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This is generally a good thing, with more options and opportunities for candidates and clients alike. However, just sometimes, these new entrants are causing a bit of anti-progress, and producing solutions that make the whole recruitment event space less compelling for employers and prospective candidates. One such example, from a new competitor in one of our markets, was launched just recently and has prompted this blog. The challenge for recruitment event providers and attending clients, in an age dominated by online analytics, is ROI. How does one quantify success in offline branding, especially for the kinds of niche target groups events attract? How do you track return when a hiring process might go on for months after the event itself? These are the questions event organisers need to answer to keep clients coming, and the best can do it, pointing to track record and the quality of interactions.

This is one of my favourite topics.

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I believe this is what will differentiate the winners from the losers in recruitment. In the end, a recruiter is as good as the number of candidates that she or he can close. So what recruiters are going to need in the next 3 years, is the ability to architect the deal. Something I feel we as an industry lost in the boom era.

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And these are the complex and subtle skills you will need to thrive going forward. In recent years recruiters did no placement process architecture.

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Dating Apps are all about finding your perfect partner. Promises are high and risk is low, as the registration is for free.

Whether you find the perfect partner is overall based on the fact whether you can find someone that satisfies your needs and demands. In Apps like Tinder you have to first indicate basic facts about yourself: gender, physical appearance, character traits and what you are looking for.

Based on those factors you will evaluate whether a potential partner could meet your expectations for a romantic relationship.

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On the Taledo platform, the principle is exactly the same. Companies looking for an employee for a certain position indicate criteria for the job, which should be met by the potential candidate. The sign up on the platform is for free, you only pay as an enterprise when hiring someone.

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On the other side, people looking for a job can also sign up for free. Each candidate on the platform has to indicate factors about his educational background, previous work experiences and expectations towards a potential job. In the next step, companies and candidates will be evaluated through algorithms and suggestions for a match will be made accordingly. There is only one main difference between the matching principles: Dating Apps are aimed at connecting human beings whereas the Taledo platform matches people with organisations.

But as organisations exist through the work of people, there is still the human component in this equation. When having a closer look at the selection process, it becomes obvious that Dating Apps do not take many factors into account.


Applications such as Tinder show love seeking people profile pictures, name and age of a person on your display. To be shortlisted, the person only has to be within a predefined radius of the other user. The decision whether a user is interested in another person is solely based on a picture, which makes it quite tough to be convincing. Recruiting Apps also focus their matching system on a small subset of criteria, whereas factors like additional qualifications and personal characteristics are completely left out.

AI Matching Connects Candidates and Jobs

Which let both systems appear very tough, rational and objective at the first glance. The decision whether a love seeker is interested in a suggested person, happens within a fraction of seconds. Dating apps make it simple to react: If you are interested in the other person, swipe right, otherwise swipe left.

Jul 14,   Recruitment Speed Dating: One of the worst 'new' ideas to hit recruitment showing that you don't get the R, without the I, in ROI Alex Mugan Marketing Director, Global Career Company With the recruitment industry really heating up again for the first time since the GFC, and market disruption abundant in the form of in-sourcers, . AI Matching Is Supported by Standardized Recruitment Ontologies. TalentAdore's machine learning model has been trained using standardized recruitment ontologies, such as the European Union-based ESCO and O*NET, to produce high-quality and free-of-human-bias results.

If both users consider each other interesting, they can start a conversation. The Taledo app is based on the same principle. Suitable positions are suggested for candidates through the algorithm of the platform and supportive account managers.

If the candidate is interested, he will be proposed to the company. If the company is interested as well, a direct contact can be established. All in all, both cases require a mutual interest to get both parties connected. Nowadays, everything is happening online. Digital Channels and Social Media are involved in our daily routines.

As digital media embrace such a broad area of our lives, it is not surprising at all that dating as well as recruiting processes have also been digitised over the past years. Digitalisation is seen as the key of success for all different areas as it will shape the future of everyone. As an enterprise it is your duty to be exactly where your market is.

And if companies, recruiters and people looking for love are all online, organisations have to be as well. For me I wanted someone who had a college degree, was financially responsible, a non-smoker, unmarried or unattached, funny, handsome, and could keep up with me. Your job seeker qualifications also has a short list, depending on the corporate role and specific job responsibilities.

We Have to Like These People. When it comes to the workplacewe spend more time at work than with our families, and yet we spend more time dating and courting our perfect guy or girl than we do our employee. And depending on the role, a candidate can be responsible for millions or billions of dollars managing or running a division or production line.

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As I mentioned I treated my love match like I did the job search. I qualified the boyfriend material, Googled them, and even went so far as to conduct a background check.

Apr 26,   Recruitment: It's Not Speed Dating. Post author By Greg Savage; Post date April 26, ; This is one of my favourite topics. I believe this is what will differentiate the winners from the losers in recruitment. In the end, a recruiter is as good as the number of candidates that she or he can close. Aug 21,   The same holds true for dating websites and social networks that you prefer in finding eligible candidates for the position of companion or employee. Employment, like dating, is a relationship where two parties spend a significant part of their lives with one Jessica Miller-Merrell. Both dating and recruitment involve a screening process which, in recruitment, is the interview and in dating is, well, the first few dates. In dating it often happens that you find someone who looks good on paper because they are an adventurous, polite and caring person - but, when it comes to actually dating, there's no spark.

I believe in due diligence and really, a girl can never be too careful. We Interview Them.

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In dating you call it dating or maybe lunch. In corporate America, we call this the interview.

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Our Friends Set Us Up. I went on a blind date once.

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Hopefully, these referral employees turnover less and lead more productive corporate lives. The difference is as an individual looking for love I have one job opening.

Your company might have hundreds or even thousands. And for the right reasons.

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Choosing our spouse or mate is the single most important personal decision we make in our lives. Believe me I know. Just like job boards and other social recruiting and online search tools, I know you have your favorite. The same holds true for dating websites and social networks that you prefer in finding eligible candidates for the position of companion or employee.

Employment, like dating, is a relationship where two parties spend a significant part of their lives with one another.

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Jessica is the host of Job Search Secrets, an internet television show for job seekers.

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