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By ari. Rumor about V and his girlfriend. Are they dating? See the below. HI gives Taehyung Iphone.

I like the way he tries to make everyone feel happy.

me, please

How long is Wonwoo sick anyway? I want to know more about Seventeen. For example, The8 and Woozi.


Both of them born on November. The fact of being a November child is that they are mysterious. Other facts are he looks up to David Bowie, his favorite ice cream currently is Vanilla, he loves Twentyone Pilots, hes a Harry Potter fan. The fuck is this?

consider, that

Tell me about it please juseyoo. Thanks for the heads up! Their profile has been ated! Thanks a lot for helping us making their profile better! Vernon is my bias, though I think the stylists should give him the same hairstyle he had when debuted.

We arranged the photo size to match the rest of the photos in the profile. We also gave you credits in the post! XD Thanks for the info! We gave you credits in the post! Lol I can feel you! Both stage name and birth name for the Seventeen members have been added in hangul as well!

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Joshua is fully Korean but was born and raised in America. Vernon is half Caucasian- half Korean. Hope it helps. Im Hoshi or biased but Seungkwan is a huge wrecker and he deserves more attention him and hoshi r at the bottom of the voting list!

Dino too they are all by 17 bias!!!!! Woozi is not a main vocalist, but a lead vocalist! Seungkwan is listed as cm Vernon is listed as cm. If yes please share. Thanks for the info! All of them are younger than me. I mean there is a lot of kindness to go around, but mostly there is also a lot of crazy and opinionated to go around A LOT! I think jungkook said that once.

Mingyu is in it too and I think DK as well. Lucky half of them like older girls and the half are out of my league i am a dongsaeng to them by at least 5 years my difference with Dino. DK bravely shared his story on Sukira radio of when he used to get bullied for his weight and explained how words can hurt. So he workED hard to become the artist he is today. Jun and The8, who left their loved ones in China to pursue their dreams in a foreign country, do not see SVT as work, but rather, as their own family.

He graduated from high school in February He looked through the door hole and there was no one. HE opened the door and turns out it was just the Chinese food that he ordered. Oh Yeah Thats A Fact. Mingyu: Am I eating too much now? Jun: No, eat more. You need to eat a lot in order to grow taler. Mingyu: No. He Is A Husband-Material. I am not sure if that was in the information thing.

SeokjinYugyeomChanyeolKihyun:disqus It has been mentioned in their individual profiles, thanks a lot for the reminder. Thanks a lot for the info, it has been added in Mingyu individual profile.

We credited you in the post there. They are all obviously above-average in everyway. Look forward to much more from SVT and very much hope they do some Olympic appearances, songs and videos. Am already watching the days until the Olympics start! We added the pre-debut members but there were complains that the readers are confused and we should take them off since they were just trainees not actual Seventeen members. Well they were actually considered real Seventeen members. I think if you said idk umm maybelol how about Predebut members or former members or former trainee members or something idk besides maybe people might know now cuz there was also the Seventeen TV thing they could look up.

I am glad you made this site though! It is so reliable!! They left before the band actually debuted. They were just trainees.

The official members were officially confirmed Februaryafter all those trainees had left. None of those past trainees debuted as seventeen, thus they were never members of seventeen, just trainees.

Coups my bias lol. If you skip to 40 seconds into the video and look over to the left, you can see him with Wonwoo. Either way they still were former.

Oct 19,   The two groups' interactions have attracted many fans and sometimes even lead to rumors. In this article, - countryconnectionsqatar.comorea will provide you with a rundown of everything about TWICE's Nayeon and BTS' Jungkook's dating rumor. So, stay tuned! Nayeon and Jungkook's Dating Rumors and Evidence and Seventeen Members Profile: Seventeen Ideal Type, Seventeen Facts Seventeen (???) is a K-Pop band that consists of 13 members:, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon (the hip-hop unit); Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK, Seungkwan (the vocal unit); Hoshi, Jun, The8, Dino (the performance unit). Seventeen debuted on May 26, , under Pledis Entertainment. 3. Key: "Kara" Nicole, Hyeongseop (him and key took a lot of photos together and hung out a lot so a lot of people were suspicious of them dating. They supposedly stayed in a hotel together. Especially when there was a rumor going around that a gay idol couple would be revealed, Hyeongseop suddenly deleted all their photos together.

They were former members that were unofficial. It sounds weird but it makes sense in my head. Just those who made it are considered members. If any of the official members would leave the band, they would become former members. He did incredibly well. She asked if Hoshi could audition since he loved to dance. Hoshi then sent her pictures and videos. She bought him ice cream and thats when he knew he passed. He was in the 8th grade. He got casted on the street and came to Korea. They asked if he knew who After School and Son Dambi were and they took some videos and then he was in.

He didnt want to study. They trusted him so they let him do what he wanted and supported him. He can give a flashy performance. He had kimchi stew and cold noodles on his first day in korea. Some of the members have their families close by so they all get to go home.

thanks for explanation

The foreign members cannot because of time or airfare, so only they are left as home. So the8 says that sometimes they go there to eat food from back home. He wants to look cool so he plans on being cooler. The8 wants to be the looks rather than the personality.

Although Dino can dance, rap, and sing, he lacks in the music writing department. He would like to be Woozi since he would like to be able to make whatever song he wanted to. He also wants to be S. Coups or Jeonghan. He even bought Kino a phone case when he was in Japan. Coups felt sorry for Woozi because he felt like Woozi was more of a Leader than he is because Woozi is the one who makes Seventeen work.

Dino ranked himself first best in visuals. Coups cam in second and then Wonwoo as third. I want to add something about Vernon tho hehe He said in an interview that he was born in USA but when he was 5 his family went to Korea and stayed there. It also be better to be from the same photo set.

K-POP Rumors

You should make a profile for A. E 7 too. But still? Minghao is really light for his height, im really worried about him. I hope he eats well and is healthy and happy. Why are they so light?

Boo, go eat something. Well Anyway, they are all talented and cute as hell so appreciate them all! I just wanted to add that although Woozi has never had a girlfriend, he had a crush on an older girl when he was young around 10 years old I think? Not sure though and he used to always try to impress her although he never got the chance to confess or see her again after becoming a trainee.

Coups was voted to have good reflexes - Hoshi said that they all often play soccer together and S. Coups has magnificent form - DK said that S. Coups is a fast runner and really muscular - Dino said that it was thanks to S.

It becomes even more interesting when unfunny Jun joins in on it. During the 3 days of their fanmeets in Korea, he cried all throughout - S. Dino, however, still has the time to study really hard. Even though Wonwoo teaches them, he uses such difficult world and Mingyu can never remember what Wonwoo says. Coups: 1. We noticed the post is tagged as : incorrect quotes incorrect seventeen quotes so, we are wondering now if the heights listed there are really accurate or it was made as a joke.

New fan here!! For personality- Seungkwan. Idk but this is so funny to me. Most of the facts changed so much. Wonwoo thinks himself no. XDDD nope for aegyo. Also he is the one who hates aegyo not Wonwoo.

I love Joshua and Vernon. Also love their English interviews. Actually, the most popular members are more likely to be Mingyu, Hansol VernonJeonghan and Woozi because of visuals. When waking up Hoshi. Because he can sing? Can you please ate the group picture? Maybe, you can put any group picture within this year?

Thank you. Vernon joined a group called M. Jeonghan has the same birthday as me!! It is difficult at first but once you know their faces than it gets easier to tell the difference between them Dino and Hoshi.

Woozi was most certainly in that video I am sorry to say. Hello, fellow Carats. Please support our video by reacting Wow and sharing the video. Please refrain from reacting Haha. Btw Jeonghan is my bias. Can someone please explain why everyone calls Hoshi prince? I completely missed the moment when they started doing it.

Coups and. Thanks again! Thank you so much for changing the pictures and working so hard!! Does anyone remember from where this was said? Can you ate their individual pictures please, like the pictures you see when you go on their individual profiles. I totally agree to that!

My bias is Vernon. Hoshi he has the most number of individual fansites after mingyu and wonwoo 3. Mingyu 2. Wonwoo 3. Vernon 4. Hoshi 5. Woozi 6. Seungcheol 7. Jeonghan 8. Joshua 9. Seokmin Jun Minghao Seungkwan I thought Woozi is more popular Internationally. Mingyu is undeniably the most popular member right now both in Korea and internationally.

He is the most in demand member atm, solo activities helps a lot. Vernon, Woozi and Mingyu are the most popular members outside the fandom but Mingyu gets the most hype and support. Mingyu, Wonwoo and Hoshi are the most popular members in the fandom but both Wonwoo and Hoshi lack mainstream presence and support. Mingyu and Wonwoo and also Hoshi have the most stans but Mingyu has the most solo stans and casual fans from diffferent fandoms. Vernon baby grew up a lot in the last year.

Yeah he is cm now. Just compare him with the taller members in their recent shows. Fun fact, my birthday is Dec. I also like that me, Vernon, and Seungkwan are the same age, ! Seungkwan likes Volleyball not remember date, but he took the forst serve recently, that was his first time playing.

Because you have the correct Korean spelling but the incorrect translation of that spelling into English.

Seungkwan said he would pay him back, but Daehyun is still waiting B. It kind of depends. Its kind of like Jungkooks name as well. Jeongguk is the direct translation for the BTS member name. It has been added to his individual profile and we gave you credits there! My bias is Mingyu. His visuals though!!! They both mean the same. I guess it just depends on the person, and which one is more used. Anyway both versions are correct!

Lately we decided to give credits to anyone who first provide the comeback pics along with the members names. The reason some members get more than others is because they just fit those specific parts in the song the best. He sang lines in very nice. Both of them have sung in some of their songs.

excited too with

Wonwoo and Mingyu actually have vocal lines too especially Wonwoo, he gets quite some vocal lines. Nah The8 always switches himself with Dk because Dk is the 8th oldest and The8 wants to be the eighth one. Coups, Jeonghan, Mingyu, Woozi. The8 and Mingyu are actually roommates now revealed in vlive. So the current room assignments would be this:. It still says that S. Coups, Woozi, Jeonghan share a room with Mingyu on their individual pages, However The8 and Mingyu share separate rooms now!!

remarkable, the valuable

Many carats loves him. They will have a new unit. Coups, Jeonghan and Woozi share a room.

Seventeen member dating rumor

Thank you for the info, it has been added to his individual profile and we gave you credits there! I actually have a lower BMI than The new room arrangements are Dokyeom has his own room Woozi and Mingyu share a room Hansol and Hoshi share a room Jun, Seungkwan and Dino share a room. Dan I add them if u find any informations about it thank you.

He has had killing parts, first line, last line, last center position, first center position and if you notice, Wonwoo is usually always near the middle. DK -has his own room The8- has his own room too Jun-shares with seungkwan and dino Mingyu-shares with woozi Vernon-shares with Hoshi. According to wonwoo in svt club ep 8 he has his own room. And scoups said that they are living in 2 roofs which means members are separated by two groups.

I think two roof means two apartment so meaning that in one apartment they rooms in there so the members are separated. But he really is super skinny. Rn he gained some muscles. There is no such thing as a center in kpop. Edit: I do not know how far this is true. Currently there is nothing on the fancafe. Only this article from Soompi. Sorry I have something really important to say about seungkwan.

Like he is my correct ult for now. And I really love him. With my full heart. When I told it to another carat she said she is shook cause he underated. I love him so much I hope that everyone in the fandom appreciate this beautiful person and he honestly makes me be so much happy Pls pls give him love he deserve the whole world. With insoles he is easily 6ft. They face of the group is usually the center.

They mean the same thing. It clearly says mingyu is the face of the group which usually means center. But seventeen gives everyone a chance to shine instead of always having one person stuck one position, which is great. DK said that he liked girls with short hair in a One Fine Day episode, I forgot which episode it was though.

Ah this is again a hard choice should I ate the profile with the new photos or not? Why does Vernon look small next to Dk on the group Pic? On their profile its says that Vernon Is taller than Dk lol. Thank you for the understanding djdjdjdbhdjdkd god bless u! And was released on the 16th of July, 6pm KST. I think in the Photo book of Al1 there is a picture of him with the tattoo. I have the one here so I can look it up. Wonwoo also wants to be a RJ.

Do you think you can add Boystory? For real. I would like to go to their concert here in PH. Wonwoo feeds the stray cats in his neighbourhood. He mentioned it in a fansign.

Overall nice profiles and nice job :!! Yea Vernon grew up a lot! His family name is Choi. It was clearly explained his mother just did that to help with mispronunciation. Members who have a driving licence : S. They debuted in Japan. Why does it say that he is still classmate with Yuju if he graduated? Vernon says that his korean language is more fluent than his english, he mentioned it in Happy Together 3 EP. I remember when I first came to this page, like 2 months ago, Wonwoo was 5th or 6th most popular and DK was 5th to last.

And now Wowoo is 3rd and DK is 2nd to last. How did it change so rapidly? I mean it took us years to even reach 30K votes and someone just made almost the same amount of votes for Wonwoo in just a matter of week. Be fair. I appreciate your honesty tho. I love that gif! We checked the poll and I can assure you the system is secure and no one hacked anything, also the poll system has a strong protection against any bot voting.

We also checked the logs and everything is fine. The current votes are purely the result of fan voting. We also wanna thank the people who flagged the rude comments. Thirdly, this is a friendly community and we want to keep it that way. The persons who keep spreading false rumors or who keep making drama or keep on being rude will be permanently banned. Thx for stopping the drama. Anywhere I go there has to be drama, some kids these days.

I think the dorms might be switched, meaning Dorm 1 is upstairs and Dorm 2 is downstairs. New Carat here! Can you guys recommend me any show so I can get to know them better? So many members. All of these ways are great learning points to get to know the members! He was on the 2nd spot last year.

Was replaced by Vernon, became on the third spot and replaced by Woozi. As a Minghao stan, I am happy that the votes for him also increased. So nonesense. Guys im sure that Jun is getting taller or Wonwoo diminishes something like if we think that Wonwoo is cm then Jun is cm.

He was literally below Josh, and now he is 1 and literally gained 30, votes in no time at all? Seems a little fishy. What was solved? Is someone getting bots to vote for wonwoo? Or is it that those are actual votes? Its Chwe, not Choi or Chae. The character is the name Hangul character but the roman spelling should be Chwe? No offense but most of the love comes from the hip hop unit.

Hoshi is not BSS sub unit leader. Seokmin is the leader. They pick Vernon and Mingyu and Jeonghan and I agree with the list but they all visuals to me. ADD my baby Seokmin there too boy hella fine. Woozi is a scorpio, not a Sagittarius. He shares a birthday with Kihyun from Monsta X who recently had his sign on kprofiles changed to Scorpio as well. Their birthdays are on the last day of Scorpio season. And even today in it says that the starting date of the Sagittarius season is November 22 and goes to December Idk but one of them looks alot like him.

Chwe is one of spelling variations from Choi. I know right! I love him so much uwu. Hoshi includes Korean Sign Language ksl in his choreographies! Tapping their cheek in Pretty U is pretty in ksl and they also use the sign for clap in Clap! I love that Wonwoo has become so popular lately. He became my bias not too long ago and I loveee him. Like me for example, before I became a seventeen fan the only member I really knew was Vernon because he was the one I always saw everywhere, and I also knew a little bit of Woozi because of the comparisons with Suga and all that, but that was it I literally knew nothing about the other members.

Like for example in BTS, the member we always hear the most about is Jungkook, yet in the fandom V is the most popular and in their fancams Jimin always gets the most views. Another example, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, who do we hear the most about lately? Ariana right? Ariana is always mentioned everywhere Ariana Grande is the hottest name to the general public right now, yet you look at their album sales and guess who sales more, Taylor, we look at their music videos and guess who has the most views and the most likes?

Like how can they not put Wonwoo and visual in the same sentence. For me he is the most handsome face in seventeen. That is not being unfair. Cus for me he has always being the best looking one right next to Mingyu. Are Vernon and Wonwoo also official Visuals? Carats help is much appreciated, as they surely watched more interviews and stuff with SVT and they surely know the band best. But most people call Wonwoo and Vernon visuals as well even the other members.

Cus IT IS! I found on internet a few days ago some facts about Seventeens siblings S. Coups brother is 2 years older than himHoshi has a sister 1 year older than him and Wonwoos brother was born in Mingyus sister named Minseo was born inVernons sister was born in and Dinos brother and Juns little brother named Fengjun he is 13 years old this year.

Seventeen recent comeback!! Thank you for the ates guys! The staff has been away since 15th to 21st December, but we are back and working on adding the ates!

Has he ever talked about it officially? Oh also, you should add that Jeonghan and Hoshi are college students. They got accepted into the same college. Ah I see. He is very good at representing his group. They just released Getting Closer before their comeback. Getting Closer is one of the songs from there. As far as I know Seungkwan appeared and guested in a lot of shows than the others.

I guess it would be rather Seungkwan. Nah theyre not. Theyre probably in the same circle of friends only. During Vlive, Wonwoo said that he has a bad-vision. Seungkwan is what people will usually think of when they refer to seventeen, but mingyu does a lot as well. Doong on Twitter - Mingyu is cm tall, he mentioned it in their ask seventeen Samira - Wonwoo has a bad-vision, so he wears contacts or glasses. I like saw him with the same uniform and thought that him and yerim in same school.

I guess I am wrong:. He only mentioned mom dad and elder sister in Teen Age thanks to. Thanks a lot for the info, it has been added to their individual profiles and you received credits there! Thanks a lot for the help! I think Lee Chan Dino has grown taller then Seungkwan, if you look at their latest live shows.

He is born on November 22nd which is the starting date of the Sagittarius season. Sagittarius season goes from November 22nd - December 21st and Scorpio season goes from October 23rd - November 21st. When someone is born on the cusps like Woozi, it just means they have a more likely chance to have traits from that other zodiac sign in their chart but that does not change their sun sign or make them have two zodiac signs as sun sign. The time ct is most important for your ascendent sign and moon sign, but it affects others signs such as venus and mercury.

Cusps just show that one may have traits from the sign shared on the cusp, but everyone still only has one sun sign. The most talented of the group, the most hardworking and the one with the best personality.

What can he do for him to get more attention? Appreciate the kid more, freaks. I love how the bias order goes Meanie, America line, Soonhoon, China line, Jeongcheol, maknae, main vocalists : I feel like DK and Seungkwan deserve more, though, their voices are amazing. It doesnt mean hes unappreciated. Mainly Chinese people like 8 because 8 is seen as good luck. Basically the number 4 in Chinese is similar to the word death and means bad luck.

DK is going to be starting in a Korean Musical called Excalibur!

Sep 17,   Dating Rumor With Agency Staff In August , a video of Seventeen's Dino went viral among Carats. In this video, Dino is sending a sweet message to someone named Min Kyung. He said, "Min Kyung, I love . Aug 23,   one member of Red velvet is currently dating. two WANNAONE members are strongly disliked by the others. YG was not interested in debuting iKON at all. he wanted to keep B.I and BOBBY only but they. Sep 06,   Rumor about V and his girlfriend Tae Hyung: Bangtan Boys V HI: Vaˆs Fanpage Master Are they dating? or Is it just a girlaˆs delusions? was the beginning of people connecting BTS V with a fan girl. A Korean netizen speculated that V(Kim Tae Hyung) and his one fan girl are dating secretly.

Seungkwan is the face of the group? Vernon is Visual? Am I outdated or what. All I can remember is that Mingyu is the aspiring visual XD. Seungkwan appears on many shows, representing seventeen.

question interesting

Vernon is attractive, the members commonly pick as the most or one of the most attractive and goes to some shows, so that why I assume they changed it. I believe that Jun and The8 are vocalists, not sub-vocalists. They are both great vocalists and actually sing in all their songs. Please ate them as vocalists - they really deserve this title rather than sub-vocalists. This site takes things from comments and things the writers already know.

Also Jun was mentioned as the visual on Abema TV. Joshua had a cameo in A-Teen season 2 ep. Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it has been added to his individual profile and you received credits there! OMG my baby Wonwoo has the most votes. I was lowkey expecting Minghao to be the most popular one. Also, I really love Kwon Soonyoung. Seventeen were really good but now they are fat and kinda ugly. Sad si had to unstan them.

Idols should care about how they look. Like wth. How are they fat. Their at a healthy weight and they arent at a unhealthy weight like most idols. It would make sense to label all performance team members as lead or main dancers. Even though these boys have the label of dancer. Seventeen is very dance oriented. Because so many there are so many members it would make more sense to not throw around labels as much as to bot confuse new fans. Because he uses both names. Also you can see in predebut pictures you can see the boys hold up their names.

Why would they use Chwe in Korea? Kpop Ships Kpop Facts Suggestions. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest. Total Votes: You may also like. Member profiles Jun A. E Profile and Facts. If you notice any other mistake, please feel free to tell us.

Lol, the only guy who was old enough to be my age left the group. There social network real profile names please Specialy Vernon. Ssavina Gene Lavarias. Thanks for your comment! Their heights were ated!

Woozi. May as well do the leaders first. Woozi is interesting because he's one of the members I feel most puts up a mask when either performing, being interviewee, etc. As the composer of most, if not all, of Seventeen's music he has a crucial role and as such has likely has been put under a great deal of pressure from Pledis to behave and succeed. Aug 31,   Here's The Real Truth Behind A Rumor Of SEVENTEEN's Dino Aug 31, ated: Sep 1, 20, Views 14 After a video of Dino saying "Dear MinKyung, I love you" got released, fans are arguing on opinions in different ways.

Sung Hyo Mi. Merdiana Pratiwi. Dino is main dancer with Hoshi. Thank you for helping us making their profile better! Ivy Mckenzie. Aarieyn Debbie. Actually Vernons ideal type is just simply someone his heart can connect with now. Can you give me some videos, reality show theyre in? I have watched one fine day XD. He can do anything, uri Chef Mingyu XD. He tried to kill Mingyu with a guitar. Thanks for helping us improving their profile!

Thanks a lot for helping us in improving their profile! Kao Sheng Her. You forgot that S. And that Joshua loves animes. Brooke Noel Herring. Hoshi is the biggest SHINee fan ever. The8 looks like Chanyeolie o-o. Masyitah Yusof. Joshua is his english name. Thank you for the help, it has been corrected and we gave you credits in the post! I think the same!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot for the heads up!

It has been corrected! Sad panda. When I read that vernon likes harry potter I died a little Inside he is ultimate bias. Andisa Nakani. Thanks, it has been ated! As the composer of most, if not all, of Seventeen's music he has a crucial role and as such has likely has been put under a great deal of pressure from Pledis to behave and succeed.

I feel he's mostly straight but I wouldn't put it beyond him having fallen into a secret same sex relationship due to the pressure put on him. He's someone who is strong but in some regards needs support. It's only given away in small moments that are hard to pick up from shows and the like such as One Fine Day. So my guess is straight with past experimentation with guys possibly other members.

My Seventeen bias. It's always hard to give a just and reasoned analysis of your favorite and I've been accused of playing favorites.

Anyone who knows me and my biases knows I tend to actually go the way I don't want to go since I tend to fall for the straight ones. This time, however, I'm pretty confident in saying that I'm pretty darn sure Hoshi is gay or bisexual with male preference.

A lot of it stems from his two different sides. The showmanship on stage is always fascinating with Hoshi because he does EXACTLY what I see most gay men in theater and music do constantly, be someone they aren't when they are on stage. This can be attested to most any sexuality but when it comes from gay men it tends to be filled with a passionate energy, vigor, and intensity that some can almost be described as aggressive.

Hoshi fights on stage. He fights the performance and never gives less than his best. Do I think he's tried with other members? Actually no. If he is gay I think it's something he's still keeping relatively secret or to himself. He has too much confidence and assertiveness when giving directions to other members to lead one to the possibility that he formed a romantic relationship with one of them.

Working with someone you're dating, even secretly, tends towards awkwardness when needing to tell them what to do. So my money is on Hoshi being gay but he's keeping it to himself though I'm sure the members know.

Hey Leo. I don't think there's much to even try to analyze. His interesting mixture of both Western and Eastern upbringing make it a bit less difficult to try and analyze but there isn't much to analyze. I'm positive he's straight as an arrow. Fun loving and open-minded but straight.

are certainly right

Have fun girls, he's a looker. This one was both tough but also easy in many cts. I don't think many have had the problem of thinking he's likely gay. However I actually think he's straight. I know this will cause some uproar. I think there's a strong possibility he may wish to associate himself as female.

Again, no explicit proof to this claim but lots of theory. I lived with a lesbian couple for the better part of a year and met many of their friends, including trans individuals. While Jeonghan lacks the more butch western approach to some of these things he definitely seems to associate as female. There are honestly times I forget he is a man. Not just because he's trying to be manly.

He looks like there's something more to it. Jeonghan thrives as the sassy one who the other members beware treading on the bad side. Even just how Jeonghan carries himself and moves are very reminiscent of someone who has a foot in either gender. He's exceedingly confident, which tells me probably has told all of the members and they are supportive.

think, that

For those who will probably call me out for this choice simply because he looks feminine, I'll just say sometimes things are easy to see but hard to accept. I think Jeonghan may associate as female in his private life and is attracted to men.

The human sunshine. A living smile. Straight as a straight line. No surprises with this one. He's outgoing and emotive but with no real surprises. It's actually because he's so open and willing to cooperate which tells me he has no internal quarrels with himself. He knows who he is and isn't fighting any sexual conflicts inside. DK is straight. An interesting individual who seems to struggle with how to portray himself while on camera.

He also has a very awkward overall aura which seems to seep out beyond mere shyness. He's typically extremely quiet or tends to respond in a very clearly rehearsed way but when he tries to be emotive it tends towards the awkward and feels he's trying too hard. In many regards he reminds me of EXO's Kai off stage.

It's definitely a charming personality but also a very telling one. I met many closeted youths just like him in high school, college, and through friends. There's too many of the classic red flags for me not to think there's at least something going on.

I feel he's still figuring things out. He's probably had or has gay urges but is still trying to understand what he wants. Time for the China line. Jun is so interesting to me because he's probably the most outstanding to me.

He's hard to find but when you do you he's always doing something small. It's difficult to decipher Jun because it's near impossible to tell what is him being cautious and what is him merely focusing on speaking correctly.

The Chinese language tends to be much more assertive on each word, somewhat like English, while Korean tends to be a good deal faster and occasionally slurred, similar to Spanish. He speaks Korean very thoughtfully and slowly. This on top of his overall attitude shifts make it near impossible for me to think of him.

Learn More About TWICE's Nayeon and BTS' Jungkook's Rumor

My guess is he's probably straight but there's a small chance he may have experimented. This is a very small chance though. Another difficult one but less so I feel than Jun.

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