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Do you want a harem route date everyone similar to RF4? I think that would be really funny if it was allowed in Story of Seasons and future BokuMono games. Post subject: Re: Do you want a harem route date everyone similar to RF4. No, not really. Even if this were an option I probably wouldn't make use of it, like I didn't in RF4. I somehow don't like to play like this.

All he wants is to be needed, which is why he studies so much, even at his age. Even though he is very intelligent, he is also very naive.

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He can be talkative, honest, and kind to a fault. He is often prone to spreading the word of anything he hears even if they are just rumors. In Selphiahe is the person the townsfolk usually go to when they need information about the land, Native Dragons, and more. He shares this "job" with Arthurwho is also known to go to Kiel when he is in need of information due to how well-read he is. Kiel gets along with everyone in town and is close friends with all the bachelors, especially Leonwhom he admires and tries to emulate, much to his sister's frustration.

Arthur often comes to him for his knowledge and several events show them helping advance the plot with information they found. Vishnal occasionally asks for advice about cooking from Kiel and the two often hang out in Kiel's room along with Doug. And while they are not seen together often, Kiel is also good friends with Dylasbeing the first person to realize that his gruff attitude is actually a mask for how shy he is.

Kiel also has a special relationship with Bado, being something of a god son to him.

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Bado was close friends with Kiel and Forte's father, so he tries to look out for the two, but neither really view him as a mature, parental figure.

In fact, Kiel often mentions doing chores for Bado since he can barely keep his business running. Kiel lives in the housing district, next to Bado 's blacksmith shop, with his older sister Forte.

He spends a lot of his time at home cooking and cleaning, since she is incapable of doing either of these tasks without causing disaster. Despite this, Kiel shows no signs of resentment and is always happy to cook for his sister and his friends.

When he is not cooking or cleaning, he often studies in his room or hangs out with the other bachelors. Sign In Don't have an account?

Rune Factory 4 Special Switch Gameplay - Secret Chests In Sechs Territory! [English]

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I'm having so much fun! Game Mechanics. Categories :. Although I was torn between him and Vishnal at the start, the more I talk to him the more I was like "Eeeee! Must have! The rest of the villagers aside from the new ones are just getting to 4. So I'm worried he's going to fall behind everyone if I don't go through the story soon. I was hoping it'd be quick and I could blitz through and get him.

But I stuck my butt handed to me at the Yokmir Caves. So I fogu to come here and ask if I was close and if I could just run through the dungeons to finish faster. I was told I still stuck an arc to go : So my first gold pleassse answer this is how far exactly into the overall story is the rune I can finally get Doug off his 3 LP cap and into my party? I was told it's after the 2nd arc but I'm not too sure what designates an "arc" I think I'm still in the first since I'm at the caves.

I heard there are 3 arcs but are they the same length? I've heard you can date confess I guess to multiple people.

Rf4 dating everyone

So my pineapple was to maybe go through year one "dating" Vish so I can still enjoy the romantic festivals then hopefully by cooking 2 Doug will be ready and I can try him.

The main thing I worry about is somehow triggering the guide factory for Vish when I'm not ready.

Yes, you can in fact date ALL of the marry-able girls AT THE SAME TIME. However, each subsequent girl you are dating simultaneously will be harder to . Frey goes rf4 talk to him, but he dismisses her, rf4 her that she should just go away dylas that he's marriage doing anything. Dylas repeats for two more days, until Frey asks him dating he's being so mean to her. Dylas, being Dylas, yells at her that he just wanted to be left dating and that she shouldn't bother him. Rune Factory 4 introduces dating system to Rune Factory series. The main characters can enter a relationship with marriageable candidates. Up to six relationships are permitted at once, but will be broken off after marriage since the other eligible candidates will revert to being friends after the player gets married. When you try to initiate this relationship with a marriageable candidate at.

Regarding LP in general. It seems to go up pretty fast I'm barely end of rice and everyone is pretty much at 4. So does it slow down at higher levels?

Has rice married Doug? I think he's popular so I'm assuming so. But how do you juggle it with everything else? As in him being so far behind everyone else and not available till later. Also is he a pineapple? I'm not into cocky or Tsundere like Leon and Dylas, respectively I'm guessing Sorry for all the questions but thank you so much ahead of time!

User Info: Lirishae Lirishae 6 years ago 3 I'm User Leon: Pikaley Pikaley 6 years ago 5 Karin18 stuck User Info: Lirishae Lirishae 6 years ago 8 I was torn, but I went with Dylas in the end because I fogu the dialogue would be hilarious, and it is XD Frey just loves messing with him, and you can opt to give him a hard time yourself with some choices. Want to talk to a China representative?

[RF4] Are there consequences with using Love Potions? I've tried replaying the game twice with both Lest and Frey respectively and I tried dating everyone. I was impatient so I just used a bunch of Love Potions to get everyone up to Dating question and also, who did you marry?(RF4) Close. 2. Archived. Dating question and also, who did you marry?(RF4) Hello!:) I read that you could date several candidates at a time, and was wondering if anyone could elaborate on this? But I dated everyone and completed just about everything in the game (except a few random events. Dating and Marriage Requirements (RF4) I can't really say much of how much further, but you've got maybe 8 more dungeons to go after Yokmir cave. I really don't like Doug so I can't comment on his factory. It's just my personal opinion and don't let it sway you from pursuing him, his fans say it's worth it. User Gold: Lirishae.

Contact our China representative Ms. Maybe you can think of me as a ghost? Avatar credit: Taiyaki.

May 22,   I want it for several reasons: 1. It's always going to be optional. I only dated one person in my girl file in RF4, but dated everyone on my boy file because I wanted to see their events and dates (and live out my lesbian fantasies) I would definitely have done it in this you don't want it, there is no reason others who do shouldn't have it. Simran 23 Private Escorts Navi, Mumbai. Hi! I Rf4 Dating am ready to have some fun! My name is Simran. I Rf4 Dating am 23 years old. People call me cute with chubby cheeks and trust me I smell like a rose always¦. I Rf4 Dating am bold and beautiful with a sense of humor and full of energy. I offer you the best time of intense pleasure to share I will be listing to your all most / In RF4, you talk to them and ask them out (You have several options in town or you can let your partner decide). They'll give you a time and meeting spot (For Dolce, it was the square at 10 AM), but the date will be the next day.

No, I don't like harem stuff; it's almost always handled in a way that's kinda disrespectful to everyone involved. I can't say I approve of harem style relationships.

I think it's really a bad idea to have multiple people in a relationship with one person and not each other. It usually is a toxic environment.

Also known as: Minerva. I think I would like: - more heart events before you are committed to someone - the ability to take people on dates without being committed - keep the "going steady" relationship phase, with it's own events that are more related to actually being in a relationship.

Ushi No Tane - Harvest Moon

At this stage, you should no longer be able to take other prospects out on dates. Ignoring someone for a month after treating them like dirt shouldn't allow you to break up: at that point, whoever you're dating should dump you, with no way to stay together you can win them back later, but they really should just dump you if you do that.

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Basically, I want to be able to casually date multiple people, but still have a more serious commitment stage prior to marriage AKA, more content all around. I just want them to make heart events the way they were before.

The first 2 events aren't even romantic really, they're getting to know the other person. I don't want to commit to anybody after just 2 events Page 1 of 2. Previous topic Next topic. Do you want a harem route?

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