries out a broken time machine given by her best friend's older brother and accidentally gets stuck years in the past. You can switch from different eras.

Chronos Days Sim Dating Game Ending

You also have 30 days until the Time Hole in which allows you to teleport to either their present or the past closes. It features badly drawn versions of many anime and cartoon characters such as characters from The Powerpuff Girls and Asuka Langley-Soryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion but also has characters created exclusively for each game such as Gary, Marty and Larry Stu.

Each of these characters work as salesmen in stores apart from Larry who works in the popular fast food store McDonalds.

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Later, Marty Stu and Prince Dreamboat run off into the sunset, and Larry Stu is really an alien and goes back to his home planet, Douchebaggery. This is basically what happened before anything from Another Days Sim Date 2 was made.

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It shows that Marty and Prince Dreamboat met at the gas station, when they were filling up their cars. The game is pretty unique compared to the others Amy makes, because usually the mission is to get a date.

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Here, you have to make yourself irresistible before the week 7 days is up, when you have a date at the park with Prince Dreamboat. Although, the only good thing about this is that, unlike the other April Fools Day joke games, this is the only one that has a good ending.

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This is the version of April Fools Day Games. Graduation Days was a sim date for boys that Pacthesis never completed.

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